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Deep Cover - Spy Thriller Novel by John Deboer

Book Club Reporter Book Reviews

John DeBoer has written an intelligent and compelling spy thriller. Deep Cover is an absorbing and action-packed story. DeBoer makes the reader think. Deep Cover is an exceptional thought-provoking read. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LauraJay)Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


4 Oct 2020

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EP390 Robert Baril & John DeBoer - Acme Comedy Co - 2020


Justin sits down with the other two Crash and Burn performers, Robert Baril and John DeBoer! Topics include: Roberts sex life compared to his comedy, looking back at old material from 11 years ago, off the cuff jokes vs written material, and how it's beneficial to watch even the pros struggle. #nolaughtrack   Get your tickets here: Crash & Burn Tickets Thanks to Circle of Heat for the intro music. Listen to them here: Circle of Heat


16 Sep 2020

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7/5/2020 John DeBoer

Cibolo Creek Bible Church

Our Vision is to Glorify God by Strengthening One Another Through Truth and Community. Join us 10:30 am Sunday inside the Schertz, TX YMCA: 621 Westchester Drive, Schertz, TX. Instagram @CiboloCreekBible Facebook Cibolo Creek Bible Church www.ccbc-online.com Sermon by John DeBoer Scripture References: Genesis 1:27 Isaiah 43:7 Habakkuk 2:14 Genesis 3:5; 5:3; 6:13; 9:6-7 Romans 8:27 1 John 2:6 Notes: Our life should be Christ-centered, scripturally based, and Spirit-filled. Invite the Holy Spirit to use you. How can I glorify God and His Image?


6 Jul 2020

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EP375 John DeBoer - Acme Comedy Company Studios - 2020


It's been over TWO MONTHS since the last podcast. Justin is excited to be back and talks with this weekend's headliner, John DeBoer, about what he's been doing during the pandemic and defends his living room freezer. Also, Justin explains what Acme Comedy Co. Studios is doing to keep comedy alive. Get your ticket to see John here: John DeBoer Tickets Thanks to Circle of Heat for the intro music! Listen to them here: Circle of Heat


28 May 2020

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Patent attorney interview: John DeBoer (S4E109)

Legal Road Map®: copyright, trademark and business law info for online entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered whether you need a patent for your business? Do you have an idea, invention, method or system you'd like to protect? Learn the ins and outs of patent law from my friend, patent attorney John DeBoer.  In this episode we’ll cover: The basics about patents + what’s protectable Why filing your patent application FIRST is critical (spoiler: it doesn’t matter if something was your idea first if someone else files first!) Some important reasons you should keep your idea to yourself until you're ready to file your patent application Why you might want to use an NDA when discussing your idea + what to include in your NDA to make sure it actually protects you How much does a patent application costs Lifetime costs associated with maintaining your patent Hurdles you may have to overcome if you want to patent your process or system Visit www.awbfirm.com/podcast109 for show notes. BONUS: get your hands on our FREE resource to help you write solid contracts: The 5 terms I think every contract should include. www.awbfirm.com/5terms Resources: John’s website: www.rdoipi.com John’s contact info: john@rdoip.com, 281-372-6114 Video/slides for this episode: https://www.rdoip.com/blog/2019/9/3/john-deboer-speaks-with-autumn-witt-boyd-about-patent-pitfalls NDA contract template in AWB Firm Contract Template Store: www.awbfirm.com/contract-templates Want to make sure your business is protected but working one-on-one with a lawyer just isn’t in the budget? Our customizable contract templates are a great, affordable way to get protection for yourself and your business without breaking the bank. Shop our selection of contract templates for online businesses and protect your business today! Visit www.awbfirm.com/contract-templates. This podcast is information, not legal advice specific to your situation.


21 Oct 2019

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EP243 John Deboer - Acme Comedy Company - 2017


John Deboer returns with a whole bunch of technology topics - Perfect timing too, as we will now be adding Facebook live streaming to our production!!! John and Justin have a blast in this episode covering John's programming skills and products, using technology to fill in the gaps of our aging brains and John describes why he (editors note: wrongly) believes the technological singularity is a good thing.  Catch John Here March 28th-29th John DeBoer Find John at shittycomedian.com Catch Mike Here at Acme November 5 - 8 Intro music is a clip of Journey to the Sun supplied by Circle of HeatClick their Website above, or check them out. #nolaughtrack #acme #comedy #podcast #interview #Minneapolis #Minnesota #NLT #Justin #Severson


29 Mar 2017

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EP 122 John DeBoer & Mike Lester


This week's episode has one of Acme's favorite headliners (John DeBoer) and the newest member of Acme's Feature Act list, Mike Lester. Listen in, as they reminisce about their first time working together, Mike talks about "The King Of Minnesota", and Justin reads the answers of a questionnaire he submitted to each of them pre-taping. Catch John Here November 5John DeBoer Find John at shittycomedian.comCatch Mike Here at Acme November 5 - 8 Mike Lester Find Mike SOON at mikelesterhumor.comOR on Twitter @mikelesterhumor Intro music is a clip of Journey to the Sun supplied by Circle of HeatClick their Website above, or check them out.

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5 Nov 2014

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TDF EP 86 – John Deboer #Acme20

The Dork Forest

is a great comic from Minneapolis.  It’s the last ep from Acme Comedy Company’s 20th Anniversary in Minneapolis. We talk about in car automotive entertainment… for a long time. Comedy lends itself to tinkering it seems. It’s fun. Enjoy.  December Donation Button: This month donate here:  Credits:Audio leveling by Music is by . Website design by : who has his own  Apps are available with bonus content: or My websites are and  .Review the show on Feel free to e me.  NOTES:Its 99c… hit me up for it when you see me live and I’ll hand you a buck.     The whole album is actually $10APP Bonus NOTES:I TRY TO EXPLAIN CHEERS TO ANDY(patrick's response to the bonus, "It's hilarious to me picturing the difference between you and John Deboer talking about that one Coach scene and laughing, and then Andy sitting stone-faced while he listens to the exact same story. It's like a 5-second metaphor for all of stand up comedy." True). Get the APP: or

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9 Dec 2011