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Insider Secrets 60 with Brian Trippe

Insider Secrets by My Core Intentions

Standout Quotes: "I set a mission to put a definition to the age old phrase, "Your network is your net-worth" - [Brian] "I'm not the smartest, I'm not the best, I'm not the brightest, but what I am good is building relationships with people that will carry me on through my real estate career"- [Brian] "The ROI of life is my next book and it's how to produce relationships that will cash flow for a lifetime" - [Brian] "People do business with those they know and trust" - [Brian] "Real estate is two things. It's local, but it's live. You have to do it in person" – [Brian] "I think when you can find something you love, you truly love to do, and you're helping people too" – [Brian] "This real estate is a get rich slow game. If you want to get rich quick, find something else" – [Brian] Key Takeaways: - Brian describes himself in a single word "Connector". - He shares that he has a mission to put a definition to the old age phrase "Your network is your net-worth". - Just like probably many other businesses, it's all about who knows you, but it's all about building true relationships, not just surface level. - I've spent the majority of my real estate career doing is building relationships with people strategically. - I started my adult life at 30 years old. Until then, I don't know what I was doing. I was just kind of flap it around in the wind. Not really knowing what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. - And I went back to school to get my master's degree and became a graduate assistant and really launched my college coaching career at 30. - I don't love real estate, but I love the teaching aspect of it. - When we first get started in real estate, we do it because we want freedom. But what ends up actually happening is we end up creating. - My mind goes a million miles an hour. So I want to quiet that down and it takes hours. - I did 21 wholesale deals last year in 2020. And I would tell you that I didn't even work last year. - There's so many people out there who work in a nine to five, they're doing something they don't want to do. - For a brand new investor: You need to get around as many people who are successful as you can, you really do need to go to live meet up groups.  Episode Timeline: [01:40] I am joined by "Brian Trippe". [03:10] In one word, what describes you best personally and professionally? [06:08] Brian shares his backstory. [09:34[ How would you consider living your life at the fullest? What would be exceptional for you today? [12:24] Brian shares about his weekly schedule and his love for hiking. [12:40] When you went for that hike yesterday, where did you go? Out in the woods or up the mountain? [13:39] So are you doing any real estate deals right now or are you involved in any real estate that's going on right now? [16:28] When you're wholesaling deals, are they residential or are they multifamily? What spaces are those wholesale deals in? [18:24] When it comes to technology and systems, what are the best resources you would recommend? [17:17] How somebody coming into the business should be networking? [27:38] Where's your passion come from Brian? [33:50] Favorite tourist attraction? [35:13] Favorite book "The Catcher in The Rye" by Mr. Holden Caulfield. [32:18] Advice for a brand new investor coming into the business today. [22:20] How to contact Brian Trippe – DM on Facebook (Brian Trippe), Instagram (Brian J Trippe)


29 Jun 2021

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Why Know, Like, & Trust In Marketing Works ft. Brian Trippe

REI Marketing Weekly

You could be a master at marketing, but if your target seller doesn't know, like, and trust you, you'll get nowhere. Understanding this concept is vital if you're going to establish any credibility or authority in the marketplace! Brian Trippe talks to us about how he's leveraging this concept in his marketing. 


10 Apr 2021

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Keeping it real and building the right business and balance with Brian Trippe

Dive Into Real Estate Investing for Newbies

#45  Brian Trippe is a real estate investment strategist and consultant. He is also the President of Real Estate Investing Live (REI Live), a platform that provides real estate education for both new and veteran investors in the industry. REI Live also has its own podcast where they interview some of the top investors in the country. Brian’s experience includes owning more than 70 rental units and conducting over 500 real estate transactions since 2012.Brian joins me today to share his passion for helping small investors become successful in the industry. He describes how he got into real estate and what his first few months were like. He explained the need for a proper coaching program and how REI Live fills that gap. He also discusses how his wife influenced the way he ran his business and explains the benefits of hosting a meetup group and attending networking events."Real estate is meant to be done live." - Brian TrippeSay hi to him at info@alareia.com


25 Jan 2021

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Episode 7: How to generate leads without spending money on marketing with Brian Trippe

The Investor Warrior

Title companies They help you get a clear title on a property If you’re interested in wholesaling, use a title company that is knowledgeable about it. If you are new to real estate investing, use “investor friendly” title companies.  No marketing leads Create authority and people will come to you for leads Post on social media and ask for referrals in your local market  How to create authority Start meetups Be a guest on other’s podcasts Write a book  Why Brian created REI Live Creates wholesale deals by assembling meetups Produces coaching clients Uses Youtube to create videos to educate people in the real estate community.  Things to remember to build a quality meetup You’re not selling anything, you’re providing value Don’t charge anyone to come to your meetup Give them quality information Don’t bring in selling speakers Inform people of the things that can help them run their business, but don’t pressure them into buying it  How to network Offer your talent to bigger fish for free Bring value to the table Figure out your crowd Collaboration over competition  Brian's BOOK: "Nothing’s for sale" on Amazon Instagram: @brianjtrippe Facebook: facebook.com/briantrippe Go to DealMachine.app.link/warrior to get your special offer for the Deal Machine app!


6 Jan 2021

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501 How Brian Got Seller Financing on a 59 Space Mobile Home Park - Brian Trippe

Creative Real Estate Podcast

Episode summary In this episode, Brian Trippe, and Adam Adams cover how their mindset and philosophy has lead to great success, Brian's new project REI Live, and his numerous separate endeavours in the realm of Real Estate Topics discussed: Real Estate Meetups Mindset Innovation Links mentioned in this episode: Instagram Username: brianjtrippe Meetup Link: reilive.tv Connect With Us! To connect with Jason, please email or call him at: Phone: (303) 949-8662 Email: crep@ecospace.com Website: Ecospace  We look forward to hearing from you! Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode.


28 Sep 2020

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EP448: Brian Trippe Invites You to Network & Learn from the Nation's Top Real Estate Influencers

The Flip Empire Show

Brian Trippe is known to be an excellent networker and shares his tips on how to make the right connections in real estate to get the results you’re looking for in your business. He is also hosting a live and virtual REI Coaches event this October 15–17 and it only has a max attendee list of 50 people. Find out more about Brian, where he is in his entrepreneurial journey, and the live event on today’s episode! Key Takeaways: When you remove things from your plate, it gives your brain the space to open up to new opportunities (and at the very minimum recognize them). Brian has been blessed to have the opportunity to travel the past three months! Entrepreneurship is about having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want. Doing the things you’ve always wanted to do does not cost as much as you'd think! Brian has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon — his whole, entire life! He was finally able to do it for $800 bucks. Brian over-complicated himself with his business and he wasn’t making much money at all from it. Looking back and reflecting, Brian realizes that he was incredibly selfish. Brian has made a conscious effort now to keep his mind still and quiet. Brian heard the same messages over and over again, but he didn’t take the time to truly listen and really process the information. Business challenges are often personal challenges masked as business ones. Brian is hosting an REI Coaches event this October. He explains a little bit more about what it’s about. The real truth: Brian hated real estate! It was just a means to an end. Who are going to be the key speakers at this event? The event has so much value that even the speakers were sitting down in the audience and taking furious notes. What do people need to know before attending this event? Brian shares his top networking tips. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Interested in Networking & Learning from the Top Leaders & Influencers in the Real Estate Investing space? Go to Reicoaches.com to find out more about the event this October! Episode 254: Brian Trippe Divulges His 3 Keys To Networking Like a Ninja Don't Wait To Enjoy Your Life Tomorrow, Live It Today! How To Grow Your Business, Expand Your Impact, and Experience Your Perfect Life: Get Access Now: Free 5 Part Video Training Series on "How To Quickly Generate The Most Qualified Motivated Seller Leads & Produce High Margin Deals WITHOUT Investing a Bunch Of Your Time and Money" 🔊 LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE TO THE FLIP EMPIRE SHOW (PODCAST) on Apple Podcasts ▶︎ http://www.flipempire.com/podcast 📺 SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX PARDO'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW  ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/alexpardo 🚀 How To Grow Your Business, Expand Your Impact, and Experience Your Perfect Life Don't Wait To Enjoy Your Life Tomorrow, Live It Today ▶︎ https://www.AscendYourSuccess.com/ 💻 Access to Online Course: 5 Ways To Scale Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business To Six Figures (In 6 Months Or Less): http://www.flipempire.com ★☆★ WHO IS ALEX PARDO? https://flipempire.com/about/ FOLLOW ALEX ON: ★ INSTAGRAM → http://instagram.com/alexpardo25 ★ FACEBOOK → https://www.facebook.com/alexpardo15 ★ LINKEDIN → https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-pardo★ YOUTUBE → https://www.youtube.com/alexpardo. Tweetables: “My coaching business was 90% psychologist and 10% teaching the tactics of real estate. More than 20 people I have had a personal hand in helping them quit their jobs to focus on real estate.” “You’re not going to remember all the talks. You’ll take notes, but the thing you’re gonna take away the most from this event, it’s a proven fact, it’s the relationships.” “You move your business forward by being intentional about what you’re trying to do and who it is you’re trying to meet to take you to the next level.” Ask Alex A Question: Have a question you want featured on an upcoming Flip Empire Show? Head over to the Ask Alex page, and record your question. We’ve made it super easy for you, so let us know what challenges you are having, and Alex will answer it personally! Subscribe To The Flip Empire Show, and Leave a Rating & Review!


14 Sep 2020

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Fundamental Keys to Success in Real Estate Investing with Brian Trippe

AJ Osborne Podcast

Welcome back to the Cashflow 2 Freedom everybody!On today’s episode I have the pleasure of sitting down with real estate investor Brian Trippe.We focus in heavily on the concept and critical importance of building your network. Your network is everything - deal flow, financing, investors all come from your network. This solidifies the common theme we’ve talked about several times on the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast, and that is that success cannot and does not happen on an island. You absolutely have to build and maintain these relationships. Everything is built on people, and we have to be able to attract the right people for your network with common core values?So how do you do this? What’s the key? It’s a great question and one that we answer in several ways in today’s podcast.These fundamentals will either make or break you, no matter what direction you choose for your life or your goals. We’ll cover these fundamentals in depth and how you can set yourself and your endeavors up for success.We also talk about the technical aspects of real estate. Brian shares what he believes will happen in the real estate market and in markets across the world in the near future with the elections coming up. Brian also shares how he is preparing for those potential events.Brain also shares his advice for those who are just starting or looking to start investing in real estate. Where should you look? What should you look for? Who should you talk to? Brian covers all of these topics and more.Be sure to check out REI Live, an online community that helps to connect like minded real estate professionals. https://rei.live/ Thanks for listening everybody,AJ


25 May 2020

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Cooperation Over Collaboration | Brian Trippe | 996

Epic Real Estate Investing

“Just because I get the house, does not mean there’s one less house out there for you. Let’s have an abundance mindset and let’s go solve people’s problems!” Brian Trippe This Wednesday, Matt is joined with Brian Trippe, a real estate entrepreneur from Birmingham, AL,  the owner of 70+ rental units with over 500 real estate transactions under his belt, and the founder of The Real Estate Investing LIVE. Tune in and find out how Brian has adopted his wholesaling business due to the current situation, what big risks he sees in the market, right now, and why being cooperative in business is more important than never before!


22 Apr 2020

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Know, Like, & Trust Marketing ft. Brian Trippe

REI Marketing Weekly

Building trust with a motivated or distressed seller is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, energy and a lot of times money to build a great relationship with a seller to where they like you, trust you, then sell the house to you. So how do you build that kind of rapport? Brian Trippe, an investor out of Birmingham, AL has got this figured out and is making it happen in a unique way.


28 Feb 2020

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Ep 7: [Brian Trippe] Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Jamel Gibbs Business & Investing Podcast

In this episode, Brian Trippe will share how he creates authority by using the power of networking in order to control all the deals in his local market.  This episode is definitely a MUST listen.  If you want to be successful in real estate investing, then networking is one of the keys to your success.


20 Feb 2020