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22 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jason Robinson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jason Robinson, often where they are interviewed.

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22 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jason Robinson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jason Robinson, often where they are interviewed.

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103: Jason Robinson - A Wilderness Attitude

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Today we are listening to "A Wilderness Attitude" by Brother Jason Robinson, given on Zoom in July of 2020.

Thank you for listening, God bless, and talk to you next week.

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Aug 10 2020 · 56mins
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Jason Robinson - Playbook Five (Ep. 36)

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Our first technology episode is here and if you are into gaming or virtual reality, definitely don't miss this episode! Jason Robinson is a former athlete now entrepreneur who brings the extra reps straight to the athletes using virtual reality.

Time Stamps:

(3:40) Jason’s Athletic Background

(5:00) Education

(12:45) Mentorship

(15:06) Habits and Playing Football

(19:16) Entrepreneurship

(29:23) Nipsey Hussle Reference

(34:10) Virtual Reality

(40:50) Access

(54:42) 3 Things

(55:48) Working with Playbook Five


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Jul 09 2020 · 58mins

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Jason Robinson

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Caves talks to former Boise State football player Jason Robinson on his personal battle against race in America, including BSU and coach Bryan Harsin.
Jun 29 2020 · 32mins
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#691 - Business & Finance With RBK Advisory's Jason Robinson

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Jason Robinson - CPA & Director at RBK Advisory

Jason is a CPA accredited tax accountant and Director at RBK Advisory. RBK Advisory has been awarded the Xero Australian Partner Of the Year and Jason won the 2018 Young Finance Leader Accountant of the Year.

Through RBK Advisory, Jason helps people and small businesses needing advice on anything from tax returns to financial advice.

On today's episode of The Daily Talk Show, we discuss: 

- Accountants in a time like this
- Working remotely
- Relationship with money
- B Corporation Certification
- Questions from the gronks
- Job Seeker And Keeper
- Financial planning
- Business structures

Jason Robinson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrobinsoncpa1/

RBK Advisory: https://rbkadvisory.com.au/

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Apr 21 2020 · 1hr 15mins

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#28: Commonly Twisted Scriptures w/ Pastor Jason Robinson

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Pastor Robinson of Mountain Baptist Church joins me for a discussion on commonly twisted scriptures in the Bible used to promote false doctrine, from James 2 to Romans 8. We'll talk about what these passages actually teach and more! It's going to be an informative show tonight so tune in!
Feb 24 2020 ·
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Jason Robinson | Director of Marketing at UPS

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The CMO Asia Podcast are excited to be a part of #Fashinnovation #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek event in #nyc last week, a platform that’s showcasing the coolest innovations in retail, fashion technology, eCommerce, supply chain, logistics, marketing and more.

Say hello to North Atlantic Director of Marketing Jason Robinson at UPS, that wants to help shippers and brands make their supply chain more sustainable - from carbon offsets, environmentally sustainable packaging, to going green with innovative, fully #electrictrucks #ups #deliveries

On this electric! episode - our most green 🌿 , supply chain and logistics-focused📦 episode yet, hear Jason talk about:

- What it means to be sustainable and how UPS deliveries are going green with innovative electric trucks

- How he would summarise the agenda he covered at Fashinnovation panel held in NYC last week ie. “Fashion is Logistics via Sustainable Practices”
- How UPS technology, partners and solutions can help with returns, wastage and sustainability
- Why it is important for every eCommerce or retailer to include a sustainability component in their business; the creative ways UPS adopt to drive results for their business partners and the risks in marketing this message
- How he started at UPS delivering boxes part time, rose through the ranks over the years, never left and is now leading the marketing team at North Atlantic division
- How the function of leadership is to produce more leaders not more followers
Feb 14 2020 · 32mins
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AYNE 218 - THE CAPTAINS TABLE - Jason Robinson

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A new series brought to you by the team at Are You Not Entertained sees Giles "The Captain" Morgan at The Captain’s Table where he welcomes aboard England Rugby World Cup winning legend Jason Robinson.  A light-hearted 45 minute chat around the galley table where Jason shares his passion for Leeds United, Wigan, England Rugby and.... Lionel Ritchie?!

Jan 20 2020 · 45mins
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#9 - Jason Robinson

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In this episode of the show, Jason and I continue our conversation about his work with mental therapy in jails, and his methods in working with gang members, and other inmates. We talk about dungeons and dragons and it's mental health benefits, and all kinds of other various topics. Enjoy another episode with my friend Jason Robinson!
Jan 19 2020 · 2hr 5mins
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#8 - Jason Robinson

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On this episode I speak with Jason Robinson about his path to becoming a mental health counselor for Multnomah County. We start with where he went to school, some of his first jobs, he then shares his experiences in the role, responsibilities, and some interesting stories! We discuss varying topics such as consciousness and the impact of society and how peers can effect our decisions, along with much more.
Dec 17 2019 · 2hr 23mins
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Ep. 138 – Jason Robinson (Infantryman)

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After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Jason Robinson felt a calling to serve in the military. Notably, he felt it was his duty to serve having been born into a free society - a way to earn his citizenship. He also wanted to do his part to ensure the U.S. military didn’t revert back to a draft to fight the Global War on Terror - something his sons could have faced as they grew older. Robinson chose the Infantry at age 34 - no easy feat. He literally had to fight his way into the Infantry, writing letters to both President Bush and Vice President Cheney so that he could join in his mid-thirties. Robinson went on to fight honorably in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, receiving the Purple Heart for injuries he sustained in an EFP strike. Needless to say, Jason Robinson earned his citizenship and then some. Hear his inspiring story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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Oct 15 2019 ·