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017 Taking the Leap, Breaking out of the Box & Moving Past Self Doubt with Dr. Matt Wiest

Creating Ripples

Dr. Matt Wiest owner and founder of The Center of Movement , The Breath House, and Foundations Trainer opens up and shares his personal story of how he took the leap into entrepreneurship. Matt shares about leaning into your purpose and not being afraid to break out of the norm and create something that feels true to you. We talk about moving past self doubt and fear, taking care of yourself and following your gut and paving your own road map


19 Jan 2021

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6 • Dr. Matt Wiest • Founder & CEO of Center of MVMT


Join us as we chat with Dr. Matt, Founder & CEO of Center of MVMT!


14 May 2020

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219. Dr. Matt Wiest

The Backpocket Podcast

Dr. Matt Wiest is a doctor of chiropractic, founder of The Center of Movement, and a guy who knows more about body percentages and hip hinges than most people in the world. We discuss his recent Summer of MVMT Series events around the Twin Cities and Dec's average quality of not attending any of them. We dive into Canada/America lingo and Andy is NOW BACK fully healthy from his ankle injury. *Disclaimer: originally Back End Show #30 - Dr. Matt Wiest*

1hr 7mins

19 Sep 2019

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30: Dr. Matt Wiest

Behind The Vision Podcast

Dr. Matt Wiest, DC is the owner and operator of The Center of Movement. He grew up on a small farming community just east of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Matt then spent three years in Vancouver playing junior hockey before moving to Wisconsin to play college hockey at University of Wisconsin - Superior where he also earned his Bachelor of Exercise Science in Wellness and Fitness Management. After graduating, Matt went on to start The Center of Movement, where their mission is to educate & empower through chiropractic care, education, nutrition, therapeutic exercise, and recovery.


16 Sep 2019

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"Get It Crackin" Episode 122 with Dr. Matt Wiest

Stationary Astronaut

Dr. Wiest is a high level chiropractor and physical rehab specialist. He is also a master of business, exponentially growing The Center throughout the Twin Cities.

1hr 6mins

16 Jan 2019

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86. Golden Nuggets of Dr. Matt Wiest

The Backpocket Podcast

(00:12) Sober October is committing to a challenge  (03:45) Access & desire to find the truth is strong in our culture today (05:45) “I don’t want to have people see me as a manual solution I want them to see me a solution for educating them on what they can do for themselves. Empowerment is big.” - Dr. Matt Wiest  Listen to the full version here. *Disclaimer: originally Golden Nuggets of Sober October (feat. Dr. Matt Wiest)*


10 Oct 2018

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82. Dr. Matt Wiest

The Backpocket Podcast

The boys are sober for the entire month and we have one hell of a podcast to start off the month with Chiropractor and founder of The Center of Movement Matt Wiest. Matt may be the first and only guest we’ve had who could run through a brick wall. We talk about how we grew his passion for being a chiropractor and trainer as well as how he is attacking the health care industry. Matt also discusses being a local chiropractor and how to deals with the competitive market. We also break down the shift in the nutrition and health culture and Matt’s keys to living your best life.    *Disclaimer: originally S2 E34 - Sober October (feat. Dr. Matt Wiest)* (02:00) Average Quality (05:00) Sober October (10:00) Matt Wiest (01:11:00) W.D.W.L. (01:15:00) Feel Good Story

1hr 19mins

1 Oct 2018

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Episode #025- The Athlete in Us All with Dr. Matt Wiest

The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast

Dr. Matt Wiest,DC  is the owner and operator of the Center of Movement. They are a wellness C.E.N.T.E.R. focusing on Chiropractic, Education, Nutrition, Therapeutic Exercise, and Recovery. Their mission is to get patients out of pain, educate on how to stay out of pain, and show that you are much stronger, faster, and more agile than you give yourself credit for. Listen to this interview and learn how you can succeed by being authentic and by aiming to reach what you are passionate about by pushing your borders and by making actionable moves. “Do not let people tell you ‘No’. Just be excited about what you are excited about. Push the borders, make some moves. ”   -Dr. Matt Wiest What do you want to hear from The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast? Tell us here! Timestamps: 04:20 — What does a lifestyle change means for Dr. Matt 06:39 — His journey into setting up the Center of Movement and why he is passionate about being a chiropractor 09:00 — The “Weekend Warriors”—people who he want to help 12:30 — Foundational Training 14:30 — His definition of success and how he help people get there 17:55 — Frame, Fuel and Focus: 3 Pillars of The Center of Movement 21:35 — Building a network: to shake 1000-hands in 3 months 25:21 — His advice to business owners and entrepreneurs who were just starting up 28:44 — How he overcame his career-drain exprience and pursued his passion 33:35 — What wellbeing looks like in Dr. Matt’ life? 38:34 — What does a balanced life look Key Takeaways “Very small changes that are consistent over time will yield the most massive result.” “The more effective things are just when you are very subtle with changes.” “Be authentic and just do something that you are super passionate about.” “Do not let people tell you “No”. Just be excited about what you are excited about. Push the borders, make some moves.” Key Resources from Our Interview with Dr. Matt Weist The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Connect with Dr. Matt Wiest The Center of Movement Instagram-@thecenterofmvmt Facebook-The Center


3 Sep 2018

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Special Guest, Dr. Matt Wiest

JimBo Chiro Show

Listen in as Dr. Matt Wiest walks us through his journey and how he has followed his purpose to get where he is today.


30 Jul 2018

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#70. Foundation Training with Dr. Matt Wiest

Full Body Fix Radio

Technique talk continues! This week I welcome Dr. Matt Wiest on the show to talk about Foundation Training. Dr. Matt is located outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul and has a movement based practice. What is foundation training? Take a listen to find out more.  1. IntroFull Body Fix Live on Instagram Sunday’s 2pm PST  2. Sponsor:Perfect Keto & Equip Foods (2:56)‘fullbodyfix‘ 10% off your first orderLink to Shake 3. Interview: Dr. Matt Wiest (4:07) 4. About Matt’s practice (9:26)Dr. Tony Comella's Episode Study on aloe Back Pain 5. Topic of the Day: Foundation Training14:57)Dr. Goodman’s Book 6. The Pillars of Foundation Training (17:10) 7.  The Core is More than Abs (18:24) 8. Sponsor:STR/KE MVMNT (24:57)15% off code ‘fb_pc_15‘ 9. What Foundation Training looks like  (25:53) 10. Application (30:30) 11. Where to learn more? (34:05)Foundation Training Website  True to Form - new book 12. Where to find Dr. Matt? (36:26) WebsiteInstagram FacebookPlease tell a friend who loves fitness and rehab about our podcast! We’re on every major podcast platform including iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. Don’t forget to leave a review. Full show notes can always be found in the Archive.


23 Apr 2018