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236: Rob Lohman and Breaking Addiction

Halfway There

Rob Lohman currently helps people suffering from substance abuse to find freedom from addiction and incarceration. Today, Rob shares his journey of avoiding consequences for destructive actions, the moment God spoke to him in a bar, and the action that sent him to prison. Today, Rob helps others break the chains of addiction as an interventionist. His story reminds us that God is still pursuing us no matter how messy our lives become. Listen to Rob’s story now! Stories Rob shared: Growing up in several cities in a Christian family Drinking beer behind the bushes at church camp Alcoholic tendencies in high school Avoiding consequences throughout college Not liking himself and needing a change of heart The moment the Lord spoke to him in a bar Sensing God’s presence as he lifted a barbell too much for his weight Discovering gambling at 15 Learning how to live sober Meeting his wife and getting married Dealing with creeping insecurity after marriage and fatherhood His finances getting messed up through gambling Setting boxes on fire on his patio The journey of confession Getting arrested after confessing Being sentenced to 13 years in prison His wife’s journey of trying to figure out what to do Discovering who he is in Christ Repairing his marriage after getting out Getting trained to do recovery intervention Great quotes from Rob: Parents and loved ones, don’t ever quit praying for your kids. Resources we mentioned: Rob’s website Seven Days In Utopia Victory Over the Darkness: Realize The Power Of Your Identity In Christ by Neil Anderson Related episodes: Mike Savage and God’s Great Sacrificial Love Amber Cullum and the Journey to Grace Mark Casson and the Clay’s Perspective The post Rob Lohman and Breaking Addiction appeared first on Eric Nevins.


15 Mar 2021

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#6 Freedom From Addiction - A Story Of Hope with Rob Lohman

Well-Being In The Kingdom

Najma’s guest is interventionist & recovery coach, Rob Lohman. He talks about the alcohol and drug addictions which plagued his teens and twenties, and his miraculous recovery from both, as well as the mental breakdown which led to his incarceration and subsequent freedom. Today, Rob is an interventionist who helps people with addiction issues to find a meaningful and sustained path to recovery. He tells us how it is vital to live your life in your identity in Christ; that the resources for recovery are available everywhere; and explains when addiction touches a family, every member needs to participate in the recovery process. WARNING: this episode contains descriptions of self-harm and references to suicide.

1hr 6mins

9 Mar 2021

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Finding Freedom in Christ - Excerpts of an Interview with Rob Lohman for Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast

Audacious Generosity Podcast

Pastor Kevin and Rob talked about how people found freedom in Christ in this episode. Like Becky who used to be an exotic dancer. She has already gone three times with GHI to India and Pastor Kevin watched her transform. She was a support member and brought great value to the team and a great blessing to the people that she was put in front of but Pastor Kevin saw how she had become a leader by her third trip. Becky understood the women in the red light district and they helped heal each other and give each other hope and understanding. There was also David who struggled with chemical addictions and he went into a rehabilitation program. He came really sober and dry for the first time in his adult life. Within two weeks on a mission trip in a high school, he took courage and made himself vulnerable. He told his story and people resonated with him and this allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to these teenagers and young adults. David found a higher purpose for living and a means to escape and go another year of being sober. He is still doing great today. They both found freedom and peace through Jesus Christ.The same way can be said to Pastor Kevin during such a painful moment in his life where he has lost his church because he was a workaholic who believed his relationship with God was based on how well he performed in the church. He was bound by anger and pain, by loss and the feeling of simply drifting away, not knowing what to do with his life. It was his wife that helped him start to move again, being understanding and forgiving him. Together they went to a workshop where they presented the seven steps to freedom and the third step was the process of biblical forgiveness. People supported him to biblically forgive people the way God forgave us. To forgive 40 people with the 3 most impactful ones being himself, his father and false expectation. He forgave his father for screaming at him as a small child “you’ll never amount to anything”. He forgave himself for things he felt so guilty and shameful for. He released God from false expectations. After that, it was simply easy to forgive the 37 people in the church that terminated him.He went into that workshop a pain-stricken hurt angry loss man and came out free because of biblical forgiveness. The bitterness was over and he was finally free to pursue God once more.Listen to the full interview with Rob Lohman here.________The Audacious Generosity Podcast with Kevin White empowers listeners world-wide for limitless giving. Kevin showcases heart-warming stories of people from around the world as God works through them with audacious generosity to fulfill His mission. Subscribe now for your weekly dose of encouragement and discover how to experience, receive, and give more than you ever thought possible. More about Audacious Generosity.Meet Pastor Kevin: Twenty years ago, Kevin White needed food for his family. God said, “Feed others and your family will eat too.” Today the organization Kevin founded, With Love From Jesus Ministries continues to distribute millions of dollars a year in needed resources to high need populations. Kevin’s family never missed a meal, and Kevin went from barely surviving to thriving through Audacious Generosity. For ten years, Kevin has been the Founder/Executive Director of Global Hope India a mission organization to Indian Nationals. He’s traveled to India fifty times hosting a thousand people on mission trips. Kevin and his wife, Shelly, have three adult children and one grandchild. They live in Cary, North Carolina. More about Pastor Kevin.Website: kevinwhite.usInstagram: @kevinwhiteusFacebook: @kevinwhite.usaTwitter: @kevinwhiteusLinkedIn: @kevinwhiteusEmail Kevin


16 Feb 2021

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Rob Lohman Moving Forward In Recovery (Road to Victory) Episode 28 Leader Talk

Joe On The MIC - Leader Talk

Our special guest is Rob Lohman candidly discussing the road he traveled of addiction & recovery...there is hope and victory!   Rob Lohman currently helps people suffering from substance abuse to find freedom from addiction and incarceration. He does this through sharing his testimony, Professional Interventions and Recovery Coaching, Advocacy, being a Self-Published Author and the host of Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast and the Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast. Rob has been through the ringer, AND keeps bouncing back. His rap sheet includes alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, divorce, bankruptcies, mental health and suicide ideation, prison, recovery and transformation. We discuss topics and stories ranging from culture shock, they just want attention, the silent killer of families, business partnerships with recovery programs, and much more! To find out more about Rob and his mission go to www.LiftedFromTheRut.com or Remote/face-to-face interviews, please contact Rob via rob@liftedfromtherut.com OR 970.331.4469--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/joeonthemic/support


18 Jan 2021

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Rob Lohman, US, Recovery Coach

365 Christian Men

January 6. Rob Lohman. One day, Rob came face to face with an enemy—and took it down. From there, he launched Lifted From The Rut, a resource for people who were looking for help with recovery, and the podcast Beyond The Bars Radio, where he hosts discussions about addiction, incarceration, and recovery.  Don’t gamble with your life. Deal with destructive habits before they deal you out.  Rob made […]The post Rob Lohman, US, Recovery Coach first appeared on 365 Christian Men.


6 Jan 2021

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The Miracles of God in The Prison Journey : Rob Lohman

Addiction, Freedom & Faith

Join me as I talk about the Miracles of God in my Prison Journey!My Identity is in Jesus Christ, Not in my circumstances. (2 Corinthians 5:17)Gratefully, Rob Lohman


27 Nov 2020

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047: Authenticity & Identity with Rob Lohman

Choose 2 Think

If you’ve ever heard of Neil Anderson (author of  best selling books like Victory over the Darkness, Bondage Breaker, as well as the founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries) or Al and Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty, then you will love the offer that my guest Rob Lohman is bringing your way today.  It’s a free, yes 100% free online summit featuring not only Neil Anderson and the Robertsons but a slew of other amazing leaders in the Christian community who will all be discussing "How To Live From Your Identity in Christ While Experiencing Breakthroughs at Home, Work and in Your Community." The summit will be  live streamed through Facebook and runs from December 7-19.  You can find the link below as well as on the Choose 2 Think Podcast biz & community group on Facebook. Registering for the summit is super easy! Just click the link below to get your free pass! And better yet, invite a friend or your small group to attend! And no worries if you have to miss a session or two. Rob will have the replays available at a nominal price for you! Not only do we discuss the summit on today's episode, but we take a deep dive into Rob's personal story and painful journey toward finding lasting freedom through His identity in Christ.   Identity in Jesus Christ Summit (Free Pass RIGHT HERE!) Lifted from the Rut Beyond the Bars Radio | Addiction, Freedom & Faith (Podcasts) NEIL ANDERSON - free downloads! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/victoria-walker/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/victoria-walker/support


19 Nov 2020

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#85 Attempted Suicide, Gambling, Bankruptcy and Prison - Rob Lohman's Story of HOPE

Hope Radio Podcast

#85 Rob Lohman's drinking career started at age 14, which lead to some very dark places in his life. The climax of Rob’s drinking career happened on June 7, 2001 with a suicide attempt interrupted by the compassion of his dog Jake. Upon a divine intervention, Rob was freed from his substance abuse addiction which began a rollercoaster ride in recovery…to which Rob has yet to take another drink or drug since that day. In year eleven of his sobriety journey, Rob had an emotional nervous breakdown which lead to actions that culminated in a thirteen year prison sentence. He was released in 10.5 months to a halfway house where he started to rebuild his life, along with his two children and wife who decided to remain married to Rob after the breakdown.Rob is now invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it is coming out of addiction, prison or just wanting more for their lives. He is a dynamic speaker and shares an extremely powerful journey of persistence, faith and inspiration. Please join Shawn and Jen as they sit down with Rob to discuss his incredible life journey and story of HOPE!!

1hr 5mins

5 Nov 2020

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Yes, We’re Drinking Too Much During COVID-19 with Rob Lohman

The GeneFood Podcast

The health impact of COVID-19 the disease has been well documented. However, less often discussed is the mental health impact. Drug use and liquor sales have skyrocketed in the past 6 months. In this episode, we talk to addiction specialist Rob Lohman about when that harmless weekly happy hour morphs into something different.


18 Sep 2020

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Ep #5 Rob Lohman Visits

Breaking Through Addiction



12 Sep 2020