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Transcending the Matrix of Illusion with Anah Maa

Your Divine Uniqueness - The Podcast

In this episode, Anah Maa gives much clarity about the story of creation of the "Matrix of Illusion" that we live in, how to break free from it and step into our greatness. She shares how to stay connected to the truth within and discern between truth and illusion... to live empowered and free from the "Matrix of Illusion".She also guides you on a Prosperity Activation, to help shift your relationship with money, and make it a relationship of expansion and love. You will release and transmute the limiting energies in your field and embody the Divine energies of Love, Expansion and Abundance... Find Anah Maa: AnahMaa.com Join the LIVE sessions: YourDivineUniqueness.com Anah Maa is an Empowering Evolutionary Teacher bringing back the Light of Unconditional Sacred Love to create Global Harmony.  Anah Maa travels the world with her mission of love and compassion, to transform energy and consciousness back into the highest form of Prema.  Since 1999 Anah Maa has transformed countless lives by empowering them to reconnect to their Divine Truth.Anah Maa is the founder of the Prema Sai Maa Center for Global Resources / The Ultimate Gift Foundation for Spiritual Enlightenment, a non-profit 501 (c) 3, is the Creator of Actualizing the Master Within Course, she is a Master Healer and Author of “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

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14 Sep 2020

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Straight Talk for the SOUL

Feel renewed in this powerful co-creation between Cari and Anah Maa as they discuss: Saying “YES!” to realizing serenity, stillness, and softness in the sanctuary of your heart Being in a space of peace and harmony even when there is so much chaos going on during this earthly awakening Resistance is exhausting; Learn the Absolute Power of Surrender Connecting to your power, my purpose, and mission PLUS… participate in a group meditation to BE MORE OF YOUR LIGHT! As an evolutionary teacher, speaker and author, Anah Maa travels the world as a messenger of Wisdom and Transformation empowering and awakening hearts to embrace their Divine Essence. Anah Maa is the founder of The Ultimate Gift Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, is a Master Healer and Author of her autobiography, “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”. Anah Maa offers Personal Sessions to help you transcend the limitations of the body and mind helping you realize your full potential as the Unlimited Divine Self, and offers for those who are ready, a 3 Month Personal Mentoring Program that profoundly transforms and liberates your Consciousness.

1hr 28mins

10 Dec 2019

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Quantum Conversation with Anah Maa - Transcending the Matrix of Illusion

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

Transcending the Matrix of IllusionTranscending the Matrix of Illusion is designed to lift you from the low vibrational density of illusion, Maya and the energetic frequencies of the matrix that have held you and humanity spellbound, into a higher state of Divine Expression, your Divine Expression. The goal in life is to live authentically, joyfully, bountifully from the heart while fulfilling your Greatest Destiny!Access Anah Maa's Special Offer: www.acoustichealth.com/HCs11anah.htm REGISTER FOR ALL QUANTUM CONVERSATIONS; www.acoustichealth.com

1hr 31mins

13 Apr 2017

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Anah Maa

Hormones Spoken Here

Anah Maa is a "Soul Awakener", a Spiritual Counselor and Channel, a Life Coach and Mentor, and a Quantum Field Energetics Healer. Working in the quantum fields of your soul's vast potentials, Anah connects you with your Authentic Self, your dreams and gifts so you can experience and fulfill your Soul's Potential. Since 1999, Anah has been helping clients around the world anchor their light into the physical moment of now, bringing joy, freedom and spiritual awakening and releasing the grip of darkness and pain permanently. "A Light at the End of the Tunnel", a movie based on Anah's true life story and autobiography of the same title is coming to theaters next year.Also see Anah's BlogTalkRadio show called Dispelling the Myths and her websites www.anahmaa.com and The Ultimate Gift FoundationJoin Dr Howard Liebowitz M.D. and co-host Kelly Pappas as they talk with Anah about her work.Dr. Liebowitz is internationally recognized for his expertise in combining the most effective treatments offered by advanced science with foundational natural and functional medicine. He believes that by replacing missing hormones (hormone balancing and replacement), removing toxic chemicals, providing essential nutrients, a low glycemic diet, adequate rest, and proper exercise, the natural healing ability of the body will result in restoring optimal health at any age.To receive his free monthly newsletter, click here.


1 Apr 2011

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