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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Snyder. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Snyder, often where they are interviewed.

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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Snyder. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Snyder, often where they are interviewed.

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Michael Snyder – America is Coming Unraveled!

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Michael Snyder from TheMostImportantNews.com joins me today to talk about the tsunami of chaos coming on America. We discuss the perfect storm of economic woes, political turmoil, and civil unrest that is threatening to put an end to our country and our way of life.

Sep 16 2020 · 46mins
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The Future of America and How It Will Impact You with Michael Snyder (Season 6, Ep. 165)

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What happened to the lost prophecies of the future of America? For decades, many prophecies were spoken through supernatural experiences. In his new book, "Lost Prophecies of the Future of America,Michael Snyder asked this question and compiled these prophecies, starting with ones that have come to pass and ending with new prophecies from key Christian leaders. Listen to find out why it is important for you to understand these prophecies and the impact they have on you today.

Sep 10 2020 · 35mins

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Perfect Storms Now and On the Horizon with Michael Snyder (Season 6, Ep. 156)

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How is prophecy being fulfilled with two hurricanes hitting the Gulf of Mexico back to back, unexpected storms and massive fires in other parts of the country on top of political unrest? Listen as Michael Snyder shares that he believes the Lord is trying to get our attention to lead us to repentance and that He is bigger than any negative report.

Aug 26 2020 · 31mins
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Good Law | Bad Law - Law in the Time of COVID-19: A Conversation w/ Chancellor of the Bar Michael Snyder

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Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast, Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by the Honorable Michael Snyder, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar, to discuss the current state of law in our country as we grapple with the COVID-19 crisis. How has the pandemic affected the legal community? How will the legal industry continue to operate? And, what does the future of law look like?

In today’s episode, Judge Snyder joins Aaron to offer his perspective on the issues, legal and otherwise, that the country is facing as a result of the current pandemic. Aaron and Judge Snyder are tackling some of today’s toughest questions, talking about where things stand right now as far as the legal field and what the affects have been. The mission of the Philadelphia Bar has always been to serve the profession and the public by promoting justice, professional excellence and respect for the rule of law. Throughout the conversation, Judge Snyder explains his role as the Bar’s leader and the importance of law for the functioning of our Government and Democracy, as well as the significance of a positive attitude. Aaron and Judge Snyder discuss the ethical obligations of lawyers, especially today, and the need for adaptability, cooperation, and persistence. What is already changing? What needs to change?

A graduate of Temple Law, Judge Snyder is currently a distinguished neutral mediator and arbitrator at The Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI), working to resolve conflict across many different areas of legal practice. Before joining the DRI in 2012, Judge Snyder served as a Workers’ Compensation Judge for approximately 15 years. Prior to his appointment, Judge Snyder was engaged in private practice, representing Plaintiffs, Claimants, Employers, and Defendants. He has lectured extensively for the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, among many others. Additionally, Judge Snyder is an Adjunct Professor at the Temple University Beasley School of Law, and has been named Scholar in Residence at Temple’s Fox Business School.

To learn more about Judge Snyder please visit his bio page here.

To learn more about the Philadelphia Bar please click here.

Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: the Honorable Michael Snyder

Follow Good Law | Bad Law:

YouTube: Good Law | Bad Law


Instagram: @GoodLawBadLaw

Website: https://www.law-podcast.com

May 01 2020 · 50mins

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Can You Handle What is Ahead? with Michael Snyder (Season 6, Ep. 67)

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Be aware of what is to come from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Michael Snyder shares updates to the economy and unemployment. Realize things will change moving forward.

Apr 22 2020 · 28mins
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Measuring Health, Detecting Illness (Before It’s Too Late)—Michael Snyder, PhD–Snyder Lab, Department of Genetics, Stanford University

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Michael Snyder, PhD, is a Stanford W. Ascherman Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics at Stanford, and Director of the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.  By tuning in, you’ll learn the following:

  • How your smartphone can be converted to your own personal health dashboard, allowing you to effectively manage and monitor your health
  • How continuous glucose monitoring can help people manage diabetes or detect pre-diabetes, as well as determine which types of foods cause glucose spikes (different people experience glucose spikes in response to different foods)
  • What the number one stumbling block is to rolling out various types of technology that can quite literally save lives by identifying illness early on, rather than after it’s too late

“To be quite frank, I think the way we practice health care these days is entirely wrong…that is to say we typically focus on people when they’re ill and we really don’t spend much energy trying to keep people healthy…I want to transform that…and actually catch disease at its earliest time so we can really work on health care and not sick care,” says Dr. Snyder. 

According to Dr. Snyder, the key is in following people while they’re healthy in order to establish a healthy baseline, and thereby detect signs of illness earlier on—before a disease or illness progresses. He says that advanced technologies have the ability to provide people with an unprecedented amount of access to their personal health data, and with little to no effort on their part.

The research in the Snyder Lab is focused on sequencing genomes to predict genetic risk for disease, and has shown promising results. Out of the first 70 people sequenced, they found that 12 had clinically actionable information in their genome, including a mutation that placed a patient at high risk for breast cancer, and a gene that predicted a heart defect in a young patient.

Dr. Snyder and his team are also using omics technology (e.g. proteomics, metabolomics) to measure as many molecules as possible from a sample of blood in order to ascertain a more precise understanding of a person’s health state. Dr. Snyder discusses the use of wearables that can detect changes in heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels, and other metrics in order to not only provide people with an understanding of their baseline measurements, but alert them to unexpected or out of place changes that may indicate disease.  

Press play for the full conversation and learn more about the work being done at Snyder Lab by visiting http://snyderlab.stanford.edu/.

Apr 14 2020 · 34mins
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The coming economic collapse: Michael Snyder.

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Michael Snyder is senior editor of TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com.  He has an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Florida law school.   Snyder additionally has an LLM from the University of Florida law school.  He once worked for some of the largest law firms in Washington D.C., but now mostly focus on trying to make a difference in the world through educating audience of the treacherous global economic landscape.


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Apr 02 2020 · 54mins
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Coronavirus Economic Fallout - An Interview with Michael Snyder

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The Coronavirus is effecting us in more ways than most realize.  The Western World might see a dramatic change in how things move forward from here.  If anything, people should understand that emergencies can come really fast and leave us with little time to prepare.  In this episode, Michael Snyder joins the podcast to talk about the economic fallout and more.

Mentioned in this Episode: 

Items of Interest:

Remember, there is a HUGE selection of great preparedness content at Prepper Website!

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Mar 18 2020 · 1hr 20mins
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300- Michael Snyder – Audio Only Version

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300- Michael Snyder – Stock Market Crash, Economic Collapse, Lockdowns – It's Here! Right click to Download
Mar 16 2020 · 51mins
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What Does Michael Snyder See Ending 2019 and Forward to 2020?

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On this historic day, an impeachment vote is running through the U.S. Congress. Recent culture wars have hit Hallmark and Chick-fil-A.  What can we expect in 2020? Michael Snyder discusses the impact the Trump impeachment hearings are having on next year's presidential election and how Christians can change the culture wars. Then he reveals what could hit in 2020.

Dec 19 2019 · 29mins