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Donny Thompson on the Big Brother NSFW All Stars 2 Monday Update

Reality NSFW with Jonny Fairplay: Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, The Challenge

The bearded wonder of Big Brother's Team America and landslide America's favorite player winner Donny Thompson joins the hosts of Big Brother NSFW to talk about Memphis' nominations, the newest Safety Suite competition, changes to the Have Nots, and everything happening in the Big Brother house on the live feeds.Donny talks to Jonny Fairplay, Zack Hacker, and Karen Eisenberg about how his former housemates Cody and Nicole are doing, why he voted for Cody in the first place, who he's rooting for on All Stars 2, what he thinks of the All Star cast, and envisions a future with perpetual Big Brother. Big Brother NSFW has all the Big Brother 22 coverage with legendary guests, so make sure to subscribe!This episode is brought to you by Fracture. Fracture turns your digital images into beautiful glass prints. That’s right, they print your photos directly on glass, transforming your memories into hand-crafted, frameless prints. Fracture prints look incredible, and you have to see one to believe it. Upload your photo at FractureMe.com/Survivor and use promo code SURVIVOR to print your photo on glass today.Do you feel exhausted in the morning, even after a good night’s sleep? The cause may actually be dehydration. You try your best to drink water throughout the day, but that’s not possible when you’re sleeping. You wake up drained because you’re going hours without a single sip - it doesn’t need to be that way! Hydrant created a refreshing electrolyte powder that you mix directly into water to efficiently and effectively hydrate your body. It hydrates you quickly and keeps you going for longer. And Hydrant is backed by research. The formula was developed by an Oxford scientist. It’s also loved by pro athletes, top performers, celebrities and has thousands of 5 star reviews. We’ve got a special deal for our listeners to save 25% off your first order: Go to DrinkHydrant.com/SURVIVOR or enter our promo code SURVIVOR at checkout.And to give your immunity idol a boost, check out our sponsor bluechew.com and use promo code: SURVIVOR to try it for free just pay the $5 shipping.Become a patron at AdFreeNSFW.com to win a SIGNED HOWIE GORDON BIGFOOT DRAWING and listen to member exclusive content like the weekly Q&A and our Top 10 lists, join our monthly Zoom hangouts, also become a member of the SECRET Survivor NSFW Facebook group and get cool stuff like posters, autographed pics, buffs and more!Check out all of our reality TV coverage at http://survivornsfw.com#bb22 #bigbrother22 #bigbrotherallstars2Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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18 Aug 2020

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EP50: Donny Thompson, America’s Favorite Player, and underdog!

Coco Caliente Podcast

This week we catch-up with Season 16 Big Brothers’ America’s Favorite Player, Donny Thompson! Find out what Donny is up to now, how the show impacted his life and what he did in his audition tape to catch the casting team’s eye! Donny talks about how his famous beard came about while him and Nicole reminisce on funny things that happened in the house that summer. They also talk about what the jury house is like and what happened when he was asked to be on The Amazing Race! Find out what Donny’s perfect girl qualities entail, on this week’s episode of Coco Caliente.

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23 Jan 2020

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The Rad Reality Show

MONDAY 08/27/18 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT - MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) HOSTS THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW with Special Guest: DONNY THOMPSON (BB16)!! MICHELLE is so excited to have DONNY on #ManicMondays! She'll find out what he's been up to lately, and then get his opinion on #BigBrother20 the #Cast #HOH #POV #ZingBot #HackerTwist #Comps #Alliances #Showmances #TheDrama #Blindsides and #Backdoors and so much more! Which #BB20 #Zing did you like best? Who do you want to win the next #HOHComp? Let us know what you think! As always, we want to hear from the #BBFans! Call in and be part of the show! There are two ways to join us! Click our link and join us in our Live Chat Room where you can post your questions and comments (which will get asked on the show) and/or Call In to chat with MICHELLE and DONNY on air by calling 1-347-237-5506 - Please press the #1 key on your phone once you're on our switchboard. That lets us know you're ready to join us on air. It's going to be a FUN Show! Hope You can make it!MICHELLE COSTA: from "Big Brother 10", Hosts the most FUN internet radio show about Reality TV! She has been doing MANIC MONDAY'S year round since July of 2009, with AMAZING Special Guests each Monday! And MICHELLE COSTA knows how to put on an EPIC show! The "Portuguese Princess" doesn't hold back ANYTHING!

1hr 30mins

27 Aug 2018

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Episode 5: Donny Thompson

Bytes Podcast

Today we talk to my buddy Donny Thompson of Big Brother '16. We talk about how he got into big brother, pool parties at reality events, and what he's up to now since we last heard from him about not getting his job back. We then give our picks on the NCAA tournament and UFC.


14 Mar 2017

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The Rad Reality Show

*TUESDAY 09/06/16 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) Hosts THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW ON TUESDAY THIS WEEK with Special Guest: DONNY THOMPSON (BB16)!! MICHELLE is SO excited to have DONNY on #ManicMondays (on Tuesday due to the Labor Day Holiday) to chat about #BB18 and what he's been up to since he was in the Big Brother house! We're getting close to the end of the Big Brother 18 season and there's a lot going on! Corey used his $5,000 ACP bribe on Victor to assure that he would vote out Michelle. Michelle was evicted and became the 5th Jury Member.  She took Paul's pool toy, "Pablo" with her as she walked out the door and threw it to the audience! After winning the Chicken Coop competion, Victor is now the HOH. He nominated James and Natalie for eviction. Corey won the POV. Would you like to see a Blindside? Who would you like to see evicted? Who do you want to win the next HOH? #LetsTalkBigBrother! As always, fans are encouraged to participate! There are 2 ways to join us: Call in to chat with MICHELLE and DONNY on air at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link, then scroll down till you see our Live Chat Room, where you can also chat with us during the show! Cherry Garcia will be there as Co-Host. MICHELLE COSTA: from "Big Brother 10", Hosts the most FUN internet radio show about Reality TV! She has been doing MANIC MONDAY'S year round since July of 2009, with AMAZING Special Guests each Monday! And MICHELLE COSTA knows how to put on an EPIC show! The "Portuguese Princess" doesn't hold back ANYTHING! WE CONNECT YOU TO THE REALITY STARS YOU LOVE!!!

1hr 43mins

6 Sep 2016