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WLS 135 Paula Meehan reads The Exact Moment I Became A Poet

Words Lightly Spoken

Paula Meehan reads her poem The Exact Moment I Became A Poet in this episode of Words Lightly Spoken, a podcast of poetry from Ireland. The poem is from her Selected Poems, As If By Magic, published by Dedalus Press. The Words Lightly Spoken podcast is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and is a Rockfinch production.


23 Jul 2021

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The Arts House

Dragana Jurišić, Paula Meehan, 2018, photographic print Conor Tallon and Curator Michael Waldron take a closer look at one of The Crawford's most recent acquisitions for this WORK OF THE WEEK!A spectre, an echo, a memory… this photographic portrait by Dragana Jurišić is as multi-layered as its subject. Captured in mid-speech with multiple frames overlaid, the poet Paula Meehan is dynamically presented to the viewer, perhaps recalling or conjuring a deep past, her gestures like an incantation.As the artist herself says, the portrait “is from our book Museum (2019), which is an ode to the history of, and the lives lived in, 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin’s museum of social history.” Both invited to the project by Dublin City Council, this unique collaboration draws together Jurišić’s haunting imagery with a new poetry sequence by Meehan.Born in Dublin, Paula Meehan is a renowned Irish poet, playwright, author of “The Statue of the Virgin at Granard Speaks” (1991) and contributor to The Great Book of Ireland / Leabhar Mór na hÉireann. In 2013, she became the sixth Ireland Professor of Poetry.Dragana Jurišić was born in Slavonski Brod, Yugoslavia (now Croatia), but lives and works in Dublin. She makes deeply personal work that explores the power photography has over memory. “Working primarily with image, text and video installation,” she reflects, “my work interrogates issues of gender, stereotyping, identity, and the effects of exile and displacement on memory.” The artist’s empowering 100 Muses (2015) was previously exhibited in NAKED TRUTH: The Nude in Irish Art (2018).Paula Meehan (2018) by Dragana Jurišić was shortlisted for the Zurich Portrait Prize 2019 and now hangs as part of the collection on our Gibson Landing (Floor 1). Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


2 Nov 2020

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Paul Morley, Paula Meehan, Suppose A Sentence


Writer Paul Morley went searching for something new - and found it in classical music in his book A Sound Mind, 25 years' worth of poetry can be found in As If By Magic by poet Paula Meehan, from The Man Who Was Marked By Winter to her last book Geomantic & Suppose A Sentence is the latest collection of essays from Brian Dillon.


12 Oct 2020

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139. Poetry slam, ♧♧Irish Poetess Paula Meehan, "THE PATTERN" (07/25/20)

An Even Bigger Fly On The Wall

In her own words a poem about her mother


25 Jul 2020

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138. Poetry slam, ♧♧Irish Poetess Paula Meehan. "MY FATHER PERCEIVED AS A VISION OF ST. FRANCIS"

An Even Bigger Fly On The Wall

In her own words


25 Jul 2020

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Paula Meehan's 'My Father perceived as a vision of St. Francis'

The Poetry Voice

Paula Meehan 1955-I first heard Meehan’s voice when she was being interviewed on ABC Radio, back in the day when the ABC had its token one hour poetry program. She had the kind of voice I wanted to borrow and bring home. I would invite it to stay and ask it to read bulky instructional booklets for long lost appliances. I would be attentive to every syllable the voice uttered no matter what it was reading.Some voices are like that. I scrambled to find her poems. it’s a poetry of Dublin domestic, and that is more compliment than description. You can sometimes be forgiven for thinking all British and Irish poets were born wearing cloth caps, and grew up on farms speaking obscure but ancient dialects. While writing odes to vegetables, they can effortlessly help a cow calve, skin rabbits with their teeth, and name the fifty two different species of flowers growing on the family dung heap. Meehan’s is an urban poetry of streets and small houses, gardens, markets, meetings. The view from the upstairs window to the fields beyond. Flecked through with humour and rage and non-sentimental compassion. I come from Coventry. It makes sense.This poem is the first in the collection ‘Pillow Talk’, Gallery Press 1994


19 Jun 2019

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The Island, A Prospect: The North Dublin Coastline with Paula Meehan

The National Gallery of Ireland Podcast

The North Dublin Coastline, Co. Dublin, with Paula Meehan, poet and former Ireland Professor of Poetry (2013-16)This is the first in a series of five podcasts to accompany the National Gallery of Ireland exhibition Shaping Ireland: Landscapes in Irish Art. In this series, artists and experts, in conversation with Mark Cantan, will talk you through an area of the country that has special relevance to their work and life. These places of personal significance will also be digitally mapped, allowing listeners to embark on their own adventures into the Irish landscape.Image: William Ashford (1746-1824), A View of Dublin from Clontarf, c.1795-98.


1 May 2019

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Poetry File - 27th April - Paula Meehan

RTÉ - Liz Nolan’s Lyric Notes

Paula Meehan introduces and presents her poem 'The Solace of Artemis'.


27 Apr 2017

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[LineBreak] Paula Meehan: People Make The Songs

Scottish Poetry Library Podcast

Season 1 of The Link Break comes to an end and our special guest is Paula Meehan, an Irish poet and playwright. Paula’s work is much translated and celebrated; among the prizes she has won are The Martin Toonder Award (1995), the Butler Literary Award (1998) and the Denis Devlin Award (2002). In this episode Paula speaks generously about her childhood, her Catholic upbringing, witnessing ‘living’ history in Ireland, and the role of private speech in the public domain. There’s more poetry sparks too, as Ryan considers all the beds he’s ever slept in (and so will you).Listeners to The Line Break can also join the The Line Break group on CAMPUS, the Poetry School’s free online community for poets. http://campus.poetryschool.com


7 Apr 2016

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[SPL] Paula Meehan

Scottish Poetry Library Podcast

Irish poet Paula Meehan has been called "that rare and precious thing – a vocational poet of courage and integrity" by Carol Ann Duffy, and in this wide ranging interview with Ryan Van Winkle you will see why. "I think poetry acts as lightning rod to earth the energies of the Zeitgeist that you are living through... Often to get real, true peace you have to actually nearly reopen the wound to clean it." They discuss the troubles in Ireland, issues with the priesthood, witchcraft, abuse and suicide, but at all times Paula remains sparklingly eloquent, thoughtful and maintains a sense of intense wonder and joy with the world. Her many accolades include the Irish American Cultural Institute’s Butler Award, the Denis Devlin Award and the Marten Toonder Award. Presented by Ryan Van Winkle and produced by Colin Fraser of Culture Laser Productions http://culturelaser.com Recorded at the StAnza poetry festival. Photo by user Copynoir on Wikipedia.


4 Sep 2013