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Abigail Portner (Production Designer for Animal Collective, Lucius, Soccer Mommy, Andrew Bird)


Welcome to Roadcase, a podcast exploring the live music experience!!  Join us for this wonderful ride as Josh explores the production side of live shows with the uber-creative set designer, lighting director, illustrator and video production artist, Abigail Portner.  Among her multi-faceted artistic endeavors, Abby has created the onstage look and feel for bands like Lucius, Soccer Mommy, Andrew Bird and Animal Collective.  We talk shows, festivals, and unicorns (?) in this fun and intriguing look beyond the music and into the production of the show itself -- along with what goes into getting an evocative set on a national tour.  Thanks for joining us for this one, it's a great ride!!  For more information: https://linktr.ee/roadcasepod and https://www.roadcasepod.comContact: info@roadcasepod.comTheme music:  "Eugene" (Instrumental)" by Waltzer

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30 Jun 2021

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Andrew Bird + Jimbo Mathus

Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond

Listening to Jimbo Mathus and Andrew Bird’s new album, These 13, is like taking a trip down South … a century ago. It’s new territory for Andrew Bird, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist from the Chicago suburbs who’s been a successful indie folk singer/songwriter and also recently acted on the fourth season of Fargo. But for Jimbo, as a Mississippi resident, some of this music can hit too close to home. Surrounded by the ghosts and old battlefields of the Civil War, some songs he finds almost too hard to sing. In 2018 Andrew and Jimbo started exchanging voice memos and new song ideas. Over the course of two years they recorded their new album the really old fashioned way—live to tape, singing into a single microphone.Subscribe to Broken Record’s YouTube channel to hear old and new interviews, often with bonus content: https://www.youtube.com/brokenrecordpodcast and follow us on Twitter @BrokenRecordYou can also check out past episodes here: https://brokenrecordpodcast.com/Check out a playlist of our favorite Andrew Bird + Jimbo Mathus songs HERE — enjoy! Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


13 Apr 2021

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Andrew Bird with Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers)

Talkhouse Podcast

Andrew Bird and Jimbo Mathus have known each other for decades, going back to the beginning of Bird's solo career and Mathus' earliest days with Squirrel Nut Zippers. Most of their work together has been assistive—Bird would add his fiddle to the Zippers' records, and Mathus would return the favor with some horns. But a couple of years back, the old friends decided to write some songs together, and the result is These 13, a truly collaborative album featuring just their voices, guitar, and fiddle, for the most part. It's spare and surprising. In this Talkhouse conversation, they chat about the old days and the new, as well as a shared love of Charley Patton. Enjoy.—Josh Modell, Executive EditorThis episode was produced by Kevin O'Connell. The Talkhouse theme is composed and performed by the Range.


11 Mar 2021

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A History Of Chicago Music Venues With Musician Andrew Bird

Curious City

This week on the Curious City podcast we revisit a live show reporter Monica Eng hosted in early 2020 with Do312Chicago and singer-songwriter Andrew Bird. The violin playing, whistling musician asked us to tell him more about the history of some Chicago venues where he’s performed. We learn a fraternal lodge used to make their home in the Metro building in Wrigleyville. The Lyric Opera House historian ruins some of Monica’s favorite architectural gossip while busting some of the building’s famous myths. Plus, we hear about the gangster and working class roots of the 150 year old Hideout in Lincoln Park.


11 Mar 2021

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Jimbo Mathus and Andrew Bird

Out of the Box Album of the Week with Paul Shugrue

“These 13” is a loving tribute to old-style Americana, using the duo’s own new, original songs.

9 Mar 2021

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DevReady Podcast E51- Conquer Your Market With Design Thinking with Andrew Bird

DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony talk to Andrew Bird, director at Foundstone Advisory. During their conversation, they talk about implementing a meaningful business strategy, involving your tech team from the beginning, and how technology and design thinking can transform how you bring value to your customers. “If you’re not asking how technology can better a customer experience, you probably need to question why you’re investing in that technology.” – Andrew Bird Before working at Foundstone Advisory, Andrew spent eight years at Datacom managing strategy and consulting businesses. At Foundstone, he has done a lot of work with businesses in technology and the digital space. He helped develop technology solutions in healthcare and other industries, consulting them on how to migrate and scale their models with growing IT and digital functions. Andrew provides some insight into how design thinking can help alleviate headaches downstream from the initial business strategy rollout. He stresses getting into the mindset of the client, and spending as much time front-end loading to try to understand their problems and wishes. And of course, do not fall into the trap of thinking that technology itself can stand in as a solution to big industry problems. Ask good questions, put the customer’s needs first, and seriously consider how technology could enable you to do business better. “Technology is not the be-all, end-all of any solution” – Anthony Sapountzis Topics Covered: How technology comes into a strategy in the first place?Technology should be used to better customer experience.We need to educate senior people on what technology can really do.Customer experience and getting into the head of your audience.Communicating upfront will greatly increase your ROI.People jump into building the product way too early.Tech teams are often removed from the business strategy.The principle of design thinking.Covid changed people’s minds about design thinking. Key Quotes: “People on the board need to ask ‘how can technology actually enable our business?’” (6:35)“Building technology, really, is the easy part.” (8:45) (10:30)“What can we do to make sure we’re building a product that people need and actually want in the first place?” (14:00)“We try to get as close to the customer as possible. (16:15)“Explore what you know and what you don’t know, and make the decision after. (22:30)“Asking good questions is the key.” (28:00)“The customer wants to be heard, ultimately.” (39:30) The post DevReady Podcast E51- Conquer Your Market With Design Thinking with Andrew Bird appeared first on DevReady Academy.


3 Feb 2021

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Shooting the breeze with Andrew Bird

Shooting The Breeze Podcast

Lovely catch up with the hilarious Andrew Bird. Tune in if you want to hear about shit compliments, gigging abroad & Oasis. 


27 Nov 2020

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Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha (2007)

This Is Not a Podcast About Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

One this episode we listen to Andrew Birds 2007 album “Armchair Apocrypha” with @Kevin_Neil | http://nottherockpod.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nottherock/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nottherock/support

1hr 13mins

10 Jun 2020

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Listening to the space around you, by Andrew Bird

Meditative Story

The chaotic nature and noise of life as a musician — touring from city to city — eventually erodes Andrew Bird's ability to hear the music that is really inside of him. In a courageous effort to understand the faint calling of sound playing in his head, Andrew deserts his Chicago apartment for a rural piece of land where he believes an old farmhouse might unlock his personal renewal as an experimental multi-instrumentalist musician. There inside the reverberating wooden walls of a dilapidated barn, he begins to recalibrate — seeing, sensing, and interpreting the space around him musically. Rather than imposing his vision on the world, Andrew's music becomes a reflection of what the surrounding environment is trying to tell him. He learns that sometimes a sense of connectedness is easier to achieve alone, where you're able to find out what's happening inside you in order to make it sing outwards. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


20 May 2020

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WoodSongs 983: George Winston and Andrew Bird

Woodsongs Vodcasts

GEORGE WINSTON is undeniably a household name. He's inspired fans and musicians alike with his singular solo acoustic piano songs for more than 40 years while selling 15 million albums. A tireless road warrior playing nearly 100 concerts annually, live performance for Winston is akin to breathing. Winston's music is evocative, offering us all a chance to take a step back from our perpetually busy lives and let our minds adventurously wander. ‘Restless Wind’ is the acclaimed 15th solo piano album and a portrayal of Winston's place in a chaotic world -- his compositions extend solace with an idiosyncratic grace. ANDREW BIRD is an internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, whistler, and songwriter who picked up his first violin at the age of four and spent his formative years soaking up classical repertoire completely by ear. Since beginning his recording career in 1997, Bird has released 13 albums and performed extensively worldwide. He has recorded with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, appeared as “Dr. Stringz” on Jack’s Big Music Show, and headlined concerts at Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and festivals worldwide. New album 'My Finest Work Yet' is out now.

1hr 15mins

16 Apr 2020