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E#195 Danielle Dobson – Breaking the Gender Code

Habitology - Habits For Coaching Business Success

Danielle Dobson is hot property right now. As Author of the Gender Code, Professional speaker and executive coach, Danielle is making an impact in the corporate and small business worlds by helping women unlock their potential in leadership and life. In this episode, Danielle talks about her own career progression and Gender Code limitations, and how she broke through to create a successful business that is breaking ground and having an impact. Connect with Danielle https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielledobsondna/ https://www.codeconversations.com.au/


6 Jun 2022

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Ep #40 - Danielle Dobson - Breaking the Gender Code

Work.Mama.Life with Dr Ali Young

How amazing is this woman. Come on a discovery of Danielle's life work into breaking down the gender code that is so entrenched in our society.  Danielle Dobson is an author, speaker and corporate coach, on a mission to break the Gender Code - that code of beliefs we hold as a society that says women are carers, and men are providers, and we are intrinsically different. Danielle’s research into women in leadership found that the Gender Code underpins the inequality in our society today, particularly in the workplace. It also revealed why mothers make great leaders, and the valuable attributes they can bring into the workplace. As a mother of three herself, Danielle has experienced firsthand the pressures of trying to ‘have it all’, and her research formed the basis of her book, Breaking the Gender Code, which gives women practical strategies to rewrite their own ‘code’ for creating the life they actually want. Danielle works with organisations to help them unlock the potential of the women on their teams, and to attract the right female talent, creating more equality around leadership opportunities in the workplace. She also helps busy parents to understand how to get a better balance between life and work, and to create more equality in both the workplace and the home. Find out more about Danielle and her book, Breaking the Gender Code, at: https://www.codeconversations.com.au


22 Feb 2022

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Code Conversations with Danielle Dobson

Let's Get Visible with Dorz Brown

On the podcast today I’m joined by Danielle Dobson. She is an author, speaker and corporate coach, on a mission to break the Gender Code. Danielle’s research into women in leadership found that the Gender Code underpins the inequality in our society today, particularly in the workplace. It also revealed why mothers make great leaders, and the valuable attributes they can bring into the workplace. She works with organisations to help them unlock the potential of the women on their teams, and to attract the right female talent, creating more equality around leadership opportunities in the workplace.  Danielle also helps busy parents to understand how to get a better balance between life and work, and to create more equality in both the workplace and the home, which was very helpful to learn particularly because we are back working and living in lockdown!  For show notes and to connect with Danielle, head to Let's Get Visible. 


1 Aug 2021

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#FeministFridays with Sarah Liberty & Danielle Dobson - On Smashing The Gender Code


In this feisty episode, Sarah speaks with Danielle Dobson, an author and speaker who raises awareness about the Gender Code - the beliefs ingrained into us from a young age that men and women are different. Danielle is passionate about bringing more gender equality into the workplace and the home, and she and Sarah discuss their shared enthusiasm for smashing stereotypes!


19 Jul 2021

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The Gender Code with Danielle Dobson

Juggling Without Balls

In Episode 12 I speak to Danielle Dobson, author of The Gender Code. Danielle is a speaker, facilitator, author, corporate advisor and mother, with an extensive background in corporate finance and then in the wellness industry. Danielle conducted a 2-year grounded-theory research project to understand why her clients were struggling with the tension of achieving...

18 Jun 2021

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Danielle Dobson - Author of Breaking The Gender Code and Founder of Code Conversations.

She's The Boss Chats

Danielle Dobson is the author of Breaking The Gender Code and is passionate about helping women in business. She started her career in finance, getting an accounting degree and working for a number of companies in Australia, the UK, the USA, and Italy before starting to notice the different pressures and expectations put on men and women. Following the birth of her first child, Danielle decided to take a break from her corporate roles and try personal training which led to wellness coaching. But it was there that she had her 'lightbulb moment' when she realized that weight wasn't what was holding most of the people back, it was their thinking, choices, and behavior.Fast forward to today and Danielle, after 3 years of research and 50 interviews, has authored a book called Breaking The Gender Code. She has developed a framework and methodology to help women leaders (and lead parents) understand and interpret their own personal codes which she launched in March 2020, called Code Conversations. Helping women unlock their potential is what she does and I know you will be inspired by her story. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


9 Mar 2021

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Achieve diversity & equality by breaking the gender code with Danielle Dobson

YS Up - Governance and Boards

In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson interview Danielle Dobson. Danielle is the founder of Code Conversations™ an author, speaker, coach, and advocate. We explore with Danielle her extensive experience in coaching and the interviews and research that led her to write her book - breaking the gender code. We discuss with Danielle the gender code in detail, together with the importance of conducting a gender pay gap audit and the positive benefits that parenting have on becoming a better leader." So, using that data, Bank West Curtin Centre has come up with, the latest 2020 Insights Report shows us that there's a direct causal link between having more women in senior leadership roles and key management roles, and the performance of your business. So, in terms of profitability, business performance, and productivity. And I've got the numbers here so that I'm completely accurate. So, if there's an increase of 10% or more for women in higher level management positions and boards and senior roles, the ASX listed companies, this report shows that there's a 4.9% increase in company market value. And that can equate to 78.5 million Australian dollars.So, I mean, the numbers are in. And appointing a female CEO, there's a 12.9% increase of outperforming equivalent organisations in the sector by three or more different metrics. And I mean, I could go on. But now we can find causal links. So, this is relatively new, and it's ground-breaking and it's a world first report, because for a long time, there's been the sense, and there's been some evidence, but it hasn't been as rigorously put together and scrutinised. And using, like I mentioned, longitudinal data. So, Julia Gillard, when she was the Prime Minister, instigated and created this measure. And so, we have years of research. So, in terms of bottom line, because we like evidence, we like data. We like to have the real numbers to help us understand the real true impact of having gender diversity, so we've got it now."- Danielle DobsonSummary of episode · Code Conversations™· Some statistics that support the value of having women in leadership roles· Profitability, performance and productivity increase under female leadership· Coaching women· The positive impact of parenting on becoming a better leader with empathy, perspective, patience, prioritisation, critical thinking, flexibility, adaptability and creativity to name a few.· Gender quotas on ASX listed boards of directors·


29 Sep 2020

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#02. Capturing authentic connection + how Danielle Dobson got her start in photography!


The loveliest most down to earth Mama... Danielle Dobson is a professional family photographer from Melbourne, Australia. We chat about how she got started in photography and how she captures authentic connection when photographing her own kids and clients.  Click HERE to be taken to today's SHOW NOTES and to download your FREE Photo Recipe that Danielle left for you! Follow Danielle on Instagram too! Enjoy, Mamas!


17 Sep 2020

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Breaking the Gender Code with Danielle Dobson

The Happy Healthy Workplace podcast

Welcome back! Today we’re talking with Danielle Dobson. Danielle is a licensed CPA, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and the author of Breaking The Gender Code. Breaking the Gender Code unpacks why we feel the constant pressure to keep all of the balls in the air and why we think we have to. It looks at how the cultural myths created and reinforced over millennia underpin our expectations today and aren’t serving us. But most importantly it deconstructs how to do it differently. Let’s tune in and get into Danielle’s story about why she became passionate about women in the workforce and how you can take the first steps to break your own code and do things your own way.  Things you will learn in this episode: [00:01 – 11:57] Opening Segment I welcome and introduce my guest, Danielle Dobson, to the show Speaker, author, and mother Making a difference in the workforce Using what you have to get what you want  Supporting mothers  Danielle talks about how her passion began Originally set out just to get to know the people she would coach better Helps mothers lead at work and lead at home  Wonder Women on the outside but feel unworthy  Built critical skills from being a parent  What started as research became a mission “To fix the problems in the workforce, I had to break my own work code” Danielle talks about gender roles within evolution  We’re more similar than we are different  Gender roles are learned through culture, they are not adapted  Massive expectation gaps Write your own code and leave out the rest [11:58 – 24:45] Understanding the Gender Code  I talk about my own experience with expectations in work life and parenting We assume rather than ask  We often don’t have the conversations that need to happen  Why are you the CEO of the home yet you’re expected to clean all the toilets? Danielle talks about the mental load on women For every hour the man does work at the home, women do an hour and forty-six  Quantify the unpaid work  The value of sharing the load and caring for people  Professional benefit and asset  Danielle talks about how men can support women in the workplace appropriately  Have conversations where you’re asking rather than assuming Listen to understand not respond  Leaders who have empathy, they don’t need answers, they need questions Decide for yourself what parts of the code you want to keep, leave, write or create “If I tell you if I’m thirsty, I’m not asking for water but for you to feel my thirst” [24:46 – 30:35] Breaking the Gender Code  Breaking and Writing your own code Just because it worked before doesn’t mean it will today Gender, empathy and understand Breaking your code sets others up after you to break their own  Danielle talks about her experience seeing what motivates people  The things you can’t measure are harder to sustain  Effort and commitment to make a change in the code There is a direct correlation between having women in leadership and the productivity of the business  Improved by 6.6% in market value Having more gender balance in the workforce raises profitability  Women look for connections in order to succeed  Building psychological safety in the workplace  Ultimately empathy wins [30:36 – 36:25] Closing Segment I expand a bit on the important psychological safety Being agile means changing  Connect with someone like Danielle to figure out how to create this  What do you think still needs to be said? Your first step is to get curious and ask yourself the question Is this working? Why or why not?  Ask your males in the workforce if they have any questions  Final words from me and Danielle Tweetable Quotes: "I was interviewing all these amazing people and they were Wonder Women on the outside, but not one thought they were worthy of that title. They just lived and operated as what they thought society expects.” - Danielle Dobson “Rather than basing our lives on gender codes and unrealistic expectations, we can actually define what we want and let go of the rest.” - Danielle Dobson  “When you listen to somebody, listen to understand and listen to connect rather than listening to respond or react.” - Danielle Dobson Resources Mentioned: Breaking The Gender Code You can connect with Danielle on LinkedIn. Visit her website https://www.codeconversations.com.au/ to keep the conversation going.  To know more, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, and follow the podcast on Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to visit our website https://thehappyhealthyworkplace.com/ for even more content. Email me at kimberly@thehappyhealthyworkplace.com, I’d love to hear your thoughts. LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who needs strategies and solutions for developing healthy happy workplaces that don’t sacrifice profitability by sharing this episode or click here to listen to more episodes.


3 Sep 2020

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Danielle Dobson – author of Breaking the Gender Code

A Moment With Modern Mentors Podcast

This episode, Caitlin Wright talks to Danielle Dobson the author of Breaking the Gender Code. This book was inspired by Danielle’s two-year research project into women in leadership. It’s a part memoir, part business book and part manual for navigating the modern world. Danielle tells Digital Collective why the myth of ‘having it all’ is getting in the way of what we really want in life.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


16 Aug 2020