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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Carol Dweck. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Carol Dweck, often where they are interviewed.

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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Carol Dweck. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Carol Dweck, often where they are interviewed.

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Mindset Carol Dweck Relationships Part two

Growth Mindset Guru Podcast
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Be your partner best friend. Choose the Growth Mindset if you're shy! Introverts and Extraverts and the Pandemic

May 17 2020



BGG37: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck Ph.D

Be Great Global Podcast with Anita "AC" Clinton
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Welcome to the Be Great Podcast where we help creatives, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs find happiness, fulfillment, and money doing work you actually love...

In this episode, we discuss Carol Dweck's book, "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success"

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Come on, let's do this...

Apr 30 2020



187: Carol Dweck on The Latest Science of Growth Mindset

The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman
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Today it’s a real honor to have Carol Dweck on the podcast. Dr. Dweck is a leading researcher in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford. Her research examines the role of mindsets in personal achievement and organizational effectiveness. 

Dr. Dweck has also held professorships at Columbia and Harvard Universities, has lectured to education, business, and sports groups around the world, has addressed the United Nations, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, and has won 12 lifetime achievement awards for her research. Her best-selling book Mindset has been widely influential and has been translated into over 25 languages. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carol’s earliest research on “incremental” vs. “entity” beliefs
  • Carol’s dream of “bottling” the mindsets that lead people to persevere
  • The limitations of Carol’s earlier studies 
  • The two big developments in studying growth mindset
  • Growth mindset exercises
  • The “Big Mama” of growth mindset studies
  • The underwhelming effect size of educational interventions
  • How lower-achieving students benefit more from growth mindset interventions
  • The conditions under which growth mindset interventions don’t work
  • The role of teacher mindset on teaching effectiveness
  • The relationship between growth mindset and other outcomes in life
  • How growth mindset doesn’t invalidate the existence of giftedness
  • Why every child should be challenged
  • Why we shouldn’t cut out gifted and talented programs
  • How praising gifted students for effort can backfire
  • The relationship between mindsets and IQ
  • How having a fixed mindset can sometimes lead to increased performance
  • Cross-cultural differences in mindsets
  • Criticism that growth mindset claims have been overblown
  • Carol Dweck’s dream of improving the sustainability of growth mindset interventions (Dweck’s “next big Mount Everest”)
  • Why mindset is not a “miracle maker”
  • What Carol Dweck is most excited about in terms of future directions

Mar 12 2020

1hr 8mins


RERUN Carol Dweck: The work of 11 CM

Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick
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Carol Dweck is author of the brilliant book Mindset. On this work of series of season one I examine her work in depth and explain what this game changing idea in Psychology is all about. Definitely worth checking out.

Nov 13 2019



Episode 168: (Rerun) Carol Dweck – Mindset

Bregman Leadership Podcast
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This episode is a re-run. If there is a secret to success, this just might be it. Carol Dweck, professor at Stanford and author of…

Sep 30 2019



Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

We Don't Know Yet
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Mindsets and perceptions are what distinguish top performers from the rest of the pack. Carol Dweck does an awesome job detailing a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset. In this show, we dive deep and detail how this book has impacted our lives and how it can impact yours too!

Aug 12 2019



Carol Dweck: Why People Succeed [Wisdom Wed]

How She Really Does It
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Do you tend to worry about how smart you are? Or are you able to enjoy learning without it being an outcome-driven activity? Those are examples of different mindsets about intelligence and learning. One of those mindsets makes us get in our own way and the other can help us grow.

Carol Dweck is a world renowned Stanford University psychologist and the author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Her groundbreaking research is breaking the myths of where success really comes from.

Get full show notes and more information here: []

Jul 31 2019



002: Chatting with Carol Dweck about Mindset Myths

Habits of Leadership
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In this episode, Dan Haesler shares a chat he had with Carol Dweck in 2017. During this interview Dan & Carol discuss how Mindset has been appropriated, and in many cases misappropriated in schools and organisations. 

If you have a questions that you'd like us to consider for a future Habits of Leadership podcast then head over to

Apr 02 2019



Mindset – The Dr. Carol Dweck Interview

The Kathleen Show Podcast
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Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau interviews Dr. Carol Dweck who is a professor at Stanford University, a social psychologist and one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation. Dr. Dweck has held professorships at Columbia and Harvard Universities, she has lectured all over the world, and has been featured by the top media outlets in the country. Her fascinating book is called Mindset.

Comments from Kathleen:

In a word, this interview is thrilling. You will see yourself and everyone you know through a new lens resulting in an opportunity to unleash a more powerful side. Dr. Dweck has done fascinating research in this area. Looking back I can see so clearly the times and areas that a fixed mindset held me back and kept me small as well as my patchy journey to breaking out and away…toward unexpected growth. Listen to this interview and then listen again. A growth mindset can be learned. You can apply it to every area of your life – business and creativity and athletics and health and parenting and, and, and. I’ll be forever grateful to Carol for this interview and the direct impact it had on my life.

Please share this interview with others and subscribe to the podcast. We are re-releasing the content of The Kathleen Show because thousands of personal testimonials have poured in from listeners worldwide stating how much the information has impacted their lives.

Dr. Dweck talks about:

  • The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.
  • The dramatic impact a fixed mindset has on the course of your life.
  • “In order to never fail, you have to limit your horizons…you have to shrink your world.” You have to live small.
  • It is cumulative.
  • How to recognize the inner dialogue of each mindset.
  • Can you change your mindset? Yes. Here’s how.
  • Fantastic advice for parents.
  • Learning is the highest value.”

Resources mentioned in the show:

More from Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau:

Feb 21 2019


Episode 25: Book Review On "Mindset" By Carol Dweck, Joined by Rex Knickerbocker - EXPLICIT

Fuel Your Legacy
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I had a great discussion with my brother rex today, talking about the book Mindset By Carol Dweck.

we talk about the impact that it had on him and how we can each apply different aspects of it to our lives.

The book operates more as a facilitator of awareness than anything else. I you are looking to become more aware of how your words of encouragement are really impacting those that you love this is the perfect book for you.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success : Carol S. Dweck

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