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Episode 86: Different - A Great Thing To Be! with Heather Avis

Living Wholehearted Podcast With Jeff and Terra

Heather Avis is our guest for today’s episode. She is leading the way in creating a world where the differences children see in themselves and others are celebrated and embraced! Heather is the founder and chief visionary officer at The Lucky Few, a social awareness brand on a mission to make a more inclusive and loving world with an emphasis on shifting the Down syndrome narrative. She runs The Lucky Few's hit Instagram account and is the author of the children’s book, “Different - A Great Thing To Be!” and co-host of the podcast by the same name. A former education specialist teaching high school students, Heather is a mother to three adopted children (two with Down Syndrome) and has been interviewed on numerous media outlets including The Today Show, Focus on the Family, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and written for TIME. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Josh, and their three kids Truly, August and Macy, who is the inspiration for her book. Heather’s joyful, rhyming children’s picture book “Different—A Great Thing to Be!” (WaterBrook/Penguin Random House) is on sale today. You can connect with Heather at: www.HeatherAvis.com & @TheLuckyFewOfficial 


6 Jul 2021

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Different, A Great Thing to Be with Heather Avis

Special Education Inner Circle

Different - A Great Thing to Be with Heather of The Lucky Few. Parents and Teachers of children with disabilities know the stares and the isolation that happens when a child looks, acts, or speaks differently than others, but what if "different" was finally thought of as a... Great Thing to Be?!?! Buy the book, Different - A Great Thing to BE, on Amazon https://amzn.to/3j2y7rj Connect with Heather, Author, Speaker, Shouter of Worth, Narrative Shifter: Email: heather@theluckyfew.com Web: https://www.heatheravis.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theluckyfewofficial/ Continue the Conversation in the Special Education Inner Circle: www.specialedinnercircle.com


29 Jun 2021

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121. "Different-- A Great Thing To Be!" by Heather Avis (ft. the Avis fam!)

The Lucky Few

“Scoot closer in and sit next to me while I tell you the story of my friend Macy..” Friends! “Different— A Great Thing To Be” by Heather Avis is out right NOW, and we’re celebrating with a very special interview featuring none other than the entire Avis crew! That’s right, Heather is joined by her husband Josh and their three kiddos, including Macy— the star of the book (who also happens to be turning 13 on it’s release day). And if you’ve been listening for a while, you know about the goal for Macy to read this book on her own.. well, she’s been practicing for months and let’s just say, this book sounds even better coming from her! So don’t miss this special episode and don’t miss out on this book! “Different— A Great Thing To Be” is a great tool for your kiddos to learn to celebrate differences and we cannot wait for you to read it with them!  -- SHOW NOTES Buy “Different— A Great Thing To Be!” by Heather Avis. Other books by Heather Avis: Scoot Over And Make Some Room The Lucky Few LET’S CHAT Email hello@theluckyfewpodcast.com with your questions and Good News for future episodes. HELP US SHIFT THE NARRATIVE Interested in partnering with The Lucky Few Podcast as a sponsor? Email hello@theluckyfewpodcast.com for more information! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theluckyfewpod/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theluckyfewpod/support


29 Jun 2021

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Episode 12 - Special Needs and Mom Guilt w/ Heather Avis

Moms Unscripted

SHOW NOTES Go to www.mops.org for more information about MOPS, International. Guest: Heather Avis Follow Heather on social: www.heatheravis.com Instagram: @theluckyfewofficial Facebook: @theluckyfewofficial Heather's books: Different: A Great Thing to Be by Heather Avis, releases June 29 and is available now for pre-order: https://www.amazon.com/Different-Great-Thing-Heather-Avis/dp/0593232658/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3CPKN90R63JP7&dchild=1&keywords=different+a+great+thing+to+be&qid=1623342414&sprefix=different+a+great+th%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-2Scoot Over and Make Some Room The Lucky Few Resources mentioned: Disability and the Church: A Vision for Diversity and Inclusion by Lamar Hardwick "Beyond Measure" participant guide: https://store.mops.org/products/beyond-measures-participant-guide?_pos=7&_sid=054400d25&_ss=r Directions for finding a "Beyond Measure" group online www.thisisdownsyndrom.comAdditional resources: "Please Don't Call Me a Saint for Adopting a Child with Disabilities" by Crystal Kupper https://www.scarymommy.com/adopting-child-with-disabilities/  


22 Jun 2021

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Equity, Education, and More with Heather Avis from the Lucky Few

Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow

I’m using my Oprah voice.  Please welcome HEATHER AVIS!  That’s right, Heather Avis of the Lucky Few joins me in this week’s episode.  Heather is an author, blogger, narrative shifter, and shouter of worth.In the episode, Heather talks about how The Lucky Few community began, the importance of having such a big community, and the impact that the community is making.  She has shared a lot online about her children’s educational experiences during the COVI-19 pandemic, and we break that apart, both with a discussion about what happened last year, and then – more importantly- about what needs to happen next year.  Heather also shares a lot about her children’s inclusion / educational placement journeys.  And we learn about Heather’s first children’s book, “Different,” which is available for pre-order now!  You’re going to want “Different” in your bag when you go to talk about your child’s disability to his or her class.There’s so much to learn from other people’s journeys.  If COVID has taught us one thing, it’s that we need relationships with other people, and we can be very creative in connecting.  The Lucky Few community was already well established when the pandemic struck, and it’s a great example of how people from all over the world can connect in meaningful ways just by witnessing one bold family share its experiences.  I hope listening to Heather talk about her family’s journey sheds light on your circumstance.  It’s clear to see why The Lucky Few Community is so big… Heather is able to spread wisdom in real, digestible ways.  Have a listen and see for yourself! Meet Heather:: Heather Avis is founder and chief visionary officer at The Lucky Few, a social awareness brand on a mission to make a more inclusive and loving world with an emphasis on shifting the Down syndrome narrative. The author of the new children’s book “Different—A Great Thing to Be!” she runs The Lucky Few's hit Instagram account and is the author of a book and co-host of the podcast by the same name. A former education specialist teaching high school students, Heather is a mother to three adopted children and has been interviewed on numerous media outlets including The Today Show, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and written for TIME. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Josh, and their three kids Truly, August and Macy, the inspiration for “Different—A Great Thing to Be.” For more information, visit www.HeatherAvis.com & @TheLuckyFewOfficial Preorder “Different—A Great Thing to Be!” here: https://www.heatheravis.com/different#preorder


8 Jun 2021

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Inclusive Views Episode 2 - Interview with Heather Avis

Inclusive Views Podcast

Today we talk with Heather Avis who is an author, speaker, podcaster (@theluckyfewpod) and most importantly a mother to three children, two of which have Down Syndrome.


21 Apr 2021

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015 • Heather Avis

Instrumental with JJ Heller

Heather Avis is an author and an advocate for the Downs Syndrome and adoptive communities. I fell in love with her story when I read her book, “The Lucky Few,” a couple years ago. I literally had goosebumps for most of our conversation with her. It’s a good one! www.heatheravis.com/ www.jjheller.com/podcast

1hr 10mins

10 Aug 2020

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1657 My Strength Is My Story with Heather Avis

Create Your Now Archive 6 with Kristianne Wargo

In a world of divisions and margins, those who act, look, and grow a little differently are all too often shoved aside. Heather Avis reminds us to scoot over and make some room for those we are prone to ignore and challenges us to listen and learn. Heather Avis: A wife of 17 years to Josh and mom to their three children: Macyn, Truly, and August. She is a popular speaker, podcast of The Lucky Few, and Instagrammer. Heather's family story has been featured by numerous outlets, including Time, Today, PopSugar, and most recently in a Disney World Commercial. Heather is a two-time author. Her first book is The Lucky Few. Her brand new book is Scoot Over and Make Some Room. "We need to embrace who are kids fully are, even if they're totally different from everybody else.” ~ Heather Avis CONNECT with Heather Avis BOOK: Scoot Over and Make Some Room Enjoy the multitude of topics discussed including infertility, adoption, the dance recital, and diversity, plus so much more. Feet under the table Adoption Infertility Womanhood Rest Self-care Fitting In Down Syndrome What's your name? Limitations Jesus, the Mold Breaker The Orange Couch Seed's Success Sriracha and Marmalade Mamas Know my babies Come as they are The Dance Recital Hip Hop Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars Diversity and Race Intentionality Racial Reconciliation Questions & Curiosity Who's missing? Step in the tension Typical Day Advocate for children Self-worth Posture of the Heart The Church CONNECT with Heather Avis BOOK: Scoot Over and Make Some Room "We weren't going to raise our daughter who's black to be like a white girl." ~ Heather Avis #MyStrengthIsMyStory #CreateYourNow #HeatherAvis Quotes and statements within the interview: "We tried to have kids naturally and couldn't. But still wanted to be parents. And so adoption made the most sense for us." "The end goal was to be parents. It wasn't to have a child who looked liked us or who shared our genes. That doesn't feel super important to my husband and me." "There's brokenness in infertility." "You can't know what you don't know." "I really didn't start thinking about my need for rest until my thirties, until I was already three kids in." "I started finding for myself that the idea of self-care felt like another to-do on my list, and it felt burdensome." "My oldest is eleven, and when she shows up in a space, she shows up as she is." "And now I just watch it unfold and embrace it, and see what beauty there is there. And I learn so much from her constantly." "We're just so concerned about ourselves that it stops us from showing up fully as who we are and understanding who it is God made us to be." "Jesus showed up to the scene breaking all of the molds." "And they should be welcomed in every space that we are in, and not just welcomed, but invited into every space we are in." "My research was the closest, most affordable class." "I want to dance with Macyn!" "It just takes everybody adjusting a little bit for her to be successful; and it's not too much to ask a hundred people to adjust a little bit for one person." "And to see the fullness of humanity and to see the fullness of God in that humanity, that's come from my motherhood." "But I want to be available to help Truly navigate life as a person of color." "Truly has helped to push us into that space where we're learning and listening, and learning and listening and trying to show up and be aware of our blind spots." "Proximity and relationship are really important." "It's a pretty normal life over in our neck of the woods." "We will keep shouting their worth as long as people are listening. And even when they stop listening, we will keep shouting." "Every human being is an image-bearer of God." "I need my kids to be fully included in a church environment." What has your story gifted you? Relationships "Relationships with people that I never would have been in relationship with." Resources mentioned in the episode: CONNECT with Heather Avis BOOK: Scoot Over and Make Some Room Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLuckyFewOfficial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theluckyfewofficial   "One step at a time leads to miles of greatness!" Subscribe to Create Your Now TV on YouTube. Listen to Create Your Now on Spotify and Pandora. Listen to Create Your Now on iHeart Radio. Click here. The Create Your Now Archives are LIVE!! You can subscribe and listen to all the previous episodes here.  http://bit.ly/CYNarchive1 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive2 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive3 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive4 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive5 and http://bit.ly/CYNarchive6 Contact me at YourBestSelfie@CreateYourNow.com THE NO FUSS MEAL PLAN Instagram @CreateYourNow @Kristianne Wargo Twitter @KristianneWargo @CreateYourNow Facebook www.facebook.com/TheKISSCoach www.facebook.com/CreateYourNow PERISCOPE USERS!!! 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28 May 2020

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23. How Kids Can Practice INCLUSION & Celebrate Differences w/ HEATHER AVIS of The Lucky Few


Today we are Celebrating Differences, Inclusion and World Down Syndrome Day with Heather Avis of The Lucky Few!! This episode will completely change your perspective on Down Syndrome from a disability to superpower.  It's just the kind of feel good story we need right now but before we get into it Brandi and Orly share how their week has been, how they've been coping and how they've been helping.  We hope that by continuing the podcast we can provide some relief to how you’re feeling -even if just for the hour you’re listening.   In this episode we are proud to share the story of Heather Avis and her family. Heather is a mom of three, all adopted and two of them have down syndrome. She shares her beautiful story with us and her family’s mission to bring more awareness to people with down syndrome, to celebrate the differences in others and share that people with down syndrome are pure magic. This conversation is sure to have you thinking differently and will change any preconceived ideas you may have about adoption, acceptance, inclusivity and love.  You can follow Heather on Instagram @HeatherAvis @TheLuckyFewOfficial  To learn more, purchase her books and take her new online ecourse go to https://www.heatheravis.com PRODUCTS: Heather's Ring - https://www.everythingbuttypical.com/shop/keep-going-ring Let’s keep the conversation going on social:  Follow us on Instagram @MOMHOODSHOW https://www.instagram.com/momhoodshow/ Follow Brandi on Instagram @BrandiMilloy https://www.instagram.com/brandimilloy/ Follow Orly on Instagram @OrlyShani https://www.instagram.com/orlyshani/ J oin our private FB Group by searching MOMHOOD on Facebook

1hr 5mins

25 Mar 2020

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Adoption, Down Syndrome and All Things Awesome with Heather Avis

Marvelous Moms Club Archive

Heather is absolutely amazing and the thing I love most about her is her modesty about how wonderful she is. While I look at her in awe at what she accomplishes every day as a mother of three adopted children, two with Down Syndrome; she looks at her life and thinks- it's no big deal. This is my motherhood journey! And I think we can all say that, we can all be grateful for our unique situation, for the way we are growing our families, for our individual struggles. It's not glamorous, it's not more important than anyone else's, it's just OUR journey. I think that's the whole point of Marvelous Moms Club, to see these amazing women and realize they are just like us. They are battling the same demons, they are working their butts off to have happy and thriving homes. And while it looks so BIG at times to see others life stories, it's really just a testament to how incredible this life experience is and how blessed we are to have a unique story of our own that we are creating every day!


31 Jan 2020