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Do You Really Need a Budget with Jesse Mecham

All the Hacks

Entrepreneur and budgeting pro Jesse Mecham joins Chris to talk about why you need a budget regardless of how much you make. They also discuss about why budgeting gets a bad rap, how to make it easy, why you might be doing it wrong and some of Jesse's top family hacks.Jesse Mecham is the founder and CEO of You Need A Budget (YNAB), one of the best budgeting tools in the market today. He started the company in 2004 as a side hustle and it now supports over 100,000 customers. He's also the host of the YNAB Podcast and author of the bestselling book You Need A Budget.Full show notes available at: https://www.allthehacks.com/easy-budgeting-jesse-mecham Selected Links From The EpisodeTry out YNAB: Free Month OfferConnect with Jesse Mecham: YNAB Podcast | Website | EmailRoth IRAs: Backdoor Roth IRAs and Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Full Show NotesWho is Jesse Mecham. [00:18]Why is the idea of budgeting associated with negative feelings? [01:36]The stress of figuring out what you can and cannot afford.[02:56]Do you have to look at past spending before you create a budget? [05:00]Why you need a budget even if you make a good income. [12:19]Four rules of budgeting. [15:08]Should you use a spreadsheet or an app to create your budget? [17:26]How to budget and save when you have a big family? [22:10]How did Jesse become the YNAB guy? (You need a budget origin story) [27:55]The biggest hack of all (according to Jesse). [31:51]A nerdy investment hack (get tax free money!) [34:02]The 1% retirement investment rule. [38:18]Life hacks that make Jesse's life more convenient. [41:10]How to connect with Jesse Mecham. [42:56] Connect with All the HacksAll the Hacks: Newsletter | Website | Facebook | EmailChris Hutchins: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn


18 Aug 2021

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Money Emotions: Deep Questions To Evaluate Budgets And Financial Risks With Jesse Mecham

This Might Get Uncomfortable

Do you feel content with your money? If not, then maybe you should evaluate budgets based on your why. When you align your money to your values, that’s where you feel peace. This episode’s guest is Jesse Mecham, the Founder of You Need A Budget. Jesse discusses with Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen how the toughest part of money management is figuring out what you value. They break down some of the deep questions you need to evaluate budgets as well as financial risks. Jesse also shares how budgeting is similar to preventative medicine. At the heart of it, they talk about the importance of money emotions and why it is more beneficial to become emotionally involved with your finances. Once you do, your money lines up. Tune in and learn to be content with your money!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the This Might Get Uncomfortable community today:wellevatr.comWellevatr FacebookWellevatr TwitterWellevatr Instagram

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13 Aug 2021

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Transforming How You View and Manage Money with Jesse Mecham of YNAB

Student Loan Planner

Jesse Mecham is the founder of YNAB (You Need a Budget). Referring to the business as “an education company that masquerades as a software company,” Jesse created YNAB as a guide to money and an accountability tool that helps its users improve their spending habits, eliminate debt, and save more money. Listen in as Jesse shares his path to success and lessons learned as an entrepreneur. We’ll also talk about his advice on financial planning and buying a house in 2021, saving and building your wealth as parents, and becoming more confident in your spending overall. In today’s episode, you'll find out: YNAB’s mission and how its software helps improve your spending The most common questions and concerns people have around budgeting and cash flow in a post-pandemic world How to navigate the housing market as prices continue to rise YNAB’s Four-Rule Method that transforms how you view and manage money How and when to give yourself permission to splurge on a big purchase, free of guilt Considerations around childcare costs Like the show? There are several ways you can help! Follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts Leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts Follow on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn Feeling helpless when it comes to your student loans? Try our free student loan calculator Check out our refinancing bonuses we negotiated Book your custom student loan plan


13 Jul 2021

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How to be Less Stressed Out About Money with YNAB’s Jesse Mecham

Money Tips for Financial Grownups

Jesse Mecham, found of You Need a Budget joins us with a fantastic list of ways we can be a lot less stressed out about money, communicate better about money with out loved ones, and in the end feel and be more in control of our finances.  For more information, visit the show notes at https://www.bobbirebell.com/podcast/jessemecham


22 Jun 2021

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The Surprising Reason Why Scarcity Can Actually Be a GOOD Thing with Jesse Mecham of You Need a Budget

The Mary Marantz Show

Would you like to live a life free of financial stress? Perhaps the idea of transforming your relationship with money seems impossible. If you are looking for a proven, non-restrictive method to achieving your financial goals, you will not want to miss today’s powerful episode! Today, Mary is joined by podcast host, author, and founder of You Need A Budget (YNAB)- Jesse Mecham - as the two dive into Jesse’s book, “You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want.” Having personally experienced the stress that comes with living paycheck to paycheck, Jesse created YNAB to help his family develop a system to track their expenses. And today, he has captured everything he’s learned and refined over the last 13+ years, into a single, all-inclusive, no-sequel-necessary, this-is-my-best-thinking book that is changing the lives of readers. On today’s episode, Mary and Jesse talk about The ways you can transform money management from a paralyzing burden to a powerful tool; How you can crystalize your life’s priorities through the lens of a liberating, exhilarating, life-changing budget; and, The freedom that comes from positively reframing how you view money while shedding the guilt you experience when spending it! After listening, you will be: Able to ‘give every dollar job’ and be intentional about what you want your money to do before spend it; Ready to embrace your true expenses while breaking them into manageable amounts; and, Equipped to uncover your true money priorities without someone telling what you have to do with your money. If you are ready to stop counting down the minutes until another payday and find the financial freedom you long for, you will not want to miss today’s life-changing episode! Follow Jesse + YNAB here! https://www.instagram.com/youneedabudget/


15 Jun 2021

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Why You Need A Budget with Jesse Mecham

Get the Hell Out of Debt

Jesse Mecham is the founder of Y-NAB… A fun acronym for “You Need A Budget”. He talks with Erin about how he created the app at a time when he and his wife were newlyweds and were just trying to make an extra $300 to cover their bills. Jesse is passionate about helping people, families, business owners, and everyone in between gain total control of their money.  __ All the ways to connect with Jesse Mecham and YNAB: Website / You Need A Budget Podcast / Instagram / Facebook __ Get The Hell Out Of Debt book is in stores now! Purchase your copy HERE. Get The Hell Out Of Debt course is available HERE for just $99 USD. (price subject to change) Visit Erin's website at www.erinskyekelly.com and follow her online @erinskyekelly and @getthehelloutofdebt. 


27 May 2021

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Rebroadcast -- Work Party: Take Control of Your Finances and Cultivate Confidence Around Money with Jesse Mecham

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Today Jesse is sharing an interview he did with Jaclyn Johnson of the Work Party podcast for her Budget Broadcast Series. Jesse talks about the early days of YNAB, how to get serious with your side hustles, and explains the Four Rules to a new audience. You can find more from WorkParty, including the original interview, here: https://dearmedia.com/shows/work-party/


26 May 2021

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Take Control of Your Finances and Cultivate Confidence Around Money with Jesse Mecham, YNAB Founder and Host of the You Need A Budget Podcast


Welcome to this special episode of WorkParty as part of our Budget Broadcast Series in partnership with You Need a Budget (YNAB), designed to educate everyone on the power of building a budget. Whether your financial goals are aimed at booking the vacation in Europe you’ve been dreaming about pre-lockdown, paying off your high interest credit card debt, or simply starting to save for the future—you need a budget. YNAB is the leading personal finance platform that has helped hundreds of thousands of people take control of their finances. In this episode of WorkParty, I’m sitting down Jesse Mecham, the founder of YNAB to chat about how to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, save more money, and take the fear out of budgeting so you can get to where you want to be, financially. Join the party on social @workparty and stay in-the-know at workparty.com. Produced by Dear Media


5 May 2021

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Budgets & More with YNAB's Jesse Mecham. Ep 193

Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Sarah and Laura open with a travel discussion -- finally feeling like certain trips are safe to plan again! They discuss vacation rentals vs hotels and why both have moved towards the former for family trips! Then, they welcome You Need A Budget's founder and CEO Jesse Mecham for a fascinating discussion about the role of budgets and the benefits of having one. Then in the Q&A, they answer a very numbers-oriented budget question related to the cost of preschool + a nanny. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Apr 2021

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Jesse Mecham: Know Your Purpose - The Professional Transition Series S13E1

Barbell Logic

Lifting regularly and interested in learning more about lifting and coaching? Jesse shares his story of lifting, coaching, studying in the Barbell Academy, and ultimately deciding to not pursue coaching professionally and how the Barbell Academy helped him realize this.  CJ Gotcher talks to Jesse Mecham, Founder of YNAB and Barbell Academy student, about his experience going through the academy. Jesse came to lifting in his teens, reading a special edition of Muscle and Fitness magazine that covered Arnold Scharzenegger. His first experience with coaching came from someone warning about hurting his back from deadlifting, which scared him away from simple, hard, effective training for a while. He continued to lift. Eventually, he found Barbell Logic and a more effective approach to strength training. Jesse, someone who applies himself at anything he does and wants to do anything he does well, built a garage gym and invited others to lift with him. His role evolved into somewhat of a coaching role, and as this occurred he signed up for the Barbell Academy to help deepen his knowledge of programming and coaching.  As he completed the Academy, he learned a lot and was better able to program and cue his fellow lifters. He even arranged a Barbell Logic seminar at his gym, which not only helped improve his coaching but also helped the other lifters learn to better identify and fix their own errors. Despite this, he ultimately decided to NOT pursue becoming a professional barbell coach, with his other commitments of family and running a business.  In addition to this, CJ & Jesse talk about productivity and setting up the first coaching arrangement so you don’t grow resentful.  Many coaches coach their first lifters for free, and this makes sense, but you have to ensure you set up the situation so you receive value as well. Experience is valuable, but see if you can get the lifters to provide testimonials or other means of providing you value as you grow as a coach--and potentially grow a business.  Jesse & CJ also discuss balancing your natural tendencies as a coach. Some coaches tend to be too timid and need to work on assertiveness, confidence, and being loud. Others, however, may insert themselves readily and easily and need to not overcue.  They finish talking about being relentless about what you care about: spend the time, effort, and money where you want to. This requires intentionality and planning. This means limiting and managing distractions, being honest about things that take up your time but don’t provide value, blocking off times for deep work and self-improvement and preventing distractions during these blocks.  This podcast will provide value wherever you are and show how the Barbell Academy can help, even if you never become a professional barbell coach. https://www.youneedabudget.com/ GET STARTED with one-on-one online coaching FOR FREE! Get your FIRST MONTH FREE on all strength and nutrition coaching plans.  No discount code needed and includes a 10-day, no obligation trial.  https://bit.ly/2MKeOoh Special offers from BLOC and our partners:  https://barbell-logic.com/offers/ Connect with the hosts Matt on Instagram Niki on Instagram podcast@barbell-logic.com Connect with the show Barbell Logic on Instagram The Website Barbell Logic on Facebook


5 Apr 2021