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048: Nutrient Density, Healing With Whole Foods & Living Toxin Free With Soulla Chamberlain

The Health Project

Soulla Chamberlain is a health educator and the owner of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods Broth Bar & Larder, a Sydney-based whole foods store. A former macrobiotic vegan, Soulla has had a remarkable health journey, healing her body by switching to a nutritionally dense ancestral diet. Having been exposed to the work of Dr Weston A Price and attending regular seminars, Soulla’s mission is to educate people on the benefits of ancestral eating. In this episode she discusses this topic that is dear to our hearts and gives clear and helpful instructions to those who are starting or already on the health journey. This episode provides such a wonderful overview of this powerful and life-changing approach.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jed-zimmer/message


24 Aug 2021

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Fertility Friendly Super Foods ~ with Soulla Chamberlain

Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba Podcast

If someone asked you what super nutrition is, what would you say? There are so many opinions when it comes to 'the best diet' for health, but something that cant be ignored are the traditional foods that made up our ancestors diet. After reading 'Nutrition & Physical Degeneration' by Weston A Price after my studies, ancestral food choices have been something that I have instinctively been lead by when choosing nutrition to support my health. This has been particularly important to me in my preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding stages of life and continues to be an inspiration for fuelling my family today.   While this has helped me overcome health challenges such as a chronic candida overgrowth, I'm not alone when it comes to health transformations.  I'd first heard of Soulla Chamberlain through friends and I found her health story fascinating when they shared it with me. I just had to have her on the podcast to share this with you all.  Soulla is the founder of wholefoods brand “Star Anise Organic Wholefoods”  and its retail home “Broth Bar & Larder” in Sydney. She is a real and traditional foods cooking instructor, a health coach, wellness blogger, lover of the sun and surf, and a mama of 2 teens. She has been instrumental in helping pioneer a traditional wholefoods movement in Sydney and beyond over the past decade.  Soulla is on a serious mission to bring nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods back to the modern table and more broadly to inspire and empower others to lead a less toxic, and a more nourishing and conscious, life. In this podcast episode, you'll learn:  Soulla's powerful health transformation and the diet's that she has explored in the past and how they impacted her and her children’s health over the years. Traditional foods that are the most nutrient dense for the preconception, pregnancy & breastfeeding stages of life. Tips to encourage children & teens to make healthy food choices. Plus so much more! GLOWING MUMMA THRIVING BUBBA SHOWNOTES: https://www.glowingmumma.com/blog/episode-42 'PATH TO CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION' PRECONCEPTION GUIDE: https://www.glowingmumma.com/PTCC GLOWING MUMMA INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/glowingmumma.thrivingbubba/ GLOWING MUMMA THRIVING BUBBA FACEBOOOK: https://www.facebook.com/KaseyWillsonND/


26 Jul 2021

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Soulla Chamberlain,lawyer to holistic entrepreneur

Wellness Spring

Soulla Chamberlain, Creator and Director of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods, owner and broth bar and Larder,Bronte and former corporate lawyer saved and transformed her life by changing her diet and lifestyle.After too many years of long hours, high stress, eating a low fat/high grain vegetarian diet, and engaging in other poor lifestyle choices, Soulla suffered a series of health crises. When her baby who was also being raised as a vegetarian ended up in hospital it became the powerful catalyst for her to turn to researching ancestral diets.She turned to eating nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods diet and out of desperation, she started making organic bone broth, broth based soups, sauerkraut, chicken liver pâté, kombucha, activated nuts and slow cooked casseroles from pastured animals - because 10 years ago, none existed in the market.In a short space of time, Soul and her family went from barely surviving to thriving all from changing their diet.In this lively chat you will discover :-• How Soulla´s business started.• Her background and how it influenced her business.• Who encouraged her to start her business.• How she became a health coach for Sydney Roosters in 2012,• How her Cooking workshops started and took her travelling around Australia with Australia’s top health and gut expert Marieke Rodenstein.• Health coaching, blogs, school lunches eBook, advocacy of toxic free living, and my comprehensive Food as Medicine digital package all came into being to inspire people across the globe to reclaim power over their health by leading a more nourishing and conscious, and less toxic, life.• Who is behind the food industry and how many institutions don´t pay attention to quality and variety of food?• Her mission in life.• Her 8 pillars of foundation of health so we can perform and live our lives at our fullest potential.• Her digital workshops and stress toolbox.• How to healthily swap toxic products for personal and home use.• If there was one thing that you could have done differently, what would it be?• How she offers support people with the use of essential oils.• If there was one thing, she could do to change the world, what would it be?• The importance of being with a like-minded tribe.• Find a health coach and don´t suffer in silence. We don´t have to put up with toxic relationships.• What radically changed her life when she was recovering from mould illness.• Knowing what she knows now is there one thing she would have done differently.• Hear some of her success stories and tips for starting a health and well-ness business.Social media links:https://instagram.com/staraniseorganic?igshid=12m1p3y5fzmtq https://www.facebook.com/soulla.chamberlain www.startaniseorganic.com

20 Jul 2021

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Unearthing Wellbeing // Soulla Chamberlain

Unearthing Wellbeing

EPISODE 13 This week I was lucky to have Soulla Chamberlain on the podcast. She is the founder of wholefoods brand “Star Anise Organic Wholefoods” established in 2010 and its home and retail store“Broth Bar & Larder” in Bronte. She is a cooking instructor specialising in real & traditional foods, a health coach, a public speaker, a wellness blogger, a lover of the sun & surf, and a mama!  Her mission started with a desire to bring nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods back to the modern table for vibrant health and longevity and then grew into the creation of a global community inspired to lead a more nourishing and conscious, and less toxic, life. Soulla has been instrumental in pioneering a traditional wholefoods and holistic lifestyle movement across Australia and further afield over the past decade. Soulla is a passionate spokesperson on food as medicine and in her comprehensive food as medicine digital package she provides all tools and resources that inspire others to swap out dietary and environmental toxins in their home in a positive and empowering way.  We also spoke about her low tox journey and how she was introduced to Young Living, you can listen to this on the podcast otherwise you can apply to join one of her digital workshops such as: Link to Food as Medicine talk.  Soulla Raises Conscious awareness over what we are putting in and on our and our childrens’ bodies and explains how our lifestyle choices directly impact not only our health but those of future generations. In her uncomplicated, no-nonsense approach,she provides practical solutions on how to best bridge the mismatch between our ancient DNA and our8 key lifestyle choices (nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, breathe, mindset, time in nature, and meaningful connections)in order to function optimally, perform our best and reach our true potential.It was her first hand experience as a burnt out corporate lawyer and former ‘hard core’ vegetarian/veganthat was the catalyst to seek an alternative approach to heal herself and her family.  If you would like to get in contact with Soulla you can do so via:  info@staraniseorganic.com or www.staraniseorganic.com or if you are in Sydney at Broth Bar & Larder 49 BelgraveStreet, Bronte, NSW, 2024 To find out what unfolded, tune into this week's episode.    Topics covered: wholefood, diet, lifestyle, low toxic, broth bar and larder, food as medicine, food, recipes, health, nutrition, hydration, mindset, self-care, burnout.   + Follow Soulla Chamberlain on instagram + Announcements on Insta @_askelizabeth + Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of Unearthing Wellbeing! + Head to my website to shop & for more details I really appreciate your support. I also hope you took something from the episode in the quest of discovery. Sending love & light, Ask Elizabeth.  


1 Jun 2021

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Soulla Chamberlain on depositing in your health bank

Tilly Money

Soulla Chamberlain made the change from corporate law to pursue her passion for whole foods, wellbeing & community. After experimenting & researching nutritional regimes and lifestyles, Soulla discovered a balanced way to live with her "health bank account" in surplus & learnt to value biologically congruent food. We talk to Soulla about health as your greatest asset, how can we improve our health without sacrificing pay checks & how to start the longterm investments into your wellbeing.


16 Sep 2020

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The Foundations of Food with Soulla Chamberlain

The Body Never Lies

One of the most important foundations of health is food, but what about shopping for and cooking food.  In all my years as a food coach, I am continually coming across people who find cooking to be either too time consuming, or too hard and that is a massive road block into achieving our health goals, for many reasons. Soulla Chamberlain is a devoted mother of two, a real and traditional foods cooking instructor, a health coach, a holistic lifestyle blogger, an author of a school lunchbook inspiration book and a healthy home swaps advocate.  Soulla is on a serious mission to bring nutrient-dense whole unprocessed foods back to the modern table and to help people live more abundantly in all areas of their life - physically, emotionally, and financially. In this episode, Soulla and I want you to know the basics of how to shop, what should be in your pantry and the essentials for quick, easy and nutritious meals throughout the week. Soulla’s health and how her body spoke to her macrobiotic vegan diet Soulla’s nutrition and cooking philosophy Nutrient dense, ethically sourced, unprocessed, minimal preparation and absolutely delicious Understanding the basics of what we are biologically meant to eat Soulla’s simple food formula to keep the everyday quick and easy Pantry Staples Fridge Staples Where to Shop and doing your due diligence Eating seasonally and respecting mother nature Being able to to be in and out of the kitchen in 10 mins What Soulla and I call public enemy #1 and you should never ever eat and definitely not have in your home and why and its not sugar! Understanding fats What oils to cook with for different dishes What to look for on ingredient labels even when it says “organic” How to know what to buy Bone Broth Basics Organ Meats Basics - one of the most nutrient dense and metabolic foods What if you don’t like liver? Things that Soulla and I skip in recipes because they’re time consuming and unnecessary The absolute essentials for a successful kitchen The expense of health vs the expense of sick Epigenetics - we are in the driver's seat Why food is the foundation and the thing you have the most control over For Soulla’s downloadable online cooking classes:https://www.staraniseorganic.com/online-workshops-1 Mention Soulla at the WaterShop to get 20% off your RO water filter:https://www.watershop.com.au Soulla and I would love for you to DM us if this podcast has helped you to make a change for your health @staraniseorganic and @leilalutzSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 27mins

2 Aug 2020

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Soulla Chamberlain: Healing With Whole Foods & Living Toxin Free


Healing with Whole Foods and Living Toxin Free: Creator and director of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods founded in 2010 (in the garage of my home!) and Broth Bar & Larder founded 2015.Real and traditional foods cooking instructor, health coach, public speaker, blogger, and just an ordinary Mum on an extraordinary mission to inspire and empower others to lead less toxic, mire nourishing lives so that they can be the best possible versions of themselves.In this episode we discuss:How Soulla's life evolved from Corporate Lawyer to amazing health influencer, entrepreneur and educator through her channels Star Anise Organic and Broth Bar and LarderWhy mould is always toxic, how it could be impacting your health and Soulla's personal experience with itHealthy parenting. How to navigate food changes with our children. When to be strict and when to relax and let go.Healthy wholefoods in the context of women's hormones and fertility and why our ancestry holds the wisdom around thisWhat self care looks like for Soulla, and why it might be different to what you have heardWhere To Find SoullaInstagramFacebookTwitterStar Anise OrganicBroth Bar LarderResources:Weston A PriceConnect with your Elevate hosts: Sarah Hopkins and Amanda Noga.Amanda's website: - www.yogaalchemy.com.auInstagram: - https://www.instagram.com/yoga_alchemy/Join the Paths to You Membership: - https://www.yogaalchemy.info/pty-pgSarah's website: - https://health-wellbeing.com.au/Instagram: - https://www.instagram.com/shopkinshealth/Facebook - facebook.com/shopkinshealthwellbeingBookings (Consultation, Mentoring, Podcast): - https://calendly.com/shopkinshealth/


13 Apr 2020

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Ep. 26 The wisdom of ancestral diets, food as medicine, nose to tail eating, finding balance as a parent, zero waste living with Soulla Chamberlain from Star Anise Organics

Heart Hearth Earth Podcast

Soulla Chamberlain creator of Star Anise Organics, believes in combining the wisdom of ancestral diets with robust science to bring you the cleanest ethically sourced and traditionally prepared food to heal, nourish, satisfy and delight. Currently running the broth bar and larder in Sydney, Soulla of Greek-Cypriot background is a cooking instructor, health coach, author and lifestyle blogger. After experiencing her own health issues Soulla turned to traditional whole foods to rebuild and repair her and her families health. We discuss: - What makes a traditional diet more nutrient dense than the standard western diet - Why certain fats our friend - Nose to tail eating - How Soulla regained thriving health for herself and family - Finding the balance of creating a healthy home and healthy alternatives living in the modern world - Zero waste living Website – Instagram - Facebook Interested in exploring a calling to postpartum care and nurturing the mothers in your community? Newborn Mothers Affiliate link Disclaimer: The contents of this podcast do not constitute medical or professional advice, do not reflect the opinions of this business, any of its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, promotional sponsors, or advertising agencies, and do not create any type of patient-physician relationship or other professional relationship between the audience and presenters.  No person viewing any podcast from this website should act or refrain from acting on the basis of the content of a podcast without first seeking appropriate professional advice and/or counselling, nor shall the information be used as a substitute for professional advice and/or counselling.  Pollination Mamas expressly disclaims any and all liability relating to any actions taken or not taken based on any or all contents of this site.

1hr 12mins

31 Jan 2020

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AQJ 101: Whole Foods 101 with Soulla Chamberlain

Quirky Cooking Chats

Soulla Chamberlain is a health educator and the owner of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods Broth Bar & Larder, a Sydney-based whole foods store. A former macrobiotic vegan, Soulla has had a remarkable health journey, healing her body by switching to a nutritionally dense ancestral diet. Having been exposed to the work of Dr Weston A Price and attending a seminar by the incredible Sally Fallon, Soulla’s mission is to educate people on the benefits of ancestral eating. In this episode she discusses this topic that is dear to our hearts and gives clear and helpful instructions to those who are starting or already on the health journey. We feel this podcast can be used as a Wholefoods 101 course, as it provides such a wonderful overview of this powerful and life-changing approach. Links from show: Star Anise Organics: You can find Soulla’s online store here. Healing Balms: These are the natural healing balms from Good Mood Food which we mentioned on the show, including the Black Poultice which is used for drawing out thorns, splinters and other foreign objects – amazing stuff!!! Solidteknics Non-Toxic Pans: We love these naturally non-stick, Aussie pans! You can get 10% off if you use the code 10QCP. Life-Changing Food: If you need help with cooking nutrient dense, whole food meals for your family, you’ll find our cookbook invaluable! Recipes include both Thermomix and conventional methods, and multiple variations for different dietary challenges. The post AQJ 101: Whole Foods 101 with Soulla Chamberlain appeared first on The Wellness Couch.

1hr 8mins

30 Mar 2018