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16. Charlotte Sweeney

Between the eyes

Welcome back. This week we welcome Charlotte Sweeney OBECharlotte is a 'TED' Speaker, OBE and renowned author on Equality, diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. A topic that I believe 99% of business owners and senior managers get wrong or are scared of opening the box. Here we discuss Charlotte’s early life from a northern mining town to working in Canary wharf during the yuppie era. Big bonuses and red pinstripes, and how did the rest of the work place feel about those “bankers” getting those massive salaries.Charlotte has the most amazing infectious voice, and we decided the topic is too big for one pod, so we agreed more are needed.Loved chatting to Charlotte, super bright and super funny. www.charlottesweeney.com ~ Tim Mercer can be contacted at vapourcloud.com ~ Podcast Production by visualmonkeys.co.uk~

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7 Feb 2021

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19: Why D&I is important right now, and as we enter the new era of work - Charlotte Sweeney OBE

Hays Worldwide - Leadership Insights Podcast

19: Why D&I is important right now, and as we enter the new era of work - Charlotte Sweeney OBEIn this podcast, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Charlotte Sweeney OBE shares her expert advice to help leaders ensure that diversity and inclusion remains high on their agenda throughout each stage of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.You can read the full transcript at: https://social.hays.com/2020/07/13/why-diversity-important-throughout-covid-crisis/Timestamps:(01:09)It would be great if you could introduce yourself to our listeners.(01:39)When talking to your clients, which points are high on their priority list at the moment?(02:48)Do you think that some leaders may have unintentionally scald any progress they've been well on the road to making whilst they were dealing with the huge impact of the pandemic?(05:00)What have been your observations on remote working?(06:53) Do you think that remote working suits some personalities more than others?(08:01)Do you have any practical advice on how listeners can run remote team meetings in an inclusive way?(09:51) Employees are understandably feeling quite cautious about returning. What do you think is causing these feelings and how important is it that leaders react and respond in a compassionate and inclusive way?(11:57)Do you think the response from leaders needs to be tailored to each individual?(13:25)Would you recommend organisations take the pulse of their employees to really understand how they're feeling and why?(14:49)It's incredibly important that leaders are open and transparent about their plans to transition employees back into workplaces, but how can this communication be done in a way that resonates with everyone at every level of the organisation?(17:00)What advice would you give to leaders on how to make the decision of hybrid working in an inclusive way in terms of which employees are assigned to which work environment?(18:47)Do you think that leaders should be mindful of naming these teams?(20:38)Are there any other practical tips you can share to help leaders manage their teams in an inclusive and fair way?(22:45)How can leaders maintain and build on their team culture when it's likely that teams will be more physically and geographically dispersed in the future?(24:56)How can leaders bring things back together in a positive, inclusive way and that a ‘them versus us’ mentality doesn't start to emerge?(27:14)How can leaders make restructuring decisions and action them in an inclusive way to achieve the best outcome possible?(30:30) With all these changes comes the likelihood that unfortunately, some leaders may have to make the difficult decision to make headcount reductions. How important is it that leaders take an inclusive approach to this?(32:28)Are there any positives you've taken away from the current situation from a diversity and inclusion perspective so far? And are there any lessons we can take forward as we embark on the next era of work?(35:30)What can leaders do to ensure that everyone is able to derive a sense of meaning and purpose from their work?(37:27)How can listeners ensure their commitment to diversity and inclusion remains strong and consistent when hiring in this new world, potentially via remote or virtual means?(39:55) What steps do you think leaders can take to eradicate bias when hiring remotely?(42:28)Once a hire has been made, how can they then welcome new starters into the business in an inclusive way and give them the best possible start?(44:43)Do you think leaders will need to reassess which roles and skills they deem to be most valuable? And when operating in a hybrid world, how can existing performance metrics be reevaluated and transformed in an inclusive and fair way?(46:33)How important do you think it is that leaders should start now to develop their inclusive leadership style and how can they go about doing that?(48:05)What do you think are the three qualities that make a good leader?


13 Jul 2020

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