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How Tough Times are a Gift in Ministry - Danielle Strickland - 42 - FrontStage BackStage with Jason Daye

FrontStage BackStage with Jason Daye - Healthy Leadership for Life and Ministry

In a world filled with skepticism, cynicism, defeat and despair, how can we as pastors and ministry leaders uncover authentic hope? In this week's conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Danielle Strickland. Danielle is a best-selling author and a powerful speaker. She's the founder of many ministries and gospel movements, and she's also launched and created several justice initiatives for the Salvation Army. Together, Danielle and Jason explore how cynicism can sometimes seep into our ministries. They also look at practices in which we can engage in our lives as we face challenging times to help us find the shalom center, so that we can lead out of the hope of Christ. Dig deeper into this conversation: Find the free Weekly Toolkit, including the Ministry Leaders Growth Guide, all resource links, and more at http://PastorServe.org/networkSome key takeaways from this conversation:Danielle Strickland on the importance of honesty as it relates to hope: “If you will not be honest about who you are and what you're struggling with, there will not be hope to be found, because hope is honest”Danielle Strickland on what to do if you're lacking in hope: "Hope is the living presence of God at work in the world... If you're lacking in hope, what you need is to spend time with hope… look for where God is at work….. and watch God show up”Danielle Strickland on why challenging times are a gift to the Church: "I think the season we're in as a Church, as a culture, is such a gift to us. Because what we kind of identify as sorrow is actually, just we're no longer self-sufficient. We can't do this, but with God. And that is a great gift to us, because what it's doing is it's knocking us down that vertical continuum into a center place where we actually come back into agreement: Oh, yeah, God does these things. God changes the human heart. God is our hope for a future that we can't see yet. God is the one that can actually give me what I need for today. God is the possibility of the future of the Church, for example. God is doing some things that I can't do."-------Looking to dig more deeply into this topic and conversation? FrontStage BackStage is much more than another church leadership show, it is a complete resource to help you and your ministry leaders grow. Every week we go the extra mile and create a free toolkit so you and Looking to dig more deeply into this topic and conversation? FrontStage BackStage is much more than another church leadership show, it is a complete resource to help you and your ministry leaders grow. Every week we go the extra mile and create a free toolkit so you and your ministry team can dive deeper into the topic that is discussed.Visit http://PastorServe.org/network to find the Weekly Toolkit, including the Ministry Leaders Growth Guide. Our team pulls key insights and quotes from every conversation with our guests. We also create engaging questions for you and your team to consider and process, providing space for you to reflect on how each episode's topic relates to your unique church context. Use these questions in your staff meetings, or other settings, to guide your conversation as you invest in the growth of your ministry leaders. Love well, live well, & lead well Complimentary Coaching Session for Pastors http://PastorServe.org/freesession Follow PastorServe LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookConnect with Jason Daye LinkedIn | Instagram...


31 Jan 2023

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S09 E05: The Other Side of Hope with Danielle Strickland

Word Made Digital

Welcome to the Word Made Digital Podcast! --- It is always an honour to have Danielle Stickland on the podcast. Not only is she wise and honest, but she isn't afraid of confronting our ways of thinking with the truth. She leads by example. In this week's episode of the podcast, Danielle is sharing what inspired her latest book "The Other Side of Normal". Join us! --- Learn more about Danielle Strickland: Instagram: @daniellejstricklandWebsite: www.daniellestrickland.com--- Learn more about Word Made Digital: Website: https://www.wordmadedigital.com/ Connect with us on Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/fsycm98m Join our Facebook Group "Digital Church": https://tinyurl.com/hfwuecm9 --- Thank you to our Season 9 sponsors: Compassion Canada: https://www.compassion.ca/​​​ Canadian Bible Society: https://biblesociety.ca/ ServeHQ: https://servehq.church/ ---Music: "Good Morning" by Laxcity Musicbed Licensed


19 Oct 2022

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HURT: Dr. Chip Dodd & Danielle Strickland

Rhythms for Life

We all experience hurt in our lives, and how we respond to this feeling can lead to either resentment or freedom and healing. In today’s episode, Dr. Chip Dodd helps us understand how the feeling of hurt is a catalyst to all the other feelings. Understanding how to respond when hurt can change the trajectory of our closest to relationships. We’ll also hear from Danielle Strickland, author of The Other Side of Hope, on how to avoid the cynicism that can develop from hope and instead, allow hope to heal us from past hurt.Purchase Danielle Strickland’s newest book, The Other Side of Hope, today.Purchase The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living by Chip Dodd.Learn more about Dr.Chip Dodd.Download the "Emotional Health Guide" and access the weekly teaching on video from Dr.Chip Dodd. Register now for the Emotional Health Retreat, Nov 17 & 18 in Franklin, TN!This season of Rhythms for Life is sponsored by the Christian Standard Bible. Find a copy you’d like at discount through this link.Click HERE start your free 2-week trial with prep dish today.


5 Oct 2022

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Danielle Strickland on hope

Susie Larson Live

Leader and author Danielle Strickland talks about her book "The Other Side of Hope: Flipping the Script on Cynicism and Despair and Rediscovering our Humanity". Strickland shares how meeting and knowing the love of God brought her to a deeper understanding of hope and where she sees hope today.


25 Aug 2022

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Conversation with Danielle Strickland

Hagar's Voice

In this episode we’re joined by Hagar’s Voice co-founder, Danielle Strickland.  It’s an informal chat about our origin story, the original Hagar character from scripture, theologies that promote the types of abuses we’re seeing in religious spaces right now & how to keep hope alive.  It was a delight to have her, enjoy!Gender narratives about God referenced from Danielle’s book “Better Together”Hope concepts previewed from her up-coming book “The Other Side of Hope”Danielle does a lot of work in justice and social improvement, check out her other involvements at DanielleStrickland.com If you're a survivor, we're here for you. Don't hesitate to reach out contact.hagarsvoice@gmail.com

1hr 6mins

1 Jul 2022

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Tehillah Talks – Danielle Strickland - Justice According To Jesus


This podcast interview Danielle Strickland, a leader in social justice work within the church. We discuss what it means to care for the marginalized the way Jesus does and how to ensure we are able to care for others without developing compassion fatigue or burnout. If you are currently working with individuals who have experienced trauma or you are interested in what role the church can and should play, this podcast is for you. About Danielle StricklandIG: @daniellejstrickland Danielle Strickland has immense experience leading the church in what it looks like to pursue social justice and advocate for the hurting. She has cared for people all over the world and started initiatives such as Brave Global, Amplified peace, Women Speakers Collective and more. She is a leader, an innovator, an advocate and it’s an honour to get to learn from her. Support the show


13 May 2022

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Ep 101 “Stick to Your Simple” (For the Good of the World)—Danielle Coke & Danielle Strickland

The Global Leadership Podcast

What if learning to focus simply on what you’ve been called to do could enhance your leadership and influence? In this conversation, entrepreneur, illustrator, and advocate Danielle Coke, shares all the different ways “finding her simple” has impacted her calling, her craft, and her leadership. Listen as this young leader shares her insights on “going viral”, knowing when to step back as a leader, and what it takes to keep creativity flowing in her life.


3 May 2022

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Danielle Strickland - A Spirit Of Freedom

BreakForthFullyAlive's podcast

Danielle seeks to cultivate an authentic Christian community in deprived neighborhoods, on the way to loving the last and the lost into God’s Kingdom. God is using her to help equip followers of Jesus in discipleship, holiness, justice, and evangelism thr


2 May 2022

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EPISODE 647 - Danielle Strickland // What Makes You a Good Human?

Catalyst Podcast

In this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Brad Lomenick sits down with Danielle Strickland for a wide-ranging conversation looking at the current state of church culture, the power of story, how to stay grounded and much more. Listen in as Danielle provides us a deep and robust definition of discipleship and reminds us that the measure of a disciple is not what we think, but how we live. Keep up with Danielle: Instagram: @daniellejstrickland Facebook: Danielle Strickland Twitter: @djstrickland Website: https://www.daniellestrickland.com


21 Apr 2022

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089 | Danielle Strickland, World-Leading Communicator and Justice Advocate + 10 Women Communicators to Know

H3 Leadership with Brad Lomenick

Our guest is Danielle Strickland, a speaker, justice advocate, peacemaker, author of multiple books including her latest Better Together, host of the Danielle Strickland Podcast and founder of multiple initiatives including the Women Speakers Collective, Infinitum, Brave Global and more. We discuss her advice to leaders right now, keys to effective communication, why character matters and more. Plus, check out the 5 Things from the Internet List and another round of Ten Women Communicators to Know. Make sure to visit http://h3leadership.com to access the list and all the show notes. Thanks again to our partners for this episode: Chemistry Staffing—helping churches of all sizes find the right leaders to add to their team. Get your FREE helpful download designed to help you understand what’s going on in the ministry workforce fueled by The Great Resignation at http://chemistrystaffing.com/H3. Plus, sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn how to attract top talent to your church at http://chemistrystaffing.com/H3. And, Generis—accelerating generosity in your church, school, college or non-profit. Get started at http://generis.com/get-started. Generis helps you build a thriving culture of generosity to help fund the ministry and reach your God-inspired vision. Connect with Generis at http://generis.com/get-started and schedule a FREE discovery session.


23 Mar 2022