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083 Publishing from Zero in 2021 with David Gaughran

The Rebel Author Podcast

Episode Show Notes In this episode we cover:  What are the key elements you need to take into account when starting from zero Most common indie publishing mistakes new writers make What business and platform basics do you need in place before you publish What marketing should a writer do when they only have one book How do you continue to get sales after launch? This week’s question is: What worries you about starting from zero? Recommendation of the week is: This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone Apple Kobo Amazon UK Amazon USA **This podcast uses affiliate links This is a link explaining how the book was written: A Conversation with Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone Links and events I mentioned: The Rebel Author Diaries Anthology Submissions are now open. Find out more here. Connect with David Gaughran: Website Youtube Twitter Rebel of the Week is: VAL NEIL If you’d like to be a Rebel of the week please do send in your story, it can be any kind of rebellion. You can email your rebel story to rebelauthorpodcast@gmail.com or instagram me @sachablackauthor 1 new patron this week, welcome and thank you to Jennifer Thompson. And  of course, a big thank you to all my existing patrons. If you’d like to support the show, and get early access to all the episodes as well as bonus content you can from as little as $2 a month by visiting: www.patreon.com/sachablack THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY KOBO WRITING LIFE Visit Kobo Writing Life here, read the Kobo Writing Life blog here, and listen to their podcast here.

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28 Apr 2021

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Industry Expert Interview: David Gaughran

The Author Revolution® Podcast

Have you been thinking about your 2021 marketing strategies yet? There are a number of levers an indie author can use from free books to promo sites and, of course, paid advertising. In today's podcast episode, I'm interviewing indie author and marketing guru, David Gaughran. We'll be diving into indie author marketing topics like promo stacking, free books versus 99 cent deals, and much more. You definitely won't want to miss it!Be sure to check out the show notes by going to authorrevolution.org/69.SUBSCRIBE & REVIEWAre you subscribed to my podcast? If not, I'd love for you to do so today because I'd hate for you to miss a single episode. We have big plans coming up and I know you'll want to listen to learn all you can from the experiences and author advice we're about to share.If you're feeling extra awesome today, I would be so thrilled if you'd share a review of the episode or show in general. Reviews help other listeners decide whether or not to have a listen.


24 Feb 2021

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Maximizing Amazon Sales with David Gaughran


Bestselling author William Bernhardt discusses the latest news from the world of books, offers writing tips, and interviews David Gaughran, book marketing expert and author of Amazon Decoded.Chapter 1: IntroductionTwo great new books on sale:Final Verdict (Daniel Pike Legal Thriller #6) by William BernhardtThe Jaguar Queen (Veritas Codex Paranormal Thriller #2) by Betsey KulakowskiChapter 2: Newsa) Publishers Weekly creates a new virtual book show.b) Josh Hawley finds a new publisher—distributed by Simon & Schuster.c) Publishers Marketplace reports that book deals increased in 2020.d) Ebook customers file antitrust lawsuit against Amazon.e) The new President and VP star in their own comic books.f) Braydon Harrington and Amanda Gorman (Inaugural Poet) have books forthcoming.g) Call the Poetry Hotline!Chapter 3: Writing TipsEvery author needs a good editor, and until the end of January, one of the best editors, Alicia Dean, is offering a great sale—only $200 for a content or developmental edit of the entire manuscript. Email Alicia@AliciaDean.com for details.Chapter 4: Interview Bernhardt talks to David Gaughran, author of a new edition of Amazon Decoded, on how writers can maximize their book sales in the current marketplace.Chapter 5: Parting WordsKeep writing!


25 Jan 2021

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Starting From Zero And Success With BookBub Ads With David Gaughran

The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers

When you've been self-publishing over a decade, it's easy to see how things have changed for indie authors and where the opportunities lie for publishing and marketing our books. In this wide-ranging interview, David Gaughran discusses the shifts in the industry, starting from zero, book marketing tips, and more.   In the intro, Audible launches […] The post Starting From Zero And Success With BookBub Ads With David Gaughran first appeared on The Creative Penn.

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28 Sep 2020

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How to build a following – with David Gaughran

Starke Schreiber Podcast

In today's show, we will talk about how to build a following online – the three essentials of an online following and platform, how to define a platform, email marketing, and all the mistakes you can make with email marketing. We will talk about blogging, Google, SEO, YouTube, and also Chris Nolan and Sylvester Stallone.    Here's where you can find David and more of his resources:  https://davidgaughran.com ❤️ [SUBSCRIBE]: https://bit.ly/346R4l9 🎁 [FREE BOOK] My guide to content creation - Storyteller's Blueprint - is FREE on my website. Download it here: https://storyartist.me


31 Aug 2020

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Indie Marketing Guru David Gaughran Shares Tips For Indie Publishing Success

Writer, Writer, Pants On Fire

Today's guest is David Gaughran, author of the historical adventures Liberty Boy, Mercenary & A Storm Hits Valparaiso, and has helped thousands of authors to self-publish their work via his workshops, blog, and books such as Let’s Get Digital, Let’s Get Visible, Amazon Decoded, Strangers to Superfans, BookBub Ads Expert, and Following. He has been featured in the Telegraph, the Irish Times, the Guardian, the Irish Examiner, the Sunday Times, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes, Mashable, New York Observer, Newsweek Polska, il Giornale, The Star Malaysia, and a smattering of Wanted posters. In May 2020, he was one of the recipients of the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award along with John Picacio. SFWA President Mary Robinette Kowal said, “David Gaughran has been doing yeoman’s work for years, alerting indie writers about predatory schemes and warning them about changes in independent publishing. His work makes the science-fiction and fantasy landscape safer for writers.” Read the Transcript Support the Podcast Follow on Facebook! Links for David: Site: https://davidgaughran.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidGaughran Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidGaughranWriter/ Book Bub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/david-gaughran Ad Links: Vellum Now & Then by Sara Bennett Wealer


13 Jul 2020

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David Gaughran - Marketing Your Books with Facebook and BookBub Ads

Self Publishing Insiders

David Guaghran is an author and inde-author influencer who pens works of fiction between guides to help the self-publishing community. In this interview, David talks about the benefits of marketing using Facebook and BookBub advertising. Find more about David and his work at https://davidgaughran.com///Draft2Digital is where you start your Indie Author Career//Looking for your path to self-publishing success? Draft2Digital is the leading ebook publisher and distributor. We’ll convert your manuscript, distribute it online, and support you the whole way, and we won’t charge you a dime. We take a cut of royalties on each sale you make through us, so we only make money when you make money!• Get started:  https://Draft2Digital.com Get insider info on indie author success from our blog.• Visit: https://Draft2Digital.com/blogTune in to our monthly livestreams and ask us anything!• D2D Live: https://D2DLive.comPromote your books with our Universal Book Links!• Books2Read: https://books2read.com//Get ahead of the Self-Publishing game with our Amazing Partners//Findaway Voices || Find a narrator, produce your audiobook, and distribute it to retailers worldwide, including Audible.com and Apple Books.• http://findawayvoices.com/d2dReedsy || Assemble your team of publishing professionals! Find editors, cover designers, marketing experts, ghostwriters and more.• https://reedsy.comBookBrush || Build graphics and video that help you market and promote your books.• https://bookbrush.com/d2d-mockups///Join the D2D Community Online//Facebook || https://facebook.com/draft2digitalTwitter || https://twitter.com/draft2digital


25 Jun 2020

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SFA 044 – Amazon Sales Ranking, Achieving More Visibility, and More Effective Launches and Book Promos with David Gaughran

Six Figure Authors

Our guest for this week’s show is David Gaughran. He writes historical fiction and science fiction under another name, has helped thousands of authors publish their work through his workshops, blog, and writers’ books (Let’s…

1hr 4mins

25 Jun 2020

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How David Gaughran is Using his Lessons Learned to Reboot his Fiction and Nonfiction Books 

Wish I'd Known Then . . . For Writers

Episode 008 / Renaissance man of the author world David Gaughran decodes Amazon and breaks down Bookbub ads for authors in addition to writing historical fiction and science fiction. He joins Jami Albright and Sara Rosett to discuss how his mistakes have shaped his decision to reboot his fiction and nonfiction books.  You can find show notes and links at wishidknownforwriters.com. Jami and Sara are in the podcast timewarp because they recorded the episode intro early since Sara will be in London (hopefully) when it airs. Jami’s making progress on her work-in-progress, and Sara was interviewed on Nathan van Coops’ podcast, Book Faces Live. They also talk about how the coronavirus is impacting travel and how it has brought fist bumps and elbow bumps into vogue. Jami mentions The Daily podcast’s recent episode on the topic. In this podcast episode, you’ll discover: David’s Irish storytelling heritage and how conversation in the pub is a combat sport in Ireland His first mistake of writing “all over the map” in different genres while using the same author name The one thing that he wishes he could change David’s first big success and how he became an accidental nonfiction author Unlearning assumptions related to writing pretty sentences and the value of a good story that resonates with readers How Kindle Highlights can give you an insight to what readers value most What you can learn from books that are selling well--even if you don’t think they’re well-written Assumptions David made about ads and how important it is to question our assumptions Number chasing vs. knowing your readers  David’s biggest gamble when he rebooted both his fiction and nonfiction career The value of long-term thinking and creating evergreen systems for your writing and marketing How the pressure of going full-time can impact you psychologically Why emailing too infrequently is a mistake and how David’s mindset about email has changed How David is using what he’s learned from his mistakes to reboot his writing career with pen names and book relaunches How to David has become more efficient with his time and finds multiple uses for content Writing a series vs. stand-alone books and how the challenges of writing a series surprised him The difference between historical fiction in US and UK charts and how David is shifting his writing to meet reader expectations  How to meet the market halfway in both writing and marketing Trends in historical fiction, including orphan/holocost novels and WWII novels The importance of having a circle of friends Genres discussed include nonfiction, historical fiction, science fiction, action/adventure, and literary fiction. Links:  David Gaughran’s website: https://www.DavidGaughran.com The Daily podcast: The Coronavirus Goes Global Book Faces Live podcast: Nathan van Coops' interview with Sara about writing a series and mystery books and plotting How to Write a Series by Sara Rosett Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Lebreque Take Off Your Pants by Libbie Hawker Murder Bot series by Martha Wells


10 Mar 2020

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP225 – Amazon Decoded with David Gaughran

SPA Girls Podcast

Is Amazon just one big mystery that you’re struggling to unravel? Then this is the podcast for you! David Gaughran gives us some tips and advice from his soon to be released non-fiction book, AMAZON DECODED.David says it’s important to understand Amazon’s approach to bookselling, and how that differs from the rest of the industry. It’s crucial to get to grips with the Kindle Store and how all the various parts work. And it can be extremely lucrative to apply that knowledge to your marketing strategies.David Gaughran has helped thousands of authors to self-publish their work via his workshops, blog, and books such as Let’s Get Digital, Let’s Get Visible, Amazon Decoded, and Strangers to Superfans. He has been featured in the Telegraph, the Irish Times, the Guardian, the Irish Examiner, the Sunday Times, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes, Mashable, New York Observer, Newsweek Polska, il Giornale, The Star Malaysia, and a smattering of Wanted posters.https://davidgaughran.com/

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4 Feb 2020