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Brewing Psilocybin with Dr. J Andrew Jones

Mushroom Revival Podcast

On the Mushroom Revival Podcast, lead researcher of the E. coli psilocybin project, J. Andrew Jones, PhD., discusses the idea of producing psilocybin and other mushroom compounds in a bioreactor to use for clinical trials, affordably on a commercial scale. Listen to Jones in conversation with Mushroom Revival founder Alex Dorr on our podcast to learn more about how Jones' research enabled the first example of psilocybin production from a bacterium.www.mushroomrevival.comWe are a functional mushroom company and make 100% certified USDA Organic and Vegan mushroom supplements. We are transparent with our lab results, and use actual fruiting bodies aka mushrooms! We provide our supplements in tincture, capsule, powder, and delicious gummy form. Energy (Cordyceps): Need a little pick-me-up before a workout or when you’re picking up your kids from school? The Energy Cordyceps is the mushy match for you.Focus (Lion’s Mane):  Needing a little more focus in your daily life? Lion’s Mane is known to be the mushroom for the brain and may support cognitive function.Calm (Reishi): Looking for some tranquility and zen in your life? Reishi will bring you into the zen state of mind you’ve been searching for.Daily 10 (Mushroom Mix): It’s like having 10 bodyguard mushrooms fighting off all those bad guys. This is a good place to start as it contains all of the daily mushies you need. Not sure where to begin? Take our mushroom quiz here.Use code ‘PODTREAT’ for a 30% discount.


12 Oct 2022

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Speaker Cabinets - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know with Andrew Jones of MoFi/KEF/ELAC/Pioneer

The Occasional Podcast

Interview with legendary speaker designer Andrew Jones of MoFi Electronics. Andrew joins the podcast again to do a deep dive into the design elements of speaker cabinets. His history creating speakers spans the years making iconic hifi from the likes of ELAC, KEF, TAD, Pioneer - just to name a few. In this episode we expore topics like how to get bass out of small sizes, how much damping is the correct amount, what designs have proven to be the most useful for certain scenarios and more. It is pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about the precious enclosures we cradle our drivers in, and maybe a little bit extra for good measure.  S8E4 Sponsors: ZUAUDIOdotCOM - Any music, amp or room, there's a Zu for You PURISTAUDIODESIGNdotCOM - Let Us Connect You To The Music! INNUOSdotCOM - Listen From Within SCHIITdotCOM - Audio Components Designed & Built in California & Texas, Starting At $49


10 Oct 2022

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Ep 86: Dr. Andrew Jones on Breaking-2 Project, The Importance of Beetroot before a Race and Running Fast

Run with Fitpage

In this episode of Run with Fitpage, we had one of the top researchers worldwide - Dr. Andrew Jones. Andrew M Jones Ph.D. is a Professor of Applied Physiology in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences. Dr. Jones and Vikas speak about running fast, his involvement in the breaking-2 project, and more in this episode. Prof Jones is internationally recognized for his research in the following areas: 1) control of, and limitations to, skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism 2) causes of exercise intolerance in health and disease 3) respiratory physiology, particularly the kinetics of pulmonary gas exchange and ventilation during and following exercise 4) sports performance physiology and nutrition, particularly in relation to endurance athletics. Prof Jones has authored more than 350 original research and review articles (>35K citations) and is co-Editor of three books. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, the European College of Sport Science, and the Physiological Society.Jones is Editor-in-Chief of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and serves on the Editorial Board of six other international journals in sports medicine and exercise science. Prof Jones has acted as a consultant to a number of governing bodies of sports or commercial companies including UK Athletics, the English Institute of Sport, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, and Nike Inc.Vikas hosts this weekly podcast and enjoys nerding over-exercise physiology, nutrition, and endurance sport in general.  He aims to get people to get out and 'move'.  When he is not working, he is found running, almost always.  He can be found on nearly all social media channels but Instagram is preferred:)Reach out to Vikas:Instagram: @vikas_singhhLinkedIn: Vikas SinghGmail: vikas@fitpage.inTwitter: @vikashsingh1010


15 Sep 2022

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Racing Victoria’s Chief Executive Andrew Jones - look ahead to the spring carniva

RSN Racing Pulse

Racing Victoria’s Chief Executive Andrew Jones joined Michael Felgate to look ahead to the spring carnival, which officially gets underway with Group 1 Memsie Stakes Day at Caulfield this Saturday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Aug 2022

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FAST LANE SPECIAL: Andrew Jones, TarHeelIllustrated.com On UNC And State Of ACC

The Fast Lane with Ed Lane

FAST LANE SPECIAL: Andrew Jones, TarHeelIllustrated.com On UNC And State Of ACC by Ed Lane


8 Aug 2022

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The "ported vs. sealed" sub game, AXPONA recap, and an interview with Andrew Jones of MoFi

Crutchfield: The Podcast

In this episode we have something very special — Jeff, our resident headphones pro, conducts an exclusive interview with speaker visionary, Andrew Jones. Andrew shares his philosophy behind speaker design, his reasons for joining the team at MoFi, and what's next for him. (https://www.crutchfield.com/r/9PV)But before that, enjoy this audio version of our live-streamed show, Crutchfield Live, which you can watch on YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/crutchfield/videos) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/crutchfield/live_videos/). J.R. plays the "ported vs. sealed" game with Matt, our mobile electronics catalog editor. (https://www.crutchfield.com/r/9PW)They take music suggestions from Live viewers and compare notes on the best sub style for job. Then, Jeff walks J.R. through his visit to AXPONA, an audio electronics expo in Chicago. Intrested in finding out more about Jeff's AXPONA experience? Check out his photos and read the full story. (https://www.crutchfield.com/r/9PX)


17 Jun 2022

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Andrew Jones Of MoFi Electronics

The Occasional Podcast

Andrew Jones (speaker designer, Pioneer/KEF/TAD) joins the podcast again to talk about the "why" of his recent move from ELAC to MoFi Electronics. Recorded live from AXPONA 2022 in Chicago, Andrew elaborates on his journey to upcoming developments with the currently speakerless MoFi brand and why he thinks the partnership will make for a solid pairing with his next designs.  S7E5 Sponsors: MUSICALSURROUNDINGSdotCOM - World-Class Analog Equipment SCHIITdotCOM - Audio Components Designed & Built in California & Texas, Starting At $49 PURISTAUDIODESIGNdotCOM - Let Us Connect You To The Music!  WELLPLEASEDAVdotCOM - You can’t please everyone, so why don’t you please yourself?


10 May 2022

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Andrew Jones joins MoFi!!! And so much more!

The Daily HiFi Podcast

We now know where Andrew Jones is, he went to MoFi!!! We can't wait to see what his first design is going to be! Channa had to redo Dirac in his studio system. Caller calls in and we are blushing cause he thanked us up and down for what we try to do, getting good info into your hands. BestJoy universal remote? Ya that's a thing. Erin gives us a schooling on ring radiator tweeters that are abnormal but not new. Read Michaels mind not his lips!!! Joe has some new amps to review from OSD!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dailyhifi/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dailyhifi/support

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27 Apr 2022

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Fr. Andrew Jones & St. Jude Parish

Native Soil

WATCH VIDEO: https://youtu.be/N8K00XjcreEMeet Fr. Jones. A Virginia native. A Convert. A Priest. And now pastor of historic St. Jude in Montgomery. We have looked at St. Jude’s history in past episodes. Now, along with their pastor, let’s take a look at where St. Jude is today and where they feel called to be moving forward.Dig in Further:“Talitha koum. Little Girl, get up and walk.” How might Jesus need to say this to you? To your parish? How does Jesus need to resuscitate, renew or resurrect the life of you and your parish?What was the mission of your parish when it started? What is it now? How can you and your fellow parishioners clarify your mission as a parish and allow Christ to breath new life into you and those you serve?How have the neighborhoods surrounding your parish changed since its founding? What new approaches might you and your parish have to employ to welcome those who now are your “neighbors” sharing our “Native Soil.” Recall a “parishioner” is technically anybody living within the parish boundaries of your parish.


27 Apr 2022

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To Data Science Infinity and Beyond! | Andrew Jones

The Artists of Data Science

Support the show: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/datascienceharp Find Andrew online: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-jones-data-science-infinity Watch the video of this episode: https://youtu.be/hiEEAIGP8Zo Memorable Quotes from the Show: [00:20:55] “You need somebody in there to be putting the nuance on that to make it actually work. I think for me as well, like Auto, where ML doesn't have any business sense necessarily, so it doesn't know what problems to solve or it doesn't know why it should solve them. So I think humans are still a huge part of that. I don't think that's going away anywhere soon. It's just an evolution and data scientists are going to start, you know, there's going to be bits where automation comes in and helps us do our jobs even better. But I don't think it's going to take away jobs necessarily. I don't have any particular fear about that.” Highlights of the Show: [00:01:18] Guest Introduction [00:03:20] Where did you grow up and what was it like there? [00:06:19] When you were in high school, what did you think your future would look like? [00:07:12] At six foot seven. It's a shame that you did not get into basketball. Is that right? [00:07:48] Did you start doing analytics in New Zealand or start in London? Walk us through that journey. [00:10:39] What's the toughest part about transitioning from SAS into python? [00:16:25] You've been in this field for over a decade. How far has it come since you first broke into it? [00:19:13] Can you share a hot take with us on where you think the field of data science is headed? [00:33:29] Talk about your mission to help develop data scientists. [00:39:28] What makes an employable data scientist different from an unemployable one? [00:42:07] Where do you think most data scientists go wrong in terms of their own career development? [00:45:07] “How to choose the right model to train the data?” [00:49:06 Is there a field within machine learning that focuses on incorporating human concerns through technology development? [00:51:58] “What advice do you give social scientists that are learning data analytics? Any particular hints for psychologists trying to understand acceptable norms of behavior when creating data science projects?” [00:54:04] Talks to us about the top five reasons that candidates get rejected. [00:58:13] When it comes to career growth and development. What's the biggest lesson you learned the hard way that you want to make sure no one else makes? [00:59:49] It's 100 years in the future. What do you want to be remembered? Random Round [01:01:18] What do you think will be the first video to hit 1 trillion views on YouTube? And what will that video be about? [01:03:29] What are you currently reading? [01:05:09] What song do you currently have on repeat? [01:06:30 If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? [01:07:26] What's on your bucket list this year? [01:08:40] What's the story behind one of your scars? [01:09:51] What languages do you speak? Don't forget to register for regular office hours by The Artists of Data Science: http://bit.ly/adsoh Register for Sunday Sessions here: http://bit.ly/comet-ml-oh Listen to the latest episode: https://player.fireside.fm/v2/eac-KT9/latest?theme=dark The Artists of Data Science Social links: Support the show: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/datascienceharp YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/HarpreetSahotaTheArtistsofDataScience Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/datascienceharp Facebook https://facebook.com/TheArtistsOfDataScience Twitter: https://twitter.com/datascienceharp

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1 Apr 2022