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Keeping Up With Changes to Credit Card Travel Reward Programs, with Barry Choi

The MapleMoney Show

Most Canadians have been grounded from travel during COVID-19, but behind the scenes, credit card companies have been making plenty of changes to their travel rewards programs. Barry Choi is a personal finance and travel expert based in Toronto, who makes frequent media appearances in Canada and the U.S. He joins me this week to explain what’s going on in the world of travel credit cards, and share some tips on how to maximize your rewards. You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/149 Do you prefer to invest in socially responsible companies? If so, our sponsor Wealthsimple will help you build a portfolio that focuses on low carbon, cleantech, human rights, and the environment. To get started with Socially Responsible Investing, head over to https://maplemoney.com/wealthsimple today!


5 May 2021

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Money & Travel: The Ultimate Pairing - Barry Choi

The Just Word Podcast

Financial planners are always advocating that we save ... but for what? Travel of course! Barry Choi is a planner at 'Money We Have' and a travel expert. His ideas are ... insightful! This material is for informational purposes and is prepared by Justwealth, is not intended to be relied upon as a forecast, research, or investment advice, and is not a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or to adopt any investment strategy. The opinions expressed are as of the date of publication and are subject to change. The information and opinions contained in this material are derived from proprietary and nonproprietary sources deemed by Justwealth to be reliable and are not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. This material may contain ’forward-looking’ information that is not purely historical in nature. There is no guarantee that any forecasts made will come to pass. Reliance upon information in this material is at the sole discretion of the listener. Past performance is not indicative of current or future results. This information provided is neither tax nor legal advice and investors should consult with their own advisors before making investment decisions. Investment involves risk including possible loss of principal. The provision of investment management and investment advisory services is a regulated activity in Canada, subject to strict rules. For more information on the services offered by Justwealth, please refer to www.justwealth.com.


16 Mar 2021

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Maximizing your credit card rewards with Barry Choi

Freelance Canada

Barry Choi is a personal finance and travel expert based in Toronto. His website, Money We Have, is one of Canada’s top resources for all things travel and money.Barry combines his knowledge of finance with his passion for travel to encourage people to see the world without spending a fortune. Whether it’s trip planning, loyalty programs or trending destinations, Barry shares practical tips that everyone can use.In this episode, Barry and Mohammed talk about how Canadian freelancers can reflect on their credit card purchases and choose a credit card that will help them maximize every dollar spent.


17 Nov 2020

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MOT - Barry Choi, Max Skudra, Samantha Morton & Heather Lotherington (March 3rd, 2020)

Moment of Truth

Travel, the economy and COVID-19 are discussed with guest BARRY CHOI, a personal travel and financial expert.MAX SKUDRA and SAMANTHA MORTON from the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business update us on their latest research report. And, York U. Prof HEATHER LOTHERINGTON wants language learning to get with the times. Emojis & hashtags used in texting and tweeting are fundamentally altering how people communicate.


3 Mar 2020

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How To Save Money On Credit Cards And Travel With Barry Choi- Finance & Travel Expert

The Glass Is Half Full Talk Show

This episode is about smart ways to use credit cards and consolidation loans to help you pay off your debt. Barry also discusses how to get more bang for your dollar when it comes to vacations. Barry Choi is a Toronto-based personal finance and travel expert who frequently makes media appearances. Richard Killen is a Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee and author of the book "The Glass Is Half Full".  Some of the topics they discuss are:Using the balance transfer option offered by credit card companies.When should we consider a consolidation loan to pay off debts?Are travel rewards credit cards worthwhile if you owe money?Should you get different credit cards for travel?Tips for setting up a vacation budget.How to save money on air travel.How to get the most out of cruises and tours.Do I require a prepaid credit card when I travel?How to get "The Cost Of Travel Free Guidebook.Contacts:Barry Choibarry.choi@moneywehave.com416 720 0997 https://www.moneywehave.comBarry Choi is a Toronto-based personal finance and travel expert who frequently makes media appearances. Barry has been on City, CTV, Global and numerous other TV programs. He also is a regular contributor to many financial and travel publications. His blog “Money We Have” is one of Canada’s most trusted sources when it comes to money and travel.Richard Killen & Associates Ltd Scarborough West https://www.g.page/killenscarboroughwest Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Licensed Consumer Proposal Administrator 2130 Lawrence Ave, E  #402, Scarborough, ON M1R 3A6, Canada Tel: +1 416-285-9511 https://rkillen.ca Personal bankruptcies, consumer proposals and debt counselling.  Contact us for a fresh start (888) 545-5365 This may be the most stress-relieving call you will ever make!


20 Jan 2020

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EP119 Milli Moves: How to Travel on a Budget with Barry Choi

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Barry Choi is a travel and personal finance expert and the founder of Money We Have, a travel website and blog that advises on budget travel, trending destinations, millennial money, and credit cards. Based in Toronto, Barry is frequently quoted by the Canadian and U.S. media. He has made appearances on the Marilyn Denis Show, CTV's Your Morning, and Breakfast Television.  Barry joins me today to share tips on how to travel on a budget. He reveals how to make smart choices with your planning time and travel dollars and highlights the importance of doing your research and due diligence when making travel plans. He explains how you can earn rewards by using travel credit cards and loyalty programs, how to save for your trip, and how to create a budget. He also shares the travel mistakes to avoid and the most popular destinations for Canadian travel enthusiasts. “It's not about being as cheap as possible with your travel; it's about being smart with your dollars and time.” - Barry Choi This Week on Young Money: The importance of doing your due diligence and taking charge of your finances How to make smart choices with your travel dollars and time Earning points with travel credit cards or loyalty programs The most popular travel destinations for Canadians The importance of researching multiple destinations The biggest mistakes travelers typically make What you should be spending your travel dollars on How to save for travel and create a travel budget Key takeaways: Be smart with your dollars and time Use credit cards and loyalty programs to your advantage Research more than one destination Don't be too cheap Travel isn't as expensive as you think Resources Mentioned: EP049 5 Questions to Answer Before Getting a Credit Card EP056 Back to Basics – The 5Cs of Credit Connect with Barry Choi: Money We Have Money We Have on Facebook Barry Choi on Twitter Barry Choi on LinkedIn Barry Choi on Instagram Young Money Listener Contest! I’d be so grateful if you could share news of Young Money on social media. For every share of the Young Money podcast that you tag me in on Instagram (@bissetfinfit), Twitter (@bissetfinfit), Facebook (@bissetfinfit) or Linked In (Tracey Bissett) you will be entered into a draw to win a fabulous prize to help you on your financial fitness journey. There will be multiple winners so share away! Contest closes on January 31st! Rate, Share & Inspire Other Young Millionaires-in-the-Making Thanks for tuning into the Young Money Podcast - the advice show for young millionaires-in-the-making! If you enjoyed this week’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a rating and review. Visit our website to learn how easy it is to leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget to share your favorite episodes on social media!  Subscribe to the Young Money Podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode and reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our LinkedIn Company Page, or by visiting our website.


14 Jan 2020

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Interview with Barry Choi - Credit card guru on maximizing rewards

Real Money Talk - A fresh take on personal finance

[0:00] Intro  [2:15] How did you become a personal finance and travel expert?  [3:03] Education on personal finance is a big factor [4:00] What credit cards are in your wallet, Barry? [5:00] What credit cards are in Tyler’s wallet? [5:52] Most travel rewards credit cards are pretty good [7:00] How often should you change credit cards?  [8:05] What’s in your wallet, Hyder? [8:40] Don’t be scared to have more than one credit card [9:45] What advice would you give to someone looking to get their first travel rewards card? [10:30] On TD Travel Rewards cards and using expediafortd.com [11:10] What are the most flexible travel rewards cards to travel on any airline? [12:54] What’s your most memorable trip you’ve done on points?  [14:00] The basics of getting a credit card  - what is your advice for someone looking for a travel credit card?  [15:45] Barry manages 14 different credit cards [16:40] What is the best bang for your buck travel destination?  [18:00] What is the best time to book to save money on travel? [18:40] What websites should you sign up for to save on money on flights?  [20:05] Where do credit card rewards stop? Is the credit card game over? [21:21] Credit card rewards are only worth it if you’re paying your balance off in full  [21:50] Trying to understand terms and conditions is too complicated. Low interest and balance transfer cards should be looked at.  [23:00] Do you bring all 14 credit cards with you, Barry? - How to maximize your rewards earnings [24:15] Money Messups Segment - lost credit card points, spending too much on coffee, saving money by repairing a tire yourself, switching credit card for your benefit [27:30] Credit card switches are valuable, call your bank, read the fine print [28:13] Any closing thoughts from Barry Choi - Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Everyone should experience travel. Don’t always say you’ll do it later [28:41] Shower thoughts with Tyler [29:00] Round table with Justin, Tyler, and Hyder [29:15] How has your perspective changed with credit cards? [30:51] How many credit cards does Justin have?  [31:54] The 2 most important things with credit cards [33:00] What are some big credit card lessons you’ve learned? [35:45] Credit Card rewards are not for everyone [36:43] Our Credit card guru, Hyder with credit card stats and closing thoughts [36:43] 70% of people in the US who asked to have their fee waived, got it. 56% of americans who asked for a lower interest rate got it.  [37:06] You can earn rewards on debit cards and apps like Mylo.  [38:05]  Hyder, our credit card guru with final thoughts [39:58] Outro


17 Oct 2019

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189 Credit Card Reward & Travel Tips for Canadians - Barry Choi, Personal Finance & Travel Expert

More Money Podcast

Can you believe it’s been almost 4 years since Barry Choi from Money We Have on the show? We’ve been friends for years now, and he was guest number 7! Since so much has happened in our lives since that interview, I needed to have him back on the show now that he works full-time for himself as a personal finance & travel expert. As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I’ve done a few unofficial meetups with podcast listeners the past few months, and the feedback I got was to have someone on the show to talk about credit card reward programs and travel tips specifically for Canadians. Well, of course I thought of Barry who is always in the news or on TV sharing his wisdom on how to get the most value out of your credit cards and how to travel on a budget without it feeling like you’re doing budget travel. Here are some great tips and resources he shared on the show. Include Travel in Your Budget If travel is one of your big values in life (it is for me!), then you need to add it as a line item in your budget. Don’t just book a trip and figure out how to pay for it later. Research where you want to go, price out the cost, then start putting away amounts every month until you can afford it. It’s what both Barry and I do, and honestly it’s the only way to afford travel without getting into debt. For me, I put away money every month for trips I take with my husband and trips I do on my own (usually work-related like conferences or retreats). In terms of how much to save, it depends on where you plan on going. As long as you’re saving a good amount for your emergency fund, retirement and your other financial goals, it’s up to you how much to save for travel. Use Deal Sites to Save Big I’ve used deal sites for years, like Kayak, Booking.com, Expedia, Trivago (you get the picture), and to me it’s the best way to get the best price for flights, car rentals and accommodation. Yes, it can take some time and effort to really figure out the best time, place and dates to travel, but it’s worth it if you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Just think, that savings can be used for excursions, food or shopping to make your trip even better! Travel in the Off-Season You’ve heard this tip before, but it’s true. If you want to save big, travel during that location’s off-season. I’m so used to doing this, I don’t even know what it’s like to go somewhere during the on-season. And I don’t want to! It’s actually really nice to avoid the hordes of tourists, even if it means going somewhere during spring or fall.  Best No-fee Credit Cards Here are Barry’s picks for the best no-fee credit cards in Canada. Just remember, even though it’s no fun paying an annual fee for a credit card, you usually get better benefits with those cards than no-fee cards. For full episode show notes, visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/189


20 Mar 2019

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The Money Date - Episode 6 - Barry Choi

The Money Date

Our guest today, Barry, is a personal finance expert and blogger (www.moneywehave.com). Barry talks with Aditi and I about the conversations he and his wife had when preparing for a newborn, the unique challenges women face when budgeting, and shares a few tips about how they were able to make things work despite being on a reduced salary. We had a great conversation. Enjoy!Show Notes:Want to learn more about what Barry's up to? Check out his blog www.moneywehave.com and/or say hello on Twitter @barrychoi.


4 Oct 2018

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Travel Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Trip, with Barry Choi

The MapleMoney Show

Want to travel for free? Or at least cut the cost of flights, hotels, and tropical vacations? Barry Choi is a travel and personal finance blogger at Money We Have and I wanted to bring him on to help show us how to win at this travel game. You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/barrychoi Our sponsor for this episode is Wealthsimple. Head over to https://maplemoney.com/wealthsimple to check out Smart Savings and get a better rate than the big banks!


15 Aug 2018