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450. *Bonus* Livestream w/ Raylene Lightheart - A Holistic Approach to Immunity

Lions of Liberty

In this special bonus edition of the flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc is joined for another lockdown livestream by Raylene Lightheart, co-host of Blast Off! with our good friend Johnny "Rocket" Adams. Raylene breaks down all of the tricks she has learned over the years to help the body prepare for and deal with illnesses. As the homeschooling mother of an immunocompromised child, Raylene has been keen to natural methods for preparing the body's immunity for many years, and imparts her tips and tricks to Lions of Liberty listeners. They then get into illogical government policies discouraging people from going outside and the frightening trend of "Karens" snitching on their neighbors. Get a full breakdown of Raylene's recommendations over in today's show notes at LionsOfLiberty.com/450.  To support your favorite libertarian podcast in these tough times AND to help our friends at DonorSee help those affected by Coronavirus with our 10% pledge, head over to Patreon and access livestreams to get these shows before anyone else, along with loads of other bonus content! Join the conversation in our private Facebook group: The Lions of Liberty Forum! Never miss an episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast andsubscribe for free via iTunes (don’t forget to leave us a 5 star rating and review )- or the Stitcher Radio App. Check out our full catalog of interviews in the podcast archive. The Lions of Liberty are on Twitter, Facebook & check out ourYouTube Channel!

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11 Apr 2020

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Ep. 5: Moral Bob on Blast Off, with Johnny Rocket & Raylene Lightheart

Hidden In Plain Sight


7 Apr 2020

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EP136 - Finding truth and freedom in your motherhood with Raylene Lightheart

Motherhood Simplified

I loved this conversation with Raylene Lightheart, co-host of the Blast Of With Johnny Rocket podcast.  Raylene, nick named "The Ray Of Truth" shares how she found true freedom and healing for herself by adapting moral anarchy in her heart.  We dive deep and talk about how really, the only thing that will set you free is finding your own personal freedom and then geek out on all things enneagram and how it has helped her heal and become a truer version of herself and how that supports her motherhood.  If you want to hear some real and honest words about healing in motherhood you will want to listen to this episode! 

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26 Mar 2020

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153: Coronavirus Coverups & Vaccine Deceptions w. Raylene Lightheart

The System is Down with Dan Smotz

Well, you can nary find a person these days who's not muttering in one way or another about today's topic, so let's talk about it. To those of you who may find this in the future, there was once an outbreak in China called the "Coronavirus". It may be the reason you never got a chance to know your grandfather. It may be the reason for your vaccine induces autism or mutation. It may be the cause of your hard life now fleeing from a hoard of zombies. Whatever the case may be,... there was some weird shit going on in the year 2020.Today's episode is our conversation with Raylene of Blast w. Johnny Rocket & Raylene Lightheart. Raylene's been doing some digging into the story surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, the causes, and the strange inconsistencies in the official narrative. In the second half, we transitioned more into general vaccines, government removal of exemptions (aka we gonna force ya), and some of the sheer blind idiocy in the vaccine debate. Will we all be zombies soon? Will we all be forcibly autistic soon? How much do you trust your incompetent government with the life of your own child?... All that and more on today's episode of The System is Down episode 153: Coronavirus Coverups & Vaccine Deceptions w. Raylene Lightheart!Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.Let’s get weird!Blast Off!: https://thelaunchpadmedia.com/blastoff/ The Moon The Myth The Legend: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/th...TSID Forum: http://tsidpod.com/forumThe System is Down: http://tsidpod.comThe Downers Club: http://patreon.com/thesystemisdownAntiNews: http://antinewslive.comQAnon Chronicles: http://qanonchronicles.comBuy Some SWAG: http://tsidpod.com/shopFacebook: http://facebook.com/thesystemisdownTwitter: http://twitter.com/tsidpodSupport the show (https://patreon.com/thesystemisdown)

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2 Mar 2020

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EP13: Free Women w/ Raylene Lightheart and Danielle Walker

Pace in Freedom

Today I have guests Raylene Lightheart co-host of Blast Off with Johnny Rocket and my good friend, Anthropology Student and Feminist Danielle Walker. Our conversation takes to Feminism, Self-Ownership, consent and body autonomy.Links of Interest:launchpadmedia.com/blastoff paceinfreedom.webnode.com patreon.com/paceinfreedom anarchocoffee.com/pifGet 20% Off at justcbdstore.com by using discount code PIF

7 Oct 2019

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Episode 86 - Topic? What Topic? (Raylene Lightheart)

Rebel With A Cause

Raylene Lightheart returns to the show.  We had a topic in mind, but quickly scrapped it. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE, AND REVIEW! It is the best way to get this podcast up the rankings! SUPPORT: https://teespring.com/stores/rebel-with-a-cause-podcast https://paypal.me/RebelWithACauseShow https://bitbacker.io/user/rebelwithacausepodcast/ https://www.patreon.com/RebelWithACause https://www.subscribestar.com/rebel-with-a-cause-podcast--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rebelwithacause/message

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30 Jul 2019

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Turning Up the Homeschooling Liberty with Raylene Lightheart - Episode 010

Homesteads and Homeschools

The Homeschooling Liberty volume got cranked up to eleven this week as Raylene Lightheart of the Launch Pad Media and Blast Off with Johnny Rocket and Raylene Lightheart stopped by to do some talking about homeschooling. We talk about some of her experiences with public education - which are pretty daunting - and get into what it's like homeschooling five kids with a wide variety in ages. Raylene also mentioned some excellent resources that provide both information and motivation for homeschooling families of any variety. All the Links The Launch Pad Media Support Blastoff! Khan Academy for Math Free Your Kids The Libertarian Homeschooler HomeSchool with MineCraft After the interview with Raylene is over, the Liberty Hippie moves on to another free-market solution to climate change and carbon sequestration when he brings attention to a company called BioCarbon Engineering. BioCarbon works with drones to map land that has suffered from deforestation - man-made or natural - and then plants trees from the air! Don't forget to join the facebook group, The Homesteaded Homeschool Forum Facebook Group, to share your thoughts, ask questions, and make suggestions to help shape and direct the show! If you really want to help the show grow, please subscribe and leave a review on the Apple iTunes Store (or on any podcatcher, though iTunes is the most important). You can also like us on facebook and share the show from there. We are on Twitter as @HSandHSpod, and sometimes even on Instagram, too. If you feel so inclined to support the show financially you can click on the Amazon link in the side bar, or by checking out the Liberty Hippie's bitbacker.io account, where you can show your support by donating Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. And don't forget to pay Nicky P. a visit either at Sounds Like Liberty, or on bandcamp, and pick up a subscription to the Freedom Song 365 project. And subscribe to the show! 


2 Apr 2019

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Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket Episode #0: Pre-Flight (with Raylene Lightheart)

Blast Off! with Johnny Rocket

Show Summary: The beginning…. of a new era! Support The Show at PATREON About The Host: Johnny “Rocket” Adams is the creator and host of “The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad – Libertarian Rock n’ Roll Experience” and now “BLAST OFF!” He’s also a musician, graphic artist, author, and former Chief Warrant Officer. Johnny spent his early days earning his stripes as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. Back stateside, Johnny immersed himself in the classic works of Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt, and Ludwig von Mises. From there the AnCap known as “Johnny Rocket” was born. Speaking truth to power from your cell phone tower, Johnny digests the philosophy of liberty and brings them to the man on the street on a weekly basis. Johnny Rocket was also the front-man of the rockabilly group “Hot Roddin’ Romeos” and puts pencil to paper with the critically acclaimed comic series “The Liberty Force.” New York Times best-selling author and podcast host Tom Woods calls Johnny Rocket “one of the most entertaining figures in the liberty movement.” About the Co-Host: Raylene Lightheart is an activist in the libertarian movement. She is a dedicated wife and home school mom of five. She is passionate about self-ownership, free association community, and unfettered liberty.  Raylene is the director of marking and sales of Launchpad Media Group. She is the assistant communications director for Libertarian Party of Washington State and also serves as Region 3 alternate. She also is on the board of Libertarian Party of Kitsap County and was awarded the 2018 Porcupine Award for LPWA.  As a child, Raylene dreamed of being in broadcasting. When Johnny asked her to be the co-host for his new show, Blast Off! with Johnny Rocket she was thrilled to have the opportunity to advance liberty through education, outreach, and entertainment. Guest Website: www.thelaunchpadmedia.com/blastoff Books Mentioned: N/A SPECIAL OFFER Johnny Rocket launch Pad Backstage Pass! Sign up for The JRLP Backstage Pass! Receive extended weekly content starting for just $1.00 an episode! SUBSCRIBERS RECEIVE: · Early access to new episodes before the official release · Access to the post-show AFTER PARTY where you will hear extended interviews and behind the scenes content · Access to the official JRLP Backstage Pass Secret Facebook Group  · You will also receive access to monthly episodes from the League of Liberty Podcast featuring Johnny Rocket, Rodger Paxton, Marc Clair and Chris Spangle. . You will receive a physical JRLP SUPPORTER pass which you're encouraged to wear out to events to help promote the show - simply show your pass at any event that Johnny is attending and you will get to hang out with him one on one! Recorded At  Johnny's Base One, Federal Way, Washington 98003.  Johnny uses an Electrovoice RE-20 microphone, Mogami cables, DBX 286s, ART EQ355 Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer, Focusrite Scarlet 6i6, and smokes Camel cigarettes. The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is pre-recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Wiegold. The theme song of "The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad" is "Over You" Performed by The Hot Roddin' Romeos from the record Boozehounds(2014) released by Splatterhouse Wreckords--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blastoff/support


30 Dec 2018

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Episode 48 - Slightly Off Topic with Raylene Lightheart

Rebel With A Cause

In this episode I asked my friend Raylene Lightheart to be on to talk about self defense and how to get women into liberty. As you will hear, we kind of meandered in and out of the topic. It was a fun one! Yes, my poor celebrity impersonations are back, and no I'm not sorry!GUEST:Raylene Lightheart is the co-host of the Blast Off! podcast with Johnny "Rocket" Adams. https://thelaunchpadmedia.com/SUBSCRIBE:iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rebel-with-a-cause/id1262921973?mt=2&ls=1Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/rebel-with-a-causeGoogle Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/Ir5fgx66i4idw7wshifrwvlmroySUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PODCASTER:https://www.patreon.com/RebelWithACause https://bitbacker.io/user/rebelwithacausepodcast/BTC: 38aqRPuXHdnrH77rybBgTdAHAnxGUWJADaBCH: qrm3rpf72wymej7f5urh8yrc4p789ued8uzeuxjufhETH: 0x6b8ABaF63aBD2AB1a7f1CF22C9a8A8C8931dE94CETC: 0xF0E5fad530561fcf0Ec01bDC029FC969FAc8A92bLTC: MQtnjPYLDB9JyFzyX3zqxHEVBwqjvMsfj4Buy shirts, and mugs! https://teespring.com/rebelwithacausepodcastFiat: https://paypal.me/RebelWithACauseShowSOCIAL MEDIA:https://Facebook.com/RebelWithACausePodcast/ https://twitter.com/EricTheRed79 https://www.instagram.com/rebel_with_a_cause_podcast/ https://www.minds.com/RebelWithACause--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rebelwithacause/message

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6 Dec 2018

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Sounds Like Liberty - Episode 14: No Damsel Here With Raylene Lightheart

The Launch Pad Media

In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie take a gander at C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan.The song is a perfect starting point to discuss a number of libertarian themes. Child labor laws, monetary theory, capitalism, black markets...a lil bit of everything This week in I Heard This Happened Nicky has found his way back to the heavy while Lizzie hits us with a reissue of some early 00's indie rock. Nicky brings us Chicago metal outfit The Skull's newest disk The Endless Road Turns Dark. Lizzie on the other hand brings us Sonny Says by swedish indie outfit Sonny Crocket. In this week’s interview we talk to the lovely Raylene Lightheart of Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket. A firebrand anarchist working within the LP and no shortage of guff to give. For music/show notes visit: http://www.soundslikelibertypodcast.com Check out Raylene at Blast Off! With Johnny Rocket To listen to full interviews, get merch, music and maybe even a custom song sign join The Freedom Choir at http://www.patreon.com/sllpodcast

1hr 8mins

19 Sep 2018