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ReAir TMBS 10: Buddhism and Our Struggle & PseudoWoke Centrism ft. Robert Wright & Trevor Beaulieu

The Michael Brooks Show

Since so many people are just now discovering Michael's work and TMBS we've decided to re-air every TMBS episode. TMBS 10: Buddhism and Our Struggle & PseudoWoke Centrism ft. Robert Wright & Trevor Beaulieu, This week’s show: We have found audio of Obama challenging John Kerry to an IQ test in a 2014 cabinet meeting. We break down Milo’s exposed emails and the relationship between him, the Mercer family, Breitbart, and alt-right trolls. Author of “Why Buddhism is True” Robert Wright (@robertwrighter) calls in to talk about Buddhism and how we can bring cognitive empathy and mindfulness to politics. Woke Susan Collins welcomes Bob Corker to the Resistance. Trevor Beaulieu (@Rickyrawls), host of Champagne Sharks (@champagnesharks), joins us in studio and talks about what is often missed in typical conversations about identity, race, and class. Read Trevor's piece in The Intercept on the Kaepernick protest. TMBS re-aired episodes will come out every Tuesday at 7PM EST here on The Michael Brooks Show Channel. This program has been put together by The Michael Brooks Legacy Project. To learn more and rewatch the postgame content visit https://www.patreon.com/TMBS

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17 Aug 2021

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Special Episode: Interview with Robert Wright on crackpots, gurus, and modern media ecosystems

Decoding the Gurus

This week we welcome the author, journalist, and podcaster Robert Wright. Robert wrote the popular (and provocative!) book 'Why Buddhism is True' and has hosted many interesting discussions and debates at bloggingheads.tv, which he co-founded.We had a wide ranging discussion that touched on a vast array of topics including: the Weinsteins & their relative crackpot ratings, alternative & Mainstream media ecosystems and how they feed into guruism, what are gurus anyway (and are they all bad), Sam Harris and cognitive biases, whether Bob is a Buddhist Modernist, the extent to which meditation is a form of cultural conditioning, if wokism is really taking over America, and whether Matt & Chris' actually hate evolutionary psychology or not.Robert offers a unique perspective, displays a lot of good humour and patience, and indulges our ongoing fetishism of self deprecation culture. So join us for a suitably meandering Irish-Aussie-Americo conversation that involves only the prescribed amount of mutual backpatting!P.S. We promise the Gad Saad episode is coming soon!LinksBob's Book 'Why Buddhism is True''Is Eric Weinstein a Crackpot' on Bob's Non-zero SubstackBob's Interview with Tim Nguyen for The Wright ShowBob's article for Wired on Sam Harris & Tribalism (the one that got him cut off!)The Crackpot Index by John Baez

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13 Aug 2021

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Robert Wright: Existential Psychological Threats (Episode 136)

Everyday Sublime

In this conversation, Robert Wright and Josh discuss how cognitive biases create existential psychological threats, essentially derailing humanity’s capacity to tackle global issues that demand global cooperation. This talk is part of Josh’s series with Bob, called “The Dharma of Bob.” Listen to our discussion here or in your favorite podcast app. Links from the Episode Robert Wright s Nonzero Newsletter, on averting the apocalypse: https://nonzero.substack.com Robert Wright s books: The Moral Animal / Nonzero / The Evolution of God / Why Buddhism is True Ways to support the show: Ongoing, online practice with Josh and Terry in the River Bird Sangha: https://joshsummers.net/sangha Take a class ($10): https://joshsummers.net/classes Buy The Buddha s Playbook and Guided Meditation series ($10): https://joshsummers.net/book/buddhas-playbook Online training courses in Yin Yoga, TCM, Meditation, and Yang Yoga The Sublime Quartet ($149): https://joshsummers.net/sublime-offer The post Robert Wright: Existential Psychological Threats appeared first on Josh Summers.

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2 Aug 2021

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#338 - Robert Wright - Psychology, Aliens & Averting The Apocalypse

Modern Wisdom

Robert Wright is President of the Nonzero Foundation, an author and Visiting Professor of Science and Religion at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Bob's book The Moral Animal has changed my thinking more than pretty much any other over the last few years, so naturally I wanted to bring him on to discuss whether aliens are real and how we can avoid existential risks. For real though, expect to learn the role that evolutionary psychology plays in mindfulness practice, why Bob thinks that aliens are probably enlightened, how global coordination can be improved by everyone meditating, whether we're doomed for civilisational collapse and much more... Sponsors: Get a Free Sample Pack of all LMNT Flavours at https://www.drinklmnt.com/modernwisdom (discount automatically applied) Get 83% discount & 3 months free from Surfshark VPN at https://surfshark.deals/MODERNWISDOM (use code MODERNWISDOM) Extra Stuff: Follow Robert on Substack - https://nonzero.substack.com/ Follow Robert on Twitter - https://twitter.com/robertwrighter Buy The Moral Animal - https://amzn.to/2Sco8Vd Get my free Ultimate Life Hacks List to 10x your daily productivity → https://chriswillx.com/lifehacks/ To support me on Patreon (thank you): https://www.patreon.com/modernwisdom - Get in touch. Join the discussion with me and other like minded listeners in the episode comments on the MW YouTube Channel or message me... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chriswillx Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chriswillx YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ModernWisdomPodcast Email: https://www.chriswillx.com/contact

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24 Jun 2021

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Redefining PTSD, Reseting the Brain and Changing Lives with Dr Eugene Lipov and Dr Robert Wright

The Revital Health Podcast

Stella relieves symptoms of PTSD with the stellate ganglion block (SGB), a widely studied and highly effective procedure that can "reset" the brain to its pre-trauma state.On this inspirational podcast I chat with Dr Eugene Lipov founder of the Stella Center and Dr Robert Wright the CMO of Australia on the groundbreaking treatment that is changing peoples lives around the world. We talk redefining PTSD to PTSI. How Dr Lipov has dedicated his life to helping people with PTSI and his story.What the treatment looks like and what patients can expect. The Outcomes of over 80% success rate .What comes after the treatmentTrauma and the nervous system. Hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system and how the Stellate block is impacting this. Other adjunct therapies/ vagal therapies and recommendations they have seen work to increase outcomes. The wide scope of potential for this treatment not only for PTSI. What’s next? Dr Robert Wright the CMO talks what’s coming up in Australia soon. Where to find more: stellacenter.com@stellacentremdAbout Dr Eugene LipovDr. Eugene Lipov is a board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management. After completing an M.D. at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in 1984, he went on to complete advanced anesthesiology training at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at Rush University’s Medical Center. He has specialized in interventional pain medicine for more than 28 years, and was the founding member and first president of the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). He concurrently serves as Director of Research at Northwest Community College and as Medical Director of Advanced Pain Centers, which received the 2007 Chicago Innovation award.  Dr. Lipov is also the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Stella Center, whose mission is to offer relief to trauma and related symptoms by providing safe, convenient, and comfortable patient access to the Stellate Ganglion Block procedure.
About Dr Robert WrightChief Medical Officer - AustraliaDr. Wright matriculated at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas as a presidential scholar in 1983 completing his M.D. degree in 1987. Subsequent training in anesthesiology and chronic pain management was accomplished at the University of Utah. After service in the US Air Force Dr. Wright entered practice as a pain specialist in 1995 and contributed to evolving regional and national standards of care in interventional pain management. In the early 2000’s Dr. Wright co-directed the emerging pain clinic at Cedars-Sinai hospital and is proud of his role in creating their world-class pain management department. He is a recognized pioneer and innovator having contributed many novel techniques and new technologies to the field of pain management. Dr. Wright is now affiliated with the Metro Pain Group in Melbourne Australia and actively involved in physician education, research, and device development.

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17 Jun 2021

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#101 - Robert Wright on using cognitive empathy to save the world

80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin

In 2003, Saddam Hussein refused to let Iraqi weapons scientists leave the country to be interrogated. Given the overwhelming domestic support for an invasion at the time, most key figures in the U.S. took that as confirmation that he had something to hide - probably an active WMD program. But what about alternative explanations? Maybe those scientists knew about past crimes. Or maybe they'd defect. Or maybe giving in to that kind of demand would have humiliated Hussein in the eyes of enemies like Iran and Saudi Arabia. According to today's guest Robert Wright, host of the popular podcast The Wright Show, these are the kinds of things that might have come up if people were willing to look at things from Saddam Hussein's perspective. Links to learn more, summary and full transcript. He calls this 'cognitive empathy'. It's not feeling-your-pain-type empathy - it's just trying to understand how another person thinks. He says if you pitched this kind of thing back in 2003 you'd be shouted down as a 'Saddam apologist' - and he thinks the same is true today when it comes to regimes in China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The two Roberts in today's episode - Bob Wright and Rob Wiblin - agree that removing this taboo against perspective taking, even with people you consider truly evil, could potentially significantly improve discourse around international relations. They feel that if we could spread the meme that if you're able to understand what dictators are thinking and calculating, based on their country's history and interests, it seems like we'd be less likely to make terrible foreign policy errors. But how do you actually do that? Bob's new 'Apocalypse Aversion Project' is focused on creating the necessary conditions for solving non-zero-sum global coordination problems, something most people are already on board with. And in particular he thinks that might come from enough individuals ?transcending the psychology of tribalism?. He doesn't just mean rage and hatred and violence, he's also talking about cognitive biases. Bob makes the striking claim that if enough people in the U.S. had been able to combine perspective taking with mindfulness - the ability to notice and identify thoughts as they arise - then the U.S. might have even been able to avoid the invasion of Iraq. Rob pushes back on how realistic this approach really is, asking questions like: * Haven't people been trying to do this since the beginning of time? * Is there a great novel angle that will change how a lot of people think and behave? * Wouldn't it be better to focus on a much narrower task, like getting more mindfulness and meditation and reflectiveness among the U.S. foreign policy elite? But despite the differences in approaches, Bob has a lot of common ground with 80,000 Hours - and the result is a fun back-and-forth about the best ways to achieve shared goals. Bob starts by questioning Rob about effective altruism, and they go on to cover a bunch of other topics, such as: * Specific risks like climate change and new technologies * How to achieve social cohesion * The pros and cons of society-wide surveillance * How Rob got into effective altruism If you're interested to hear more of Bob's interviews you can subscribe to The Wright Show anywhere you're getting this one. You can also watch videos of this and all his other episodes on Bloggingheads.tv. Producer: Keiran Harris. Audio mastering: Ben Cordell. Transcriptions: Sofia Davis-Fogel.

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28 May 2021

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Robert Wright: More Dharma of Bob (Episode 126)

Everyday Sublime

In this episode, Josh speaks again with distinguished journalist and author, Robert Wright. This conversation is part of the ongoing series called, somewhat ironically, The Dharma of Bob. Today’s conversation explores how to revive a flailing meditation practice and how mindfulness can strengthen courage. Listen to our discussion here or in your favorite podcast app. Links from the Episode Robert Wright s Nonzero Newsletter: https://nonzero.substack.com/p/show-some-courage-defy-your-tribe Robert Wright s books: The Moral Animal / Nonzero / The Evolution of God / Why Buddhism is True Ways to support the show: Take a class ($10): https://joshsummers.net/classes Buy The Buddha s Playbook and Guided Meditation series ($10): https://joshsummers.net/book/buddhas-playbook Online training courses in Yin Yoga, TCM, Meditation, and Yang Yoga The Sublime Quartet ($149): https://joshsummers.net/sublime-offer Ongoing Practice with Josh and Terry: https://joshsummers.net/sangha The post Robert Wright: More Dharma of Bob appeared first on Josh Summers.

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27 May 2021

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469 - Robert Wright (Author and Journalist)

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Robert Wright is an American journalist and author who writes about science, history, politics, and religion. He has written five books: Three Scientists and Their Gods: Looking for Meaning in an Age of Information (1988), The Moral Animal (1994), Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny (1999), The Evolution of God (2009), and Why Buddhism is True (2017). He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Bloggingheads.tv and the founder and editor-in-chief of Meaningoflife.tv. (Conversation begins at 35 minutes in.) Bob on Twitter. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Intro music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; "Fair Game," by CSN; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton.

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12 Apr 2021

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Robert Wright: Averting the Apocalypse (Episode 113)

Everyday Sublime

In this conversation, Robert Wright and I explore aspects of his worldview, where he presents a compelling diagnosis and prescription for the most pressing issues of our day, namely how humanity can avert an apocalypse of its own making. Listen to our discussion here or in your favorite podcast app. Links from the Episode Robert Wright s platforms: Meaningoflife.tv: https://meaningoflife.tv/ The Wright Show: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wright-show/id505824847 Robert Wright s books: The Moral Animal Nonzero The Evolution of God Why Buddhism is True River Bird Sangha: Weekly Dharma Talk/Meditaiton, Yin Yoga/Qi Gong, Yin Yoga, and Yang Yoga: https://joshsummers.net/sangha The post Robert Wright: Averting the Apocalypse appeared first on Josh Summers.

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1 Apr 2021

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Summary of Why Buddhism is True by Robert Wright | Free Audiobook

QuickRead Podcast - Free book summaries

Learn the science and philosophy behind Buddhism and how meditation can improve your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Today’s modern world is full of stress. Think about your average day, where do your thoughts lead you? Do you worry about an upcoming deadline, an upcoming bill payment, or even what people may think about you? Life is full of constant worry, but what if all those emotions were all simply illusions? What if life really is like The Matrix and we have no control over our lives? While the idea of separating the mind and body, like Neo in The Matrix, seems impossible, the teachings of Buddhism prove that it is possible. Unlike The Matrix, you don’t have to live in a pod and experience a dream-like world. Instead, through the practice of Buddhism, you can transcend everyday emotions like worry and stress and find inner peace through meditation and a simple change in perspective. Throughout Why Buddhism is True, Robert Wright aims to prove how the teachings of Buddhism are supported by modern scientific evidence and can help you live a better life. As you read, you’ll learn how life may actually be like The Matrix, how you might not have control over your decisions, and how meditation can help you find inner peace. Want more free audiobooks like this? Download our app for free at QuickRead.com/App and get access to hundreds of free book and audiobook summaries. DISCLAIMER: This book summary is meant as a preview and not a replacement for the original book. If you like this summary please consider purchasing the original book to get the full experience as the original author intended it to be. If you are the original author of any book on QuickRead and would like us to remove it, please contact us at hello@quickread.com


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