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#271: 4 Profitability Tips from a Dental Intel Executive

The Dentist Money™ Show | Financial Planning & Wealth Management

On this episode of the Dentist Money™ Show, Ryan welcomes special guest Curtis Marshall of Dental Intelligence. As master of all things data, Dental Intel is well-known for helping practices follow a daily roadmap to reach greater long-term success. Almost every practice can find a way to tweak its performance and create greater profits. The trick is to know where to look. Ryan and Curtis examine four areas within every practice where additional profits can be found.


17 Feb 2021

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180 - Why I'm Excited About Dental Intel's New Morning Huddle

The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast

Are you making the most of your morning huddles? Dental Intelligence is the smartest software ever built for dentists. Their innovative technology helps dentists keep on top of tracking, analyzing, and growing their dental practices. Dental Intel has recently launched a new Morning Huddle software that helps practice’s make the most of their morning huddles. The morning huddle is arguably the most important time of your day because it gives the entire team the opportunity to come together, review targets, celebrate victories, track progress, and so much more. I was so excited when I found out about Dental Intel’s Morning Huddle that I couldn’t wait to invite my good friend, Jarom Dastrup, onto the podcast to talk about this amazing new software feature in more detail. In this episode, we discuss: What a traditional ‘morning huddle’ usually looks like Why your practice needs to start every day with a morning huddle How morning huddles can help you reverse engineer success How Dental Intel’s new Morning Huddle software works The importance of having a morning huddle New features included with Dental Intel’s Morning Huddle software update How Morning Huddle can help your practice drive more revenue Want to find out more about Morning Huddle and how to make your next morning huddle a complete success? Download Dental Intel’s e-book – a 30-page document that explains everything you need to know about morning huddles, including why they’re so important and how to structure a morning huddle for maximum impact.


18 Jun 2020

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Finding Profit Holes in Your Practice with Curtis Marshall of Dental Intel

Art of Dental Finance and Management

In this episode of The Art of Dental Finance podcast, Art speaks with Curtis Marshall from Dental Intelligence. Dental Intel is used by over 5,000 practices nationwide and is a sophisticated dashboard program that extracts information from Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Open Dental.  From the dashboard, dentists (and their advisors) can find areas in their practice that, if addressed, can improve revenues and profits.  Art and Curtis discuss why it is important for dentists to increase the number of visits from patients and production per visit, what pre-appointment and re-appointment percentages mean, how this program can help them see what percentage of exams a dentist performs results in a diagnosis, and much more.  This podcast will hopefully motivate our listeners to work ON their practices, and not just IN their practices, using powerful tools like Dental Intel.

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2 Jan 2020

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Episode #215 - How You Can Get More Patients Without Spending Any Extra Dollars Using the Data That You Already Have! with Curtis Marshall from Dental Intel

The Best Practices Show

Today’s Episode: New and established dentists spend a lot of resources on marketing. Even those that say they don’t pay for marketing put time and resources into making sure that they have happy patients who will give referrals. What if there was a way that you could generate more patient acceptance and earnings without paying for business? Well there is, and it’s all about data. If you don’t have data or don’t have accurate data, your decisions are based on guesses.  Curtis Marshall is the Director of Partnerships for Dental Intel a platform that helps dental practices track, analyze, and grow their practices. They provide actionable data to offices, so that they can find and correct where business is falling through the cracks. On this episode, we talk about how important accurate data and tracking is. Curtis also shares a technique that can increase your profits without paying more for marketing or advertising.  For full show notes, links and resources, please visit: https://actdental.com/podcast/


23 Oct 2019

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Episode #210: The Three Things You Need to Know to Understand Your Real Production with Curtis Marshall of Dental Intel

The Best Practices Show


1 Feb 2019

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Episode #201: How to Supercharge Performance with One Finger with Curtis Marshall of Dental Intel

The Best Practices Show


8 Nov 2018

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99: Increase your profitability with Dental Intel

The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

With thousands of active practice providers, Dental Intelligence is the market leader in providing dentists and their teams with any time, anywhere actionable metrics in a cloud-based dashboard, designed around the objectives of improving patient care, profitability, and overall team performance. http://get.dentalintel.com/sayno/


9 Oct 2018

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Episode #125: The Truth About Active Patients with Curtis Marshall of Dental Intel

The Best Practices Show


15 Aug 2018

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EP10: Increase your production by 17% with one click; Interview with Dental Intel

Double Your Dental Production Tomorrow | The Team Training Institute | Professional Dental Consultants

Are you getting better? Are you getting worse? How are you producing in relation to your peers? Are you measuring up with your goals? Find, understand and manage all of this data and more with the information in this episode. A way to benchmark how we are doing in our profession with Dental Intel Data Analysis. Listen in to Dr. John and Rob Bay from Dental Intel discuss how we can increase our bottom line by 17% by utilizing this one tool.  For more information on The Team Training Institute or Dental Intel, visit www.theteamtraininginstitute.com/podcast


16 Oct 2017

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How To Increase Your Case Acceptance Through Intelligent Dental Intel

Start Your Dental Practice

Hey Ambitious Dentists, I have a really exciting interview for you today, with the one and only Weston Lunsford, CEO of Dental Intel… Dental Intel is one of the most popular tools used by dentists to help track the metrics and numbers that matter, so you can focus on dentistry. In addition to running Dental Intel, Weston is very active in the dental community and is always looking for ways to help dentists make breakthroughs in their practice. As a numbers guy myself, I couldn’t be more excited about our conversation today. In today’s interview, you will learn... And much more. If you’re looking to make better use of your metrics, and increase case acceptance for your practice, you won’t want to miss our conversation. Here are a few things you'll discover in today's episode How Weston has seen some of his clients see case acceptance by 5,10 or even 15% in a little as just a few weeks. Why knowing your numbers is only the first step… and how to turn your metrics into actionable insights How Weston got into the dental industry and what he’s learned running Dental Intel Weston’s view on failure… and how it’s helped him find success. The golf club analogy and how it applies to your practice. Now here’s the interview, with Weston Lunsford.


25 Aug 2017