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301 - The Keys to Building Your Own Digital Empire with Kris Reid

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate with Leigh Brown

If you're a REALTOR who thinks websites are only for big companies, you might think differently after this episode. Tune in as Kris Reid shares what kind of videos you should post on social media AND the most common mistakes people make with their website. Key takeaways to listen for Why all REALTORS should have their own website The 4 steps to creating a successful marketing campaign What people want to see in your videos The key metrics you should be focusing on Resources mentioned in this episode Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself Investing In The U.S. Podcast About Kris Reid Kris Reid is a software engineer and founder of Ardor SEO, a Digital Growth Agency that provides clients with the tools and information to leverage the World Wide Web and its resources. They work with different industries, including real estate and legal SEO. Connect with Kris Website: www.ardorseo.com Facebook: Ardor SEO YouTube: The Ardor SEO Podcast Connect with Leigh Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting https://leighbrown.com. DM Leigh Brown on Instagram or on Twitter or any social networks by clicking here. Subscribe to Leigh's other podcast Real Estate From The Rooftops! Sponsor Start your free, all-access trial today. There’s no credit card required. For a limited time, Follow Up Boss is doubling the free trial for CSIRE listeners—that’s a full 30 days to see how Follow Up Boss helps you close more deals. LINK: Followupboss.com/crazy


28 Oct 2021

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Riches are in the Niches - Kris Reid #5253

Financial Survival Network

Summary: How do you get your digitally marketed business to stand out amongst thousands of others? Today, Kris Reid comes on the podcast to give us some strategies that utilize web dynamics and SEO optimization—ensuring your website will take off with the right approach. It is crucial to choose your market audience widely, and identify a valuable niche that makes your services stand out. Tune in today to get indispensable advice from Reid about marketing in the digital age, and how you can utilize these tools more effectively. Highlights: -How do you get your digitally marketed business to catch the attention of others? -Riches are in the niches; the better you can serve a smaller group of customers, the better -You have to choose your market wisely -The more valuable a niche, the more people are going after it -Once you identify your niche, you have to look at the entire segment of your niche. How will you add value to your client’s life? -With digital marketing, it is very measurable and you can easily see your return -A benefit of SEO is that it’s compounding—you keep getting paid on it -Google continually produces the best search results -If you tick all the boxes Googles is looking for, it will continue to reward you with great traffic -People go directly to Google for services, which might be the one you provide -You need a substantial amount of links leading back to your website, because it gives you domain authority -You need to utilize key words with buyer intent or action intent—someone is actually going to take action and help you increase your revenue -A good web designer understands marketing -Back-links are critical—the bigger, the better -Only 0.21% of internet content gets substantial traffic -Niche-relevant back-links are most ideal to help you ranks -Important to analyze which websites generate the right investors Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Ardor SEO


1 Sep 2021

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E74: Kris Reid - He uses SEO to help multifamily investors with their deals!

True Multifamily

Kris Reid, Founder and CEO of Ardor SEO, joins True Multifamily to share the knowledge on how search engine optimization helps multifamily investors and other realtors. He shares how the predictability and measurability of digital marketing go hand in hand to build a specific strategy for a website, not just generating leads but also nurturing them. He breaks down the process on how to optimize and maximize specific keywords to get more customers to trust you and your brand, from the simple nudge to the nurture campaign. He also dives in on how lead magnets work and what the true purpose of the website is. In addition to that, he’s giving an offering to all True Multifamily listeners by showing an example of an awesome sales funnel that you can check out at ardorseo.com/truemultifamily. Follow, Share & Subscribe! True Multifamily: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Justin Fraser's Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Connect with Kris Reid: Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube


2 Jul 2021

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How to Actually Get New Customers Online. Predictable, Consistent Business Growth with Kris Reid

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Kris Reid help to change people business and lives at Ardor SEOand has designed and implemented this simple system for people like world-renown business author Mike Michalowicz, Avery Carl and our own EOFire website. Kris is so confident in his revolutionary system that he guarantees the results! Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. If people understood the power of websites, people would’ve done it years ago. 2. The number one reason a content doesn’t get traffic is it doesn’t have any backlinks. If no one is linking to your content, Google will not trust you and not care about you. 3. Trading some contact details with some useful information is the best way to get your customers to take action. Get More Customers to Grow Your Business - Ardor SEO Sponsors: HubSpot: Listen, learn, and grow with the HubSpot Podcast Network at HubSpot.com/podcastnetwork! Thrivetime Show: Looking for a business coach who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you to increase their profitability by an average of 104% per year? Schedule your free consultation today with Clay Clark at ThrivetimeShow.com/fire!


13 May 2021

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Ep270: Three Hacks to The PageRank Algorithm and Growing Your Website’s Reach, with Ardor SEO founder Kris Reid

Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder

Fresh off watching the Seaspiracy documentary, software engineer and Ardor SEO founder Kris Reid was thinking of making a donation to the Sea Shepherd organization to help the environment but he understood that there was more he could do. Following the lessons learned from 80/20: Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall, Kris notes that all transactions involve risks, and taking away that risk through a well-designed strategy has increased their sales significantly. He simplifies this strategy to three parts that we can start right now. Beautiful websites don’t sell things, words do Build authority Stick to your Queen Bee role More from Kris For those who want to stay in touch with him, Kris says to search “the coolest guy in SEO” and if you don't see his face, Google is broken. Giveaway For those in the field of real estate or interested in investing, Kris is giving away a ticket for the largest real estate summit ever, hosted by Tony Potts with famous speakers such as CBRE Vice President Jim Kirkpatrick and StroyBrand CEO Donald Miller. Those interested can get access to the 7-day event through https://www.realestatemasters.com Also, business owners can go to ardorseo.com/unconventional where Kris will personally make a video presentation for you and point out changes you can make to improve your website traffic.


3 May 2021

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JF2434: Transform & Revolutionize into the Next Level with Kris Reid #SkillSetSunday

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Kris is the Founder and CEO of ArdorSEO, an Award-Winning Digital Growth Agency that directs traffic to your website. Enamored by his ego with his early success in the tech industry, Kris got a wake-up call when the global financial crisis happened—he lost his job, went back to Australia, and assessed what else he wanted to do in his life. As a business expert and tech enthusiast, he had always been interested in the framework that builds the massive global network called the internet, and today, Kris breaks down the discovery he found on unlocking the secrets of website traffic—that changed his life forever. Kris Reid Real Estate Background:  Founder of Ardor SEO Business Growth Expert Developed a simple system to direct traffic to your website Based in Brisbane, Australia Summit coming soon: www.ardorseo.com/bestEver Say hi to him at: www.ardorseo.com Click here to know more about our sponsors RealEstateAccounting.co thinkmultifamily.com/coaching  Best Ever Tweet: “Google looks at the whole internet as a big internal web; they can’t trust what you are saying at face value. They have to look at what everyone else is saying and how your content reflects that.” – Kris Reid


2 May 2021

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Business Growth: Mastering SEO With Kris Reid

Game Changer Mentality – Strategies and Tactics to Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Positive Potential

Are you looking to get your website off the ground? In this episode, Kris Reid, founder of Ardor SEO, joins Rodney Flowers from across the globe to talk about business growth and the importance of mastering SEO for your business. Kris and Rodney look back at the financial crisis of 2008 as Kris shares what it took for him to get over the crisis. Kris also dives into some of the mental practices he has in place for him to keep on charging. Listen to the “coolest guy in SEO” and learn some strategies and practices to stay on top of your game.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Game Changer Mentality Community today:rodneyflowers.comGame Changer Mentality FacebookGame Changer Mentality InstagramGame Changer Mentality LinkedInGame Changer Mentality TwitterGame Changer Mentality YouTube


22 Apr 2021

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BCF 291: The Ultimate Capital Raising Show - SEO Tips & Tricks Revealed for Real Estate with Kris Reid

Bulletproof Cashflow: Multifamily & Apartment Investing for Financial Freedom

Kris Reid understands the struggle some real estate entrepreneurs face to get more more investors into their funnel. To that end, he developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal audience. As the Founder and CEO of Ardor SEO, he and his team help real estate businesses increasing website traffic. They leverage their know-how to help real estate entrepreneurs reach their ideal audience, and turn their under-performing website into a means to bring potential investors to their funnel.


21 Apr 2021

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061 | Why Most Businesses Fail - with Kris Reid

The Merged Marketing Podcast

The main reason businesses fail is simply because they can’t get enough customers. Kris Reid of Ardor SEO is streaming in today from Saigon, Vietnam to speak about the power of SEO in gaining and keeping customers. Kris has developed a simple system for business owners to get their message in front of their ideal customers, in order to predictably grow their business. He has designed and implemented this system for a variety of people, including Mike Michalowicz, world-renowned business author, and Avery Carl, one of the top 100 realtors in the US. He’s also spoken with John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, the biggest business podcast on the planet. This proven system is repeatable for any business, in any industry, and Kris is here to share it with us today. Mentioned in This Episode Donald Miller - Business Made Simple Podcast Avery Carl - Real Estate Agent Simon Sinek - The Infinite Game The Real Estate Masters Summit The Coolest Guy in SEO What you will learn: Why most businesses fail to attract customers (4:17) Do sales cure all problems? Having passion for your product What if I can’t afford to build a big website? (15:30) Increasing traffic to increase conversion rate How to attract new customers (17:34) Why predictability is important The value of SEO What if I don’t want to wait 6 to 8 months to start seeing results through SEO? (21:37) Getting Google to trust you Do Google ads gain authority for your website? (26:14) The Real Estate Masters Summit (28:15) Kris Mentality - Quotes From the Show (max 6 quotes) “A website’s like a business card - it needs to get in front of people. It needs to say what you do” “‘Beautiful websites don’t sell people, words sell people’ - people need to see those words, or it’s all for nothing” “Business goes on forever” “People don’t buy what they don’t understand” - Donald Miller


30 Mar 2021

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Generate More Leads, Generate More Customers - SEO Secrets with Kris Reid

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons

For this episode, I welcome Kris Reid to the show. Kris is a business growth expert and founder of Ardor SEO. He developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal audience to predictably grow your business. Now, he works with diverse companies and brands all over the world to help them get customers and make the profits that they've always envisioned. His own passion for entrepreneurship, small businesses, veganism, and helping sustainable, ethical businesses directs his vision for Ardor and the company's impact on the world. Kris first shares with us his background story. After getting his degree as a Software Engineer, Kris moved from Brisbane, Australia to London, UK, and worked with investment banks. When the 2008 global financial crisis hit, his career was destroyed. He moved back to Australia and decided to build an online computer game. Like many online businesses, he struggled to get visitors to his website to play the game. So, Kris put his analytical mind to work and by learning the rules of search engine optimization (SEO), he developed a simple system to get people to his website. He then started building websites to sell backlinks and that started his SEO journey. Without having any previous knowledge about SEO, Kris is completely self-taught. We talk about the importance of backlinks, which Kris believes are fundamentals of how Google works. The more backlinks you have from more credible sources that are in your niche, the more trusted you are and the better you are going to rank. We then move on to talking about Google making changes in their algorithm and how it can affect SEO marketing. Kris then goes on to explain the difference between two different types of SEO: whitehat SEO (things that Google likes) and blackhat SEO (things that Google doesn’t like). If you are doing blackhat SEO and Google discovers it, you will receive penalties and you can lose all of your traffic. Google’s algorithm is getting better and better at finding good websites and good, quality content online. So, if you have a good website, changes to Google’s algorithm will not affect you.    Kris shares with us some of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to SEO. One of the most noticeable things for him is that he believes people spend too much time on their websites talking about themselves. Your page needs to be simple: show the person that you can solve their problem, show examples of your work, and make it easy for people to do business with you.  Kris believes that most marketing is a waste of money. He says this is mostly true when it comes to traditional marketing: TV ads, radio ads, paper ads because it is almost impossible for you to track if anybody is paying attention to your ads. With digital marketing, you can track everything and you know exactly where your customers are coming from. SEO is the best form of digital marketing because it has a compounding type of return. I also asked Kris for his advice on how to grow a podcast. His main advice is, just like with SEO, to do some keyword research. If you have a podcast once a week and you rank it for a hundred search volume keywords, it is a hundred searches a month. In the span of a year, you have a website that is generating 5,200 visitors a month and that translates into a million-dollar website. Our next topic was marketing agencies. When looking for an agency you want someone who is going to focus on your goals and help you grow your business to where you want it to be. You want an agency that will show you a report of your revenue growth, tell you where your leads came from, and where your money came from. You want that type of personal approach in a firm for the best possible outcome. Kris also talks about how often a website represents a part of the problem. He explains that there are two ways to generate more customers: to increase traffic or to increase conversions. The easiest way is to increase traffic and once you get enough traffic then you focus on the website to see if the conversion is good or not. Do not miss out on this amazing and super informative episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with business growth and SEO expert, Kris Reid! Notable Quotes: “When you are building a business, you are building it for the long game.” Kris Reid “The longer you are around, Google appreciates that and trusts you more.” Kris Reid “Backlinks are super important. They are the fundamentals of how Google works.” Kris Reid “The more backlinks you have from more credible sources that are in your niche, the more trusted you are and the better you are going to rank.” Kris Reid “A website is designed to get in front of people who don’t know who you are.” Kris Reid “Google’s algorithm, all it is ever doing, is getting better at finding quality websites and getting rid of the crappy ones.” Kris Reid “Your action needs to be equivalent to the amount of value that you provide.” Kris Reid “One part of why SEO is better than all of the other forms of digital marketing that you pay for is that it’s compounding.” Kris Reid “That is how you grow a podcast. Don’t go after massive keywords, just rank each episode for a hundred searches a month and in one year you are going to be sitting pretty.” Kris Reid “What you need to do is grow in a sustainable way that is right for your business.” Kris Reid “One keyword might generate more leads, but another type of keyword might generate more customers. That is where we want to focus on.” Kris Reid “You have two ways to generate customers: increase traffic or increase conversions.” Kris Reid “Generally, fixing your ugly websites is not the most important thing; it is getting people to your ugly website because ugly websites still convert.” Kris Reid Links: ArdorSEO Landing Page Kris on Facebook Kris’ Podcast on YouTube Mike’s FREE Coaching 7 Figure Flipping Return on Investments Just Start Real Estate JSRE on Facebook Mike on Facebook Mike on Instagram Mike on LinkedIn Mike on Twitter Level Jumping: How I Grew My Business to Over $1 Million in Profits in 12 Months


8 Mar 2021