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Rocio Perez The Mindshift Game

Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs

Rocio and Robert & Noelle Peterson share a wonderful conversation about her work in helping people be unstoppable. She is the author of Unstoppable: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader  She shares her own entrepreneurial journey as a single mom and latina seeking to elevate her community and empower others on their own journeys. 9:50 Inventiva- Leadership development 13 Mindset 16 Wanted to be around people different 20:49 Strength to Leave 22:52 Connections/Volunteering 24 Life story 28 Bold 29 How is it gratitude 30 Routines 32:25 You ask great questions- beliefs set by bad parents 34 Didn't need to be perfect to be loved 39 Mom- figure it out 43:11 Big dream Check out more of Rocio Website: themindshiftgame.com Instagram: @inventivaconsulting Website: 7stepstounstoppablebook.com Facebook: /raperez12009 LinkedIn: /rocio-perez-global-leader Did you love the value that we are putting out in the show? LEAVE A REVIEW and tell us what you think about the episode so we can continue putting out great content just for you! Share this episode and help someone who wants to connect with world-class people. Get our free gift of 11 Hacks from Successful Entrepreneurs @ AddValue2Entrepreneurs.com. Do you struggle with procrastination? Sign up for a 5 day challenge to help you take more action and make more money in your business AddValue2Life.com/action Need some hope? Get your copy of the Dose of Hope @AddValue2Life.com/dose. Follow us at facebook.com/n2rpeterson, instagram.com/n2rpeterson, linkedin.com/in/robertav2l, youtube.com/channel/UCU1gxHrzesGKUPHJdKLUTLg


28 Jun 2022

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271 Rocio Perez: UNSTOPPABLE - 7 steps to becoming a more intentional leader

Steps To Sobriety

I am a Leadership and Life Coach and the Founder of my own business, Inventiva. I have delivered thousands of leadership keynotes, trainings, webinars, workshops and presentations throughout the world. I wrote the best selling book “UNSTOPPABLE: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader” which and in order to reach even more people I distilled my lifetime of experiences into The MindShift Game and The MindShift Game Service Suite.  As a child I lived a life of poverty and abuse. I dropped out of school at age 12, became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy at age 15. To build a good life for my son, I decided to get a college degree. At age 16, I started at a local community college and then went on to earn an A.A., A.S., then a B.B.A., and M.B.A.! I did all of this while raising my child on my own, dealing with injuries from a major car accident, brain cancer and other crises. I truly believe that it is the power of MindShifting which I stumbled upon in my youth, and then refined as an adult that has led me to overcome these challenges.                        3 top tips for my audience: Believe in yourself. Do what makes your heart sing.  Lead you.  Social media and contact info. Rocío Pérez, Founder & CEO Inventiva Consulting | 303-587-8367 rocio@inventivaconsulting.com 44 Cook St. Ste. 100 | Denver, CO 80206 www.inventivaconsulting.com Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/rocio-perez-global-leader #tags. #Unstoppable #TheMindShiftGame #Inventiva #RippleEffects #HispanicLeadership #Leadership

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16 Jun 2022

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Rocio Perez -dreams and imagination

Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation

Today's guest, her life is one of dreams. But, to look at Rocio Perez, one would never see the tumultuous childhood of rape, emancipation from her parents, an abusive marriage, brain tumor, many let downs from family.  This CEO, Best Selling Author, speaker, and an overall dynamic burst of life shared many sayings during our conversation.  These sayings are in the highlight notes; they will make you think, question your answers – thoughts. Her company- https://www.inventivaconsulting.com/ Help organizations, teams, individuals advance their leadership skills. Speaker - ID (inclusion diversity) thought leader and trainer. email - rocio@inventivaconsulting.com    direct ph - (303) 587-8367 Intl Best Seller - Unstoppable: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader "I look at the power of imagination and how it can take us anywhere." "If I can see my future, I can walk into my future." "Then I had to discover what my passion was. What is my passion? What would I commit if this is all I have to live?" A statement connected to her brain tumor diagnosis, "How do I live here now? It's not the amount of time that I have to live. It is the time that what I do with the time that I have to live." " It's who we be, to where we're being in this moment, that dictates the rest of my life." "Success like failure has a formula." Rocio tells us about her Mind Shift Game, a game she developed that builds courage, regains personal power, etc. The following make this episode possible: Buzzsprout I recommend Buzzsprout to my students at Podcast Academy – they get your show listed in every major podcast platform seamlessly – follow the link in the show notes to receive a $20 Amazon gift card for a paid plan & this helps support the show https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=270059 Podcast Academy Online.com Imagining, building, and launching your podcast isn’t hard when you have the right balance of information and accountability. 


17 Jun 2021

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Become Unstoppable and a more Intentional Leader! - TTST Interview with Rocio Perez of Inventiva Consulting

Time To Shine Today

Show Notes:Welcome to Episode 216! Rocío is an unapologetic optimist and sought-after international speaker of truth who has helped to transform leaders around the world. She has delivered hundreds of inspiring and life-changing leadership talks that have helped thousands of attendees embrace success by becoming more intentional. She believes everyone has thecapacity to live an empowered life of prosperity, service, and happiness.Rocío is the founder of Inventíva Consulting. She created Inventíva to bring positivechange to the workplace and help organizations align culture, brand, and leadership. Shedesigned a 7-Step Coaching Process and wrote an international bestselling book. Remember Our Troops! Enjoy!Quote: Ignore your ‘not enough-ness’. Rocio Perez  Knowledge Nuggets and Take-Aways:If you make it about others, life will be much easierA great coach will learn to understand their clients' world.  Being empathetic is hugeRocio will help you reconnect to who you are and live an extraordinary life!Auto reflect to bridge your gapsNo matter your situation, we are all born equal and able to createWhat we choose in the here and now creates our future.Here is a link to this episode on our website:  https://timetoshinetoday.com/podcast/rocioperez/Recommended Resources: www.InventivaConsulting.comRocio’s Book: Unstoppable (Listen for FREE Give Away!)Rocio’s YouTube ChannelRocio’s Linked INRocio’s TwitterRocio’s FacebookRocio’s InstagramHost Your Podcast for Free with Buzz Sprout Our Show Sponsor Sutter and Nugent Real Estate - Real Estate Excellence Music Courtesy of: fight by urmymuse (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/urmymuse/58696 Ft: Stefan Kartenberg, Kara Square


18 May 2021

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Rocio Perez on Becoming an Unstoppable and Intentional Leader

Dayna Steele's Rock Star Principles

Rocio Perez is the Founder and President of Inventiva Consulting, an organization that helps leaders enhance their leadership, mindset, and business strategy. In the earlier chapters of her life, Rocio lived in a world bereft of kindness, compassion, and love. But, despite everything, Rocio endured, holding on to the belief that the life she had lived in wouldn’t be her life forever, driving her at a young age to become a dynamic leader. Now a bicultural entrepreneur and thought leader in Diversity & Inclusion, Rocio has designed a seven-step transformative process that helps individuals and leaders become unstoppable people.  She writes of this process in her book, Unstoppable: 7 Steps to Becoming a More Intentional Leader. Rocio joins me today to discuss her life’s journey to becoming the intentional leader she is today. She defines the characteristics that make an intentional leader and reveals the seven-step journey that can help people realize their dreams. She explains how you can speed up your personal evolution and why it’s important to create a roadmap towards your goals. She also underscores the importance of investing in our own growth and development and shares what drove her to overcome adversity and tribulations. “We’re all unstoppable. Everyone has something that stops us from showing and living in our greatness. It’s time to look inside: the journey is internal.” - Rocio Perez This week on Rock Star Principles: What makes an intentional leader Embracing the human capacity for transformation and change Accelerating our capacity to learn and the value of finding mentors The importance of planning and investing time in ourselves The hurricanes inside our minds and the role of authenticity in overcoming our roadblocks Taking control of moments of insecurity and why most women won’t run for Congress Gazing at our prophetic vision and the value of becoming familiar with how we want our future to be Getting our foot in the door and why we need to be as specific as we can when setting goals Creating your roadmap to success and how knowing what you want lets other people help you achieve them Taking massive action and using massive leverage Retesting, tweaking, and using self-discovery to understand what’s working and what we can do differently The Mindshift Game and the role of community in personal growth What drove the young Rocio through times of hardship Real “people fun” and what makes Rocio happy Related Content: NASA Astronaut and Long-time Friend Cady Coleman Talks Space, Kids, and Science in a Pandemic Connect with Rocio Perez: Inventiva Consulting BOOK: Unstoppable: 7 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Leader Inventiva Consulting on LinkedIn Inventiva Consulting on Instagram Inventiva Consulting on Facebook Rocio Perez on LinkedIn EMAIL: admin@inventivaconsulting.com 101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that our virtual business is so important. And that means you need a kickass profile on LinkedIn. 101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn - the updated edition by Viveka von Rosen will teach you how to rock your personal brand, grow your network, and grow your business. 101 Ways to Rock LinkedIn, the updated edition by Viveka von Rosen is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Grab your copy today. Find Your Inner Rockstar! Thanks for tuning into this week's episode of Dayna Steele's Rock Star Principles. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | GooglePlay | Stitcher | Spotify | RadioPublic | Be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media to help Dayna reach more rock stars like you. Connect with Dayna on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For more exclusive content and information, visit therockbusiness.com.


14 May 2021

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The Unstoppable – Rocio Perez, teaches us that even though we are dealt a tough hand with COURAGE we can win.

Moments with Martha - with Martha Nino

Rocio Perez is CEO of Inventiva Consulting, Inclusion and Diversity Thought Leader, Coach and so much more. At 12 she left her abusive home, she moved over a dozen times, she had a child at a young age but with hard work and perseverance …. UNSTOPPABLE!


12 May 2021

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028. Self Leadership with Rocio Perez & Sandra Noemi Torres

Café Con Leadership

Building out a meaningful life.  What is Self leadership? And how we can learn to better manage ourselves so that we can better manage the world around us and our Businesses.   In this episode with Rocio Perez of Inventiva Consulting and The Mindshift Game we talk about what it takes.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cafeconleadership/support

1hr 1min

15 Feb 2021

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#42 - UNSTOPPABLE!!! - Rocio Perez, Founder of Inventiva Consulting


This interview with ROCIO PEREZ, author of UNSTOPPABLE and founder of Inventiva Consulting, takes us in a journey into how her hunger to reach for the sky led her to succeed. Such a sense of urgency and tackling the world is an inspiration for others to emulate.We learn about her ability to adapt and how her inner voice allows her to navigate through obstacles that many would find insurmountable. Learn about her drive for pursuit of SUCCESS. Connect with Rocio Perez via LinkedIn...https://www.linkedin.com/in/rocio-perez-globalauthorkeynotespeakertrainerShare...subscribe...like!!!#successinnovation #leadership #Unstopable #empower #PERSISTENCE #dedication #preparation #inventiva #trainer #education

1hr 12mins

16 Jul 2020

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Ep. 466: Rocio Perez

The Gifters: Your Story is a Gift to the World

As a leadership breakthrough coach, I guide individuals to help them develop effective leadership, mindset, marketing and business strategies. As your coach I will help you become an even greater leader when you discover and apply your hidden talents through recognizing, harnessing and strengthening existing capabilities. The inside out process will unlock your talent potential. Leadership is not only learned, it is lived. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rocio-perez-8269432/


11 May 2020

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Catch Rocio Perez on the PirateBroadcast


Today on the #Piratebroadcast Russ Johns talks with Rocio Perez about what keeps her motivated. Since COVID-19, Rocio has kept in touch with her friends in China, Africa, and Germany and elsewhere. She has also focused on her writing. Rocio ran away at 12 and used her imagination to get where she is now in her life. She always knew she would be a teacher and help others and she believes that we all have gifts and potential of our own, when we find those, we find who we are, who we are being and who we choose to be. Rocio is looking forward to helping others see what is possible for them and help them create what they have the potential to become.


6 May 2020