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Ashley Gray a CUE Senior - Ep.2


Hello everyone,  In this installment of CUE at UMD I sit down to talk with a current student, Ashley Gray, a CUE and Theater Major. We touch on everything from how she discovered CUE, to how she fell in love with the program, to the endless possibilities in her future after she graduates this coming May 2021.  I hope you all will gain a decent grasp of what CUE really is about through Ashley's elaborate explanations, she is so well spoken. Anyway, thanks for listening and I will catch you in the next one! ✌🏼


5 Mar 2021

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Ashley Gray

Things That Are Blank - Game Show

This week, Ashley Gray is here to take on our reigning champion. How will she do? There's only one way to find out! Cards for this game are below. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on before listening if you want to play along) CARD 1 CLUE: Bring the popcorn CATEGORY: Movie genres ANSWERS: Action, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Horror CARD 2 CLUE: Careful with the pointy end CATEGORY: Things that are sharp ANSWERS: Needle, Fork, Razor, Scissors, Cleaver, Stilettos, Knife CARD 3 CLUE: Like a witch's monkey CATEGORY: Types of aircraft ANSWERS: Helicopter, Jet, Cargo, Stealth, Prop, Biplane, Glider CARD 4 CLUE: Get on the boat CATEGORY: Things associated with the Beatles ANSWERS: Fans, Record, Handsome, 1960s, Englands, Lennon, Jude  CARD 5  CLUE: We have to go back CATEGORY: Back to the future ANSWERS: Clock, Lightning, DeLorean, Doc, Bully, Time, 88 CARD 6 CLUE: You shouldn't go here CATEGORY: Things people do at bar ANSWERS: Flirt, Darts, Chug, Tab, Brawl, Trivia, Eat


2 Feb 2021

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How COVID-19 has impacted the veterinary industry - Dr. Ashley Gray

Mella Moment

Daniella from Mella Pet Care is joined by Dr. Ashley Gray to discuss the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon the veterinary industry and what the future has in store for pet parents and vets alike.


27 Jan 2021

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The Unforgiven West Indians with Ashley Gray

Red Inker With Jarrod Kimber

While Apartheid was still keeping South Africa from cricket, a bunch of West Indian rebels toured there in the early 80s. They are known as the Unforgiven, and that is the name of Ashley Gray’s book on them. For this episode we focus on two Jamaicans, Herbert Chang and Richard Austin. Both very talented players who ultimately took the money, and then lived dark lives afterwards. - To support the podcast please go to our Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=32090121. If you like this podcast, you may like the YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/jarrodkimberyt. You can find Ashley Gray on twitter https://twitter.com/AshG66, and this is his book [The Unforgiven: Missionaries or Mercenaries? | Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store] (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08728FM23) If you enjoyed Herbert Chang’s track, check it out here: [The Coming of Jah / Dub - Herbert Chang & King Tubby] (https://youtu.be/RhXVx4pPMCs) This podcast is edited, mixed and produced by Nick McCorriston, he's at https://www.nickamc.com and https://www.twitter.com/nickamc. The theme tune is by Red Crickets https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Red_Crickets/Red_Crickets.


28 Oct 2020

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Ashley Gray — Drive Change From The Inside

Joe Momoh Presents

Ashley was the former Senior Marketing Manager at Clif Bar & Red Bull.  Ashley is a forward-thinking marketing manager with 12 years of proven experience pioneering innovative integrated campaigns across emerging platforms. She is passionate about cultivating relationships with influencer talent and partners globally to develop authentic, unique content and consumer experiences that fuel unparalleled brand loyalty and executing projects that help protect the places played. A strategic and highly effective leader, Ashley prides herself on her ability to achieve big-picture vision by motivating internal and external teams and partners to deliver exceptional results. Get show summary here: www.codessa.io/portfolio/ashley-gray Attract new customers on autopilot without the designer price tags | Free Masterclass | Learn more


9 Oct 2020

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Skill Set: COVID communications, w/ Dr. Ashley Gray

That Vet Life

As a new graduate, one of the best and potentially terrifying things about practicing veterinary medicine is talking with clients. Throw in COVID and client communications gets kicked up a notch in that we now have to talk to clients entirely over the phone. Whether you are comfortable talking over the phone or not, this is a challenge. So much of what we do relies on building a relationship with our clients, but how are we supposed to do that when we can't even see them? . In today's episode I am excited to welcome my friend, Dr. Ashley Gray back to the microphone as we talk through the storytelling skills you can use to shine in your phone conversations with clients. You'll hear us talk about: How to set yourself up for success What you can say to increase the value of your exam How to earn your clients trust over the phone COVID or not, you will have to talk with clients over the phone for the rest of your career. But, it doesn't have to be something to dread.  What was your favorite tip from today's episode? Let us know by leaving a review on Itunes or by sending a message through Instagram or Facebook. Check out Ashely on Instagram @southernpetvet and @vetsontherise Check out Vets on the Rise www.veterinariansontherise.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thatvet-life/message


29 Jul 2020

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The Emzed Show

On this episode Mo Zubair chats with Ashely Gray,The Author of the best seller Unforgiven,as he discusses his book,why he wrote it,the Rebel tours of the West Indies to apartheid South Africa and the lives of the players after those tours. To purchase Unforgiven simply go to amazon.com and purchase your Kindle copy or hard copy


27 Jun 2020

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Ashley Gray - Becoming a Millennial Veterinarian

That Vet Life

Following vet school, Dr. Ashley Gray started into an internship and it is because of the experience that she had there that she found her passion for mentoring new veterinarians and eventually led to the publication of her book, Becoming a Millennial Veterinarian. In today's episode I talk with Ashley about her book and she breaks down some of the big points from her book such as: -negotiating a salary and advocating for yourself -when should you start job search -navigating the transition from vet student to Veterinarian . Recently alongside Dr. Monica Taratino, Ashley announced the formation of Vets on the Rise, a mentorship program geared towards vet students and new grads to provide the tools they need to succeed! Check it out at Vetsontherise.com Follow Ashley: On Instagram @southernpetvet Follow Vets on the Rise @vetsontherise Check out her book Becoming a Millennial Veterinarian reach out to Ashley via email millennialveterinarian@gmail.com . Did you find value in today's episode? Share this episode via social media to inspire, encourage and challenge others. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thatvet-life/message


27 May 2020

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Food Freedom and Solidarity in Motherhood through Sourdough with Ashley Gray of Sunshine and Sage

The Healthy Balanced Mama Podcast

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains conversation surrounding abuse not suitable for young children or those who are sensitive to such topics. If you're good with that- you do not want to miss this episode!Ashley Gray emanates sunshine. The creator and founder of Sunshine and Sage, a sourdough starter and guidance company designed to create connection through sourdough, Ashley's story of finding freedom with food is intricately intertwined with her love for the ancient art of sourdough. We talk about the ancient wisdom sourdough, passed through generations, something that has been so trendy during our time of quarantine and yet is such a deeply nourishing and traditional food- so far beyond trendy. But this episode is so beyond sourdough. We had a deep conversation about self worth, freedom and acceptance, of our bodies and ourselves, and the community that is created when we come together, as mothers, in solidarity. This conversation was a gift to me as a part of it- and I hope you will find the same, for you.About my Guest:Ashley Gray is a wife, mother and unwavering optimist. 5 years ago, she left a successful 13 year career in personal training to heal a damaging relationship with food, and to finally embrace her body, and ultimately her life. Along the way, she found a love for the ancient wisdom of sourdough, and in early 2020 opened Sunshine and Sage, an online shop selling organic sourdough starter from her Colorado kitchen. Most importantly, she shares food freedom and empowerment in motherhood through sourdough. Sunshine and Sage WebsiteSunshine and Sage InstagramSourdough Sisterhood WorkshopsJoin the FREE Healthy Mama on a Budget Challenge, June 1-30: Sign up hereConnect with Kris:WebsiteInstagramBook a free 1:1 Coaching Discovery Call

1hr 25mins

25 May 2020

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Episode 50 - Stork Drop & Roll (Ashley Gray)

Sarah's Laughter Infertility Podcast

Ashley is an adoption social worker who also adopted. She talks about post-adoption blues, whether adoption cures infertility, and the emotional cocktail unique to adoption. "Somebody's greatest pain is your greatest joy." This is her story. Ashley's blog is at https://thegrayfamilyjourney.blogspot.com/ -- For more about Sarah’s Laughter, please visit our website at sarahs-laughter.com. Our podcast-only site is podcast.sarahs-laughter.com. You can follow us on social media linked here: Sarah’s Laughter on Facebook & Instagram, and @sarahs_laughter & @jasonforbus on Twitter. Sarah’s Laughter also holds the Baby Steps Fun Run, where we give away a $10,000 grant for expenses related to either adoption or fertility treatment. We also partner with local SART-listed fertility clinics to give away IVFs at the event. Check babystepsfunrun.com for details and schedule. *** Sarah’s Laughter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. If you’d like to help support what we do, including this podcast, please visit sarahs-laughter.com/give. Thank you. -- Want to share your infertility story on this podcast? Email us at podcast@sarahs-laughter.com 


9 Oct 2017