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31 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Palin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Palin, often where they are interviewed.

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31 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Palin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Palin, often where they are interviewed.

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Around the Watt with Michael Palin

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James Watt in conversation with Monty Python and traveller Michael Palin

Sep 01 2020 · 11mins
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Sir Michael Palin - Long Haul

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Sir Michael Palin - where do you start! He’s a legendary comedian, part of pop culture history as one of Monty Python. He’s a BAFTA-winning actor, a best-selling author, and one of our most loved travel documentarians and travel writers. His journeys across the world, beginning with Around the World in 80 Days, followed by Pole to Pole, Full Circle, Sahara, Himalaya, Brazil and more, were a key part of how many of us discovered the world growing up, through his eyes, and through his warmth and curiosity with whoever he encountered along the way. 

From Saharan Africa and the Amazon, to western Scotland and North Korea, it was such an honour to hear the travel diaries of Sir Michael Palin. I hope you enjoy them.

Destination recap:

  • Sheffield, England
  • Norfolk, England
  • Solden, Austria 
  • Venice, Italy
  • Barbados
  • Morocco
  • Mauritania
  • Chinguetti, Mali
  • Persian gulf to Indian Ocean dhow boat trip
  • West coast of Scotland including Glencoe
  • Aberfeldy, Scotland
  • New York, USA
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Kolkata, India 
  • Pongo de Mainique, Peru
  • North Korea
  • Algiers
  • Vietnam
  • Gulag camps, Kolyma, Russia
  • Mongolia and the 'Stans
  • Altai Mountains
  • Walking in the Dolomites, Italy

Michael Palin’s North Korea Journal is out now, and available from all good bookshops. 

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Jul 14 2020 · 56mins

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Michael Palin, The Last of Us Part II reviewed, Anthony Thwaite, Rethink - Nicola Triscott, Roadmap to Reopening Theatres

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Michael Palin on staging a version of Beckett’s Waiting For Godot to raise money for The Royal Theatre Fund - and what else he’s been doing during lockdown.

We round up the week's big arts stories. The Last of Us Part II is one of the most highly anticipated games for a generation. Part I was an unexpected hit, praised for bringing the storytelling qualities of films to gaming. Elle Osili-Wood and Aoife Wilson review Part II which has a lesbian love story at its heart. They discuss the BBC’s announcement that from April 20% of commissions must be given to diverse productions, and Elle visits a bookshop in Independent Bookshops Week to see if the experience is as special as it was before social distancing. Plus, Aoife, Elle and Samira give their cultural recommendations.

Anthony Thwaite is 90 this week and joins Front Row to read two of his poems. He published his first in 1957 and his last (he thinks) in 2017. He talks about his work including his sojourns in Japan and Libya, and producing at the BBC where he shared an office with Louis MacNeice and broadcast poems by the then little-known Philip Larkin.

Nicola Triscott is Director of FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology). For BBC Radio 4’s Rethink she argues that given how important internet access to art has been in lockdown, we should value and invest in it.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has announced a five stage roadmap for the reopening of the performing arts. It comes without dates or a financial support package, so what is included, how helpful is it, what’s been the reaction, and what more needs to be done to save a sector in crisis? Front Row talks to Matt Hemley, News Editor of The Stage.

Presenter: Samira Ahmed
Producer: Jerome Weatherald
Studio manager: Matilda Macari
Jun 26 2020 · 41mins
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Erebus: Michael Palin in conversation with William Dalrymple

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Popular globe-trotting TV presenter, writer & comedian Michael Palin, in a riveting discussion with William Dalrymple, brings to life the fascinating story of HMS Erebus. Listen in as they take you on a fascinating journey to the Northwest Passage, where the ship disappeared for more than 150 years!

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Jun 08 2020 · 1hr

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RHLSTP 275 - Michael Palin

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#275 You’ve Got Mail - We’ve been recommissioned again for an amazing 19th series and Richard is exhausted from his final attempt to let the world know when International Men’s Day is and what are you talking about? He always wears a suit. There’s nothing unusual going on. His guest is just some guy from some old sketch show and the first Knight (that says Ni) on the podcast, Sir Michael Palin.

Obviously Rich is in awe and on his best behaviour, but that won’t stop him bringing up one of Michael’s rare career disappointments and nearly derailing everything. But Michael is everything you’d hope for and you can find out what he got paid for his script being used in Sliding Doors, how the Fish Dance went down in North Korea, how Life of Brian might have been Python at its height, the perils of being a mud eater, how Mrs Palin ended up on Saturday Night Live, why Terry Jones was the heart of Python and how this remarkable friendship between writing partners was maintained right to the end. Plus the best impression of Cicero that you’re likely to hear. Will Richard end up in the diary and what terrible things will be said about him…? We will have to wait.

Monthly badgers - your backstage interview includes Michael ad-libbing a brand new scene for Life of Brian which I would say is worth your monthly subscription to the end of time. So sign up to see this - we don’t get many emergency questions on stage, but he did a few in the dressing room. http://gofasterstripe.com/badges



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May 13 2020 · 1hr 18mins
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Michael Palin speaks out for the elderly: Esther Rantzen disagrees - PanPod#11

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Why should the elderly suffer age-discrimination?

May 04 2020 · 3mins
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Michael Palin and Louise Jameson

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Nick and Benji present... Reviews: Subterfuge and ATA Girl 2... Featured Releases: Doctor Who Stranded, Paternoster Gang Heritage 3, Torchwood: Iceberg... Behind-the-scenes and Drama Tease: Torchwood: Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4
Apr 04 2020 · 1hr 10mins
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Rezension: Arndt Stroscher stellt "Erebus" von Michael Palin vor

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Wir schreiben das Jahr 1845. Zwei Schiffe machen sich in England auf den Weg, die letzte offene Frage der Seefahrt zu klären und im arktischen Eis den verborgenen Weg durch die legendäre Nordwestpassage zu finden. 134 Seeleute folgen dem Oberbefehl von Sir John Franklin, dem nicht unumstrittenen Konteradmiral und Polarforscher. Er war nicht die erste Wahl für das Kommando dieser Expedition.

Feb 17 2020 · 11mins
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Terry Jones remembered by Michael Palin, Hugh Laurie on Avenue 5, Gabrielle Aplin

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Michael Palin remembers his friend and fellow Python, Terry Jones - writer, director, actor and historian - whose death at the age of 77 was announced today.

Hugh Laurie discusses his new role in Armando Iannucci’s new TV comedy drama Avenue 5, which is set on a galactic cruise liner. When a mishap turns the eight-week pleasure jaunt among the stars into a voyage lasting three-and-a-half years it’s not just the spacecraft that begins to breakdown – it’s civilisation itself. And masks begin to slip. Laurie stars as the urbane, silver-haired Ryan Clark, the confidence inspiring Captain. But Clark is not what he seems.

Mental health, the pressures of social media and a feeling of freedom all feature in Gabrielle Aplin’s upbeat pop album Dear Happy. The singer-songwriter talks to Samira about making the album on her own record label and performs live in the studio.

As Front Row continues to explore risk in the arts, author Kerry Hudson speaks about the emotional risk involved in writing her memoir Lowborn: Growing Up, Getting Away and Returning to Britain’s Poorest Towns.

Presenter Samira Ahmed
Producer Jerome Weatherald
Jan 22 2020 · 28mins
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How I Found My Voice: Michael Palin

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This is an episode from the second series of How I Found My Voice, a podcast from Intelligence Squared. Presented by the prominent BBC journalist Samira Ahmed, the podcast explores how some of the world's greatest artists and thinkers became such compelling – and unique – communicators.

In this episode Samira speaks to the actor, writer and comedian Michael Palin. Part of the legendary Monty Python comedy group, Palin has helped shape British comedy on our TV screens. From growing up with a father who stuttered to finding his comedy partners and travelling the world, Palin speaks about the moments that shaped and inspired his voice.

Season 2 is proudly supported by THE OUT, innovative car rental powered by Jaguar Land Rover. Photo credit: John Swannell.

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Nov 05 2019 · 58mins