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Episode 31: Love Your Business!! Being YOU with Lara Wellman

Your Next Fifty

How do you show up in your business and in your life? Do you try and be like other people thinking that THAT is what people want to see?? Or do you let people see the real YOU? If you don't why not? Today on the show, we're speaking with our amazing friend and coach, Lara Wellman from the Biz Studio, about the importance of authenticity - showing up JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, and how that will only be beneficial to you as a business owner and to your clients! ** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yournext50podcast IG: https://www.instagram.com/yournext50podcast/ ------------------------ CONNECT WITH SYLVIA OTVOS, Visibility and Business Coach Go to https://so-vibrant.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylviaotvos/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SOVibrantVisibilityCoach ----------------------------------- CONNECT WITH JENNY MITCHELL, Executive Coach and Fundraising Coach Website: https://www.chavender.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chavender-research-initiatives-inc./about/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JennyChavender


9 May 2021

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Building business to fit the life you want – Lara Wellman, The Biz Studio

Small But Mighty Biz Stories

It’s been just over 10 years since I met Lara Wellman on Twitter, and her life and business today is radically different than it was in the summer of 2010, primarily because she’s made intentional decisions about how she wants to grow her business to fit within her life. It’s the unwavering belief that a business should promote freedom, not shackle a business owner to the work, that drives the work Lara does with her clients. You can learn more and connect with Lara here:Website: https://www.thebiz.studioFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebizstudioTwitter: https://www.twitter.com/larawellmanLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larawellman/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebizstudioFacebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/202990647415055/Full episode transcript: https://www.karencwilson.me/blog/small-but-mighty-episode-12-lara-wellman-on-building-business-to-fit-the-life-you-want

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1 Dec 2020

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Meander with Lara Wellman

Meanderings with Trudy

Chapman Coaching Inc.Her company is called The Biz Studio. Her free FaceBook group is called Building Your Next Level BizAnd her not-for-profit is called Kids in the Capital


27 Oct 2020

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Getting out of your own way to make more money with Lara Wellman

The Biz Podcast

This Biz Podcast episode discusses one of the most common reasons people hire a business coach - to help them figure out how to make MORE money. Business owners often want to make more money but they don't know how they're going to do it because they are already operating at full capacity. They have no more time. How are they going to make more money without burning out, without feeling like everything is falling apart, and most importantly without hating their business?To find out more visit www.thebiz.studio/bizpodcastEditing by Eric Wellman: www.ericwellman.com


18 Jun 2020

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Boundaries for a Better Business with Lara Wellman

The Biz Podcast

A common conversation I have with people is around how they feel like they're working all the time. They're working so hard, and it still doesn't feel like it's enough. It feels like they're not making enough money or they're not able to figure out how they can grow to the next level because they're already working so much. They're starting to resent their clients or resent their businesses or think maybe this wasn't the right thing for them to be doing in the first place. They get frustrated and tired, and just don't want to do it anymore. And so, we work together to figure out what it is that's going on, and what it is they should be prioritizing. We discuss why it feels like they're out of time, out of options and frustrated. I believe there are four things that are causing feelings of stress and overwork in so many business owners. Listen to find out all about them, of check out all the notes at www.thebiz.studio/bizpodcast To find out more visit www.thebiz.studioEditing by Eric Wellman: https://app.quillit.io/freelancer/eric-w-1579385700985x463095641287799100


7 May 2020

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Season Three, Episode 7: Working Through a Pandemic with Lara Wellman

The Biz Podcast

Some things to remember in pandemic times!For more information check out the show notes at www.thebiz.studio/thebizpodcastEditing by Eric Wellman: www.fiverr.com/fullhouseaudio/


23 Apr 2020

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From Beliefs to Action with Lara Wellman

The Biz Podcast

Season two of The Biz Podcast has come to a close. I enjoyed talking about beliefs that are holding business owners back from creating success and I hope listeners were able to recognize what is holding them back. It was 20 great episodes all about how we think we need to do things the right way or that we need permission to do things. We also talked about how our health can affect how we think about our business and our ability to create success in our business. Season Two was belief bustingWe also discussed how we don’t have to follow what we were taught to believe and that we can build a business and be true to our values, make a difference, and work less without sacrificing the money we earn. Listeners were also reminded that they have stories and have things in their lives and businesses that others can relate to. We all get caught up in what we think things should look like or what we feel we don’t have time for - and season two showed listeners how to break through those limiting beliefs. We tackled the belief that sleep isn’t necessary and that we must hustle all the time. We learned that sleep is important as is self-care and making time for the things that matter most in life.We also learned that you can give yourself permission to get started and create an amazing business and that it doesn’t have to come at a sacrifice to your body, health and life. What you have to give is valuable and people will spend the money to pay for what you have to offer.Mindset and beliefs stop us from growing our businessesWhether it is sales or never increasing your prices because you feel you are being greedy, you need to be confident and see you can grow and build your business.If you haven’t listened to all the episodes from season two, have a listen and let me know what resonates with you.Season three will be more tactical and offer more actionable content with how-tos and step-by-steps on how to make authentic relationships, how to make sales, etc. I hope you got a lot out of season two and if you know anyone else who needs to hear it, please share my podcast with them!See you next week when we start talking about some “how-tos.”For more information check out the show notes at www.thebiz.studio/thebizpodcastEditing by Eric Wellman: www.fiverr.com/fullhouseaudio/


5 Feb 2020

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Biz Studio Founder Lara Wellman: Harnessing the Magic of ADHD and Creating a New Way to Do Business.

Belief Alchemy with Megan O'Neill

I'm pleased to have my good friends Lara Wellman in this episode. Lara is a Certified Business Coach who believes small business owners can make more money, love the work they do and still having time to enjoy their lives!  Through coaching, group programs, workshops and events, she helps business owners get the clarity they need to take the right action for them and their business. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebizstudio/ https://thebiz.studio/


27 Nov 2019

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Episode 127: Live Interview With Lara Wellman

The Business Sphere

“We shouldn’t be aiming for perfection. We want to be comfortable with failing. That’s where the biggest innovations come from.”Lara Wellman is a certified business coach. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, she now works to help business owners make more money doing what they love, all while enjoying their life. Lara understands that running a business is a unique challenge and having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of is so valuable. The Biz Studio employs a community-oriented approach which allows business to help each other grow. “We’re all so much stronger together and people want to help.”After starting a few of her own business, Lara knows how to build a business successfully. In our podcast she also discusses:-How to overcome mistakes as an entrepreneur-Setting expectations in your business-The importance of failing-How technology advancements help businesses-Mentorship and community If you want to reach out to Lara or learn more about her, click the links below!Website: https://thebiz.studio/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larawellman/Twitter: https://twitter.com/larawellman


12 Nov 2019

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#33: Defining Success For Yourself with Lara Wellman

Changing The Story with Lana Dingwall

Are you on your path to success? How do you know if you are on the right path? Are you defining your own success, or allowing other peoples ideas and values steer the way.  Lara Wellman joins Lana to discuss defining success for yourself. Lara is a business coach who works primarily with small business owners to help them to find the clarity that they need, so they can start taking the actions that are needed to move towards their goals. Do you take time to re-evaluate what you want your life to look like?  🖥 Connect with Lara: thebiz.studio 📲 facebook: @thebizstudio 🖥 Connect with Lana: lanadingwall.com 📲 facebook: @lanadingwallcoaching 📲 instagram: @lanadingwall  ➡️ Changing The Story; Kick-Ass Women In Business with Lana Dingwall is proudly produced by Podcast Wagon


5 Nov 2018