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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ashley Neese. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ashley Neese, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ashley Neese. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ashley Neese, often where they are interviewed.

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How To Have Better Relationships & Emotional Resilience Through Breathwork {Featuring Ashley Neese}

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Ashley Neese is a breathwork teacher and author who guides people into their bodies to go beyond the cognitive mind in order to cultivate resilience, develop relational intelligence and trust the wisdom within.

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Oct 08 2019 · 50mins
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Episode 134: How To Breathe (Breathwork 101) with Ashley Neese

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This week, I’m talking to Ashley Neese. Ashley is a renowned breathwork teacher and the author of How To Breathe: 25 Simple Practices for Calm, Joy, and Resilience. She has studied with some of the world’s leading masters in yoga, meditation, medical intuition, and somatic therapy.

In this episode, Ashley and I talk about her recovery from addiction, how learning about yoga/meditation in rehab lead her to breathwork, what breathwork is (and how it differs from meditation), how breathing can help us hit pause and self-regulate our emotions, and how you can begin to practice (right now). 

Here’s Ashley: 

Show Notes:  

Basic Kitchen Salad Project 
Well Summit 


Ashley Neese’s Website + Instagram 
How To Breathe: 25 Simple Practices for Calm, Joy, and Resilience
How To Breathe Deeper Book Club (use code ONEPART15 for 15% off)
Light On Yoga: The Bible Of Modern Yoga 
Mountain Rose
Moon Time Tea To Ease PMS 
Ashley’s Retreat in Mexico


One Part Plant Cookbook
Know Your Endo
One Part Podcast Family Community Page


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Aug 08 2019 · 1hr 14mins

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[112] Somatic Breathwork + The Importance of Gratitude with Ashley Neese

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Mentioned in the episode:

Thank you to today's sponsor, Les Mills On Demand: FREE 30-day trial Check out Ashley’s Book: How to Breathe Ashley's Gratitude Lists: https://ashleyneese.com/category/gratitude/

We're BACK! After a nice 6-week summer hiatus, we are back with all new episodes of That's So Maven and the official release of season 5! I've got a stellar line-up of guests for you and couldn't be more excited to be launching this season with one of my all-time favorite humans, Ashley Neese.

Ashley is a somatic breathwork healer.... We also met each other a few years ago when I was on one of her retreats. She is kind, compassionate and truly a gift to the world. I'm honored she came on the show to share her story with me. I'm opening the show with a little life update and some changes happening around here and then we're jumping into the good stuff. Enjoy! Today we're chatting about:

  • Ashley's upbringing and her history with addiction
  • Discovering meditation and breathwork in rehab and connecting with her sponsor
  • Breath and the nervous system- why breathing is so important
  • Separating breathwork from yoga and meditation
  • Modernizing breathwork for the 21st century
  • Breathwork for new moms
  • How to be consistent with your breathwork practice
  • ...and so much more!

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Follow Ashley:

Website: https://ashleyneese.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashley_neese/

Aug 07 2019 · 1hr
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Season 8, Episode 4: Breathe Your Way to Consistency with Ashley Neese

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Most behavior change and self-help targets our brain and thoughts. Yet the ability to think clearly (instead of spiraling) and be in choice consistently rests largely on the state of our nervous system. Renowned Breathworker Ashley Neese shares with us:

  • How breathwork can help us resolve the root cause of our hard-to-break habits
  • How breathwork helps us be in choice around our emotions (and why this is more important than control)
  • Simple, accessible ways to integrate breathwork into your life

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Jun 26 2019 · 1hr 15mins

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How To Breathe with Ashley Neese

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I'm back from podcast sabbatical :) and so happy to share this new episode with all of you! Ashley Neese is a breathwork teacher and author of the book How To Breathe. In this episode we explore how Ashley came to do this work. We also unpack the power of breath, and the ways that breath shows up as a landing space in both our harder moments and in the joys of simple moments. We explore the relationship between our breath, our emotions, and our bodies. I also share an e-mail that Ashley sent to me a year ago when she needed to create some space in her life and couldn't record an episode at that time. I believe this e-mail is a beautiful representation of how we can create space while also honoring our relationships. You can follow Ashley Neese on social media here and at www.ashleyneese.com. You can also buy her book here!

This episode is sponsored by Fusion Academy. Fusion is a revolutionary school, offering a completely personalized learning experience for middle school and high school students. Through their thoughtfully-designed approach of Love, Motivate, Teach, Fusion sees students change their understanding of themselves and the futures they have the power to create. You can read more about Fusion by visiting their website at www.fusionacademy.com. 

Apr 29 2019 · 48mins
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2. Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past with Ashley Neese

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It's time to clear the mind, open the heart & heal the body...with breathwork. Breathwork, like meditation has become a method of natural healing for anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma and chronic physical pain. Breathwork expert, Ashley Neese learned to meditate out of necessity after getting sober and has since became a renowned breathwork teacher and author. She has studied with some of the world’s leading masters in yoga, meditation, medical intuition and somatic therapy. This month, her new book, “How to Breathe” came out and it introduces the foundations of breathwork. Today, she and Maria break it down for you. Ashley not only shares her journey, but also outlines the research-supported benefits of the practice, explains how the breath relates to emotions, resilience and mindfulness and how we can incorporate her teachings into our day-to-day lives.


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Apr 22 2019 · 1hr 9mins
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084: How to Breathe for Body Love with Ashley Neese

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We’re talking breathwork with renowned author and teacher Ashley Neese. Ashley discusses the benefits of breathwork, and offers simple and effective breathwork strategies you can start using today.

This is an honest and vulnerable conversation with tons of tactical takeaways on the basics of breathwork, and specific tips for using breath to find more body love.

Show Notes (under episode 84)

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Mar 27 2019 · 48mins
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Ep. 64 ft. Ashley Neese - Breathwork 101 with the Ultimate Breath Goddess

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Jordan chats with her friend and breathwork inspiration Ashley Neese, a leading breathwork specialist and absolutely radiant soul. Ashley used to do a lot of all sorts of things in the wellness space (think teaching yoga, health coaching, leading meditations, and so on), but she started focusing on her core passion that set her soul on FIRE – a huge testament to the art of focusing inward in order to create big things. Being an expert on one subject is no joke.

Breathwork sounds really simple, but the true practice is way more than just breathing; it’s a form of active meditation that can help you stay grounded in yourself, your truth, and your authenticity, can help regulate your nervous system, AND it can be life-changing -- if you let it. Dive into what breathwork is with Jordan and Ashley, and you’ll never want to go back!

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Nov 29 2017 · 1hr 8mins
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024: How to Breathe for Health with Ashley Neese

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We are diving into breath this week with our guest, Ashley Neese. In this episode we discuss why a breathwork practice is so important, how to do it, common misconceptions, and how to use breath to improve your overall health.

Ashley Neese is a courageous guide who empowers people to heal themselves. She holds a MFA from the California College of the Arts and is a leading expert in the breathwork field. Her private sessions, workshops, retreats, and lifestyle journal guide spirit seekers towards living with their hearts wide open.

Ashley works with clients all over the world and has been featured in Vouge, Well + Good, Freunde von Freunden, Jenni Kayne, The Chalkboard Mag, MindBodyGreen, ELLE Japan, Free + Native, and The Nourished Journal. She is regularly invited to speak at conferences and podcasts and teach for corporations. Ashley’s recent engagements include, MindBodyGreen’s Revitalize, That’s So Retrograde, The Balanced Blonde, Goop, WeWork, FOX, BuzzFeed, True Botanicals, Lululemon, and Kit + Ace.


Key Takeaways

Ashley’s story and how she recovered from addiction.

The key to breathing for health.

Why the exhale matters.

How to add a breathwork practice into your weekly routine.


Show Resources

The Science of Slow Deep Breathing

The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Fitter, Slimmer and Faster

Guest Information

Website: ashleyneese.com

Instagram: @ashleyneese

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Nov 15 2017 · 45mins
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Ep 118: Breath Werq (guest: Ashley Neese)

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Energy medicine healer, Ashley Neese, joins Elizabeth and Stephanie to share her expertise on the healing powers of breath work. Guiding us in the simple practice, she then coaches us on how to bring it into some trigger situations a.k.a the ultimate spiritual test: Thanksgiving with the fam. Listener mail goes into cannabis use whilst breast feeding and the girls Rose and Thorn about card readings, birthday celebrations, revelations, and skin triumphs!

Nov 11 2017 · 54mins