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GMOs & Antibiotics - What’s Fact, What’s Fiction & Combatting Ag Marketing Mistruths w/ Michele Payn

North American Ag Spotlight

North American Ag's Chrissy Wozniak talks with author Michele Payn. For those involved in agriculture the lies can be maddening, what’s the best way to address the narrative that’s being fed to those furthest from the farm. Michele Payn exists to stop the food bullying that is so pervasive in our culture. Known as one of North America's leading experts in connecting farm and food, she serves as a resource for people around the plate.  Utilizing her diverse professional experience in the agricultural, sales and not-for-profit sectors, Michele founded Cause Matters Corp., a company designed to create connections around the food plate, in 2001. Cause Matters Corp. focuses on addressing food myths, developing science communication, and connecting farm to food. In each of these core areas, Michele helps organizations clearly identify issues, understand their audience and develop big picture solutions. Michele's goal is to help you communicate "why your cause matters" - whether you're a scientist, dietitian or in agribusiness. In her Food Bullying podcast, Michele and cohost Eliz talk about the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. Each episode is filled with tangible ideas on how you may have been bullied, why it impacts your wellness, and how to overcome food bullying. Michele and Eliz are known for their humorous, real-life debates about food, health and the stress associated with each. Visit https://northamericanag.com/cause-matters/ or https://causematters.com/ to learn more. This episode is sponsored by Energrow, learn more at https://northamericanag.com/exhibitors/energrow.North American Ag Spotlight videos are meant to help producers, and those involved in agribusiness learn about the products, services, events and media that are available in our great agricultural industry. Brought to you by NorthAmericanAg.com and ChrissyWozniak.com. Visit us at https://www.northamericanag.com/ , and https://www.chrissywozniak.com/.If you ate today, thank a farmer!


14 Jun 2021

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Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S. w/ Michele Payn

Impact Farming

Food has become a battleground where marketing labels and misinformation is used to bully and demonize people around their eating choices. Michele asks, “What if you could stop stressing about what other people think and make eating decisions based on your standards?” Her book offers an eye-opening look at the misrepresentation of food. It sheds light on bogus nutrition and environmental claims to help you recognize bullies and defend your food choices. In today’s show, Tracy and Michele discuss precisely that. They discuss how food has become a battleground, and they explore several compelling and hot topics around food bullying. In this episode, • Michele shares her background and why she is so passionate about the food conversation. • She shares her why behind writing this book and reveals the concept of bull speak to our audience. • Tracy asks Michele about the significant players and victims of food bullying. The discuss the hierarchy of food needs and the motivators behind food bullying. • Michele encourages each one of us to build our own food story and set our own food standards. Never heard of food standards before? We have you covered. Michele explains the four areas laid out in the book, and she shares her food standards to get the audience thinking. • Michele explains the neuromarketing tactics used to generate $5.75 trillion in food sales. • Last but not least, Tracy asks Michele how farmers can stand up to food bullies and make a difference. Are you fed up with all the food bullying and false labeling and marketing that happens in our food system? If so, you will not want to miss Tracy’s conversation with Michele. If this conversation is one that you are extra passionate about, we encourage you to purchase Michele’s book. It gives words to many of the thoughts, feelings, and frustration that many farmers are currently feeling with this ever-increasing food bullying culture. You can purchase her book by visiting her website http://click2go.me/.2zbfw We will also be giving out a few copies of Michele’s book this month, so sign up now to become an Impact Insider, and you will automatically be entered in show contests. https://www.farmmarketer.com/impact_farming_show/sign-up Thank You to our Show Sponsor: Proven® Seed http://trkit.win/.2zbfz 


9 Sep 2020

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Connecting the Farm With Food with Michele Payn

Pursuit of Health

The number of people living and working on farms is less than 2% of the population yet everyone eats. Most of us have lost our sense of connection to where food comes from, how it is grown and are plagued with misinformation resulting in genuine fear about the food supply. Michele Payn, a leading authority in connecting farm and our food, and I talk about this issue.Doug Cook RD  www.dougcookrd.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/DougCookRDFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/dougcookrd/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brain.health.nutritionist/ AOR Supplements Transform health through evidence-based, natural, and therapeutic products by AORDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dougcook)


25 Aug 2020

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Episode 62: Food Bullying - Is Your Food Surrounded By Guilt with Michele Payn

Direction Not Perfection

You plan the meals and do the grocery shopping for your family. As you stand in line to check out of your favorite store, with your cart brimming with next week’s meals and snacks, are you trying to hide your purchases, so others don’t judge what your chose? Did you ever stop to wonder how you made the decisions about what went in your cart? Did you research each item, finding out about its quality and nutrition count and how it will help your family? More than likely you made many of those choices based on the latest trends and fads, what your friends were buying or the fancy packaging with big, bold words that sound great but may be misleading.Michele Payn :Michele is an international, award-winning author who brings clarity and common sense to the emotional food conversation. Her background in farming and her extensive research give her the information to break down and clarify some of the widespread confusion and misinformation about the food you buy for you family.When you are trying to make changes to be healthier, you are especially vulnerable and the most subject to food bullying. you need factual, science-based information to help you get the best quality and most nutritious itemsFood Bullying is when other people try to influence your food choices without having solid fact-based reasons. Trends, fads, misinformation and well-meaning friends can all have you second guessing or trying to hide what you are eating because you feel guilty about your food choices.When you are making nutritional choices for your family, food should be about celebration not condemnation! It is about getting back to basics, nourishment, family traditions, and fueling your body.Psychologists use Mazlow’s Hierarchy to describe basic human needs. The five-level pyramid is comprised of the following needs from the bottom up: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.Physiological needs and safety are at the base. They are biological requirements for survival, food, water and shelter. If those needs are not met, the others don’t matter. Food choices should be about safety and nourishment. Is your food safe? Yes, the US and Canada have very safe food supplies. There are many checks and balances to insure that. Is the food nourishing. There is only one way to tell and that is to look at the nutrition label.As you move up in the pyramid your basic needs are love, belonging and self-esteem. Bullies prey on your fear of not fitting in. Friends, fads and trends all influence what you buy, with no actual nutritional knowledge. Consumers are manipulated into making food choices by packaging with words that are “Health Halos”. Those are words that look like they mean something important and wonderful but actually have no verifiable information. If you can’t define it and it is not measurable, words such as “natural” and “healthy”, it is B.S. or Bull Speak.Unless you are a registered dietitian or a farmer who actually produces food, you are subject to confusing and completely false information about the quality and nutritive value of many of the foods you eat. You should choose what you eat and feed your family based on factual information not the latest trend, fad or scare tactic.Check out Michele’s website for more in depth information.https://causematters.com/Food Truths from Farm to Table: 25 Surprising Ways to Shop and Eat Without Guilt brings clarity to grocery shopping and addresses food marketing myths.https://causematters.com/foodtruthsbook/Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S. looks at the misrepresentation of food and sheds light on bogus nutrition and environmental claims to help people recognize and stand up to food bullies.https://causematters.com/foodbullying/More Resources: www.healthaccountabilitycoach.comwww.facebook.com/houselifestyles


13 Mar 2020

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39: Food Bullying and How to Avoid Buying B.S. with Michele Payn

Farm Traveler

Did you know there is something like 200,000 misleading marketing labels at grocery stores? Our guest today is the author of several books including, Food Bullying: How to Avoid Buying B.S. and Food Truths: From Farm to Table. In her books, Michele covers all the misleading claims that confuse consumers at the grocery store, explanations behind nutrition labels, and steps on how you can not fall victim to crazy labeling techniques. Be sure to check out Michele's work at the links below.Subscribe to the Newsletter. Receive a free guide on how YOU can help farmers!https://causematters.com/books/https://causematters.com/foodbullyingpodcast/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Dec 2019

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EP99: Are You Buying BS? Uncovering Truths Behind Non-GMO, Hormone & Antibiotic Free Claims With Michele Payn

Tips With Toni

Are you buying organic, non-gmo, hormone and antibiotic free foods because you think they're healthier? In this episode Toni interviews Michele Payn, professional speaker and accomplished author of the book, Food Bullying to teach you the truth behind those claims so you can make more informed food choices. Follow Toni on Instagram. 


27 Nov 2019

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Food Bullying with Michele Payn

The Fence Post Magazine podcast

Author Michele Payn and Rachel talk about the guilt surrounding food and how to sort through the BS about food choices. Find Michele on the Food Bullying Podcast and on social @mpaynspeaker.


18 Nov 2019

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ASOM - Ep 6. - Michele Payn

Ag State of Mind with Jason Medows

Today Jason speaks with Michele Payn. Michele is an author, speaker, and advocate for those of us involved in agriculuture. They chat a little bit about her new book "Food Bullying" and how food bullies at the end of the supply chain are affecting producers at the beginning. Jason also speaks to Michele about her recent efforts to raise awareness for mental health within the ag community. Find Michele's books and other resources on-line at https://causematters.com/

4 Nov 2019

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130: Food Bullying – Michele Payn

Sound Bites A Nutrition Podcast

Food has become a battleground where marketing claims and misinformation are used to bully and shame people about their food choices. What if you could stop stressing about what other people think and make eating decisions based on your own needs and preferences? This episode takes a closer look at the misrepresentation of food and sheds light on fictitious nutrition and environmental claims to help you recognize bullies and feel good about your food choices. Armed with science, compelling stories, and a lifetime on the farm, author and speaker Michele Payn challenges the way you think about food and gives you permission to buy food based on your own social, ethical, environmental and health standards rather than on brand marketing, peer pressure, or social media influence. Her book Food Bullying provides a six-step action plan to overcome bullying around the plate, simplify safe food choices, and even save time at the grocery store. Michele Payn connects the people and the science of food and farming, and brings clarity and common sense to the emotional food conversation.  For more information and resources go to www.SoundBitesRD.com/130


9 Oct 2019

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EP10: Food Truths Behind the Label [ Interview with Michele Payn ]

The Health Files Podcast

You know when you walk through the grocery store, you see all those labels on food? Free range, organic, no hormones, natural, local, humane, fair trade….    Ever stop and wonder.. what in the world do they ACTUALLY mean? Of course, as human beings we automatically assign meaning to everything - colors, images, words, and though we may think these label meanings are self explanatory, what actually stands behind them? Is it real science? Real for the lack of a better word - “goodness”, meaning these labels tell us that that product is actually healthier or better than the other.. or is it more complicated than that? I really wanted to find out so here we are.   To help us sift through all these labels and misconceptions, we have best selling author, entrepreneur, cattle breeder and advocate for global agriculture Michele Payne joining us on the show today!       -------------- I want to hear from you! You can find me on twitter @healthfilespod, the Facebook page is called "the health files podcast", you can use the contact us page on the new website www.thehealthfilespodcast.com, or leave feedback in whatever podcasting app you are using to listen to this show.   Read more about Michele's company Cause Matters Corporation here! Get her book "Food Truths: From Farm to Table" on Amazon here!   The intro music is by the Band Broke for free, titled Juparo. The links to all the articles I mention in the show are in the discussion post on the new website www.thehealthfilespodcast.com.


8 Sep 2017