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Rick Kubina on the Power of Precision Teaching


In this episode, Dr. Rick Kubina joins the show to discuss precision teaching; why it’s useful and what makes him so passionate about the science. Together, they review the barriers and benefits to dissemination, the value of standardizing measurement, and the future of our science. To learn more, check out www.behaviorbabe.com. To access a list of Dr. Kubina’s publications, visit https://centralreach.com/publications-dr-rick-kubina/. To contact Dr. Kubina, you can email him at rmk11@psu.edu.


17 Aug 2022

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S3E2: Precision Teaching and Behavior Dynamics with Rick Kubina

Behavior Analysis in Practice- The Podcast

Rick Kubina joins us to talk about his paper, Precision Teaching and Behavior Dynamics. Show Notes Remember to join us on Facebook to suggest articles to review and questions for authors.https://www.facebook.com/BApractice AcknowledgmentsHost and Executive Producer: Cody Morris, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBAhttps://salve.edu/users/dr-cody-morris Assistant ProducersElizabeth Narvaez Jesse Perrin Production Assistants for this EpisodeBiancé Ferrucci Organizational SupportABAIhttps://www.abainternational.org/welcome.aspx Behavior Analysis in PracticeEditor, Stephanie Peterson, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA https://www.abainternational.org/journals/bap.aspx MusicCruising Altitude by Jim Carr and his band New Latitudehttp://www.newlatitudemusic.com Link to Articlehttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8458538/ Links from TalkStandard Celeration Society https://celeration.org/ Standard Celeration Journal Archive https://celeration.org/precision-teaching-journal/ Standard Celeration Society Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/6125768559/ References Kubina, R. M. (2019). The Precision Teaching Implementation Manual. Pittsburgh, PA: Greatness Achieved. Kubina, R. M., & Yurich, K. K. L. (2012). The Precision Teaching Book. Lemont, PA: Greatness Achieved. Lee, D. L., Kubina, R. M., & Smith, R. E. (2003). How to deal effectively with lying, stealing, and cheating. Austin, TX: PRO-ED. Lindsley, O. R. (1990). Precision teaching: By teachers for children. Teaching Exceptional Children, 22(3), 10–15. Marr, M. J. (1992). Behavior dynamics: One perspective. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 57, 249–266. https://doi.org/10. 1901/jeab.1992.57-249. West, R. P., Young, K. R., & Spooner, F. (1990). Precision teaching: An introduction. Teaching Exceptional Children, 22(3), 4–9. White OR. Precision teaching. In: Hersen M, Sugai G, Horner R, editors. Encyclopedia of behavior modification and cognitive behavior therapy. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage; 2005. pp. 1433–1437.

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11 Apr 2022

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The ABA & OT Podcast #18: Why Percent Correct Is Not Good Enough? with Rick Kubina

The ABA and PT Podcast

Using percent correct has become the industry standard in behavior analysis. Dr. Rick Kubina, CentralReach’s Director of Research and Professor of Special Education at The Pennsylvania State University, joins the show today to shed light on a more objective way of looking at data using precision teaching.  Though percent correct is useful in coming up with ratios, it is not always the best measure because of the ease with which the results can be manipulated. Precision teaching looks at the numbers objectively, uses visual charts that document the processes, and provides data-driven context to determine whether interventions are effective or not. HIGHLIGHTS 02:42 Introduction to Rick Kubina 06:45 How percent correct became the industry standard 10:49 Why fewer ABA's actually practice precision teaching 18:38 When percent correct is the right way to measure 27:40 The resistance to precision teaching is rooted in human behavior 33:29 How to apply precision teaching charts to your discipline  45:31 Information on Standard Celeration Charts you can download and use 50:29 How Standard Celeration Charts determine when a goal is mastered  GLOSSARY Dead Person Test - A test that says if a dead person cannot do it, then it is behavior, and if a dead person can do it, it is not behavior. Dimensional quantity - Something that has dimensional counts or numbers that tell you its characteristics (height, weight, etc) RESOURCES Join our The ABA and OT Podcast Facebook Group to get access to the following resources: Facebook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/397478901376425 EXTERNAL RESOURCES Greatness Achieved Publishing Company Reflections on Precision Teaching book by Rick Kubina CentralReach Institute Standard Celeration Society Facebook Group The Databased OT Facebook Group Aditi's Website QUOTES 16:11 "Let's say, Aditi you are 20 out of 20, Mandy was 1 out of 1, and I was 7 out of 7. You know, we have a pretty big difference Mandy, myself, and you, but it's all going to be 100% correct." 23:06 "We in precision teaching have a measure that's called celeration and this measure tells us how fast is the behavior changing. And guess how we report that? We report it in percentage of weekly growth. So someone's behavior is doubling, we say that behavior has a hundred percent growth each week." 24:26 "Here's what I would suggest. Just don't convert it to percent. Just use the count. So in this instance, if you have a checklist, having your actual counts even if you don't time it, that's always going to be more informative than when you convert it." 26:37 "All of you OTs, the good news is just don't take the step where you convert it to percent and just work with the counts because they'll be more informative to you and you'll be able to understand at a deeper level how well is your client responding to whatever intervention you're applying." 47:24 "When you get someone who's been in a system, you're starting from ground zero. What a waste of time for you to figure out. Oh, I have to do this and this again. Whereas, if someone just showed you, here's all the things we tried, then you can try new things." 52:23 "Mastery should not be measured in terms of percentage. It should be measured in terms of the frequency that we talked about before."

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16 Jun 2021

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Episode 8- Interview with Dr. Rick Kubina

The Reinforcer Podcast

We are excited to have Dr. Kubina on to chat about hobbies! We spend almost 2 hours talking about sci-fi, Dungeons and Dragons, Comics, and Cosplay. Make sure you have a pen and paper as we drop our favorite "must read" comics. You don't want to miss this one! Please don't forget to Subscribe & Rate us! Twitter: @RickKubina@ReinforcerPod @EJPbehavior@DrewMasseyBx@laaaurapageEmail: reinforcerpodcast@gmail.com 

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27 May 2021

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Response & Response Class with Rick Kubina (5th Task List B-1)

Oh Behave! Podcast

Rick Kubina joins the podcast to discuss response and response class. This covers the BACB 5th edition task list section B-1. All parts of this podcasts are open source education materials, and only require citation in order to be used in whole or in part. Please consider contributing to the Podcast to further the goals of making knowledge freely accessible to the world. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ohbehave/support


5 Feb 2020

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Rick Kubina Returns! Session 93

The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria

I’m thrilled to bring back Dr. Rick Kubina of Central Reach and the University of Pennsylvania. It’s been quite a while since he was first on the podcast, so we spend the initial segment of the program catching up on some exciting things that he’s been involved with. Specifically, we discuss his triumphant return to podcasting with his brand new show, ABA on Call, and we also discuss the acquisition of Chartlytics, the company he co-founded with Dave Stevens, by Central Reach. Rick and I spend the most amount of time, however, discussing some really cool research projects that he's been involved with using Precision Teaching and Measurement in very non-traditional settings. What types of settings do you ask? Well, you’ll have to tune in and find out. But long story short, it’s some really cool stuff. We also talk about CR Unite, which is a Central Reach Users Conference, that’s coming up in October. If you’re a CR user, you may want to consider checking this event out so you can get the most out of this platform. If you listen to this episode and are wondering how to learn more about Precision Teaching, well you’re in luck, because Rick and I round out the podcast by discussing how to learn more about PT. Here are links to the resources we mentioned: CR Unite, the Central Reach Users' Conference. Rick's new book, The Precision Teaching Implementation Manual. Heward (1978). Operant Conditioning of a .300 Hitter? Links to Martin Levy's work on teaching surgical residents using clicker training: NPR Article. Hidden Brain Article. Scientific American Article. The Central Reach Institute. The Standard Celeration Society. The SCS Facebook Group. This episode is brought to you by HowToABA.com. HowToABA.com is your go-to source an online ABA community. Members get access to ABA resources and materials, monthly CEU events, and an online forum where they can collaborate with like-minded practitioners from around the world. For more information, and to access over 40 free data sheets, visual supports, program descriptions, and more, go to HowtoABA.com, and click the “free ABA materials and resources” tab. Lastly, did you know that Springfield, Massachusetts is just a hop, skip, and a jump from just about anywhere in the Northeast (look it up, it's true!). So find out how close it is to you, so you can be ready to attend the first annual Tate Behavioral Conference! Come hear from podcast favorites like Megan Miller, Kim Berens, and Ryan O'Donnell. I will also be doing a talk on the lessons I've learned from almost four years of podcasting, and we'll close the event with a live taping of a BOP interview, where I'll pick Dr. Kim's brain on all things Precision Teaching, fluency, measurement, and so on.

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6 Sep 2019

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#014: Dr. Rick Kubina: Fluency and Precision Teaching

Turn Autism Around

My friend and former BCBA mentor, Dr. Richard Kubina shares his journey into the world of autism, the young autistic boy that set him on the path of becoming a behavior analyst, and explains why precision teaching is so valuable in our line of work. 


9 Apr 2019

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Standardization & Private Equity in Behavior Analysis w/ Rick Kubina | TCE #001

The Controversial Exchange

#001- Standardization & Private Equity in Behavior Analysis. In this episode, RYANO and Dimitri welcome on Rick Kubina, Precision Teaching and ABA master to talk about Standardization in Science and Private Equity in ABA. Catch us on Twitter @controversialex or Instagram @thecontroversialexchange and make sure to call in with your thoughts along the way! We're replying to everyone that calls in the first week after release!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecontroversialexchange/message

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27 Jan 2019

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Ep 22 Rick Kubina


Dr. Rick Kubina (B.A., Youngstown State University; M.A., The Ohio State University; and Ph.D., The Ohio State University) is a Professor of Special Education at Penn State University. After completion of his Masters program, Kubina taught special education in a private schools specializing in post acute brain trauma rehabilitation for three years. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Doctoral level and serves on a number of editorial boards for behavioral and special education journals. He was the editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching and Celeration. Dr. Kubina is one of the founders of Chartlytics.  A comprehensive discovery, progress monitoring, and intervention software company that allows users to precisely define behaviors, measure them, and make decisions to effect accelerated outcomes. http://www.chartlytics.com/


25 Jan 2018

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39: Rick Kubina Schools Me

The Behavioral Observations Podcast with Matt Cicoria

Precision Teaching (PT), and the Standard Celeration Charting that goes along with it, is an area of Behavior Analysis that I've never really understood. In fairness, I never really took the time to learn it either. That said, since the inception of this podcast, I have had numerous emails from listeners asking me to interview Rick Kubina on this very topic. For various reasons that I describe in our interview, I was scared reluctant to do so, but I'm so glad that Rick and I finally carved out time to record this show. Rick, with Captain James Tiberius Kirk In this episode, Rick covers the basics of PT, why the Standard Celeration Chart is a superior measurement tool, and answers numerous listener questions. Throughout our conversation, we mentioned a few articles and other resources, which can be found here: Rick's YouTube channel, which has some nice primers on the SCC The Chartlytics website and YouTube channel The Precision Teaching Book, by Kubina & Yurich (2012) The Standard Celeration Society's website and Facebook page A cool study (Datchuk & Kubina, 2017) on using these strategies for improving sentence writing Kubina et al. (2015). A Critical Review of Line Graphs in Behavior Analytic Journals So when you listen to this episode, you'll hear me profess my ignorance on all things PT. However, I will be taking action to remediate this by attending Rick's 2-day PT workshop that's coming up in Las Vegas. Rick, and the company he co-founded, Chartlytics, also have workshops that are coming up in Miami and Pittsburg, with more to be scheduled. If you are interested in diving into PT like I am, but can't get away to attend one of Rick's workshops, the folks at Chartlytics have put together a comprehensive online learning package that includes 30 hours of instruction, the Kubina & Yurich textbook, and a very special bonus that you'll have to see to appreciate. To sweeten the deal, they are offering a huge discount for listeners of The Behavioral Observations Podcast. You can check out the deal by clicking the here.

1hr 35mins

10 Nov 2017