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Title: EP. 67 Simplify your life; Eliminate physical, emotional and calendar clutter so you can focus on what matters most. with Special Guest Emily McDermott

The No-Problem Parenting™ Podcast

Welcome Back No-Problem Parents! Is your calendar and your "to-do" list causing you to feel overwhelmed? My guest today defines overwhelm as "too much"- too much stuff, too many to-do's, and too many thoughts distracting us from what's truly important. Too much "stuff" causes choice overload and decision fatigue. Meet Emily McDermott, owner of Simple By Emmy. Emily shares how her Eliminate, Delegate, Automate framework can help us free up our most important resources of time, energy, focus, and attention. Addressing Clutter is a key step to eliminate overwhelm- physical, calendar, and emotional clutter impacts our health and well-being as well as our children's health. Physical clutter raises anxiety and cortisol/stress levels in us and is visual stimulus overload for our children. A crammed calendar causes us anxiety and stress because it's impossible to "do it all" (as much as we may try) and it is detrimental for kids to be over-scheduled without being able to have the space and time for unstructured play and rest. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, as well as distractions from technology and other sources cause us to feel fragmented and makes it harder to be present with our kids and our spouse/partners. Download Emily's https://simplebyemmy.com/ https://www.instagram.com/simplebyemmy/ https://www.facebook.com/simplebyemmy/ info@simplebyemmy.com Want access to ALL of Jaci's favorite resources, trainings, parenting course and all things No-Problem Parenting? Learn more at https://www.noproblemparents.com/ Ready to get started and become the confident leader your kids crave you to be? Join our Private Parenting Community for just $397 or $47/month: https://www.noproblemparenting.com/ Hugs and High Fives, Jaci


31 May 2022

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EP207: Swedish Death Cleaning: Morbid or Mandatory? with Emily McDermott

Minimalist Moms Podcast

Swedish Death Cleaning, or döstädning, is removing unnecessary items and preparing your home so that your loved ones aren’t burdened by them after you pass away. While the book that made it famous in 2017, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson, focuses mostly on people who are in their sixties or “when the time is coming closer for you to leave the planet”, there is no reason why we can’t start today as younger moms who don’t want to burden our spouse/partners and loved ones. One question: If you were to die tomorrow, what would your loved ones have to do? Here to walk us through the practicals of this question is writer and fellow minimalist, Emily McDermott. Emily will answer questions such as: Who is death cleaning for? How long is this process? Should we tell our families? What are the lessons we can learn from this culture? And more…----Show Notes for EP207: Swedish Death Cleaning: Morbid or Mandatory?Enjoy this Podcast?Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your fellow mothers so that they can be inspired to think more and do with less. Order (or review) my recent book, Minimalist Moms: Living & Parenting With SimplicityQuestions? You can contact me through my website, find me on Instagram, or like The Minimalist Moms Page on Facebook.Thanks for listening! For more updates and episodes, visit the website. You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher.Checkout the Minimalist Moms Podcast storefront for recommendations from Diane.If you enjoyed today’s episode of the Minimalist Moms Podcast, then hit subscribe and share it with your friends!Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/minimalist-moms-podcast2093/exclusive-contentAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


1 Feb 2022

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75. Five Steps to Preserve Your Time and Resources with Emily McDermott

The Corporate Side Hustler

Life can get a little overwhelming at times as a corporate side-hustler, mom, and the many other titles you have. Emily McDermott is my guest today and she knows how tiring dealing with overwhelm can get. As an Air Force wife and mom to two boys, she helps other mompreneurs banish decision fatigue and make room for what matters most in her online course Moms Overcoming Overwhelm. In today’s episode, Emily shares how to simplify and streamline excess in order to preserve your focus, time, and energy. She also walks you through 5 steps that’ll help you cut out the excess in your life. This episode isn’t just for busy moms and corporate side-hustlers, it’s for anyone who wants to learn how to navigate overwhelm by living a simplified and minimalist life. Episode Highlights What drew Emily to simplicity and minimalism [3:57] How to set time blocks throughout your day [8:23] Setting your top 3 goals within your time block [11:37] Removing decisions from your time block [13:05] Deciding what to eliminate or delegate [16:28] Making your top 3 a habit [19:50] Thank you for tuning in this week! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review and subscribe for more on how to build your authority and audience on the gram while juggling all the things and other tips on building your side-hustle from myself and our amazing guests! Connect with Emily McDermott Simple by Emmy blog: https://www.simplebyemmy.com 50 Questions Minimalists Ask: https://simplebyemmy.com/50questions Moms Overcoming Overwhelm Course: https://momsovercomingoverwhelm.newzenler.com/ Connect with Lisa: http://www.thecorporatesidehustler.com/bingeworthy https://www.thecorporatesidehustler.com/podcast https://anchor.fm/thecorporatematchmaker https://www.instagram.com/thecorporatesidehustler


9 Jun 2021

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The Power of Small Steps with Emily McDermott [Episode 159]

Thriving In Motherhood Podcast

This weeks chat with Emily McDermott @simplebyemmy covers how to simplify the choices we make, how to make progress in small pockets of time, and the power of energy mapping in helping you be confident in navigating your days.


5 May 2021

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004- "Living My Legacy" by: Emily McDermott

Mapping Through Life

Featuring "Living My Legacy" by: Emily McDermott found at Simple By Emmy *What it really means to leave a legacy that we are proud of*How important it is to embrace a life that supports your values*Why it's crucial to live out your values in your day to day actions*Understand why we fall off track and distract ourselves from living out our purpose*A simple reminder to “Live Your Legacy” will help you stay on track and move forward boldlyEmily McDermott is an Air Force wife and mom to two boys living in Fairfax, Virginia. Her blog Simple by Emmy chronicles her journey to a simpler and more intentional life.Emily helps moms of young children understand their deepest "why", banish decision fatigue, and make room for what matters most in her online course Moms Overcoming Overwhelm. She is also the author of the children’s book Little One and enjoys writing custom poetry, dancing, and eating peanut butter out of the jar.https://mappingthroughlife.com/004


25 Nov 2020

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Minimalist Mom Spotlight: Emily McDermott

Minimalist Moms Podcast

A new series focused on 'real' minimalist moms: It’s odd to refer to this series that way but I wanted to encourage the everyday mom that you don’t have to go to extremes (or have a giant platform) to influence minimalism to those around you. Today I bring you my conversation with mama, Emily McDermott.  Emily is a wife, mother of two boys, and simplicity seeker. Her desire is to cut through the noise and the “stuff” of everyday life to live mindfully, intentionally, and in a way that reflects her priorities and values. She loves to share her discoveries on my Simple By Emmy, and is also a regular contributor at No Sidebar. Find all the resources mentioned in this show: Show Notes for Minimalist Mom Spotlight: Emily McDermott Let’s keep the conversation going on our Facebook page or Instagram! Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/minimalist-moms-podcast2093/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


8 May 2020

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570: 4 Ways to Combat Mental Clutter by Emily McDermott with No Sidebar on Parenting Tips & Raising Children

Optimal Relationships Daily

Emily McDermott with No Sidebar shares 4 ways to combat mental clutter. Episode 570: 4 Ways to Combat Mental Clutter by Emily McDermott with No Sidebar on Parenting Tips & Raising Children No Sidebar was created by Brian Gardner and is all about designing a simpler life. He and the contributing authors want to help you figure out what's getting in your way, at home and at work. They want to help you let go of distractions, online and off--to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart and soul. The original post is located here: https://nosidebar.com/combat-mental-clutter/ Visit Me Online at OLDPodcast.com & in The O.L.D. Facebook Group and Join the Ol' Family to get your Free Gifts


15 Nov 2019

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Living Your Legacy with Emily McDermott [Episode 62]

Thriving In Motherhood Podcast

Emily is a mother of two who seeks for intentional and simple living. She talks about a thought exercise to help her find her legacy and live it now. She talks about getting rid of the mental, emotional, and physical clutter in her life. She talks about the morning routine she has recently implemented (since getting to sleep through the night!) and how that has opened her mind to be able to focus. She asks herself "Am I present? Am I joyful? Am I calm?" and uses that mantra as a check for herself throughout her day. She journals in her 5 Minute Journal to focus herself on gratitude and a low-tech start to the day. Emily also uses her "Hello Emily Morning Routine" to help set her tone for the entire day. Emily's struggles with Unexplained Infertility started to define her motherhood journey by helping her to realize that she was not in control of everything no matter how hard she worked. She learned that what she can control was how she reacts to difficulties and that simplifying her life was an absolute essential part to keep her mentally and emotionally healthy. She talks about the ongoing process of finding peace with struggles and accepting that "God is God and I am not." Emily explains about how we don't like to act different than our identity, which sometimes requires us to adjust the concept of our own identity to what God has in store for us. Reminding ourselves of the identity we have (or want to have) can help us to remain present, joyful, and calm. Emily embraces minimalist in the definition that involved removing the things that distract from your purpose. She analyzes her physical items, calendar items, and mental self-talk to try to weed out what isn't serving her goals. She teaches the importance of detaching from our own thoughts and observing them from a kind bystander perspective. Emily explains her experience with beginning to meditate, just focused on breathing. She uses breathing as a reset and transition between activities and emotions and anchoring practice in her day. Success, to Emily, is knowing what she wants to accomplish in her day that are truly important (not to-dos) that allows her to be present and involved with her children. She is trying to take a step back and not worry about documenting every moment, but experience it instead. She also considers success modeling the behaviors she wants her children to value. When she focuses on what her "why" is, it brings everything else greater clarity. Emily imagines talking with her son about him asking "What did you do with your time when you weren't taking care of us?" She uses that question to help create her legacy that she wants to leave to her children, not of tangible things, but the results of her daily actions. She wants to leave more than the memory of scrolling through social media and doesn't want the excuse of being too tired to stop her from achieving her goals and dreams. Emily teaches that her legacy also reflects back to her identity and values. Emily has mastered being "Mamadexterous" which is the the ability to do a lot of things with your non-dominate hand while holding a baby on your hip. She is working on approaching new phases and skills of her children with wonder and excitement rather than dread.


26 Jun 2019

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72. Courtney Guth and Emily McDermott, Book of the Mouse Club Podcast

The Tomorrow Society Podcast

In our tech-driven world, there are so many options to stay connected. Podcasts, YouTube videos, and Instagram stories are just a small part of what’s out there. Despite the wide range of choices, few of them beat the enjoyment of a good book.… Read more... The post 72. Courtney Guth and Emily McDermott, Book of the Mouse Club Podcast appeared first on Tomorrow Society.


27 May 2019

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Being Happily Replaceable, Spreadsheet Poets, and Fertility Challenges with Emily McDermott – SASM 096

Smart and Simple Matters: Creating Community, Simplicity, and Authenticity with You

This episode features Emily McDermott on why asking for help early prevents getting overwhelmed later, how having an accountability partner can change your life (even if you've never met), and whether happiness can come from making yourself replaceable at work. The post Being Happily Replaceable, Spreadsheet Poets, and Fertility Challenges with Emily McDermott – SASM 096 appeared first on JoelZaslofsky.com.

21 Mar 2016