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#17 - Vena Ramphal on mindset challenges for Women and what makes successful people successful

The Yoga Conversations

"One of the biggest mindsets that we as women need to overcome, is to trust ourselves!" - Vena Ramphal Vena Ramphal is a Dance Studies Specialist in Classical Indian Dance and studied her way to being a PhD. in Dance and Philosophy. She is a professional dancer & choreographer as well as is experienced in dance studies, meditation teacher, Performance Coach, TV, and radio specialist on wellbeing and relationships. For her, "Dance is her fullest yoga." Topics Discussed: Her journey into Yoga (01:23) Her Kriya Yoga journey thanks to the master Sri Yukteswar Giri (05:34) The 7 Chakras and 72,000 Nadis dissected (08:58) Her Hatha Yoga experience compared to Kriya Yoga and how she discovered Isha Hatha Yoga (11:15) Why does she quote as "Dance is my Fullest Yoga" (16:33) What mindset challenges she has faced while coaching Women Leaders (21:10) Women leaders who she looks up to (27:25) Her observations of what makes successful people successful (31:35) Her take on having "No routine" as morning routine (36:02) Her practices given in a short time constraint (39:33) Her food choices which she strictly avoids (42:50) Her message for everyone (46:23) Links: Kriya Yoga 7 Chakras Isha Hatha Yoga Sri Yukteshwar Giri This show is brought to you by your host Haresh Punjabi. We talk with Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness practitioners. We explore this mystic space, try to dissect it, and make it accessible for everyone. Contact Vena Ramphal: Instagram: @shake.your.shakti/ Website: http://www.venaramphal.com/ Contact me: Instagram - @theyogaconversations Podcast Links - https://linktr.ee/haresh_p777 Email Id: haresh.punjabi777@gmail.com


18 Jan 2021

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Episode 1 - Vena Ramphal, James King, Deborah Schipper and Vicky Pattison

Access All Areas with Stephen Leng and Bobby Norris

This week it was all about Bond! With Spectre being released in a few days Lizzie and OK! Online’s Jonathan Bown spoke to film critic James King. They also found out all about the new ‘CAKE Cleanse’ with creator Deborah Schipper and spoke about modern marriage with Vena Ramphal. They were lastly joined by MTV’s Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison who is just about to release her new book ‘Christmas Kiss’

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24 Jul 2019

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4: The Desi Woman Podcast - Episode 4: Vena Ramphal (Sex & Relationship Coach)

The Desi Woman Podcast

Episode 4: Vena Ramphal on Desire, Dance & Dating Vena Ramphal is a modern relationships expert, known in the media for making conversations about sex comfortable, uplifting and intelligent. Her expertise is in the Indian pleasure traditions of the Kama Sutra and classical Indian dance and she recently co-hosted the Channel 4 show Seven Year Switch on British television. In this episode of the podcast she talks openly and honesty about how we as women should be talking about sex, the perils of dating apps and how learning about erotic love at a young age shaped how she feels about a subject that remains taboo in too many cultures. Plus The Desi Woman Reading List with Literary Expert Obie Matin.


21 Jul 2018

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Bare Truth #57: Vena Ramphal - Passion Coach

The Bare Truth

Vena is a passion coach specializing in transition and transformation in romance. www.venaramphal.com  Speaking with Vena is always a joy and a powerful experience. Her energy is all encompassing and accepting and she creates a safe space through being herself and by her obvious commitment to her own work which brings an authenticity and truth to her work with others. Working with people who are in relationship 'crisis' or flux, she facilitates them to make choices that bring them more fulfilling love lives. Whether it’s ending a partnership, creating a new relationship, or a mid-relationship dilemma the space of transition is rich with gifts: you are at the crossroads of many possible futures. The choice is yours. But making the choice on your own can be so challenging with the torrent of emotions that accompany love dilemmas. Vena's work enables clients to make clear choices in that compelling and confusing thing we call love. Unusually, her energy work allows clients to access the emotional charge of the situation and turn it into useful and useable energy that they can use in every aspect of their lives. Working this way, the gifts of passion are manifold. Vena's work draws on the classical Indian energy traditions: yoga, ayurveda and tantra; unlocking the body's inherent power to clarify and pull our inner intentions into physical form. Her approach makes these techniques directly relevant to a Western, twenty-first century lifestyle.


6 Oct 2010

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Vena Ramphal, Passion Coach

The Bare Truth

Interview with Vena Ramphal, Passion Coach


27 Mar 2009