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Standing Out in a Crowded Field: Podcasting with Erica Mandy, The NewsWorthy

I Make a Living

If you think television journalism is glamorous, Erica Mandy is here to set you straight. She started as a “one-woman band” in a small TV news market, where reporting on location often meant that she was the photographer, camera operator, writer, editor...all while also being the on-air journalist. “That weeds out the people who are in it just to be on TV,” she laughs, comparing her small-town news experience to “grad school” for TV journalists. Over the next seven years, she worked in successively larger markets, finally landing at CBS News in Los Angeles. She was there for three years, working on-air in the second-largest TV news market in the country. But Erica’s passion wasn’t just the news—it was the news in a whole new way. In 2017, she left CBS to launch The NewsWorthy, a daily news podcast that offered a “fair, fast and fun” look at the day’s top stories, all delivered in fifteen minutes or less. When she started, audiences were tuning out the news altogether, saying it was too biased, time-consuming, depressing, and overwhelming. “Those were the four words everyone kept saying,” she says. She decided to solve the problem for people who didn’t want to be left out of the current-events loop altogether, but who needed a different avenue to consume it. She knew she was on the right track when the heavy hitters started launching their own podcasts. From the time she conceived the idea to the day she finished her contract with CBS New, Erica watched a number of big players enter the arena with their own news podcasts. After a brief crisis of confidence, she decided to forge ahead. “I realized that the whole point of me starting this was that I brought something new to the table. I offered something unique, which was the vibe of the show.” Her credibility as a journalist allowed her to cultivate a more independent viewpoint on current affairs, allowing folks to trust her unbiased POV and her approachable voice. Instead of competition, Erica now sees the bigger producers like NPR as allies. The big shops are an entry point for listeners, who might start with the biggest news shows, but then look around for what else is out there. That’s where The NewsWorthy lives.After her first year, she looked back and asked two questions: “Did I start to make money? And am I moving in the right direction?” She had made her first dollar, and listeners were reaching out to say they felt more informed and more able to participate in civil life— she even inspired some new voters! She’s also expanded her team so she can focus on growing the podcast “as a business,” taking a data-driven approach to advertising, as well as partnering with investors who bring not just money, but also visibility, credibility, and the ability to hire additional staffers. “Some of those resources that I got from the investment, were more important than the funding.” Her focus has switched from delivering daily content to the long-term, broad-scope vision for the show, and it was “so nice” to have time freed up for other parts of her business. Lately, Erica’s pregnancy has underscored the need to ensure her business can run without her day-to-day involvement, including hiring a temporary host for the podcast. “It doesn’t have to be me all the time,” she says; it just proves that being a smaller player just means there’s always room to grow. ResourcesTo learn more about our guest, go to https://www.ericamandy.com/To learn more about FreshBooks and take advantage of an offer exclusive to our podcast listeners, go to freshbooks.com/podcast Follow us on social @freshbooks, and remember to subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as they become available! 


24 May 2021

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How to Create a Daily Podcast - Erica Mandy

For the Love of Podcast

Erica Mandy is an award-winning broadcast journalist and former CBS news reporter turned podcaster. You may recognize her voice from her daily show, The Newsworthy, where she helps people stay informed with convenient, unbiased, and less depressing daily news.Her show is listed as a top daily news podcast on Apple Podcasts, recommended as a 'Best News App' by Fast Company, and featured as a 'Can't Miss' podcast on Stitcher.Since launching in 2017, the show has received millions of downloads and has doubled its reach every year.In this episode, she shares exactly how she did it. She tells us what it was like during the first year when she didn’t have the support of a team. We learn what challenges she has faced as she walks us step-by-step of what it’s like to produce a daily news show. She even talks about how her background as a journalist has helped her, and how she thinks about tone and word choice to make sure the show feels as conversational as possible.You can learn more about Mandy:Website:https://www.thenewsworthy.com/Social Media:https://www.facebook.com/newsworthypodhttps://twitter.com/newsworthypodhttps://www.instagram.com/newsworthypod/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Feb 2021

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The NOW Normal: Erica Mandy Is The Only One Keeping You Informed In Just Ten Minutes A Day

The Only One In The Room

We close out our seventh season with our friend and podcaster, Erica Mandy. Erica helps people stay informed without the overwhelm with the daily news podcast, The NewsWorthy. Erica is an award-winning broadcast journalist and former TV news reporter. Erica spent the last decade -- on TV, radio, and online -- reporting news and sharing stories around the country.As a TV news reporter, she was live on the scene during terrorist attacks, wildfires, and federal court rulings, to name a few. She's interviewed politicians, CEOs, experts, and everyday people doing extraordinary things. Erica quit her job as a TV news reporter in Los Angeles to launch The NewsWorthy: an unbiased daily roundup of politics, tech, business, and entertainment that makes it faster, easier and more fun to get all the news you need to know. Listen on-the-go in less than 10 minutes, Monday through Friday.Website: https://www.theNewsWorthy.comSee Media Features Here: https://www.theNewsWorthy.com/mediaListen to The Newsworthy on these Podcast Apps: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify“Smart Link”Instagram: @newsworthypodTwitter: @newsworthypodFacebook: @newsworthypodLinkedIn: Erica MandyBe sure not to miss our weekly full episodes on Tuesdays and Scott Talks now released on Wednesdays by subscribing to the show wherever you listen to podcasts. Join our Only One In The Room Facebook Group if you'd like to ask a question of any of our upcoming guests for this series. Also visit the website www.theonlyonepod.com for the latest from our host Laura Cathcart Robbins like featured articles and more.We love hearing from you in the comments on iTunes and while you're there don't forget to rate us, subscribe and share the show!All of us at The Only One In The Room wish you safety and wellness during this challenging time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Nov 2020

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14. How this podcaster BOOKED UP Her Podcast Ads For The YEAR | Erica Mandy

Podcast Coaching with Christine

Experienced news reporter Erica Mandy’s podcast THE NEWSWORTHY has millions of downloads and is keeping people informed on what’s going on in the world in a fast, fair and fun way. Her daily podcast has sold out of mid-roll ads for the year! In this episode, She opens up about how she did it, she shares the bumps in her podcasting journey and how she’s “pivoted” her strategy through COVID-19. Learn more at thenewsworthy.com Learn more about Christine at christine-odonnell.com 


27 Apr 2020

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299: The COVID-19 News You Need to Know Right Now with Journalist Erica Mandy of The NewsWorthy

Food Heals

There is a lot of COVID-19 news out there and it seems like things are changing almost every hour and it's a lot for us to take in. It's overwhelming, it's scary, it's stressful. So I can think of no better person than Journalist Erica Mandy to break it down for us. Erica is an experienced broadcast journalist who was tired of the talking heads and alarmist headlines, so she quit her high-profile TV news job to create something new- and that's when The NewsWorthy was born. She’s passionate about helping you stay informed, save time and feel less overwhelmed and depressed by the news. In today's episode we break down the key things you need to know to stay safe and healthy, how and why our day to day lives are being impacted, and we share the positive news coming out of all the chaos. Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU! Learn more at FoodHealsNation.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Mar 2020

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Erica Mandy Makes the News Fast, Fair and Fun with The Newsworthy

In Happier News

Erica Mandy is an award-winning broadcast journalist who is on a mission to build a new kind of media network, starting with her daily news podcast, The NewsWorthy. It provides all the day’s news in less than 10 minutes in a convenient, unbiased, and less depressing way – in what she calls “fast, fair and fun.” She's also  been named one of "50 Women Changing the World in Media & Entertainment."   I’m such a fan on her podcast, and in fact, it inspired me a lot to rebrand this podcast as the In Happier News podcast and have a weekly show of positive news in 10 minutes or less.  In this interview on Episode 42, learn why she left her career in tv news at a top news station to pursue a podcast, what she thinks could be done to better support journalists in the field who witness and report on traumatic events, and how you can stay informed about the latest news without feeling anxiety or depressed by all the negativity.  Links:  Website: https://www.theNewsWorthy.com  If you have a great story to share or feedback, connect at InHappierNews.com. We also appreciate nice ratings and reviews, that helps others find the podcast. Thanks for helping spread positivity, be sure to subscribe so that you always get the latest dose of news to brighten your day.   About the host: Deanne Goodman is a journalist, mom, speaker and co-founder of Kombucha On Tap. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook. In Happier News also has it's own Instagram page @inhappiernews where you'll find inspiration and information on the latest episodes. 


19 Aug 2019

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006: Erica Mandy from theNewsWorthy

Podcasting Business School

I was SO excited to get to interview one of my favorite podcasters this week! . Award-winning broadcast journalist, speaker and former TV news reporter Erica Mandy is leading a movement to enjoy the news again. . She’s founder and host of the daily news show, theNewsWorthy, where she combines more than a decade of journalism experience with her own voice and style to provide “fast, fair and fun" daily news updates in less than 10 minutes. She believes news doesn't have to be so depressing, boring or time-consuming! . In this episode Erica and I take a deep dive behind the scenes of her show and discuss: . Her motivation to quit her dream job as a broadcast journalist and start a podcast. . The growth strategies that have worked well for her so far. . How she's able to pull off a daily show where she can't pre record any episodes. . Her thoughts of monetizing her show. ........................... This interview was a lot of fun, and as a podcaster I got a lot out of it. . If you are looking for a daily news podcast to listen to be sure to subscribe to theNewsWorthy   You can learn more about Erica's 10-minute daily news show at www.theNewsWorthy.com.   Connect with Erica on social media:  www.instagram.com/ericamandynewswww.twitter.com/theNWpodcastwww.facebook.com/EricaMandy   Ready to launch(or re-launch) YOUR Podcast?   Check out www.LaunchFixGrow.com and get a FREE 30 day trial inside of our Premiere Podcast Bootcamp


8 Nov 2018

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168 Erica Mandy - Making the News Fun Again

Podcast Junkies

After 10 plus years as a television news reporter, Erica Mandy decided to quit her job and pursue a career in podcasting. After discovering podcasts while commuting to work each day, she realized she wanted to listen to news that wasn’t so much in the style of NPR, but still gave her a good overview and left her feeling energized instead of depleted. With her journalism background and extensive television broadcasting experience, she took the skills she learned in the studio and applied them to podcasting. Now Erica is the host of her own show, The News Worthy, where in less than 10 minutes you can listen to the news in a fun and easily digestible way. (Sorry NPR) Her goal is to keep more people informed so that they can choose what impacts them the most and decide what topics they would like to dive deeper into. 04:57 - Where I met Erica 07:31 - Overcast app 08:38 - The first time she became aware what was happening in the podcasting world 09:44 - When she first got the idea to start a news podcast 11:55 - If she considers being a reporter entrepreneurial 14:19 - The feedback she received on leaving her job and starting a podcast 15:42 - How many iterations of her podcast music she went through 19:06 - The goal of Newsworthy 20:24 - How the different jobs she did as a news reporter helped her with podcasting 22:13 - Whether or not journalism students have reached out to her to intern 25:03 - The process she uses to sort and select which stories to report on 26:21 - One of the things she dislikes about TV news that she avoids on her show 28:09 - How she emphasizes reminding her audience on topics that have been previously covered to ensure they understand it 29:16 - The Net Neutrality spoof from Burger King 32:26 - If she thinks she will start offering coaching services in the future 34:14 - If she ever got attached to the subject matter she used to report on 36:40 - Bringing on experts from different perspectives and backgrounds 42:27 - The mentors who were important to her during her career in journalism 48:26 - The support she’s received from her parents 52:26 - Something she’s changed her mind about recently 52:56 - The most misunderstood thing about her Full Show Notes: http://podcastjunkies.com/Erica-Mandy-interview★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★ This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


16 May 2018

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034 | Erica Mandy | Founder & Host of theNewsWorthy Podcast

Day in the Life

On today's show, I have Erica Mandy who is the Founder & Host of theNewsWorthy podcast. If you aren't familiar, theNewsWorthy podcast is a daily news show that provides "fast, fair, and fun" daily news updates in less than 10 minutes, Monday-Friday. Erica is passionate about providing a credible, unbiased and fun option for those who wish to stay informed but are short on time and find traditional media too depressing. We chat about her background in broadcast journalism and how she left her job to start theNewsWorthy, advice she'd give to anyone who wants to work in broadcast journalism or the podcasting industry, how she selects the news topics she shares and where she gets her sources from, struggles and proud moments of her career, and so much more! Excited for you to tune in and hope you enjoy! Full show notes at: http://brittneyllynn.com/034 In today's episode, you'll find out: Why she decided to start theNewsWorthy podcast and how she left her reporter job. How she's grown the podcast and tips for fellow podcasters on how to get started. How she decides what news is top priority to share on the podcast. The one thing she struggles with most being the founder of theNewsWorthy. One of her most proudest moments from her career. The sources she uses to pull the headlines she shares on theNewsWorthy. Her one piece of advice to anyone who wants to work in broadcast journalism. Links mentioned: Serial podcast InsightTimer app Kidtripster.com Feedly / How To Use Feedly Follow Erica: Podcast Website Instagram Twitter Facebook Like the show? There are several ways you can help! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or Google Play Leave an honest review on iTunes. The ratings and reviews help for two reasons: 1) Most importantly, I get to know you, the listener, and what content you enjoy the most. 2) The more reviews the podcast has, the better chance it has at getting in front of new listeners. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Join the Facebook group to interact with guests and other listeners Join the Day in the Life newsletter

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15 May 2018

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Podcasting Killed the TV News Star with Erica Mandy

Monetize the Mic

Erica Mandy had a career in broadcast journalism when she decided to leave it all behind to start her own podcast news network, the NewsWorthy. In this episode, she talks with Alex and Cassi about what inspired her to start podcasting and what marketing strategies she's implementing that are rapidly growing the popularity of her show. And if you're thinking about podcasting or are new to the medium, Erica gives great advice on how to get your show going.  Resources Mentioned: the NewsWorthy Womensplaining Fan of the Band We Know What You Did on Fear Street


13 Apr 2018