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Ep 106 Nancy Ganzekaufer

Design Biz Survival Guide

Today we welcome author and business coach Nancy Ganzekaufer to the podcast. Nancy provides guidance, leadership, and inspiration to business owners helping them build the life and business they have always wanted. In this episode we dive into her book “Respond with Confidence – The Business Owner’s Blueprint for Handling Difficult Situations” and we discuss […]


30 Aug 2022

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783: Power Talk Friday: Nancy Ganzekaufer: Profit Insiders for Interior Designers

A Well-Designed Business® | Interior Design Business Podcast

Today With Nancy Ganzekaufer: Welcome to a Well-Designed Business. It’s Power Talk Friday and this show is sponsored by Nancy Ganzekaufer and her newest program Profit Insiders for Interior Designers. She is back to talk about the importance of analyzing your profitability. More specifically, Nancy is here to discuss the importance of knowing your numbers for the jobs that are already completed. The whole point of our business right? Tune in to learn if how your pricing your projects is benefitting or hidduring your business, and how Nancy can help. More About Nancy Ganzekaufer: Nancy Ganzekaufer is a focused, motivated, and dedicated Interior Designer Business Coach. Through her work, Nancy empowers creative entrepreneurs to build the life and business they have always wanted and deserve.  As a mom of three young adults and a successful business owner, Nancy understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face when pursuing their dreams of growing a profitable business. She leads by example through her hard work, encouragement, and most of all, her no-BS leadership style.  In addition to Business Coaching, Nancy is a National Board member of the Interior Design Society (IDS) and the Current and Founding President of the IDS Virtual Chapter. Pick it apart: [8:12] Nancy starts to tell us what she teaches the designers that she works with about pricing for profitability. [13:19] Nancy walks us through how she helps an interior designer look at their projects for profitability.  [23:40] Nancy talks more about her Profitability Analyzer. [35:05] Nancy tells us about her Profit Insiders For Interior Designers year-long program. LuAnn and Nancy Ganzekaufer Ah-Ha Moments: “Using the Profitability Analyzer will help you see where you may still have a weak spot or service model that you are currently selling over and over again thinking that it’s great, but isn’t actually viable for you to make the money you need to make.” - Nancy Ganzekaufer “The only way we actually know that we are consistently pricing for profitability is if we are consistently reviewing the projects.” - LuAnn Nigara “Once you start running your business by numbers, you’re going to run the business like a CEO, not just by emotion.” - Nancy Ganzekaufer “As you grow your company you have to consistently keep learning.” - LuAnn Nigara Connect with Nancy Ganzekaufer: Website Profit Insiders for Interior Designers Interior Design Business Forum Facebook Group Business Building Boutique Confident Interior Designer Membership Site YouTube Instagram Facebook LinkedIn What’s new with LuAnn Nigara Power Talk Friday Tour at High Point Exciting Windows! Build a Better Business Registration luannuniversity.com http://www.luannnigara.com/cob Get The Goodies! For checklists, resources, and extra goodies from A Well-Designed Business sign up for free here. To Get on LuAnn’s Email List, text the word designbiz to 444999! Purchase LuAnn’s Books Here: Book 1: The Making of A Well – Designed Business: Turn Inspiration into Action Book 2: A Well-Designed Business – The Power Talk Friday Experts Pre-Order Book 3: A Well-Designed Business – The Power Talk Friday Experts Volume 2 Connect with LuAnn Nigara LuAnn’s Website LuAnn’s Blog Power Talk Friday Like Us: Facebook | Tweet Us: Twitter | Follow Us: Instagram | Listen Here: Podcast Other Shows Mentioned: #15: Nancy Ganzekaufer- Niche is Rich #37: Lesley Myrick- Strategies I Used to Build My Business #159: Power Talk Friday- Nancy Ganzekaufer- How to Get Confident and Clear On What You Offer #256: Nancy Ganzekaufer: A Powerful Strategy to Attract More Clients #389: Power Talk Friday- Nancy Ganzekaufer- The Interior Design Profit Formula #584: Lesley Myrick- Building a Business From the Ground Up, Again #766: Lesley Myrick- Offering Interior Design Without Procurement A Big Thank You to Today's Sponsor: Today;s show was sponsored by Nancy Ganzekaufer and her newest program Profit Insiders for Interior Designers.

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17 Jun 2022

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Nancy Ganzekaufer on "Captivate" by Vanessa Van Edwards

One Book That Changed My Life

In the world of sales, networking and making connections, a lot of our success has to do with our non-verbal brands. The first impression people have of you, your body language and how you present yourself can affect whether or not people hire you. A lot of service-based entrepreneurs struggle in this area, and have no idea what kind of impression they’re leaving on someone else.  For business coach, speaker, body language trainer and author, Nancy Ganzekaufer, “Captivate” by Vanessa Van Edwards was the pivotal book that provided science-backed tactics to solve this problem. How can we change how we present ourselves with simple tweaks to our body language? In this episode, we talk about this book and how to communicate more effectively without even speaking. Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode Our body language speaks louder than words Before we even open our mouths, people get an impression of us based on our body language. Most entrepreneurs and speakers pay attention to their words, they practice what they are going to say, but they don’t necessarily practice how they present themselves. How to snap out of your imposter syndrome Imposter syndrome - and feeling like you don’t know enough to teach can really lock up a coach. Your only goal is to be one step ahead of your client, if that’s all you are, you’re enough to be doing what you’re doing. Body language includes our eyes There are 2 types of gazes that can impact how well we can connect with people and the kinds of relationships we can build with potential clients. We can present ourselves with a power gaze or a social gaze, and simple techniques can help us shift from one to the other and become better communicators and negotiators. Guest Bio Nancy Ganzekaufer is a Business Coach, Speaker, Body Language Trainer and Author.  She specializes in coaching service-based entrepreneurs, teaching them to maximize their profitability while identifying and best serving their ideal clients with confidence. Nancy has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to know (and charge!) their worth, succeed in sales without feeling sales-y, and position themselves in their market with authenticity and authority.For more information, visit https://nancyganzekaufer.com/ and join Nancy’s community The Coaching Hot Spot on Facebook.Get “Captivate” by Vanessa Van Edwards here. 


22 Mar 2022

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Body Language Expert Nancy Ganzekaufer

Designers Getting Coffee

Having trouble closing sales with potential clients? It may be because you're gazing towards their nose more than their foreheads. (Whaaa?) Today we're psyched to bring you business coach and certified body language expert Nancy Ganzekaufer, whose tips on using body language - and reading body-language - will open your eyes to the hidden meanings behind seemingly insignificant behaviors.


31 Jul 2020

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389: Power Talk Friday: Nancy Ganzekaufer: The Interior Design Profit Formula

A Well-Designed Business® | Interior Design Business Podcast

Welcome to Power Talk Friday! We have Nancy Ganzekaufer, one of the co-authors of Luann's soon-to-be-launched new book, The Things I Learned From A Well-Designed Business, with us today. Nancy is a really smart lady and she has appeared on the podcast number of times before to share her spot-on, expert advice. (#377, #256, #159, and #15) Today, Nancy is going to be talking to us about her new product, The Interior Design Profit Formula, an online course that she has really poured her heart and soul into creating. This is really the most affordable way to add a huge amount of value to your interior design business, so listen in to find out more! Nancy Ganzekaufer partners with creative entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses, get more sales, get over their fears and go for what they want in work and in life. Through a series of coaching calls, emails, and exercises, she helps entrepreneurs reframe their doubts and indecisions, work through challenges with more confidence, and ultimately to grow their sales. Listen in today, to find out about the incredible kind of impact that Nancy's new course, The Interior Design Profit Formula, could have on your business. Show highlights: There are many different things that an interior designer needs to manage and it's one of the most difficult service industries that Nancy's coached. Running an interior design business takes balance and really knowing what to do. Nancy explains her motivation for putting this course together. You will need to have stickability, and the right kind of personality to go the distance with Nancy's course. Nancy explains what you will find in her course. Describing your business in words is the beginning of your branding process. The way that Nancy presents her information, and the examples that she gives, will really open up your mind and give you clarity. The benefits of having lifetime-access to Nancy's course. Nancy talks about growing your business. The importance of getting creative. Designers often come to Nancy for her help when they're feeling overwhelmed. Nancy gives the simplest tip that really makes the biggest difference! Becoming the leader in your relationship, and in charge of the process with your clients right from the outset. Being alert to the subtle messages that a potential client is giving out during the consultation. Ways to introduce your services in order to protect yourself. Nancy explains the benefits of her Ladder of Services model. Make sure that the people that you hire are dedicated to the growth of your company. The goal of Nancy's course is to make everyone feel confident in extending their reach, gaining more clients, and doubling or tripling their income. Nancy talks about the guest coaches in her course. Nancy's course costs $997 at this point in time and she is offering a free, one-on-one, half an hour coaching consultation to everyone who purchases her course, through this link Luann Nigara, from now until 30th June 2019. Other episodes mentioned on this show: Eileen Hahn # 363 Resources: To get Nancy's Interior Design Profit Formula, go to Luann Nigara Links: Nancy's website: Nancy Ganzekaufer You can also reach Nancy through her forum, or through her Facebook group, The Interior Design Business Forum at Interior Design Business Forum

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28 Dec 2018

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#102 – Industry Expert Series – Nancy Ganzekaufer on the Interior Design Industry

The Career Insider Podcast

For Episode 102 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Nancy Ganzekaufer who is a Business Coach for Interior Designers.This interview is part of the “Industry Expert Series“.Guest Introduction – Nancy GanzekauferNancy Ganzekaufer specializes in Business Coaching for Interior Designers and Online Coaches.Nancy is also a national board member of the Interior Design Society.Episode Summary1. Nancy starts off the interview sharing her journey from her time in the corporate world to today where she specializes in coaching & helping Interior Designers.2. Nancy describes what the role of interior designer encompasses, and it’s much more than what initially meets the eye.3. Nancy also talks about how to spot a potential interior designer early in life, and what hey are capable of.4. Nancy explains some of the challenges that interior designers are facing today that weren’t necessarily an issue in the past, and also how to overcome them.5. Nancy also weighs in on the importance of courses and education, and where it can fall short as well.6. Nancy also discusses the growth within the Interior Design industry, and where people are finding success within it.7. Nancy leaves things off with an excellent piece of advice to help you communicate with potential clients.Quotes“An interior designer does so much more than what people actually understand”“The industry is getting harder in some respects”“It is always smart to investigate anyone you’re looking to hire”“Marketing in this day and are are so different than it used to be”“You don’t always have to have a degree or certification, as long as you have the desire to learn as much as you can about the industry”“Get really clear and concise if you’re starting a business”Links & ResourcesTo learn more about Nancy Ganzekaufer, you can visit her company website.You can also connected with Nancy via LinkedIn , Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas (www.accelerated-ideas.com). Soundtrack – Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas (www.accelerated-ideas.com). Soundtrack – No Need to Rush Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


22 Jul 2018

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154 | Nancy Ganzekaufer, Entrepreneurs Reinvent Themselves

The Brave Entrepreneur

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a focused, motivated, and dedicated Business Coach. Through her work, Nancy empowers creative entrepreneurs to build the life and business they have always wanted. As a mom of three young adults and a successful business owner, Nancy understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face when pursuing their dreams of growing a profitable business. She leads by example through her hard work, encouragement, and most of all, her no-BS leadership style. Nancy offers individualized and group coaching to guide and motivate her clients to get clear on their business identity, offerings, and services. Then, she helps them set a plan to attract and close more of their ideal clients with effective marketing and sales techniques. Show Highlights Nancy shares her story of how she went from running a "home art parties" company, then to a framing and accessories business, to reinventing herself as a business coach where she partners with clients such as interior designers, artists, web designers and coaches to get all the pieces in places to have a profitable company. Nancy shows the importance of having the faith, taking the risk and saying yes even though you don't know how it will work out. Why you have to work on your fear and adaptability, reinvent yourself and just make it work. Learn about writing a vision business plan. When you write your plan, it's not carved in stone: you'll discover more things about yourself and what you are capable of doing.


16 Jul 2018

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E192: Grow A Profitable Business With Nancy Ganzekaufer

Breakthrough Success

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a focused, motivated, and dedicated business coach. Through her work, she empowers creative entrepreneurs to build the life and business they have always wanted. In addition to business coaching, she is a National Board member of the Interior Design Society (IDS) and the Current and Founding President of the IDS Virtual Chapter. Quotes To Remember: “Identify your ideal client.” “Niche is rich and broad is broke.” “Nail your sales closing conversations.” “When you are growing  a business, you have to give up the non-essentials.” “As you start making profits, it’s smart to bring assistants.” What You’ll Learn: Key Foundation of a Profitable Business Staying Focused on What’s Important Balancing Time Between Family and Business Key Links From The Show: Nancy’s Site Interior Design Society The Profit Puzzle with Nancy Ganzekaufer Your Business in Words $200 OFF Discounted Coaching Call with Nancy Audible Recommended Books: Content Marketing Secrets by Marc Guberti The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne Profit First by Mike Michalowicz The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


2 Jul 2018

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How to Profit with Nancy Ganzekaufer

Build a Better Business

Episode 26: Nancy and I discuss how profit is the thing that makes all businesses successful and Nancy breaks down how to become profitable in 9 steps.Visit JamieIrvine.ca for complete show notes of every episode and don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. This podcast is sponsored by:Screen2Fit by Pro.file | FreeeUp | Trackstar Web Design | Process Street Disclaimer: This podcast and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, the Build a Better Business Podcast may receive a small commission.Thank you for listening and I look forward to talking with you soon. 


27 Jun 2018

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004 - Sales Systems To Qualify and Convert Clients - With Nancy Ganzekaufer

The Turning Lemons Into Lemonade Podcast

This is one of the longest episodes I've recorded yet in Turning Lemons Into Lemonade.  I had never met Nancy prior to our recording today, but this conversation was SOOOOOO full of amazing business nuggets. Nancy's Lemons story was based on her content creation strategy.  She batch creates content, and unfortunately had a piece of content go out at a time that her clients and prospects found offensive.  She told the story of waking up to angry client emails and unsubscribes.  She talked about how she tried to reach out and smooth over the miscommunication - but that she eventually realized that there was only so much she could do. Nancy delivered one of the BEST pieces of advice I think a new business owner can get.  


26 Jun 2018