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How to Buy Wealth With Jamisa McIvor

Better Than Success Podcast

In this week’s episode, join us for a Q&A with Jamisa McIvor. Jamisa is a CEO at Rosebud's Investments LLC. She has become one of the most powerful self-starting female millennial entrepreneurs that have taken the real estate industry by storm. Jamisa has created a welfare-to-work program under her company's umbrella that serves both single and married mothers by providing them with the tools and resources to understand that there is another way to provide for families and relieve them of their dependency on the system. We talk about her experience and investment strategies while answering your most pressing questions on how to scale your own property investments. Sit back, relax, and listen here for this informative Q&A with Jamisa! In This Episode:  [ 04:41 ] Introduction to Jamisa McIvor. [ 09:59 ] The strategy Jamise behind taking a property and not having a mortgage. [ 13:21 ] How Jamisa started with infinite banking. [ 19:02 ] How to use whole life dividend paying policies to borrow against yourself as a banking system. [ 27:55 ] Jamisa’s strategy on flipping properties. [ 40:17 ] Don’t let competing on social media distract you from your goals and the vision for your life and business. [ 47:32 ]  When it comes to using a whole life dividend paying policy, make sure that whatever you put in, you can afford to keep up, because this is something that you would have to pay into annually for years to come. [ 51:12 ] What is infinite banking? [ 01:12:29] What is generational wealth?  [01:16:45] Do you need to submit an extensive health review or physical to apply for a policy? [1:22:36] What are Jamisa’s three most impactful books shes read on her journey thus far. [1:31:03] How Jamisa balances entrepreneurship and motherhood. Takeaways:  You don’t have to depend on and compete on social media for your business. Keep sight of your goals and values while looking into generating other income sources as well. How Infinite Banking or being your own bank work’s is when you buy whole life insurance, you have the premium amount and the cash value. As you're buying whole life insurance over time, it's a little bit in the beginning and as you get closer to the maturity date it's accruing cash value up into the face value of the policy. The important part to know is that you can always borrow the cash value of your policy. With policies, you can borrow money from yourself and earn from it. Have knowledge about your daily operations. Having that knowledge is where you can learn and get creative. People can take away your money and resources but they can’t take away your knowledge. Not all whole life policies are created equal. If you're going to use strategies, you have to buy policies that accumulate cash value early on. Links: Jamisa’s LinkedIn Jamisa’s coaching website Jamisa’s company website Guest Bio: Jamisa McIvor has become one of the most powerful and self-starting female millennial entrepreneurs that have taken the real estate industry by storm. Her journey started from a novice property owner to a deed holder of 25 mortgage-free properties purchased through her company, affectionately named after her grandmother, Rosebuds. She got started in real estate when she purchased her first home from her grandmother. Fueled with courage, willingness, determination, and confidence, Jamisa begins mastering the craft of real estate, that initial investment catapult pulls Jamisa into becoming a skilled and innovative investor that serves as a stellar example to those desiring, to become new investors and entrepreneurs and innovative spirit. Jamisa has created a simple strategic investment plan that alll people of all ages and all walks of life can implement. A wife, a mother to four young children, and a servant leader at heart, Jamisa teaches women how to balance motherhood and wealth at the same time.  Connect with Better Than Success  Learn more about Better Than Success Real Estate League at Betterthansuccess.com/btsrel Construction Management Class is coming up! Go to betterthansuccess.com/cm to learn more. Sign up to attend our Real Estate Q&A live at betterthansuccess.com/events Get Access to our FREE Real Estate Beginners Class at betterthansuccess.com/freecourse Need help better understanding your real estate area? Download my FREE Real Estate Journal - www.betterthansuccess.com/realestatejournal 

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21 Jul 2021

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9. Jamisa McIvor on how she went from earning $6.50/ph to owning $1.7 million in properties

Girls L.E.A.P. Podcast

Jamisa McIvor is a trailblazer with an inspiring testimony. She’s a millennial and a mother who offers her services to single mothers by teaching them different options for improving their financial status by themselves. In her early twenties, Jamisa started out as a novice investor.  While mastering her craft, the young CEO of Rosebud’s Investments has become very popular amongst new and established investors. She mentors and advises individuals who want to become investors but don’t know where to start. With her innovative spirit, Jamisa created a strategy that makes real estate investing seamless and affordable. In today’s episode, our host Gloria Ward discusses with Jamisa how she became the owner and deed holder of 16 properties by self-financing the purchases. Three crucial tips Jamisa shares with Gloria: how when following your instinct can lead you to amazing opportunities, being consistent, and the importance of building your capital to start investing in real estate. They also talk about understanding how time needs to be considered as a currency. You can reach Jamisa by visiting: https://www.instagram.com/rosebudsinvestments https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamisa-mcivor-738275173/ https://www.rosebudsinvestments.com


29 Jun 2021

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Leveraging Life Insurance to Become Your Own Bank with Jamisa McIvor (Ep 176)

The Millionaire Talk Show

On this episode we have return guest Jamisa who still holds the title for the most lit interview.  Jamisa is still killing it in real estate with 31 doors and now she is working on a brand new commercial redevelopment of a hotel in Philadelphia.   Gems from the show: Selling grandma's house is better than losing grandma's house.  Meet your blessings halfway.  People aren't going to naturally know to be drawn to you.  Ask a simple question, throw your elevator pitch in the middle of the question. Make yourself interesting.  90% of success is showing up.  Show up with intention.  Jamisa can be found on IG @rosebudinvestments https://www.rosebudsinvestments.com/services Sponsor Fam: Todd Capital Options Course: https://gumroad.com/l/bOUnl Todd Capital Vending Course: https://gumroad.com/l/EwSkk Todd Capital - gumroad.com/toddcapital TC Options and Wealth Community: launchpass.com/p/tcinvestmentclub Invest with Teri - www.investor101.org Notary: millinotarypromo.com Charm City Buyers: charmcitybuyers.samcart.com/referral/sl…0LTkir6iaRh Hood Estates Trucking: bit.ly/2JQQnlZ Hood Estates Elite Real Estate: bit.ly/2HCXD25


11 May 2021

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Ep: 59 - 26 properties, 27 years old, and ZERO DEBT: How this investor built her portfolio using her OWN money w/ Jamisa McIvor

The Real Estate Blueprint Podcast

This episode will make you laugh as well as inspire you to take action! Today's guest, hailing out of Philly, is a true master at her craft as she's been able to build a pretty impressive real estate portfolio while still in her 20's. What's even more impressive is she's been able to do this without asking the bank for any "favors" a.k.a mortgage loans. She talks about what she does to find deals and how she was able to purchase one house after another using a combination of her money and her equity to continue to scale. Definitely worth a listen!! 


4 May 2021

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Jamisa McIvor - Free Game: How To Buy And Sell Properties

The Dr. Will Show Podcast

Jamisa McIvor is a 27-year-old wife, mother of four, and groundbreaker with an amazing testimony! Currently the deed holdover of twenty-six properties, all of which she’s purchased in cash.Starting out as a novice investor herself, and mastering the craft... The young CEO of Rosebud's Investments is very popular amongst new investors and people who may be looking to get started and are not sure how. She’s taken her innovative spirit and created a strategy that makes real estate investing as simple as can be for people of all ages and walks of life! She is a truly gifted intellectual, with the  ambition and strong desire to uplift and build those around her. 


2 Apr 2021

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Makini Smith "Resilience Is My SuperPower With Vivian Kaye, Jamisa McIvor & Kim Fitzpatrick"

The A Walk In My Stilettos Podcast

It’s our anniversary! It’s our 2 year anniversary! With well over 100 episodes out, I wanted to celebrate this milestone with the Faith Walker community because without you all engaging there would be no space for the show to thrive in. With the help of Karleana Waugh of Mini K Creations, we were able to pull off an impactful virtual event CELEBRATION called RESILIENCE IS MY SUPERPOWER where each guest received a physical copy of the A Walk In My Stilettos Gratitude Journal. This episode features past guests Vivian Kaye, Jamisa McIvor & Kim Fitzpatrick. They have come even further since they were last on the show and share their inspiring stories of RESILIENCE. Authenticity is their SuperPower. Vulnerability is their SuperPower. Resilience is their SuperPower. Go over to social media and share what's your SuperPower and tag us so we can share! Stay connected with us online: Facebook- http://bit.ly/2CkjhqV Instagram- http://bit.ly/2OszRfs Twitter- http://bit.ly/2RU9tcz Youtube- http://bit.ly/MakiniSmithYoutube LinkedIn- http://bit.ly/2IZZZIm Website- http://bit.ly/2PvRRSu Books- http://bit.ly/MakiniSmith Subscribe to our newsletter if you love the value and free stuff! http://bit.ly/2AVKNJM Send feedback/questions to info@awalkinmystilettos.com Submit guest suggestions HERE info@awalkinmystilettos.com


15 Oct 2020

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The Journey Of A Real Estate Investor – Interview With Jamisa McIvor

Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast

The journey of a real estate investor is not often straightforward. There are unlimited possibilities; thus, the path twists and turns at odd and unexpected places. However, if you keep at it, you will get where you want to go. Jamisa McIvor is the CEO of Rosebud’s Investments. Jamisa shares her transformation from novice to full-fledged real estate investor with Monick Halm. If you’re also just jumping into the real estate sphere, Jamisa’s story has many lessons you should learn sooner rather than later. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Community today:RealEstateInvestorGoddesses.comReal Estate Investor Goddesses FacebookReal Estate Investor Goddesses InstagramReal Estate Investor Goddesses Twitter


27 May 2020

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Ep. 178: How Family Fights Led to 20 Debt-Free Properties with Jamisa McIvor 

Multifamily Insights

Jamisa McIvor has 20 debt-free properties through her company named after her grandmother, Rosebud. Jamisa launched Rosebud’s Investments after her grandmother’s death and helps investors looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in real estate investing.  Despite her grandmother having older kids (including Jamisa’s father), she chose Jamisa to take over the property when she passed. That’s when things got interesting and Jamisa had to balance the pressures of family, while still learning about real estate and investing. In this episode, we cover how she set up her arrangement with her grandmother, why estate planning is crucial and how she turned one house into a 20 unit portfolio. Partner: Exclusive Marketing and Multifamily Consultation through the Capital Impact Club Key Insights 26-year-old investor with a passion for innovation and solving problems Grandmother added her to her deed and asked her to be the overseer Grandma’s Rules: Be the landlord, I don’t want anyone fighting, if anyone needs a place to stay, they can stay here Upon her grandmother’s death, no one paid rent, everyone was fighting and everyone needed a place to stay Her family did not believe her and began fighting over the property Without a will or deed, the property would go into the probate court system and require signatures from various family members - verbal agreements are not acceptable No transfer tax for being added to the deed  Moved into the property and realized there were issues that needed to be resolved Looked on Craigslist, Angie’s List to find contractors to help - received quotes of $40k - $60k Contractors all made offers to purchase the property with new developments in the area Listed the property with a realtor for $115k, and within one week she had a bidding war and got a cash offer for $152k After meeting with a financial advisor, she wanted consistency and decided to focus on buying houses  Realized many owners in her community have significant equity but are still losing homes or in danger of losing their home Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Connect with Jamisa: Website: RosebudsInvestments.com Instagram: RosebudsInvestments Phone: 267-469-ROSE Leave us a review and rating on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Be sure to check out more info at TargetMarketInsights.com.


31 Mar 2020

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What will happen to my house? with Jamisa McIvor

Wealth Building Momma

In this episode Emily interviews 26 year old millionaire, Jamisa McIvor, CEO of RoseBuds Investments. Listen in to hear how Jamisa came from growing up in Philly to owning 20+ investment properties in less than 6 years.


29 Jan 2020

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30: Jamisa McIvor: rosebudsinvestments.com

Love and Money

Strengthen your finances


8 Sep 2019