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Kevin Connelly Duke MBB – ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

Support Our PodcastBall Durham’s Kevin Connelly joins us on ACC Nation Podcast this week to delve into the mysteries of this season’s Duke’s men’s basketball team. What will it take to get past the struggles of a young team? How long will Coach K be sticking around? Can this team make it to the NCAA Tournament this season? Before you respond to that last question be sure to hear out Kevin’s reasoning, it may change your mind.It hasn’t been the best of seasons for the Blue Devils. Connelly shares his thoughts on how things have gone so far and why. Is it a youth issue? Perhaps a lack of a strong leader on the court? Read some of the latest thoughts by Connelly at Ball Durham and find out whose stock is up and which player’s is down.Taking a look at the roster and talking one and done status. Two major pieces are expected to try their hand at the NBA but hold on. How has that worked out for other players before them?Kevin Connelly Duke MBB Who are the NBA level players? The reasons for moving on One and done gets exposed but that doesn’t mean it’s over Does isolation really work? Two top 10 recruits – three offers still outstanding Second-guessing fans. What is it that you really want? Coach K – Who, what, when and how? Big decisions ahead for the next Duke AD ACC Basketball What’s ahead on the schedule in February? Big Dance or Wallflower? Thoughts on the ACC Tournament Does a resume count? Stack the wins to make it to the Field of 68 Looking at the roster – Where players need to improve Inconsistent play is hurting the overall performance Assessing the backcourt And More Kevin also covers St. John’s – How are they doing? Chicken Parm – It’s easier to answer than you’d think Restaurant recommendations – Da Noi (Bayonne) Wishing Well Restaurant (Saratoga Springs) Chocolate Chip Skillet for dessert Seven layer cake from Judicke’s Bakery (Bayonne) As always, a lot of fun talking with Ball Durham‘s (and Storm The Paint‘s) Kevin Connelly about Duke. 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10 Feb 2021

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Stop Overlooking Functional Safety & Start Innovating w/ Sven Nowak, Kevin Connelly & Justin Heyl

Innovation Nation

Functional Safety is paramount in any industry with machines — therefore, every industry. But why is it so often last place in adoption when it should be first place in innovation? In this episode, I interview three experts about how Functional Safety drives innovation: Sven Nowak, Regional Program Director and Global Head of Functional Safety; Kevin Connelly, Functional Safety Business Development; and Justin Heyl, NA Program Manager, Cybersecurity, Digital, and AI — all at TÜV SÜD. What we talked about: How Functional Safety is rising in importance across industries When manufacturers should incorporate Functional Safety into design Functional Safety is a cross disciplinary responsibility Innovating with Functional Safety To stay connected with Innovation Nation, subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Spotify, or our website. 


27 Jan 2021

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SOCRS118- Kevin Connelly- "Why Not Made in America?"

Straight Outta Combat Radio-Honoring Combat Wisdom

Vietnam veteran Kevin Connelly graduated with a bachelor’s in business administration in marketing from the University of Notre Dame in 1962 and immediately launched a 28-year career in the United States Army. Kevin joined the military after being commissioned as an Armor Officer from an ROTC Program. Fresh out of college, his first assignment was in Germany, where he served as a Tank Platoon leader, an Armored Cavalry Platoon leader and S-3Air for the First Battalion, 35th Armor, 4th Armored Division. In 1965, Kevin volunteered to join the Vietnam War efforts. He underwent special operations training and learned to speak Vietnamese at The Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. From there, he served on a five-man advisory team to train South Vietnamese counterparts in combat in Mekong Delta. His team averaged over 150 combat missions during his tour in Vietnam. He was awarded a Combat Infantryman’s Badge for his service. Kevin remained in the U.S. Army Reserves, serving in several assignments including the Pentagon that culminated to his ultimate retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel. Following his active duty in Vietnam, Kevin joined the U.S. Department of State’s Agency for International Development as an Area Development Director for the Go Cong Province of Vietnam. In that role, he was responsible for economic development efforts, including road and school construction and agricultural programs. He received several awards for this service.In 1981, Kevin was appointed the Administrative Director for Suffolk County’s Industrial Development Agency. In this role, he helped issue more than $500 million Industrial Revenue Bonds to assist hundreds of growing companies. This resulted in the creation and retention of more than 30,000 jobs in the New York county.“One of the rules that military officers live by is the responsibility to accomplish the mission and take care of your people. At Apollo Sunguard, we take care of our customers. Every product we sell is backed by a team of professionals who care about your total satisfaction.”              – Kevin ConnellyKevin decided to relocate to Florida after entering Florida waters in his 43-foot fishing boat. He had traveled from New York.In 1997, Kevin founded Apollo Sunguard, which became one of the country’s leading shade solution providers. Apollo Sunguard is the only Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business shade manufacturer in the United States. Since he founded the company, Apollo Sunguard has received numerous awards for its state-of-the-art technology, including a small business award from NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. Apollo Sunguard also is the first manufacturer to receive a prestigious Gold Triangle from the American Academy of Dermatology for shade structures on playgrounds. Kevin continues to bring new economic opportunities to Apollo Sunguard, including the addition of EV charging stations and solar-powered Sunguard Solar Structures™. Kevin remains active within the business community and supporting veterans. He was president of the Sarasota-Manatee Manufacturers Association for five years and remains on the Board of Directors. He also is a member of the Board of Directors for the Sarasota Veterans Commission and a member of the Board of Directors for the Florida Veterans for Common Sense.

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27 Mar 2020

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009 CFO of Misericordia Kevin Connelly


Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a remarkable care organization? Kevin Connelly is the CFO of Misericordia, a remarkable care organization that offers a community of care for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities in the Chicagoland area. Through a spectrum of residential options on its 31-acre Chicago campus and in the community, and with a wide variety of programs, Misericordia currently serves more than 600 children and adults residentially, from diverse racial, religious and socio-economic backgrounds....and Kevin is the CFO! See the complete Video on Youtube/Langehaumer Construction.


10 Jan 2020

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INDIEcent Exposure #33: INTERVIEW —Kevin Connelly of Iron Age Mystics

INDIEcent Exposure – INDIEcent Exposure

PLUS: Six other artists you should be listening to.  * EXPLICIT * Welcome, my INDIEcent legions of new music addicts, to episode number 33 of INDIEcent Exposure. I am you host the mongrel — every bit as INDIEcent on the inside as I am on the out. You may be wondering, ”What the hell have I signed up for with this episode? Is the mongrel going to push some history lesson on us? Nahhh…well, actually yes and no. What I really have in store for you is the long-awaited conversation with Kevin Connelly, lyricist and lead singer of the Iron Age Mystics — a band that perfectly personifies my own pissed-offedness with the system, except that they manage to channel my rage against the machina into coherent, harmonic anthems of resistance. Genuinely ass-kicking, politically aware Rock ’n’ Roll is so rare these days, you may feel subversive just humming the melodies once they get stuck in your head. In this Episode Iron Age Mystics • “Save It for the Revolution” • Pride Before The FallIron Age Mystics • “What Ya Gonna Do about It” • Pride Before The Fall Tanya Gallagher • “Dark Side” • One Hand On My Heart Brandon Perry • “Across the Way” • Night and Day Pilgrim Speakeasy • “Plan D” • Freak DecoRad Trads • “My Place” • On TapRacoon Racoon • “Dawn Chorus” • The Dodo’s NestMarti West • “Give Me Light” • single You can go back and read my review of their latest release, attached to Episode #29, but you’ll really get more out of hearing Connelly describe, in his own words, why the Iron Age Mystics have put out a collection of tracks almost guaranteed to put a watch order on their activities. The explanation is simple: freedom-loving artists have a responsibility to plant their art on the right side of history. ADVERTISEMENT I’m going to do something kinda weird with this episode. I’ve never done this, but, because there’s kind of a flow to the discussion, instead of selecting some of the most delicious quotes my guest utters and sprinkling throughout the show (and Connelly utters rather a lot of very quotable things), instead of doing that, I’m going to play the first half of my conversation with Connelly during this episode. After you get finished with the episode, you’ll be plenty primed to hear more of our talk. kind of a method to the madness I know you’ll enjoy. I promise you: if our discussions of the military industrial complex and mass surveillance and warmed-over Machiavellian manipulation that we get into during the first half of the interview got your nads tingling, the second half of our discussion will convince you that the underground has returned and our jams are way better than anything oozing out of the MSM feeds.  Before we take that deep dive down that political rabbit hole of empire and oppression, let’s get into the spirit of dissent with a track I thought about saving for later, but couldn’t muster the willpower, so let’s have a listen to “Save It for the Revolution” right here on INDIEcent Exposure. Iron Age Mystics Interview with Kevin Connelly If you listened to the first half during the episode, continue at 22 minutes. Remember to go back to listen to Part II of my conversation with Kevin Connelly via the embedded audio player in the show notes. Just look for the embedded player in the shownotes under the bands name. You can pick up right where we left off at just about 22 minutes in. So…inspiring stuff, right? Kevin’s like a motivational speaker for dissidents. With vocal cords of steel. And there, threaded throughout the conversation is the implied question, “You see what’s at stake, now what are you going to do about it.” Well, the Iron Age Mystics aren’t going to assume that you’re good at taking hints, so here they are again, asking that very question, in this next track, “What Ya Gonna Do about It?” Ahhh. Man. If I could manage to write an entire album like Pride Before the Fall, I’d be like “Mic Drop! Okay, where’s my check? That was my contribution to saving civilization — Imma go sit on a tropical beach now.” Seriously though. These songs are food for the rebellion against authoritarianism that is, even now, spreading across the globe. So, yeah, absolutely click the link in the show notes to the Iron Age Mystic’s website. Absolutely pick up a copy of the album. But just as importantly, if these tunes quicken your blood and you find yourself saying, “Yeah. That’s right. Not one inch farther, motherfuckers,” then I urge you — share this music with friends who need an insurrection injection right about now. Remember, when you’re fighting psychological warfare, you need psychological defenses — Pride Before the Fall is like a musical mithril shield of sanity against the hourly onslaught of lies and horror. I could go on, but seriously, listen to the rest of the interview, grab your copy of of the album, and experience it for yourself. We turn now in the bottom half of the show to more music, and quite a bit of new music. We’ll hear a track off Brandon Perry’s new release, Night and Day, titled “Across the Way.” Tanya Gallagher First though, I am so happy to report that just this week, the good news showed up in my inbox that Tanya Gallagher has just dropped her second album, One Hand on My Heart. If you listen to our American Roots music podcast, the Cornbread Cafe, you’ve enjoyed some of her delicious songwriting and singing already in Episode #1 and Episode #8. No reason some of those tracks wouldn’t fit on INDIEcent Exposure, really, but with this album, I knew instantly that I had to spin a couple of songs here. A native of the Florida Panhandle, Gallagher moved to Vancouver, BC where she got her PhD in Forestry. We ran across her debut album, Virginia, right about the time she was getting ready to move back down South.  And how time flies. Her time back home seems to have been good to her. The poetry of her new tunes are every bit as delectable, and some of them possess a clear-eyed edginess that suits her voice and guitar work really well. Let’s have a listen right now to “Dark Side” off One Hand on My Heart, from Tanya Gallagher. Again, that was Tanya Gallagher, with “Dark Side” from her new album, One Hand on My Heart. Before that we heard “Across the Way” from Brandon Perry. We’ll be hearing more from both artists I can just about guarantee. Brandon Perry Details about him are pretty slim beyond the note “I hope you like guitars” in his press kit. He also runs Wandering Robot Studios in Austin, Texas, so if we have any listeners in that music epicenter, maybe you can give us a shout and doxx him a little for us. In a good way, though — we don’t want to know about any sordid dirt you may have on him. Again, that was Tanya Gallagher, with “Dark Side” from her new album, One Hand on My Heart. Before that we heard “Across the Way” from Brandon Perry. We’ll be hearing more from both artists I can just about guarantee. In this next set, we’ll be hearing from one of my very best discoveries of 2018, the Rad Trads, who bring us “My Place” from their 2018 release, On Tap. And I’ll share some very exciting news for Indie music lovers in the Northeast this week after I spin that track. Up next, though, we’ll hear from Pilgrim Speakeasy, a band that seems like it may have gone into hibernation since their 2016 release, Freak Deco. Billing themselves as “the World’s Foremost Eclecto-Funk-World-Rock-Electro-Folk-Anomaly,” Pilgrim Speakeasy hails from Finland and London and consists of Roger Roge, Panu Mölsä [Muhrlseh] (Bass, Ukulele), Markus Mulkahainen (Drums & Percussion). I think I’ve said it before — I’d need a daily podcast to cover all the amazing Indie music new that comes across my desk, but this band is really a delight the deserves to be heard. We’ll start with the track, “Plan D,” from Freak Deco and see if we can’t work in more tunes from them in upcoming episodes. Pilgrim Speakeasy Billing themselves as “the World’s Foremost Eclecto-Funk-World-Rock-Electro-Folk-Anomaly,” Pilgrim Speakeasy hails from Finland and London and consists of Roger Roge, Panu Mölsä [Muhrlseh] (Bass, Ukulele), Markus Mulkahainen (Drums & Percussion). I think I’ve said it before — I’d need a daily podcast to cover all the amazing Indie music new that comes across my desk, but this band is really a delight the deserves to be heard. We’ll start with the track, “Plan D,” from Freak Deco and see if we can’t work in more tunes from them in upcoming episodes. “My Place” from the Rad Trads, off this past Autumn’s LP OnTap, released by Hornblow Recordings, a label that might ring a bell if you’re fan of Moon Hooch, whom  we’ve featured in the past.  As they describe their music, it’s “rock n’ roll mixe[d] with punk rock energy, horn drenched soul, and jazz precision, all with a lighthearted but sincere delivery.” Rad Trads The Rad Trads explain in their bio that, “meeting at New York University in 2012 as conservatory-trained instrumentalists looking to play with NYC’s best musicians, twin brothers John (Drums, Vocals) and Michael Fatum (Trumpet, Vocals), Michael Harlen (Bass, Vocals), Alden Harris-McCoy (Guitar, Vocals), and Patrick Sargent (Keys, Saxophone, Vocals). They were, according to John Fatum, just “a bunch of buds looking to play the bars and drink for free,” at the time, according to John Fatum. “The Rad Trads,” he said, “started off with a bastardized jazz repertoire that was modified, on stage, into whatever seemed to get the audience moving.” And here’s the great news — They’re on tour promoting On Tap right now, and if you’re in the Northeast, you have a few great chances to see them in mid-August (now I realize this is a podcast, and you may be listening to this show years from now, but for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s Summer of 2019 at the moment. If you’re listening much later than that, well, get your flux capacitor fixed and come back and join us).  The closest show to you folks in our local audience is actually right at the edge of Greylock Nation in Athens, New York, which is just across the river from Hudson. Friday, August 16 finds the Rad Trads at the gorgeous Athens Riverfront Park playing a FREE show. That’s right, just show up. Honestly, a town with a river of any real size at all that doesn’t have a riverfront park is just missing the boat, amiright? For a complete list of tour dates, links to their music, merch, and more, click the link in the show notes to get to the Rad Trads website. Oh, and for all you vinyl fans out there, a limited edition blue LP is available. And just an FYI, if you loved “My Place,” I might just be playing another track or two in the next episode, since I just happen to have an interview with the Rad Trads on deck and ready to go.  The Rad Trads, LIVE in concert Athens Riverfront Park Athens, New York Friday, August 16 FREE That’s right you sassy high priestess, you! It IS just about time for a little attunuation. Maybe some attenuation, too, actually. This next artist came up on our radar by a stroke of serendipity. As I was arranging to feature a track from Anna Stine on Episode #14 of the Cornbread Cafe, I made the acquaintance of Léa Courty, together with her partner of 8 years, Léonard Bremond, perform as the chamber Folk duo, Raccoon Raccoon. Racoon Racoon This French couple have racked up an amazing collection of singles and EPs since they began composing together just three years ago. Their music falls within the Folk genre, but the Indie/Alternative sensibilities that weave in an out make them a perfect fit within the INDIEcent Exposure continuum. I’ve got the tittle track to their second EP, “Dawn Chorus”, written in the heart of the Italian Alps and recorded in 2018 in Belgium with musicians from Brussels’ Philharmonic orchestra Thomas Fiorini (double bass) and Emile Verstraeten (violins and mandolin). I believe Raccoon Raccoon is based out of Los Angeles, Calif., these days, but whether that’s true or not, I haven’t come across a tour schedule, so I’ll have to shoot them an e-mail and ask if they have any dates coming up or if they’re going to wait until the release of their upcoming album. We’ll wrap up this episode with Marti West, another Indie folk artist who’s really hard to shoehorn into a predefined sub-genre. Born in Massa Marittima, near Siena in Tuscany, the Italian-English songwriter spent his early years living in Italy where he was first exposed to music through local opera performances in the town piazza.  Marti West In 2016, West released his debut EP, Istanbul, and embarked on a UK tour, playing a string of venues across the south of England. He describes the songs as having been born out of an early exposure to the 1960’s folk tradition, with strong vocal harmony at the forefront. In 2017, West left England resettled in Gothenburg, Sweden and released the singles “Under the Weight” and “Feels Like Home,” which, he says, resonate with the northern landscapes and minimalist aesthetic of the Scandinavian lifestyle. In 2018, West’s mini-album, “VIII,” has steadily been expanding his reach within the folk world amassing over half a million streams to date. This week, West releases his latest single “Give Me Light.” At once spare and sophisticated, this track has a classical, measured restraint that swells and surges with an emotional oscillation that feels vulnerable and true. “I wrote this song about an early love – a dichotomy of excitement for what could be, and fear of somehow losing it.  I’ll play you this track, “Give Me Light,” the day before it officially drops, but first, let’s hear “Dawn Chorus” from Raccoon Raccoon/ Is that not a perfect pair of new Folk tunes to end the show with? Delicious stuff.  Thank you all for tuning in once again. You can do us a huge favor by subscribing through Apple Music, Google Play: Music, and by leaving us five-star reviews and ratings everywhere you go. Until next time, why not buy yourself some INDIEcent music? You deserve it, and so do the artists. Stay safe, be good to each other, and go easy on yourself.

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23 Jul 2019

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#28 - Kevin Connelly On Fire

Official Catchup - Voice of Scottish Non-League Football

RampantFM and Mozza discuss the latest action from the Lowland League. Big wins for Gretna 2008 & Vale of Leithen as Dalbeattie Star continue to shock a few...


8 Apr 2019

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Episode 007: Addressing Concerns Early with Kevin Connelly

Young and In Charge

https://youngandinchargeclub.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/episode-007-addressing-concerns-early-with-kevin-connelly-4219-8.11-pm.mp3 We’re back with another enticing episode of Young and In Charge.  On this episode, we hear from Kevin Connelly who is currently a Manager of Account Service and a fellow Blue Hen grad too! First- a huge shoutout to Guido Iammateo from Episode 002 for connecting Kevin and I to bring your this fantastic content to you!I am serious when I say I truly believe there are so many key take-aways in this specific show.Kevin has dedicated much time to self development and leadership skill building.You are going to hear a range of topics from personal branding and values to Kevin’s sincerely impressive morning routine.Ever since we have recorded this episode, I have already made changes in my perspective around those dreaded tough conversations as well as how I wake up in the morning.To checkout Kevin’s blog mentioned in the podcast, visit kevinconnelly.blog to read more!Other resources mentioned in Kevin’s episode:Meditation apps: HeadSpace, Oak and CalmBooks: “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz, “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan B. Peterson

3 Apr 2019