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Sean Terry

Bray and Ethan

We get to know Irishman, Perth Scorchers batsman, and Melville Cricket Club captain, Sean Terry who comes into the studio to talk county cricket for Hampshire, his five ODIs for Ireland which included matches against Australia and South Africa in 2016, deciding to make a shock retirement before returning to the Big Bash in 2019 on the back of strong grade form, and of course to try his luck in the career quiz!


18 Nov 2020

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Sean Terry, The Clever Investor Cody Sperber, Joe McCall - Mastermind Saturday | 1048

Epic Real Estate Investing

Meet Sean Terry, The Clever Investor Cody Sperber, and Joe McCall, the veterans of real estate investing that share timeless wisdom in today’s mastermind! Find out their best sources of off-market deals, their cold calling approaches, why the number of offers that you make per week is all that matters, and much, much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 8mins

13 Jun 2020

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Wholesale Hotline: EPISODE 12 SEAN TERRY

Wholesale Hotline

EXACTLY when to start scaling your wholesaling business… who to hire first and how (and how much) to pay them, plus… why you should wholesale both locally and virtually Sean’s simple formula for identifying small, HOT markets with little or no competition How Sean pulls motivated seller lists for maximum ROI Targeting tips to get high-quality, pay-per-click leads for less How to follow up with new leads Talking with motivated sellers… which kinds of questions to ask to build REAL rapport… how to build “subliminal rapport” over the phone, plus… how to explain to sellers what you do as a wholesaler so everyone’s on the same page Market saturation!!! Wholesaling in markets with lots of competition When to assign vs. double close, plus… why assignments may cause appraisal issues for flippers who buy your deals What percentage Sean is adjusting his offers DOWN during Coronavirus

1hr 43mins

26 May 2020

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EP 17 | SEAN TERRY Entrepreneur - Impacting Millions & Crushing it Through Adversity

CEO Pulse Podcast

CEO Pulse Podcast EP 17 with Sean Terry. WOA! we go for an hour and a half with one of my biggest mentors, none other than Mr. Sean Terry. Sean is one of the most successful real estate coaches in the Nation. CEO & Owner of the Flip2freedom & the 1800 Fair Offer Franchise. To date, he has impacted millions of lives through his Real Estate Education business and experiences massive success through his Real Estate Investments business. On this episode we're diving DEEP into the entrepreneurship world, it's high's & lows along with his recipe for success where he gives us his principles on leadership, change, ethics, meditation, dealing with adversity, business strategy and how operating from a space of always doing the right thing and holding high moral standards has propelled him to the level of his success. DON'T MISS IT!! FB: Sean Terry IG: @flip2freedom Web: flip2freedom.com The Real, The Raw & The Mind of Entrepreneurship. This is your backstage pass into the stories, strategies, and psychology of top-performing entrepreneurs. www.ceopulse.com Follow, Subscribe, Like & Share! CEO Pulse - Youtube | itunes Episode Link: https://youtu.be/_JKVVR6atS8 Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCspwTTOFfdy-yO-o5sVSkkQ #ceopulse, #startups, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship, #entrepreneurlife, #entrepreneurship101 STAY TUNED, STAY FOCUSED…  YOU GOT THIS!

1hr 28mins

25 Apr 2020

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856 » What Wholesalers Should Be Doing In This Uncertain Market with Sean Terry

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep saying it: There are only opportunities around you right now. Take some time to reconfigure your real estate dreams and start making some money. Sean Terry from Flip2Freedom has shifted over to remote wholesaling over the last 20-30 months, and he has some awesome advice for how he’s reworked his business to adjust for this change.Surprisingly, Sean and I are both seeing old leads bubbling up from months ago as sellers feel a lot more motivation to sell and regain some liquidity. But Sean warns that you have to structure in the COVID-19 pricing, which means offering just a little bit less than what was offered even 90 days ago.Maybe you’ve heard me talk about my success in small towns, but you’re a little nervous that you’re going to get stuck holding the house in a market that doesn’t move. And I get it. But both Sean and I have only had success in these hot little real estate markets.Even in this mess, with everything closed down and everyone working from home, Sean can still do deals virtually. By using the ultimate close question and walking the seller through the process over the phone, Sean is still closing deals and making money all over the country.Moving to virtual wholesaling is the perfect answer to the uncertainty that’s in the market right now, so if you need some help with a script or getting a system in place, Sean’s set up a course right now called Remote Millions that can help you transition over to virtual work. And he knows a lot of you might be struggling, so he’s offering 50% off the price now.You’re still going to be able to do business remotely, and that’s one of the true beauties of real estate. So if you need a little help getting started, I highly recommend working with Sean. What’s Inside: —Massive buyers like Redfin and Zillow are pulling out of markets like Phoenix, so Sean’s seen a huge surge of leads while his marketing costs remain the same. —Sean has one of the absolute best ways to find sellers and buyers for small towns. —How Sean’s phone system lets his team work virtually, but still stay connected. —Marketing that currently works for Sean, and if he plans on changing it.


6 Apr 2020

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Episode 6: Sean Terry. 🕷

High Note with Andrew Patterson

Sean and I talk about tattoos, cars, weed, religion, podcasting and my annoying heater that I kicked on and made too much noise. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/highnote/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/highnote/support


11 Mar 2020

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Episode 1: Restaurant manager, tattoo collector, Sean Terry.

High Note with Andrew Patterson

In this episode Sean and I dive into his past as a drug dealer, weed, tattoos, and just goofy stuff. He’s a rad Dude. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/highnote/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/highnote/support

1hr 25mins

30 Jan 2020

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#7: Sean Terry on His International Cricket Journey in England, Ireland and Perth Scorchers

Freo de Janeiro

Sean Terry (@sterry91) is an international cricketer who represented Ireland. He is also a childhood friend, so it was great to reminisce over our days at Ardross Junior Cricket Club and Melville Cricket Club. Sean shares some brilliant stories about playing cricket in England at professional County level for Hampshire. He also fielded in a Test Match for England against India and took a catch! Sean played five One Day International matches for Ireland against big teams like Australia and South Africa in 2016. After announcing his surprise retirement from cricket, he came back home and led his local club Melville to achieve some great success. This form earnt him a call up to play for the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League during the 2019 season. It marked a superb comeback for Sean. We had a fun time talking about mindset and many of his awesome experiences in top level cricket.Thank you to Kris Klifunis for his assistance behind the scenes.Show Notes: http://www.abidimam.com/seanterry


6 Dec 2019

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How This Guy Partnered with Sean Terry on His First Wholesale with Dean Rogers

The Flip Talk Podcast with Don Costa

Life doesn’t always happen according to plan, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t end up living the life that we want and deserve. We need to learn to adjust to the circumstances we are given and never give up in our pursuit of excellence and our passion. Dean Rogers has always loved sports and he has always been good at it. Growing up, he aspired to become a professional athlete, so he lived his life devoted to the pursuit of that dream. He finally achieved that dream and was signed to play in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, but a little after a year of playing, he had a change of heart and decided to let go of this dream. This didn’t throw Dean off course, though. He pursued a professional career in a software company until one day he realized that this was not the type of life he wanted for himself or his family. He wanted to live a life without limits, one which he could control. This was what led him into the world of real estate investing. Dean is now a part-owner of the Home Helpers Group, a company that fixes and flips houses in Central California. He shares his inspiring story in today’s show, along with some very interesting tips on how to land deals and survive auctions. “Never stop learning, because there will always be new ways to do things and new things to learn.” On today’s episode of Flip Talk: Dean explains the importance of always learning and growing. He shares how he started his journey into real estate investing on independent study and research. He shares how he landed his first deal after 3 months of self-study and how he reached out to his mentor, Sean Terry, for advice which helped him close the deal. He explains the structure of his company, his role in finding acquisitions, and the importance of having someone on your team focusing specifically on acquisitions. Dean shares the different areas that he uses to acquire new deals such as the MLS, wholesalers, auctions, bandit signs and other marketing efforts. He discusses the importance of relationships in finding new deals. He explains how he raises capital to get to the auctions. Dean’s Tips for Going to the Auctions Know what’s going to be auctioned and when it will be auctioned. Check the properties to conduct an initial valuation. Verify that the property is going to auction. Check if there are no liens on the property. Show up everyday Dean’s Advice for Those Who are Just Starting Focus on finding your first deal and go all in. Don't be afraid to start a conversation and ask questions – even if it's not to close a deal. Every conversation is an opportunity to start a relationship that could be good for your business. Resources Mentioned: Sean Terry – com FortuneBuilders Property Radar Connect with Dean Rogers com Home Helpers Group on Facebook Home Helpers Group on LinkedIn Home Helpers Group on YouTube Home Helpers Group on Twitter Home Helpers Group on Google+ Dean Rogers on LinkedIn Phone: 559-471-3333 Email: dean@homehelpersgroup.com Rate, Review, Learn, and Share Join us every Wednesday for a brand-new episode of the Flip Talk podcast. Flip Talk is your show to learn all about the ins, outs, and in-betweens on real estate investing and house flipping. Email your questions to Topics [a] FlipTalk [dot] com. Subscribe to the show and share your thoughts by leaving us a review on iTunes, Facebook, join our Facebook group, or visit our website.


4 Dec 2019

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My Wholesale Real Estate Journey, Shared On The Flip2Freedom Show with Sean Terry, Ep #26  

The Phenom Investor Blueprint

This episode features a conversation I was invited to have with Sean Terry, host of the Flip2Freedom Podcast. He was curious to hear how I got started in real estate investing and was particularly interested in why I chose wholesaling. It’s all about finding a property that can work for a wholesale deal and then connecting with the right buyer - and it’s not as difficult as you might think. I invite you to listen. Sean and I talk about my first wholesale deal - which was a mind-blowing experience that demonstrated to me why wholesaling is one of the most lucrative and empowering opportunities that exist. We also talk about the need to invest in yourself, why you must let go of control and hire help, and more. Invest in yourself to scale your wholesale real estate business After I began doing my first wholesale deals I realized quickly that the business could only grow if I was growing personally. So I began investing in myself. I did it through reading, podcasts, coaching groups, masterminds, and more. It was important because I needed to grow my belief and grow my capacity for business and leadership. As those things grew I could begin leading a team of people to serve our greater purposes. You can and should do the same thing. If you’re not growing personally you can’t expect your business or your income to grow. Control freaks must learn how to train and delegate in spite of themselves Sean Terry and I both admitted that we sometimes feel like we’d rather do the work ourselves and know that it’s done right, than to take the time to train someone else to do it. That’s because we know what we’re doing and feel like things are going along OK. But you won’t be able to grow beyond your own capacity if you take that approach. You’ve got to learn to let go. When you put in the time to invest in your team by hiring and training people to do the things that have to be done but are not the best use of your time - you’ll discover that the overall capacity of the business will increase. That means more money is coming in to enable you to hire the team and expand what you’re doing. Your wholesale real estate business will create anxiety if you let it Once your wholesale business grows beyond a certain size the stress level you experience will grow up - if you let it. What I’ve found is that stress and anxiety only grow in the soil of control. When I believe that I’ve got to control everything, I’m going to stress about it. That’s where my faith in God has come into play so powerfully. I know that the course my business is following and the destiny that is ahead for me is not within my control. Those are things God has in store for me and I’m trusting Him to take me there. That means when the difficulties of business crop up I have to set my mind in the right place. I need to remind myself that God is in control, not me - and release the anxiety to Him. Building a buyer’s list is essential for an ongoing successful wholesale business You can find all the amazing properties in your area. You can run the numbers with excellence and know that you know that you know you’ve found a great deal. But no wholesale business can thrive if there are not buyers for the properties you find. I discovered early on that if I could strike up relationships with the real estate investors in my area who were always on the hunt for properties that fit their business model, I’d have no shortage of opportunities to sell the deals I find. That’s why I’ve worked my tail off to establish a legitimate buyer’s list. Now, when I find a property that is worthy of wholesaling, I just send it to my list and typically, I’ll have a buyer in short order. If you don’t have a buyer’s list you need to start building one now. Listen and hear some of the ways I went about it and get started today. Outline of This Episode [2:50] Why I love teaching about wholesaling - it’s about helping [3:40] The very first wholesale deal I closed - after a long time of putting it off [15:10] Bridging the gap between one deal and 2 to 3 deals a month [17:52] The one deal that changed the course of my life - an apartment building [20:50] How I discovered that hiring people would leverage things to a new level [27:01] The hurdles I’ve had to overcome as I’ve built my business [32:01] Building the wholesale real estate business in spite of the hurdles through faith [34:47] The current excitement in my business [39:31] My current strategies that are crushing it [49:00] The power of a buyer’s list - and the wholesaling basics that matter most Resources & People Mentioned Flip 2 Freedom Show Fortune Builders Real Estate Investing Course BOOK: Plant Paradox Connect With Matt Matt@phenominvestor.com Facebook Instagram Subscribe to The Phenom Investor Blueprint


27 Nov 2019