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43 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sean McCabe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sean McCabe, often where they are interviewed.

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43 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sean McCabe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sean McCabe, often where they are interviewed.

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Sean McCabe Returns to Talk About His Podcasting Process, Growing an Audience, Making Money with a Podcast, and More

The Podcast Dude
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In this episode, Sean and I discuss his new mobile recording setup, the challenges of the paid membership model for podcasts, Spotify's recent moves in podcasting (Joe Rogan, etc), how to grow an audience for a podcast, the best ways to make money with a podcast, what most podcasters get wrong about podcast promotion on social media and what they should do instead, and so much more.

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Show Links:

Sean's website:

Episode 1 of The Podcast Dude: How to Start a Podcast (recorded with Sean in 2015)

Sean's Mobile Recording setup:

Rode SmartLav Mic

Rode SC6L Lightning Interface

Ferrite (iOS app)

Brusfri Noise Reducer

More Cool Stuff to Check Out:

Jun 13 2020

1hr 14mins


Focused 101: Taking a Sabbatical, with Sean McCabe

Episode artwork
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Sean McCabe is back to talk about sabbaticals - and to convince David to take one of his own.

This episode of Focused is sponsored by:

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Guest Starring:

Sean McCabe

Links and Show Notes:

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Focused #56: Iterate in Public, with Sean McCabe
Overlap by Sean McCabe
076: Growth Scaling Part 1 of 3: Systems & Superhero Syndrome | seanwes podcast
322: The Communication Episode | seanwes podcast
It’s A Strange Time To Have No Home |
My Crazy AirBnb Story |
Maintaining Routine Through Sabbatical |
Photos Video Field Guide | MacSparky
The Intentional Family podcast
Sabbatical Book |
Sean McCabe (@seanwes) | Twitter
Sean McCabe (@seanwes) | Instagram

Jun 09 2020

1hr 41mins


PSC(Sean McCabe) Mixed By Zweli G

Soulful Junkies
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A Mixtape Of Sean McCabe’s Production Compiled And Mixed By Zweli G

May 09 2020

1hr 21mins


Sean McCabe [of] on The Importance of Sharing Your Process (Chapter 8)

Design Speaks
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136 - Influencers vs. Creators, and the Importance of Sharing Your Process
This week Brandi interviews Sean Wes, a fellow creative, as he recounts his journey to teaching “the business side of art”. From sharing your “process”, to gathering inspiration (sound familiar?), Sean discusses how to achieve your goals and gain that creative and financial freedom we all so desperately crave as creatives.
Featured Music

Dear God by Phantogram
On this week’s episode:
"So the first part is just recognizing that you don't get to decide what about your story about your journey and your life is interesting."  -SeanWes
Sean's Tips: 
Always be looking for and storing sources of inspiration
Don’t wait for motivation
Word mapping or creating lists
Don’t skip working through the bad ideas
Sleep on it
Write down your process
This Week's Uncommon Inspiration
The Bean" in Chicago & Community
Resources & Other Things We Talked About
Find Sean at
“It's not like you can skip around or move around that the bad ideas and go straight to the good one. You have to go through the bad ideas to discover the good one.” -SeanWes
" I think that a lot of people kind of discount the fact that getting through the things that might not seem good is how you get to the thing that will be good." -BrandiSea
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Design Speaks Episode 136  - Chapter 8:  The Importance of Sharing Your Process with SeanWes

Apr 27 2020



Sean McCabe @ Djoon for De La Groove, 14.02.20

Djoon Club Podcasts
Episode artwork
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Recorded live from Djoon, Paris.

Apr 25 2020

2hr 19mins


How Sabaticals Enhance Creativity & Productivity w/ Sean McCabe - Ep. 73

Looking Up - Max McCoy
Episode artwork
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Sean is the author 'Overlap: Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job.' He's helped me tremendously in my freelance carreer, and i was humbled to sit down with him. 

Ironically, we recorded this talk a month before the coronavirus craziness started, and it's all about how time off can help our creativity and productivity in the long run. Ah, how perfect. 


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Apr 20 2020



Advice for Freelancers - Sean McCabe - Ep. 69

Looking Up - Max McCoy
Episode artwork
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If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, or you already have, this episode will help. I’m stoked about this one. Sean McCabe has helped me more than perhaps anyone else in regards to my freelance career. Sean is the author Overlap: Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job. He is also the founder of and the host of the Sean Wes podcast, where he helps people begin doing the work they truly love. Enjoy!

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Mar 09 2020


Episode artwork
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#81 - Running a business is hard. You work long hours, you have the livelihood of your employees resting on your shoulders, and you want to do ALL the ideas that are in your head.

But sometimes, as successful as you might feel financially or look to others online you burn out. You hit a wall. Your business runs out of money. You need to re-think everything and make the hard decisions.

In this podcast episode I chat with Sean McCabe, who has built multiple businesses through client services, creating physical products, growing a membership community, and selling online courses.

Throughout this episode we discuss starting how to grow a physical or digital product business, what to do when you feel stuck, why you need to be making content online, how to pre-sell a new product, avoiding scarcity mindset, and why Sean is taking a full year sabbatical.

Show Notes

Feb 14 2020

1hr 20mins


Spacelab Podcast #2 Sean McCabe mix (10/01/2020)

Spacelab Podcast House Music
Episode artwork
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This weeks guest mix comes from Sean McCabe, our Year In Question is 1977, Listeners Choice comes courtesy of Robert Lyons and tracks from Mingo, Danny Marx, Rosario Galati, Bill Brandon, Peppe Citarella, Montefori Cocktail, Lonely Boy, Heatwave, Zimosoul, Barry White, Livio Mode & Paul Venice, Yellowman, Melba Moore, Felipe Gordon, Bross, Anthony White and Frankie Knuckles

Jan 06 2020

2hr 2mins

Episode artwork
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Another of the fantastic live performances from this year's Vocal Booth Weekender. We have eclectic poolside sets through to out and out club bangers. Subscribe now.

Join us at VB2020: 11 - 16th September 2020

Oct 10 2019

1hr 30mins