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Episode 71: Fr. Harrison Ayre

Ethics and Culture Cast

Fr. Harrison returns to the podcast to discuss his book, Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview.Special Guest: Fr. Harrison Ayre.Links:Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview — Mysterion unveils the underlying vision at the heart of Christianity and invites us to enter into a deeper understanding of the mystery and saving work of Christ. We discover the fulfillment of our deepest desires in the sacramental worldview—a powerful way of seeing all created things as pointing us toward God.Video Series: Mysterion — A 6-part series on YouTube featuring Fr. Harrison Ayre and an experience of Visio Divina.Podcast: Clerically Speaking — The award-winning podcast with Fr. Anthony Sciarappa and Fr. Harrison Ayre.Theme song: "I Dunno" by Grapes — I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: J Lang, Morusque


23 Jun 2022

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151: The Mind-Blowing Sacramental Worldview (w/ Fr. Harrison Ayre)

The Cordial Catholic

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, I'm joined by Father Harrison Ayre to talk about the Sacramental Worldview at the centre of Catholicism. To the Catholic, our view of the world, our faith, and everything God created is through the lens of the Sacraments – through Christ himself – and, this week, Fr.  Harrison is here to talk all about it: the mind-blowing reality of what it means to live "in Christ" through a sacramental worldview. This is an episode I've wanted to produce for a long time on a topic that I know will be of interest to lots of people looking to learn more about Catholicism and I'm so thrilled to be able to bring Fr. Harrison on to help walk us through this particular topic. To check out Fr. Harrison's fantastic book visit the Pauline Books and Media Store and support the Pauline Sisters. You won't regret purchasing this book – even just to look at it!For more, visit The Cordial Catholic. Send your feedback to cordialcatholic@gmail.com. Sign up for our newsletter for my reflections on  episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive contests! To watch this and other episodes please visit (and subscribe to!) our YouTube channel.Please consider financially supporting this show! For more information visit the Patreon page.  All patrons receive access to exclusive content and if you can give $5/mo or more you'll also be entered into monthly draws for fantastic books hand-picked by me.If you'd like to give a one-time donation to The Cordial Catholic, you can visit the PayPal page.Thank you to those already supporting the show!Support the show

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16 Mar 2022

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FoC 175: Answering Modernism with the Sacramental Worldview with Fr. Harrison Ayre

The Fountains of Carrots Podcast

We’re excited to have one of our favorite guests return to the show today: Fr. Harrison Ayre! Fr. Harrison was born and raised near Vancouver, BC. During his time at university studying philosophy, he had a profound conversion experience that brought him to live for and with Christ. Ordained a priest in 2015, he has an MDiv and MTh and is pursuing his PhD in theological anthropology at the Maryvale Institute. He is pastor of St. Peter’s Parish in Nanaimo, BC, co-host of the podcast Clerically Speaking, and co-author with Michael Heinlein of Finding Christ in the Crisis: What the Pandemic Can Teach Us. In this episode we’re talking about his brand new book Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview.See? We told you the cover was beautiful!In this episode we’re diving into sacramentally–starting at the very basics of what sacraments are. How does modernism cloud our vision (whether we realize it or not!) and hold us back from seeing God’s grace in our lives? How do we approach the Church’s sacraments like Confession and the Eucharist? How does Mary help us on our way? We cover a lot of ground so grab a good cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation!Sponsor: The Christian Family MovementAre you looking to build community? To have real conversations? To surround yourself with families and friends seeking life to the full, just like you? Then now is the time to go deeper with the Christian Family Movement.The Christian Family Movement strives to equip families to intentionally address the concerns facing families in modern society, to help them discover ways to grow in holiness themselves and as families, and, ultimately, to bring the light of Christ into their environments.In a turbulent world, the Christian Family Movement keeps families together, friendships strong, communities purposeful, and children Catholic.We have three generations of experience supporting each other in authentic Catholic living, and we are glad to share what works.You’re not alone, and you can start your journey into joyful intentional community today. Reach out to the Christian Family Movement at www.cfm.org.Connect with Fr. Harrison:TwitterEngland Trip!WE ARE GOING TO ENGLAND this summer and we want you to come with us! Check out our previous episode or view the travel details here.Patreon!Do you love FoC and want to help us keep doing what we’re doing (and more!)? Well, we have just the thing for you!Head on over to support the podcast as a patron and get access to special episodes available exclusively to patrons as well as to the FoC Slack community! You’ll also have access to our patron book clubs and receive a cute sticker in the mail from us. So join today!Come hang out with us!Haven’t joined in on the fun with 4,900+ other FoC listeners in our facebook group? It’s your direct line to some fantastic folks who also care about faith, culture, books, and whatever our current masterpiece theatre craze might be! Join in with the link below.The Fountains of Carrots Raspberry Cordial Social Club on Facebook (our Facebook group)Connect with Haley on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her blogConnect with Christy on Facebook, Instagram, and her blogYou can listen to us on iTunes, and we’d love a quick rating or review. If you have an android device we’re also on Stitcher. And as always, you can find all links, show notes, upcoming guests, and listen to all episodes at Fountains of Carrots.com.


8 Mar 2022

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CD 20 - Fr Harrison Ayre & The Sacramental Worldview

Cultural Debris

Father Harrison Ayre is one of the co-hosts of the podcast Clerically Speaking. I definitely recommend it as it is a favorite of mine. Father Harrion’s new book is Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of The Sacramental Worldview. We discuss the idea of sacramentality, the dangers of modernity and acedia, and the benefits of the Marian stance. Cultural Debris Patreon - Support the podcast! Fr. Harrison Ayre on Twitter Mysterion Pauline Books | Amazon Mysterion cover reveal video Clerically Speaking Podcast Cultural Debris on Twitter Front Porch Republic Archives

1hr 7mins

8 Feb 2022

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Fr. Harrison Ayre - Mysterion: Embracing a Sacramental Worldview

Outside the Walls

Father Harrison Ayre is a priest of the Diocese of Victoria in British Columbia and the author of a new book "Mysterion: The Revelatory Power of the Sacramental Worldview" published by Pauline Books & Media. We discuss worldviews and how to consciously shape the lens through which we see the world. Patreon supporters get an extra 14 minutes of conversation. Learn more at https://www.patreon.com/posts/61207861.


15 Jan 2022

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Forte Catholic Ep 193-Family, hope & being smarter w/Fr. Harrison Ayre

Forte Catholic

Fr. Anthony cohosts and gets complimented right off the bat so he knew he was in for a heck of a show lol. They respond to people saying dumb things about priests, Taylor's wins and losses as a person and father this week & much more.Our guest this week is Fr. Harrison Ayre so you could say this episode is Forte Speaking. Or Clerically Forte. Or Clerically Catholic. Or whichever you think is funniest. Fr. Anthony shares duel citizen ship as a host of both shows so we had a little fun at his expense and then Fr. Harrison shared how we can all be smarter. Good times!Subscribe/RateNever miss out on the craziness of each episode by hitting the subscribe button RIGHT NOW! Help other people find the show and #MakeCatholicismFunAgain by taking a few moments to leave a review in your podcasting app. Thanks!Connect🎉Twitter: @frharrison🎉Instagram: @frharrison💖Twitch: Twitch.tv/frharrisonConnect🎉Twitter: @taylorschroll & @fortecatholic🎉Instagram: @taylorschroll💖Twitch: Twitch.tv/fortecatholicPatreonExclusive bonus content at Patreon.com/ForteCatholic. Hours of more show, access to receiving some sweet Forte Catholic swag/saint cards and a great way to help Taylor feed his three hungry children.DealsLibertas Alive GearForteCatholic.com/alive for 15% off Taylor's current favorite Catholic shirts and outerwear! Get your own so you can finally look cool.Catholic Balm Co.ForteCatholic.com/beard for 11% off your next order of anything you've ever need for your beard, lips or skin.Sock ReligiousForteCatholic.com/socks for 15% off your next order of the best socks around.All music used on the show is by Brandon “BeTheSymbol” Morel. Find his music at bethesymbol.com.Episode art by Rebekah Landry.Special Guest: Fr. Harrison Ayre. Support Forte Catholic

19 Jun 2020

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Father Harrison Ayre PART 2: Eucharist during Pandemic, Culture & Politics, Jesus' Teachings

Venerable Sheenanigans

We discuss how to be prophets to the culture and to the political sphere. Are Jesus' teachings enough? Or should we take things a step further?--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ryan-vezina/support


29 May 2020

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Father Harrison Ayre PART 1: College Students, Swing Dancing, Vocation

Venerable Sheenanigans

Clerically Speaking Invades. What Father Harrison thinks the Holy Spirit wants College Students need to hear during this time. Swing Dancing is NOT a sin. Ryan views vocation WRONG (as he does most things). All proceeds from the podcast will go to Catholic Charities of Central Texas. They offer emergency utility assistance, services to women and men in crisis pregnancies and Immigration legal services. We will try to donate to more charities in The Brazos Valley as we receive more donations.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ryan-vezina/support


22 May 2020

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FoC 127: Thinking About Death with Hope Not Fear with Fr. Harrison Ayre

The Fountains of Carrots Podcast

It’s Lent! And it looks like there’s a global pandemic coming our way! So we are getting very memento mori in today’s episode. We’re talking with Fr. Harrison Ayre, our very first Canadian guest, about (dun dun dun) death. We know Fr. Harrison from his great presence on Twitter, but he has more important things … Continue reading FoC 127: Thinking About Death with Hope Not Fear with Fr. Harrison Ayre →


3 Mar 2020

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Fr. Harrison Ayre - The Good Place, is Everything fine?

Outside the Walls

Fr. Harrison Ayre, co-host of the wildly popular podcast Clerically Speaking joins us to talk about the Series Finale of NBC's "The Good Place." We look at what they got right, what they got wrong, and why it's good they ask deep questions on primetime television.


8 Feb 2020