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Fire the Haters and Create Content Online | Jillian Johnsrud

The Financial Independence Show

Today's episode features Jillian Johnsrud, author of Fire The Haters.We actually featured Jillian once prior on our show in Episode 68.In that episode, we cover Jillian's background (quick recap below): Jillian got married at age 19 She saw from an early age that money gave you options They started off their marriage with $55k worth of debt From the start, they always stuck to a goal to save 50% They made some difficult choices like living in a camper or roommates They would end up investing and buying rentals This would lead them to be financially independent at age 32We also discussed her Everyday Courage podcast.Now, she's keeping the courage theme going by inspiring others to put out their thoughts, help, concerns....life on the internet despite the trolls that hide behind every digital corner.Jillian walks us through who to listen to and who not to. Where you should focus your energy, and what will just be a waste of time.Most of us have something we put out into the world even if we're not writers, and with that comes criticism.Today's episode is the perfect guide to navigating our critical world.If you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, please share!Links From the Episode Fire The Haters Book Everyday Courage Podcast Jillian's website Twitter – @JillianJohnsrud Instagram – @JillianJohnsrudYouTube Interviewhttps://youtu.be/CFwCL2H4d-oJoin the CommunityWe’d love to hear your comments and questions about this week’s episode. Here are some of the best ways to stay in touch and get involved in The FI Show community! Grab the Ultimate FI Spreadsheet Join our Facebook Group Leave us a voicemail Send an email to contact [at] TheFiShow [dot] comIf you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a rating/review!>> You can do that by clicking here <<Learn More About Your HostsCodyDBerman.com (Cody’s Blog)Saving-Sherpa (Justin’s blog)


20 Jul 2022

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332. Rewind-Has FIRE Evolved w/ JL Collins, Brad Barrett, and Jillian Johnsrud

Earn & Invest

On this rewind episode we talk with JL Collins, Brad Barrett, and Jillian Johnsrud about how and if the FIRE movement has evolved. And more importantly, if you are part of this movement, have you evolved. Enjoy this rewind episode and don't forget to preorder my book, Taking Stock. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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11 Jul 2022

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Financial Independence and dealing with haters - Jillian Johnsrud

The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Today I’m chatting with Jillian Johnsrud, author of the book Fire The Haters. Jillian became financially independent at 32 years old and now creates content to help other achieve similar results. Inevitably though, when putting yourself out online, you’ll attract trolls and idiots, and Jillian shows us how she has dealt with that and also talks about her financial journey.


25 May 2022

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356: Achieving Financial Independence, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, and Sharing Content Confidently with Jillian Johnsrud

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast

Achieving financial independence, overcoming imposter syndrome, and sharing content confidently with Jillian Johnsrud. ----- Welcome to episode 356 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Jillian Johnsrud about achieving financial independence and sharing content confidently. Achieving Financial Independence We’re so excited we had a chance to talk to Jillian in today’s episode! She is the author of the book, “Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World,” and she is on a mission to help others build a life that perfectly lines up with their values, passion, and purpose. And in this episode, she’s doing just that! She shares some of her best tips for achieving financial independence, overcoming imposter syndrome, dealing with negative comments, and cultivating a healthy relationship with your work. In this episode, you’ll learn: How Jillian achieved financial independence What her income sources currently look like How she did mini retirements throughout her career What she covers in her book How to not take negative comments about your business personally How to overcome imposter syndrome Resources: Jillian Johnsrud Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World Mr. Money Mustache The Simple Path to Wealth The 4-Hour Workweek 6 Simple Steps to Taking a Mini Retirement PDF Follow Jillian on Instagram and Twitter Join the Food Blogger Pro Podcast Facebook Group If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for interviews, be sure to email them to podcast@foodbloggerpro.com. Learn more about joining the Food Blogger Pro community at foodbloggerpro.com/membership


10 May 2022

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Fire the Haters with Jillian Johnsrud

Martinis and Your Money Podcast

Last month was financial literacy month and believe it or not, we’re fast approaching summertime, so I have books and learning on the brain this month. I decided to dedicate the month of May to various personal finance or self-help books that I thought would make great books to add to your current or summer reading lists.  Kicking off the month is my friend, Jillian Johnsrud, host of the Everyday Courage podcast and author of the book, “Fire the Haters: Finding the Courage to Create Online in a Critical World,” a book that helps creatives and entrepreneurs share their best work with the world. She joins me to talk about why she wrote the book and how we can apply the lessons in the book to our online interactions.  For more information, visit the show notes at https://www.martinisandyourmoney.com/show-notes/episode419


6 May 2022

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Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World with Jillian Johnsrud

The Pursuit of Learning

Sharing our creative and entrepreneurial endeavors online might feel like navigating an unknown sea. There can be hundreds of containing setbacks and stumbling blocks that could sink our ship. Today's guest on the pursuit of learning podcast is someone who will walk us through this process with the lessons she collected throughout the years. Jillian Johnsrud joins today's episode to offer the expertise and experience she gained while successfully navigating this creative entrepreneurial life. Additionally, she guides us to nurture the courage necessary to create online in a hostile atmosphere.Jillian is a well-known public speaker, a coach, a podcaster, and a writer. Jillian directed her personal and professional experiences into a creative life after achieving financial independence at the age of 32. In her book, Fire the Haters, she teaches us the ropes and provides us with a road map for our creative business journeys. Also, she has been featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, USA Today, and Marketwatch, among other publications. Jillian begins the podcast by responding to the question of what motivates her right now. Then she shares some of the main things that leaped out at her in the coming years. Throughout the show, Jillian provides mind-blowing insights about how to overcome hurdles to online engagement. While sharing her personal experiences, Jillian notes significant facts when dealing with internet stupidity. It is critical to decide how you wish to engage when working online because our time, energy, and attention are all finite resources. We cannot let them be squandered on the infinite idiocy of the internet. Mentioning that, she emphasizes that we do not have to justify our actions or share our vision with the rest of the world, as the majority would not understand. Also, she stresses that we do not have to be concerned with every social media reaction since the problem is with others most of the time, not with us. Moreover, Jillian emphasizes the need to get started early by delving into the concept of testing and scaling. Although the go-big or go-home approach sounds fantastic, she points out that most of the abilities required are not readily available initially and must be acquired along the way. Jillian mentions that it is tough to plot the next decade from your home couch without taking a single step. Hence she recommends that if we begin early, we will have more time, space, availability, and a scalable solution when the time comes.Among the many mind-blowing topics she discussed, one of the most thought-provoking is the three most critical principles a digital creative should follow. Also, she highlights the importance of maintaining boundaries and enforcing norms to effectively address the issues inherent in online work. Finally, she ends the conversation by discussing the inner critic and imposter syndrome and how to deal with them effectively. Resources:Connect with Jillian:LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jillian-johnsrud-mma/Website: jillianjohnsrud.comMentioned in the episode: Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World: goodreads.com/book/show/58875927-fire-the-haters?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=DX9Ol1hugx&rank=1

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18 Apr 2022

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Silencing the Critics to Create Online, with Jillian Johnsrud

The MapleMoney Show

More people than ever are making money by starting online businesses. But while it might sound simple, online entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges. This week’s guest is here to help you find the courage to build something online and fire the haters. After becoming financially independent at 32 years old, Jillian Johnsrud turned her personal and professional experience towards a creative life. She is a popular public speaker, teaches online classes, is a coach, and a writer. Her book Fire the Haters: Finding the Courage to Create Online in a Critical World helps creatives and entrepreneurs share their best work with the world. I sat down with Jillian this week to discuss a range of topics, including how to tackle imposter syndrome, the importance of setting emotional boundaries, and the constant fight for balance in a busy world. You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/191 Do you prefer to invest in socially responsible companies? If so, our sponsor Wealthsimple will help you build a portfolio that focuses on low carbon, cleantech, human rights, and the environment. To get started with Socially Responsible Investing, head over to https://maplemoney.com/wealthsimple today!


6 Apr 2022

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Fire The Haters With Jillian Johnsrud

Rebel Entrepreneur

Do you get nervous on sales calls?  Do you ever doubt what you are putting out for sale? Do you feel nervous putting out content online, posting videos, and sending emails?  Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and the fear of haters stops so many of us from fully following our dreams. Join Jillian and Alan as they talk through strategies and the mindset for overcoming these problems and launching your entrepreneurial adventure. Check out Jillian’s Book “Fire The Haters” Here!


14 Feb 2022

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Create Fearlessly with Jillian Johnsrud| MHFi 035

Mile High FI Podcast

Doug and Carl talk to Jillian Johnsrud, author, blogger, podcaster, and life coach, about her book, Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World. Jillian lives in Montana with her husband and five children. She reached financial independence at the age of 32, and now she helps coach others on their journey to FI, as well as helping people through career transitions and supporting them as they launch or seek to grow businesses. In her podcast, Everyday Courage, Jillian talks to guests about FIRE, investing, career trajectories, and how to design a happy and successful life. Here are a few highlights from our discussion with Jillian: Expectations vs reality as a content creator How to decouple your self from your work Trying to make everyone happy is never interesting or engaging How to get helpful feedback but tune out the trolls Imposter syndrome Preparation as a form of procrastination (Did we bully Carl into launching a project he’s been sitting on for years? Maybe!) Jillian’s perfect day/week How to reach out to a high-profile person (without being creepy) ____ Join the Mile High FI Club – It’s our email list! ____ **Disclaimer: The podcast is for informational purposes. Maybe entertainment but we won’t even make such a claim. You shouldn’t take the info as financial, legal, or tax advice. We aren’t certified financial planners or advisors. We’re not qualified for much. So get advice from professionals.**

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14 Dec 2021

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Paying Off Debt, Reaching FI, and Dealing with Online Hate: An Interview with Jillian Johnsrud

The Mental Health and Wealth Show

In this week’s episode, join me as I chat with my friend Jillian Johnsrud on how online hate or criticism affects our mental health. Jillian is a popular public speaker, coach, and writer. We talk about her new book “Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World.” She also shares her story of paying off debt, how she became financially independent, deal with bipolar disorder and retire at age 32.   “Having more money doesn’t necessarily change your internal feelings about money. That fear, that scarcity, that panic of like what if I run out is still there even when people have large net worths unless they do the internal work.” - Jillian Johnsrud “Whenever I see people throwing tantrums online I’m like, nobody’s cutting me a check to help this person grow and develop and become the best version of themselves.” - Jillian Johnsrud What You Will Learn From This Episode Paying off $55K in debt and having financial awareness at a young age How to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and really do it by experimenting with it What is a ‘quit list’ and how it can help with your money and mental health Common misconceptions about bipolar disorder and why some people struggle with being medicine compliant Work tips to manage money and mental health How to set online boundaries and deal with the emotional impact of doing that How online hate or criticism affects our mental health and how to deal with it About Jillian Johnsrud: After becoming financially independent at 32 years old, Jillian turned her personal and professional experience towards a creative life. She is a popular public speaker, teaches online classes, coach, and writer. Her book Fire the Haters: Finding the Courage to Create Online in a Critical World helps creatives and entrepreneurs share their best work with the world. She hosts the Everyday Courage Podcast. Her husband and she live in Montana, near Glacier National Park with their 5 kids. She’s an avid traveler and drinker of hot tea. Resources: Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World (affiliate link) by Jillian Johnsrud FIRE Movement Chris Brogan Connect with Jillian jillianjohnsrud.com Facebook Instagram Connect with Melanie mentalhealthandwealth.com melanielockert.com Instagram Contact: mentalhealthandwealthshow@gmail.com Want more content and support? Sign up for the Mental Hump Newsletter and get our free Mental Health and Money inventory worksheet. You can sign up at MentalHealthandWealth.com. If you’d like to support the podcast, you can do so here: https://ko-fi.com/melanielockert Follow us on Apple Podcast or Libsyn! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes!


3 Dec 2021