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John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

American Loser Podcast

In a time and place known as "Bleeding Kansas", a religious leader named John Brown was about to light the powder keg that will become America's Civil War. In his quest to end the practice of Slavery, he will attack the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry and etch his name into the history books. Enjoy. (This was patreon only for a full year, now it's yours for free thanks to the folks at the Founding Losers)

1hr 24mins

22 Oct 2022

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Episode 86: John Brown (GreatLIFE) | Anthony Robinson (Golf Surprize)

Golf Business Podcast

Listen in as Jay Karen (NGCOA CEO) and Don Rea, PGA (Secretary, PGA of America) chat with special guest John Brown, CEO of GreatLIFE Golf. Find out what's in store for one of the nation's largest MCOs and we'll touch on other critical golf operation issues, including an overview of where the industry is regarding the prevalence of bartering tee times and effects that can have on a course owner's bottomline. Then, Golf Business LIVE host Michael talks to Anthony Robinson, Founder of Golf Surprize, an NGCOA Smart Buy Partner, for our House Chat segment. Discover how they're keeping the attention of the recent surge of new golfers with an entertaining rewards based golf app that's catching the attention of owners and operators. Are you looking for other innovative ways to increase entertainment at your course?


14 Oct 2022

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TIMES ARE CHANGING: Purchasing Plans In Ever-Changing Lead Times With John Brown

What the Duck - Another Supply Chain Podcast

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE OTHER BROWN? NOT DAN, IT’S JOHN!Who would’ve thought that we will be learning so much about supply chain from someone who writes books about fiction? Today we have John Brown, Senior Education Manager from The Lake Companies, and will be talking about purchasing plans on changing lead times. Tune in to learn more about John in this episode of What The Duck?! Another Supply Chain Podcast. Show Highlights:Winding up working in the ERP spaceWriting fiction stories on the sideDefining a Purchasing PlanUnderstanding Discrete ManufacturingThe biggest mistakes you can make in implementing softwareHow does data fit into the record part of the planQuotes:John - Defining what a purchasing plan is“If I'm going to have this production plan, build this on this day, and build this on the next day, and build this on the next day, and I might have all sorts of items that I need to build each day, then the purchasing plan is based on that production schedule, what do I need to purchase? and when, and that's all going to be it's all going to be synced up.”John - Things to avoid in implementing software“One thing that you need to avoid is thinking that just having all of the software dials and switches and parameters, thinking that, that that's what you're trying to do. That's one of the fastest paths to a failed implementation.” Connect with John and learn what he’s been duckin’ around with:About JohnAbout The Lake CompaniesLakeCo.comConnect with Sarah and find out more about what the duck she’s up to:About SarahSarah’s TweetsAbout SourceDaySourceDay WebsiteHad fun with the podcast? Leave us a like, share our content, and subscribe! See you soon on the next episode of What The Duck?!


12 Oct 2022

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John Brown: The First American to Hang for Treason


He was arrested in 1859 for his role in the Harpers Ferry raid – an event that set the stage for the American Civil War. He was convicted of treason, as well as for murder, and for instigating insurrection. We’re talking about American abolitionist John Brown, the first person executed for treason in the United States. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Sep 2022

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EP 78: John Brown w/Chris Dier

Dixieland of the Proletariat

Chris Dier is back to talk about his hero John Brown because y'all wanted this damn episode soooo badly y'all better like it or we quit. Chris's info https://chrisdier.com/ Podcast: https://linktr.ee/dotprole

1hr 37mins

2 Sep 2022

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John Brown Gun Club

We Don't Know Wrestling Podcast Network

We have the real king the real boss @thejml_ on to talk about wrentling. you know AEW, Stardom, et all. After Jay leaves we get dirty like real dirty nasty stuff. DDT, Teh Coast, Beyond.

2hr 52mins

27 Aug 2022

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Episode 10 - Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club

The A Better Way 2A Podcast

On this episode of the A Better Way 2A Podcast, the lads are joined by Tex and Bubble from the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club down in Texas. We discuss the benefit of marginalized groups being armed and organized, and the repercussions of being defenseless. Our friends tell us that they prefer to emphasize "club" instead of "gun" and how important community work is to their mission. Andrew and Jordan discuss the ethics behind Damp Rid vs electric dehumidifiers and argue whether or not John Brown would beat up Karl Marx. (he would)

1hr 56mins

12 Aug 2022

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John Brown. Protecting and Serving.


Champaign County lifelong resident, Mayor of Savoy and retired University of Illinois lieutenant talks about the pendulum swinging back in favor of local police. Listen as John discusses three cases that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. **Trigger warning** one of the cases involves an infant death.  He also gives insight into the rumors behind police quotas, how to get out of a ticket and if there's really a 5 MPH buffer on speeding. John is an open book willing to bust misconceptions and myths surrounding local police. Thank you to this episode’s sponsor KleenRite. Your house could be cleaner, fresher and even safer with the long list of revitalizing cleaning services provided by KleenRite. Don't forget about their 24/7 emergency cleaning services! Mention this podcast and receive a free bottle of tile revitalizer when scheduling a tile and grout cleaning! Visit kleenrite.net for all the information you need to freshen up your space! Thank you again to this episode’s sponsor-KleenRite. 


2 Aug 2022

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058: NATE EDGAR [bass, The Nth Power, ex-John Brown’s Body]

The Upful LIFE Podcast

Welcome virtuosic bassist NATE EDGAR of THE NTH POWER to Ep.058! Nate is a helluva player, and he takes us inside his process, influences, mindset, and intentions as a bassist, band member, brother, and low-end medicine man. Heaping slabs of musicology with a healthy serving of humanity. Nate Dawg doesn't do very many interviews - certainly not lengthy, super-personal purges - so this ep is a real treat, and an emotional sledgehammer. A gentleman, scholar, subsonic sorcerer, and servant of the song,  Buckle up fam, we're goin IN! Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Nate Edgar. 3:00 - new sponsor! THE LEGION OF BLOOM 5:00 - Upful Update 10:00 - Introducing NATE EDGAR 16:00 - Interview - NATE DAWG We hop in the wayback machine to discuss Nate's roots in New Hampshire, from nascent backpack rap steez to a teenager runnin' away on Dead tour, playing in newgrass bands or working as a garbage man. Boston/Wally's/NE jam scene back in the day, learning tuba to get into college, and other random historical minutiae. In a touching, insightful segment, Nate takes us through his experience working with pioneering American reggae band John Brown's Body, and expounds on the legacy of his dear friend, JBB bassist, the late Scott Palmer.  Naturally, we dig DEEP on all things The Nth Power, past, present and future. Ruminations on his bandmates as family, the core trio perservering through adversity, the inherent spirituality in their music. Plus reflections on collaborating with Weedie Braimah, Nigel Hall, Rob Marscher, and the friendship, mentorship, kindness and unbelievable talent of the late, great Kofi Burbridge. We unpack Nth's unparalleled tribute mojo: from Earth, Wind & Power to Bob Marley to Steely Dan, High Sierra's Gospel According to Nth, and a little teaser for Cool Cool Cool just around the bend at Brooklyn Comes Alive.  MY MAN NATE. Came thru and came CORRECT! The Nth Power really does LOVE us. Vibe Junkie JAM "Terrapin Station" - The Nth Power Ball Suwannee Rising 4.9.22 EMAIL the SHOW! B.Getz@UpfulLIFE.com PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts! Listen to Upful LIFE on Spotify ! Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE

2hr 33mins

14 Jul 2022

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Searching for the Ghost of John Brown

Under the Tree: A Seminar on Freedom with Bill Ayers

For this special episode we change things up a bit and journey to the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, to the town of North Elba, and to the home and final resting place of the abolitionist John Brown. We come to celebrate one of the greatest freedom fighters in US history, to honor his legacy, and to pledge our allegiance to the cause of Black Freedom and human liberation. This year—the centennial celebration of John Brown Day—we meet up with our friend and comrade Tom Morello and his family, and Bernardine Dohrn presents him with the Spirit of John Brown Freedom Award from the activist group, John Brown Lives!Check out our social media for pictures and videos of the event. Transitional music by Gus O'Connor.


15 Jun 2022