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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 40: Gut Health & Poop Talk w/Jackie Mirkopoulos

Move Daily Health Podcast

We all poop. But what is your poop telling you? Today we welcome back to the show our first two-time guest, digestive health expert Jackie Mirkopoulos.In this podcast we discuss topics such as:- How to overcome to stigma of discussing poop- Strategies for both bloating and constipation- What a healthy stool actually looks like- Why "superfood" is a junk marketing term that means nothingIf you want to get more out of your daily bowel movement, tune in now and satisfy your #fecalfascination.Show Notes:0:00 – Who is Jackie Mirkopoulos and why are we talking about poop?3:45 – How does Jackie help people overcome the embarrassing stigma of discussing poop and gut health?7:00 – We discuss the connection between travel and constipation.11:15 – Strategies for preventing and overcoming constipation.15:00 – How dietary fibre can actually exacerbate constipation symptoms for people with IBS.16:00 – A shout-out to the Squatty-Potty! We also talk about the importance of having knees above hips for optimal pooping.18:20 – More on hips: Why going for a walk can help you poop. Move the body, move the bowels.21:15 – Can't figure out why you're bloated? We discuss the wide range of causes, and how to triage the problem.29:15 - What does your poop look like? Jackie tells us what a healthy stool should look like.32:30 - We rail on quinoa, which is incredibly hard for humans to digest. Down with quinoa!36:45 - Jackie explains why the term "superfood" is asinine. It is a marketing word, don't buy the hype.40:30 - Everyone is an individual, so no, you shouldn't be eating the same diet as your partner or friends. Do what works for you.43:30 - It's OK to say no when you're offered food. People who love you want you to be healthy and feel good. Don't take crap from people who try to force-feed you.48:30 – Some big advice from Jackie: Sometimes the best cleanse you can do, is a cleanse of your social circle.49:45 - How social media can subconsciously affect your behaviours and opinions around food and nutrition.52:00 - Jackie's big take-away message: Tune into your body. Ask questions and be objective. This is how you achieve health.55:00 - We wrap things up with a few minutes talking about "period shits"; how to support digestive health through your monthly menstruation.59:00 – Jackie’s book recommendations:- The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz- Pandora's Lunchbox, by Melanie Warner- Salt, Sugar, Fat, by Michael Moss1:00:00 – Jackie’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool: Morning meditation and stretching1:01:30 – Jackie’s one piece of health advice1:01:45 – Where you can find Jackie Mirkopoulos and keep up with her latest work and retreatsRecommended Reading & Listening:Video: Evolve Holistic Abdominal Massagehttps://www.movewelldaily.com/move-daily-health-podcast-episode-001/ https://www.movewelldaily.com/digestive-health-solutions/ https://www.movewelldaily.com/move-daily-health-podcast-019-the-vagina-bible/More About Jackie MirkopoulosJackie is an Intuitive Healing Artist with a combined 17-years of experience, both working and teaching in the health and wellness industry. After starting with a kinesiology degree, she has committed herself to life-long learning and professional excellence, striving to always find the most beneficial and effective modalities to help her clients reach their optimal health. A hands-on specialist, some of Jackie's modalities of choice include massage therapy, Chi Nei Tsang Thai Abdominal Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, movement re-patterning, and breath and energy work.Jackie most recently became a certified Culinary Nutritionist, marrying her passions for food and health into one big life-changing collective. She also studied Mindful Meditation through the University of Massachusetts’ Mindfulness Institute and incorporates mindfulness into every aspect of her daily life and teachings. Her #1 mission is to get you tuned into your own body and to apply whatever works best for...

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27 Apr 2020

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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 001: Let’s Talk About Poop, with Jackie Mirkopoulos

Move Daily Health Podcast

When it comes to health, poop is a big deal. In today's episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome Jackie Mirkopoulos, co-founder of Evolve Holistic, to talk about digestion.What is "normal" digestion? Do you suffer from bloating, constipation or diarrhea? Are you walking around all day every day sucking in your gut? If any of this speaks to you, give us a listen and take your next steps towards optimal health.Key topics:0:30 - Who is Jackie Mirkopoulos and why are we talking about poop?3:20 - What is normal bowel frequency? Are you constipated?7:05 - Common causes of bloating11:15 - Tips for mindful eating13:15 - What if you don’t have time to eat mindfully?18:10 - Common causes of constipation26:15 - The 3 most important factors for avoiding constipation27:45 - Common causes of loose stools and diarrhea31:15 - When to look into elimination diets34:15 - For the ladies, Jackie discusses “Period Shits”35:45 - The power of abdominal massage38:30 - #freethebelly38:55 - Where you can learn more about JackieMentioned in this episode:https://www.movewelldaily.com/health-habits/ https://www.movewelldaily.com/digestive-system/ https://www.movewelldaily.com/intuitive-health-bloating/ https://www.movewelldaily.com/intuitive-health-constipation/ https://www.movewelldaily.com/digestive-health-solutions/More about Jackie Mirkopoulos:Jackie Mirkopoulos is the co-founder of Evolve Holistic and its sub-brand The Intuitarian Lifestyle™. Over the years, through the immense amount of knowledge she has acquired through the beautiful teachers + healers + friends + family + people she’s met travelling + the people that are fleeting in her life – all the inspiring souls she has learned from, Jackie has truly realized what is means to manifest what you already know. To embrace your intuition – to let your senses guide you.The live an Inutitarian Lifestyle™ you must leverage what you have learned from all those beautiful teachers in your life. Look within yourself + find what works for you. Even if that looks different to someone else – it’s okay. We are all different + unique beings. All with different body types, genetics, features, interests, needs and stories – not one of us are the same.After years of trying different diets and trying various wellness fads – Jackie has learned what works for her body. She listens to what it is telling her. She doesn’t follow a certain pattern or philosophy. She ensures she is filling her body with goodness. Chemical free ingredients and having a diet that is nourishing (which for her is a clean + healthy + seasonal diet.)  When she needs a treat (not a cheat! ) she has one, guilt free! By listening to what her body is telling her, she has become more balanced than ever before. Making the best decisions for herself came with understanding her needs deeply and making lifestyle adjustments that would help her live her best life.Finding the ultimate self-care plan for yourself comes with trying different methods + finding what truly works for you. It’s important to be mindful of what your body mind and soul is telling you. In a society full of demands and technological advancements, it is important to remember that we are HOMO SAPIENS. We are animals. That have emotions. That benefit from having connections to OTHER HOMO SAPIENS. Part of the disconnect we sometimes feel with ourselves is due to the fact that we do not take enough time to be quiet with our Selves.Lets go back to the essence of what is to be human. Lets take a minute and pause. Listen to what is happening inside of you, What are your Selves saying to you?That is where we start our journey into an Intuitarian Lifestyle.Connect with Jackie:EvolveHolistic.comJackie@EvolveHolistic.comFacebook: Evolve HolisticInstagram: @Intuitarian_LifestyleIf you enjoyed our conversation and would like to hear more:


5 Nov 2018

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