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Using Your Powers for Good with John Reese

Ardan Labs Podcast

John Reese is a Senior Software Engineer at Yubico. He is also an active contributor to the open source projects Konstraint and Conftest. John’s foray into programming started a bit earlier than most, publishing websites in PHP by 6th grade. We hear stories of cyber mischief, John’s thoughts on the value of a computer science degree, and the importance of culture in a job.Connect with John:https://reese.devTwitterLinkedInGitHubMentioned in today's episode:YubicoOpen Policy AgentKonstraintConftestEnabling Autonomous Teams With Policy EnforcementUnit Testing Your Kubernetes ConfigurationsAdventures of Power (Movie)Parkinson’s LawWant more from Ardan Labs?You can learn Go, Kubernetes, Docker & more through our video training, live events, or through our blog!


9 Jun 2021

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S2 E09 Mr. Mr. Local uhh Ft., Chriznil, Chittoor Macha, John Reese & Michael Schofield

Amaidhiyo Amaidhi Podcast

Just another "Somma" episode from Tiktok Kannis Podcast.(C2C)   Five of us speaking random topics with our episode topic Mr. Local Movie roast.  Ngl, this is Mr. Local Roast guys Be my friend: https://www.instagram.com/podcast.amaidhiyoamaidhi/  Intro Music credits: Welcome To Los Santos · MC Eiht · Freddie Gibbs · Kokane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4BVH3UMUcw--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

1hr 41mins

6 Apr 2021

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S01E04- A Discussion on Feminism and Rape Culture in India ft. Sameen Shaw, Judy Hopps, John Reese.

Naan Enna Thokka's Tamil Podcast

In this seasons 4th episode, our host Mr.Reese, and our guests in this podcast Sameen Shaw and Judy Hopps discuss about Feminism and Rape Culture in India and the things that are going on. And Thanks to our guests for making this happen🙇‍♂️✌

1hr 24mins

31 Oct 2020

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John Reese of Table Nine Coaching

Lisa, Gene and Eric

The gang explores the reasons one would hire a consultant and the factors required to ensure the advice is implemented effectively

1hr 6mins

29 Aug 2020

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006 | John Reese (Festival Producer)

The Electric Theater with Clown

Clown welcomes festival producer and music industry veteran John Reese into The Electric Theater. During his tenure as an artist manager, Reese recalls listening to a demo of “Spit It Out” and the impromptu trip to Des Moines, Iowa that ensued shortly after. Recounting his first Slipknot experience and the inevitable signing of the band to Roadrunner Records is an essential piece of rock music history that makes this installment of the series particularly meaningful. Continuing on to discuss the current climate in the wake of Coronavirus and the future of live events, the discussion deals with unfortunate realities and genuine optimism.


1 Jul 2020

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Interview Series: John Reese - World Bible School

Men of the Land

Interview Series


4 Mar 2019

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The War for the Tower - John Reese as Grenli

Shattered Worlds RPG

Welcome back, gunslinger! Hope you're enjoying these eps so far. Eventually these'll have music and sound effects and maybe even voice actors for some of the NPCs, but for now enjoy these raw edits as we knock them out. Hope to see you all in January when we drop Episode One of the group campaign! This is the sixth of several Backstories episodes, featuring John Reese (of Shattered Worlds RPG) as Grenli. If you'd like to help us make more of these, and especially to help us add music, spend more time editing, to create art for the facebook page, or all that other stuff that makes actual play pods so much fun, please consider donating to our Patreon. It's not up just yet, but it will be very soon. Until then you can help us out in a myriad of ways. Email us at: warforthetower@gmail.com Help us make the best show we possibly can make, and make it something that you can feel proud to have been a part of. Together, we can save the multiverse!  PS The system we're using to play this game is called Space Kings. It's a super robust, fast, exciting, and easy to play game created by the awesomely cool and funny Kevin Cole of the podcast Pretend Friends. Find him on twitter: @RealKevinCole

1hr 27mins

15 Sep 2018

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John Reese - Music Executive SGE - Episode #41

A Fresh Agenda

John Reese - Music Executive SGE - Episode #41 by Cristina Mendonsa


11 Sep 2018

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John Reese - Founder and CEO of Validea.com

Valuewalk's ValueTalks

Hello Listeners, Today is a very special episode with John Reese, the founder and CEO of Validea.com. He has created a way to allow anyone to have access to the guru strategies based on some of the most successful investors of all time such as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, etc. In this episode, he discusses how the gurus were selected and what inspired him to create Validea.com. 1:16 – How did you get started in the finance and investment profession? What caught your interest?7:26 – Do you have a favorite investor from the selection of gurus? Is there a particular approach from any of them that you like?10:26 – Are there any strategies that surprised you? Are there any strategies that did well or did not as good as you initially thought?12:38 – How would you describe your personal investment philosophy?13:59 – With the Validea portfolio, it is pretty concentrated with 10-20 stocks, can you describe why is that?16:43 – What are your views on portfolio concentration and diversification?17:16 – What is your view on the value premium?18:38 – What are your views on the small cap premium?21:32 – What are your views on the momentum premium?24:19 – With these factors, are there any attractive and when they would be the most effectively applied?26:00 – How would you define mean reversion?30:44 – Can you tell me about the guru ETF?32:22 – Can you tell me about the Validea Legends? What was your objective and how is it accomplished?38:25 – How do you define and measure risk?40:44 – What are your favorite books?41:25 – What are your hobbies?42:24 – For angel investing, do you follow a particular philosophy or strategy?Enjoy and thanks for the listen!


20 Feb 2018

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#93 - John Reese - “There Is No Strategy That Outperformed the Stock Market Every Single Year"

The Meb Faber Show

In Episode 93, we welcome entrepreneur, author, and quant investor, John Reese. We start with John’s background. When John was a child, his father was a subscriber to Value Line, and John related to the charts and numbers. Later, this love of numbers took him to MIT, where he researched how to take the wisdom from books and turn it into computer programs. Years later, when he sold his company to GE Capital, John needed to learn how to invest the proceeds. Yet, he wasn’t sure which investment guru to follow in doing this. He decided to study a handful of gurus, and was disappointed to find that there was no repeatability and sustainability of outperformance over multiple time periods. However, John then came across Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street. In the book, Lynch had provided enough detail about his strategy that John was able to translate it into a computer program designed to pick the stocks that Lynch might have chosen. The results were solid. John then moved on to Ben Graham, eventually codifying 12 different guru strategies. He then put his research up on a website, which eventually morphed into Validea. Meb asks about the challenges of this – namely, many managers have a qualitative component to their stock selection as well quantitative. How did John account for this? John tells us this was very challenging. He had to re-read the various books multiple times, determining whether the printed word actually matched what the guru did in the market, versus his actions revealing more information or biases. Meb asks about filtering the incredibly long list of potential gurus to follow, and John tells us the list actually wasn’t too long. Most gurus didn’t have a sufficiently-long track record of performance, or they didn’t describe their strategies in sufficient details as to be able to be codified. Meb then asks how John determines when a period of underperformance reveals a manager has lost his touch, versus the manager’s style is simply out of favor. John tells us that he first looks at the length of time in which the strategy worked. If it was long enough, he tends to believe that, at some point, the strategy will come back into favor. He goes on to tell us that in all of his research, he found that there was not one strategy that outperformed the market every single year. They were these periods of going-out-of-favor that paved the way for the outperformance that occurred when the style came back into favor. The guys then jump into an actual example of how John’s guru quant strategies work, using Buffett. Be sure to listen to this part for all the details. Moving on from Buffett, Meb asks if there are any common attributes to the models that tend to do the best – any broad takeaways. John tells us that, over time, the more successful strategies tend to have a value orientation, some kind of debt criteria, and they’re all profitable. Meb asks – “Okay, gun to your head, which strategy has outperformed?” I’m going to make you listen to find out John’s answer, but odds are you’ll be surprised. Next, the guys turn to factors, with Meb asking if there are any combination of factors that John tends to prefer. John says he likes momentum and mean reversion. This leads into a conversation on timing factors. As usual, there’s far more in this episode: practical guidelines for listeners looking to follow along… portfolio construction in today’s challenging environment… what John would have done differently if he could start over again on Day 1… a roboadvisor for income investors… and of course, John’s most memorable trade. This one happened the day after Black Monday. What are the details? Find out in Episode 93.


14 Feb 2018