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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Conley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Conley, often where they are interviewed.

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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Conley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Conley, often where they are interviewed.

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M&R Episode 198: How to be a successful entrepreneur with Tim Conley.

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Aug 10 2020 ·
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6. #1 Mistake Roofing Companies Make in Online Advertising & Marketing | Featuring Tim Conley

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Tim Conley, Joe’s business partner at Contractor Dynamics, joins the show to discuss the biggest mistake roofing companies make in online advertising and marketing.

And that mistake is when you don’t answer what’s in it for your audience. It’s all about “me”.

To illustrate, you lose interest when you see an ad talking about who THEY are and what THEY do. The same goes for your audience as well.

Whenever you are providing content, it should bring value to your prospects. It can be in the form of education or entertainment. What matters is that you ensure your audience gets something in return for giving you their time and attention.

Interested in learning more about what we do at Contractor Dynamics?

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Jul 16 2020 · 31mins
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TRL 062: Freelancing, Scaling to Agency, and How to Create Your Legend with Tim Conley

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You can find the full show notes at
May 25 2020 · 59mins
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Bucking The Norm and Getting Your Freedom With Tim Conley

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Tim Conley joins me as we talk about taking the road of freedom. We go into how to get control of your time, money and mobility. We also cover why it is important to get freedom and control of these areas, and how most traditional jobs just kind of suck.

Meet Tim Tim is a internet marketer, former host of foolish adventure and all around amazing person. He joined the military after highschool to see the world He then got discharged from the military because he fell off a cliff He has a cool story about the falling off the cliff that you need to listen to the episode to hear He then went on to try and start a comic book magazine Raised $150,000 but needed around $300,000 to get the magazine off the ground In retrospect he should have reached out to the people around him that believed in the project He then went on to start an international travel company that ultimately failed At this time the internet was booming, but then later the stock market started dropping Advice during the Valleys During the hard times of your life reach out to the people around you and specifically mentors For him the best peaks were the smaller ones, such as figuring out how to get customers to his website He loves the climb more than the actual peaks I also love the climb However some people get addicted to the struggle The TIM Framework (Time Income Mobility) Having control of your time makes you free If you have no income then you also have a crappy life And if you don’t have mobility then you are also not free It is a balance, you can’t have the highest amount of all of them If you have to show up to a particular place at a specific time then you are not free If you can have your income so it can be made anywhere then it opens up a ton of choices The internet has really helped us be able to do this For Tim he needs to make $100,000 in a year, then after that he is more relaxed about everything He wants to make half a million this year, so that he can travel and he wants to be able to hire drivers and things like that. He also has some investment goals How Can Someone Get There TIM For Tim he is either working a job or he is in a business, he can’t do both However he a friend that could work on his own business well working for someone else Tim would save up some money and then quit his job As far as advice #1 Get some skills If you have a crappy job mentally check out, do a good job but just start saving Some good skills to know, search engine optimization, learning how to code is a good one as well, and copy writing The are other areas including carpentry and other trades pay a lot Go to elance and bid on job, that way you have a task and a deadline to do a job by You can pay to get the knowledge if you need to The How vs. The Why and the what Don’t get so hung up on the how Problems with people trying to make the leap Don’t ask for other peoples permission for taking the leap into getting out of the path How to get your existing business to the next level He works with teams usually and finds out how they are wasting time You have to see what you can eliminate You have to develop systems and fix the holes You need to get the foundation built before you add a ton of customers Add customers, and then see if there cracks, then fix those cracks and add more customers

May 21 2020 · 47mins
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Multiple Streams of Income with Tim Conley

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How can you and every-other business in the world weather the economic storm? Simple... Multiple streams of income! Setting these up should never be left to happen-chance, which is why Tim Conley and I discuss exactly how you can start building multiple streams of income today... Be sure to follow Tim on YouTube at

Apr 30 2020 · 29mins
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How The Tech Mindset is Changing The Roofing industry - Tim Conley of Contractor Dyamics

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The future of roofing is picking up!  Are you ready?  Meet Tim Conley of Contractor Dynamics.  Tim is a product of Silicone Valley and he has some great insight for the roofing industry as he works with contractors helping them level up their marketing game and prepare for the future of the industry! 

Mar 02 2020 · 29mins
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The Secret Recipe for Highly Successful Marketing – with Tim Conley

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Tim Conley is a digital marketing entrepreneur who has been helping other entrepreneurs for a long time. He got into the agency game after failing in his own business. 

Determined to learn from his mistakes, Tim recognized that he needed to learn how to get customers. This became his driving force.  

Soon, Tim’s friends were asking him to help them with their own businesses. He then created an agency of his own to help entrepreneurs understand the secrets of successful marketing.

Tim says, “The key element to entrepreneurship, not just marketing, is that you have to be willing to see what sticks. You have to be willing to take a risk. You have to be willing to put something out in front of the market and see what they say to you.”

Feb 18 2020 · 1hr 1min
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077 – Why agencies should have a personal brand with Tim Conley

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Tim Conley has helped digital agencies with growth for 8 years. In this interview, he takes aim at a lot of the standard agency advice that you’ve heard 1000 times. Things like “niche down” and “personal brands aren’t saleable”.

There is a ton of actionable advice in here. It start with hiring & managing your team and ends up at marketing and standing out in a crowded marketplace. 

Some of the questions covered include:

  • Why is being niche not enough in today's market?
  • Should agencies build personal brands?
  • Why do agencies struggle to make sales?

Resources mentioned in the episode

Connect with Tim

About Tim

Tim Conley has been helping entrepreneurs turn their businesses into lifelong and sellable assets for two decades. He lives and teaches the belief that a business should support the owner's lifestyle instead of giving up lifestyle to support the business. Tim consults, coaches and invests in advertising, creative and digital agencies. He's a dad, husband, traveler, motorcyclist, and dog companion, not just an entrepreneur.

Jan 03 2020 · 42mins
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Interviewing "Anti-Guru" Tim Conley

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Are you providing a done for you service for clients like Facebook ads, Funnel building, Copywriting, Branding, Web Design, Tech setup, etc.?   Well, then you are not going to want to miss this interview with Marketing Strategy Expert and self-proclaimed "Anti-Guru" Tim Conley.   In this episode of The Underground Marketing Conspiracy Tim shares:   - How to sell thinking and strategy to clients - How to price your first offer as a freelancer - When you should have SOPs in your agency - Best business book for entrepreneurs Tim's Website: Tim's YouTube channel: Tim's Instagram:
Nov 25 2019 · 23mins
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How To Make Money With A Digital Marketing Agency, As A Marketing Consultant... Q&A With Tim Conley

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This interview answers the biggest questions about starting a consulting business or agency with the million dollar consultant coach, Tim Conley. Timestamps to all the questions answered below!

"Where to find agencies or quality workers to outsource work to?" - 

"What approach is best to grow a multi-million dollar per year agency compared to a $300,000 per year agency...? Should I be doing the work in-house or whitelabel agency's work?"

"Is it possible to be an affiliate for an agency and just do the sales, pass off the client, collect cash and go back to prospecting?" - 6:30

"What should my average day look like as a bootstrapped agency entrepreneur? ...What should I spend my time doing?" - 10:04

"There is no shortcut to growing an agency!" - 13:27 "How do you block out your day to create success?" - 14:54

"What are the first steps to get your first clients in a consulting business if you just moved to a new town or have no network?" - 18:55

"What do I do if there are no networking events or marketing meetups in my area?" - 22:54

"How can I build AUTHORITY fast?" (This is GOLD!) - 24:33 "What is the number one challenge that you see start of agencies have and how to overcome it?" - 29:30

"If I'm completely new and don't have testimonials or case studies, what can I do to gain authority as a digital marketing consultant who can help?" *Be sure to watch the 'Amplify the meetup trick section above, too!* - 34:52

"Should I focus in on a specific niche or be a general marketing consultant?" - 37:55

"Is it possible to start a digital marketing agency for lower value passion niches like art or music?" - 46:53

"My clients continue to churn out and quit on me, how do I structure my consulting or agency deliverables in a way to minimize churn and maximize long term profits?" - 51:32

"Step-by-step, how do I do the consultation? What are the exact components in a client's business that I audit or consult on with new clients?" - 56:19

"What is the difference between being an AUTHORITY and an EXPERT? ...And why does it matter? - 58:43

"Is the market too saturated with digital agencies?" 1:03:40

You can connect with Tim on instagram @heytimconley or through his YouTube channel here:

Definitely give him a follow, a subscribe and a shout out in the comments that you saw his interview with Miles on YouTube!

Now, in this video we did a deep dive video on how to start a digital marketing agency on a previous video you can watch here:

This video goes deep into the differences between being a consultant and running a consultancy compared to running a marketing agency.

He shares the power of leveraging a hybrid approach to minimize client churn and to maximize revenue.

The importance of domain knowledge was covered yet again, which was the big idea from our first video link'd to above... If you are totally new to running an agency that is a must watch!

We moved beyond those ideas to the importance of affinity which is what so many agency owners and new consultants ignore.

Ignoring the ideas of affinity in your agency or consulting business can set your future self up for a lot of disappointment int he future, so you must be mindful of this key component.

Tim Conley also commented on his take from the consulting gurus whoso big courses in the world of "start your own agency" such as the Sam Ovens or Tai Lopez SMMA courses...

He explains the #1 pitfall from these courses that keep you broke and struggling to grow plus how you can avoid the consulting guru trap.

In fact, he actually did a full video on the idea of "Should you follow a marketing agency or consulting guru?" here:

Whether you take the advice from this video and our previous videos or you go through a consulting course like a social media marketing agency course there is one component that simply learning through study can never offer you.

This is actually the key to everything and it cannot be taught through videos, PDFs, or audio files.

Tim addresses the question "is the market to saturated with digital agencies?" because with the proliferation of gurus selling how to be a consultant and how to start an agency courses it does change the landscape...

There is more noise now for a consultant starting agency than ever before.

But this should not be a downer because this also creates more opportunity in a very specific area as a result of this additional noise.

In pure fashion, Tim went all in on these answers giving brilliant advice that stems from over 20 years as a successful consultant.

Tim has helped businesses scale from the 10K per month mark to millions of dollars per year in revenue so his opinion on what it takes to grow a successful marketing consulting business is worthy of consideration.

Apr 08 2019 · 1hr 11mins