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Ditching Harvard to Build a Company w/ Momentous’ Matt Wan

Build With Rob

Matt began thinking about a better supplement brand in high school. Fortunately, his father was both a VC and part owner of the San Francisco 49ers, which gave Matt a unique business POV for a teenager, as well as access to some of the best trainers in the world. Rob invested in the company and helped build an amazing brand, but Matt was wavering on whether to attend Harvard or continue running the company. Matt installed a CEO and went to Cambridge, but two months later found himself back at the helm for good. At 22, he’s still learning as he goes, but having mentors like Rob has helped him continue to push toward success. Learn more about this episode.


24 Jun 2021

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Rhett Power and Matt Wan on Power Lunch Live

Power Lunch Live

Rhett Power and Matt Wan on Power Lunch Live. Wan is the CEO and Co-Founder at Momentous, a sports nutrition startup. #linkedinlive #RhettPower #MattWan #Momentous #startup #PowerLunchLive #LinkedInLive


23 Feb 2021

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62 | Matt Wan, Momentous Founder & CEO

The Momentous Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Hickey. Chris is a current Board Member with us at Momentous and was previously the CEO at IsoPure and the CMO at Exos. We switched things up and had Chris interview Matt.The two discussed Matt’s childhood, his eating habits, and his daily routine. The two also talked about pastimes, some of Matt’s role models, and what it was like starting Momentous.Find Momentous:LiveMomentousInstagramFacebookTwitterYoutube

1hr 17mins

20 Jan 2021

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Nootropics and the truth about collagen and supplements w/ Matt Wan

Fad or Future

Matt Wan is the Harvard dropout who decided to start a supplement company called Momentous. Why would he enter such a saturated market!? Joey sits down with Matt and gets the truth behind where your supplements should come from, if collagen actually works, and much more.Plus:What is the process to getting NSF Certified? Why so many athletes take products you have never heard of.Are athletes truly using what they endorse?Should you buy collagen and how should you take it?Matt's Website: www.livemomentous.com Matt's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livemomentous###Joey’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joeythurmanfit/?hl=en Joey’s Website: https://www.joeythurman.com/ Fad or Future Website: https://www.fadorfuture.com/#DontBeAFaddy


23 Oct 2020

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Building a Limitless Mindset and Changing The Supplement Industry with Matt Wan

Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs

Whether it's building a high performing body or a high performing company, it all starts with your mission. And my guest today, Matt Wan, Founder, and CEO at Momentous, is on a mission to change the supplement industry. Momentous is a sports nutrition startup dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the continuous improvement of personal performance. Matt co-founded the company in 2017 with MTV’s Rob Dyrdek and later dropped out of Harvard to pursue startups full-time. Besides getting into Matt's origin story, we're diving into lessons he's learned from top performers ranging from professional athletes to venture capitalists and much more.


17 Aug 2020

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Matt Wan: Live Momentous

A Richer Life

During this episode of A Richer Life, host Rich Weingart speaks with Matt Wan, Founder of Momentous which is a premium performance nutrition company focusing on quality sourcing and transparency. Matt Wan talks about his mission to change the supplement industry, the work he is doing at Momentous, the products he offers, and his own personal health routines.  Episode Highlights:  Rich Weingart introduces Matt Wan.  Matt Wan shares his past in athletics growing up in California and moving to Wyoming.   How serious should kids take nutrition? Was it a hard decision to leave Harvard and start Momentous?  What was his path like after leaving Harvard?  Matt Wan talks about forming the name and logo.  How did he build the team and what makes the product stand out?   What do people usually misunderstand about supplements?    Matt Wan shares his daily routine of self-care.  What market does he sell into?  How does Matt Wan handle self-care?  Matt discusses the importance of sleep. What are the greatest lessons he has learned by starting a company?   Momentous aims to be at the top of premium sports nutrition.  Awareness is the greatest challenge for Momentous.  Reading more is helping Matt Wan. 3 Key Points: Momentous is the first company of its kind to collaborate directly with dietitians and strength coaches from all four major league sports, selling directly to over 100 professional collegiate teams.  Momentous’ sleep product has 3mg of melatonin per capsule and 500mg of magtein  Create habits that are good for us one-by-one.  Tweetable Quotes: “Part of the problem in the market is the saturation, the lack of regulation, the low barriers to entry mean that it is like pizza shops. Everybody says they have the best products. It doesn’t even mean anything.” – Matt Wan “What differentiates the product is that it is something that we can really prove. We can take you through individually why each of the ingredients we’ve sourced is the absolute best for that purpose.” – Matt Wan “The parents should be taking the responsibility of having healthy foods in the house, educating themselves, and educating the kids where it makes sense, where it is appropriate." – Matt Wan “NSF certification, and specifically the NSF Certified for Sport program refers to this third-party group NSF that provides this program that products can submit to be approved for use by professional sports leagues.” – Matt Wan “Supplements don’t have to be instead of food.” – Matt Wan “I love exercise. Exercise is like a break for me. It is highly satisfying. It makes me feel good both physically and mentally. There is also a meditative aspect for me as well.” – Matt Wan Resources Mentioned: Linkedin on Matt Wan LiveMomentous.com Instagram for Matt Wan Astrophysics for People in A Hurry by Neil deGrasseTyson Atomic Habits by James Clear Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

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5 Aug 2020

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193. Matt Wan - Building Trust with Others as a 22 year old CEO

Nick Carrier's Best You Podcast

Matt Wan is the Founder and CEO of Momentous - a premium performance nutrition company focused on quality, sourcing, and transparency that is used by over 100 professional and collegiate teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. _ Learn more about Matt and Momentous! Website: https://www.livemomentous.com/ Matt on Instagram: @_matt.wan Momentous on Instagram: @livemomentous In this episode, Learn about: 3:40 - 4:13: Dropping out of Harvard after a year 4:46 - 5:27: Trying to hire a CEO, deciding to jump in himself  7:14 - 8:03: Getting older folks to sign on to your vision as a young person (get used to rejection and stay with it and try to be thoughtful)  9:46 - 10:30: Start with people you already have a good relationship with  12:03 - 13:05: How he came up with Momentous 16:00 - 17:09: Selling is about how often the consumer thinks about you.  17:46 - 18:29: Taste and the difference between the creator’s idea of what makes the product better and what the consumers identify as the best feature.  19:15 - 21:04: Awareness — what makes for a good whey protein? Doing your research as a consumer, providing “value to the customer outside of the bottle.” 25:16 - 25:54: Realizing that adults don’t (necessarily) know what they’re doing  27:14 - 28:18: What he’s working on with his executive coach 29:27 - 30:26: Unexpected challenges (just being smart vs. managing relationships)  __ Matt’s 3 things to get closer to his best self: 1. Read More 2. Get Better Sleep 3. Stay hyperfocused on how to be an effective leader


3 Aug 2020

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NutraCast Podcast: Momentous CEO Matt Wan on sports nutrition

NutraIngredients-USA Podcast

In this episode, NutraCast talks with Matt Wan, founder & CEO of Momentous, a sports nutrition startup dedicated to creating no-compromise products that support the improvement of personal performance.


27 Mar 2020

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E71 | Matt Wan: Curiosity & Consequences: The Path to Building a Premium Product

The Art Of Coaching

We have now made our flagship online courses, Bought In & Valued, accessible to everyone year-round! These were previously only available twice a year during limited launches. These are the only courses of their kind that offer immersive learning on how to be a better coach. They also cover avoiding burnout, how to become a better professional, and how to deal with different forms of conflict. Check them out below! Valued: https://courses.artofcoaching.com/valued-signup/ Bought In: https://courses.artofcoaching.com/signup/ This information is kept free by our partnership with Momentous. To learn more about Momentous and what they do to help our community go to livemomentous.com/brett. As part of the Art of Coaching audience, you can receive $20 off your 1st order of Momentous by using code BRETT20 at checkout. (Minimum purchase amount of $50). If you have been listening to this podcast for a while or you are a new listener, then you are probably familiar with our partner, Momentous. Whether you are curious about the product side, or the story of Momentous, then look no further than today's episode. Matt Wan, the Founder & CEO of Momentous, joins us today on the podcast. Momentous is a sports nutrition startup dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the continuous improvement of personal performance. Matt co-founded the company in 2017 with MTV's Rob Dyrdek and later dropped out of Harvard to pursue startups full-time. Topic's discussed today: Some of the key questions they had to ask themselves when starting a supplement company Peeling back the curtain and making expert information widely available and popular How Matt and his partners bought into the idea of 'moving the chains' vs. 'throwing Hail Mary's' The negative side of being a brand and trying to make everyone happy The powerful influence Matt's father had on him at a young age and how this drives him today Reach out to Momentous & Matt: Via website: https://www.livemomentous.com/ Via Instagram: @livemomentous & @_matt.wan Join our exclusive Facebook group of fellow Art of Coaching Podcast listeners and have your voice heard! Don't forget to check-out and download our new free resources. Podcast Reflection Sheets: Click Here How to Find a Mentor Guide: Click Here Sign up for my course: Sign Up Now! Follow me on social media: Via Instagram: @coach_BrettB Via Twitter: @coach_BrettB Subscribe to my YouTube channel here Learn More About My Courses, Clinics, and Live Events At: www.ArtofCoaching.com

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16 Mar 2020

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Matt Wan - The Bold Vision To Disrupt Sports Nutrition

Rdella Training : The Strength & Performance Podcast

(#285) Matt Wan, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Momentous, joins the show this week. Matt shares his story about getting started in training and what he learned at a very young age about the importance of nutrition. His story is what ultimately drove him to "make a difference" and do something bold to disrupt the sports nutrition industry. Here's what you'll learn this week: Why we should care about Matt's passions in fitness The #1 thing Matt learned when he started training Why Matt wanted to enter the highly competitive sports nutrition industry The shocking truth about the products that professional athletes use The product brand Matt uses himself (outside of Momentous) Why premium products come at a cost How a consumer can determine if a product is high-quality? An overview of "standards and label certifications" - what do they mean? The "performance car" analogy (and what it means in choosing supplements) What we should know about pricing - why you get what you pay for How to know if a protein supplement is "high quality" Why it's important to get a "one source" protein The difference between the 3 whey-based proteins at Momentous How Momentous was able to make such a great tasting product "Real world" experience and feedback from athletes and dietitians The importance of prohydrolase What Matt's "go to" protein shake consists of... Some very interesting facts about organic plant-based proteins The "why" behind all the key ingredients to make a high-quality protein His bold vision about the next few years A specific actionable takeaway after hearing our interview... Our proud podcast partner is Momentous.  Momentous is my #1 recommended protein that is available on the market today. This protein source is the highest-quality, it tastes amazing, and it's well-tolerated. Don't settle for sub-standard protein supplements. Momentous is simply outstanding. Available in whey or plant-based varieties. Check out LiveMomentous.com/Rdella and use the code "RDELLA20" to save $20 off your first order. I've been using the "Absolute Zero Grass-Fed Whey" blend and also the Plant-Based blend, as well. With Momentous, you have different protein source options and great varieties to choose from. I typically mix Momentous with frozen organic strawberries and a 50/50 blend of unsweetened almond/coconut milk and it is FANTASTIC! [jbox color="grey" radius ="2"] The Momentous Minute with Tim Caron Today's Momentous Minute is with Tim Caron, the owner of Allegiate Gym and performance engineer at Momentous, the sports nutrition company on a mission to clean up the supplement industry. Today's question is how much protein can be consumed and utilized by the body at one time and what can alter protein consumption? Tim Caron: It depends a lot on your ability to digest proteins and your overall body mass. More muscle mass usually leads to more overall calories or individual macronutrients, in general, in specific to protein. So, when we take protein in abundance, this has a high satiety level and satiety means that we're going to get filled really fast. It's really difficult to determine an exact amount, but typically the bigger you are and the better you digest proteins, the more you can do that, which leads to the quality of the protein. You don't need as much when you have a higher quality of protein relative to eating a lower quality of protein mixed with some other things that might affect your actual satiety levels - like high sugar, maybe really processed foods, savory, salty foods. Getting higher quality protein, in conjunction with higher quality foods, helps your ability to digest and assimilate proteins at a higher level. [/jbox] Get value from the podcast? Then, please take a minute to review the show. It’s fast and easy to do. To see how to post a review in Apple Podcasts, go to RdellaTraining.com/review SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON APPLE PODCASTS SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON STITCHER NOW AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY!!! LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE ON GOOGLE PLAY LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE ON OVERCAST The Rdella Training® Podcast is published each week with valuable training information and amazing interviews with many “world-class” coaches, experts, and authors in the fitness industry. The Rdella Training Podcast is committed to helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts consistently evolve, grow, and become the strongest and best version of themselves. We teach intelligent training and lifestyle for serious fitness enthusiasts and dedicated lifters all over the world. SHOW NOTES AND LINKS: Matt Wan on Instagram Momentous BLOG Page Designs For Health Momentous Protein Recipe Example FREE SOLO - Movie Trailer Find Tim Caron at Allegiate Gym The Top 10 Podcasts on Rdella Training LiveMomentous.com/Rdella Use code "RDELLA20" to save $20 OFF your first order. DID YOU GET YOUR MOBILITY FIX? [jbox color="red" radius ="2"]Follow @RdellaTraining on Instagram for high-value training tips, tutorials and education.[/jbox] [jbox color="yellow" radius ="2"]Community page: RdellaTraining.com/ask.[/jbox] Spread the word! Please share this on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you’d like. [jbox color="blue" radius ="2"]Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN, SFG-TL, USAW, CACWC Scott's background as a strength coach, athlete, and former clinician are the basis for his one-of-a-kind approach to teaching strength, human movement, and peak performance. Scott is dedicated to helping serious fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and lifters all over the world, regardless of age, background, or training experience, become the best version of themselves through improved strength and skill development for a lifetime of health, happiness, and high-performance. Scott is the passionate host of The Rdella Training Podcast, a leading weekly fitness podcast in Apple Podcasts where he interviews the most brilliant minds in the industry. Finally, he is the author of The Edge of Strength, available in Amazon and currently working on his follow-up book. To learn more about Scott, please visit our About Page. Get stronger, perform better, and evolve into the athlete you were meant to be.[/jbox]

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22 May 2019