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Episode 509: Matt Butcher and Matt Farina on Helm Charts

Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers

Matt Butcher and Matt Farina, authors of the book Learning Helm join SE Radio host Robert Blumen to discuss Helm, the package manager for kubernetes. Beginning with a review of kubernetes and Helm, this episode explores the history of helm;...


26 Apr 2022

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Talking About Open Source Community, the CNCF, Rancher & Suse - Percona Podcast #56 /w Matt Farina

Percona's HOSS Talks FOSS: The Open Source Database Podcast

This is a double Matt episode of the HOSS talks FOSS! The Head of Open Source Strategy at Percona, Matt Yonkovit, sits down with Matt Farina, Distinguished Engineer at SUSE to talk about starting out in open source, what helped Matt become a better contributor in the community, and his work on many projects including OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Rancher.  Matt Farina talks about how his drive to understand how things work lead him into the depths of some open source code (from Drupal to OpenStack, to Rancher).  Matt was drawn to containers, orchestration, docker, and technologies like Kubernetes, etc. The pair of Matts dig into the ongoing and upcoming projects at Rancher and Suse, their shared experience in Kubernetes,  and Matt’s ( Farina ) work with the CNCF as part of their Technical Oversight Committee (TOC).


17 Mar 2022

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Rancher Desktop, with Matt Farina

Kubernetes Podcast from Google

We’re back for 2022 with a look at Rancher Desktop, which recently hit 1.0. Its creator, Matt Farina, is today’s guest. Matt is a Distinguished Engineer at SUSE, was a founding chair of Kubernetes SIG Apps, and was recently appointed to the CNCF TOC. Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: web: kubernetespodcast.com mail: kubernetespodcast@google.com twitter: @kubernetespod News of the week Kubernetes: The Documentary Sysdig Cloud Native Security and Usage Report Rancher Desktop 1.0 Microshift from Red Hat Docker’s second fiscal year Solo announces Bumblebee Istio 1.13 IstioCon announcement Google Cloud Deploy GA GKE Cost Optimization Insights GA Anthos Service Mesh on GKE Autopilot cluster OpenMetrics moves to Incubation phase Episode 37, with Richard Hartmann CNCF archives the OpenTracing project Kubernetes policy management paper CNCF 2021 survey results Links from the interview Matt Farina General Dynamics Land Systems Drupal Palintir (not that one) HP donates patents to support Linux HP acquires Stackato Cloud Foundry distribution CNCF Landscape Or not Helm SIG Apps Artifact Hub) What is the Artifact Hub? Rancher Labs acquired by SUSE Episode 57, with Darren Shepherd Open source from SUSE/Rancher Rio Longhorn Epinio Kubewarden Rancher Desktop Announcement 1.0 release Slashes kube-solo nerdctl k3s and k3d Matt Farina joins the CNCF TOC Cloud Native Podcast Episode 102, with Matt Butcher Matt Farina on Twitter


16 Feb 2022

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Helm Community With Matt Farina, Karen Chu, and Matt Butcher

Arrested DevOps

Helm.sh Celebrating Helm’s CNCF Graduation CNCF announces Helm graduation An Introduction to Helm - Matt Farina & Josh Dolitsky Phippy and Friends Keynote: Phippy Goes to the Zoo: A Kubernetes Story - Matt Butcher & Karen Chu - KubeCon North America 2018 Seven Hard Truths About Open Source Community Helm chart testing Helm hub Helm twitter Helm logo art credit: @flynnduism Banner image: @bridgetkromhout


30 Apr 2020

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The Wounding and Death of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain - 50 Years Later - Dr. Matt Farina

History Tavern Podcast

While leading his men in a charge against a heavily fortified Confederate position, Chamberlain was struck in the right hip. The bullet splintered the hip bone, cutting into his bladder and urethra before it lodged just behind the left hip joint. Chamberlain endured many painful surgeries and eventually succumbed to the wound 50 years later. Dr. Matt Farina, a retired pediatric cardiologist and member of the Capital District Civil War Round Table, talked about Chamberlain’s wound and the medical treatment he received.

1hr 1min

10 Feb 2020