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Newly appointed NSW Blues Assistant Coach Paul McGregor (16/9/21)

Drive with Joel & Fletch

Paul 'Mary' Mcgregor will join the NSW Blues coaching staff, we find out what his role will be and how he found himself to be in contention for the role. The boys also get the details of where the nickname 'Mary' came from. Mary also explains some of the traits successful coaches each share and how the role has changed over the years.


16 Sep 2021

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Paul McGregor has announced he's joining the NSW State Of Origin team's coaching staff. He gave Jimmy all the details on how that came about plus he shares his amazing thoughts on how he feels about the Dragons now 16/09/21

The Jimmy Smith Show

Paul McGregor Interview.


16 Sep 2021

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Want to know all the latest in League? Michelle Bishop has it all covered including the latest in the lead up to the weekends finals plus Paul McGregor joining the NSW coaching staff 16/09/21

The Jimmy Smith Show

Michelle Bishop Interview.


16 Sep 2021

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Ep 26 - What's your Wellbeing plan, with Paul McGregor

Beyond Consultation

Today’s topic was inspired by two things that happened on the morning of recording this episode. First, our original guest opened up about not being up to the recording session. Life was just too much at that moment. Second, I was reading this fantastic report called Wellbeing Inspires Well-doing. The report looks at how changemakers’ inner wellbeing influences their work. These two small things made me realise how important it is to look after your own wellbeing, especially if you are hoping to serve others. In short, if the oxygen mask pops down, make sure you put your own one on before you start helping other people. It can be really easy to put other people's needs ahead of our own. Even more so now that we find ourselves in lockdown, possibly alongside family and loved ones. So, if that sounds like something you can relate to, today's episode is for you. In today’s episode you’ll learn: Why it’s important to put ‘protection barriers’ in place for our own wellbeing Six practices that makes navigating complexity easier How pausing and doing something for yourself can help you better serve others Resources mentioned in this episode Download a Wellbeing Plan template If you need a wellbeing coach, we recommend https://www.tuiwilliams.com/ or https://www.intentionalgenerations.com/ Wellbeing Inspires Welldoing report Tips on killing stress by Alicia McKay Personal Practices for Navigating Complexity - article by Business Lab--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondconsultation/message


24 Aug 2021

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Ep 24 - Leanne Hughes interviews our host Paul McGregor

Beyond Consultation

Leanne Hughes interviews our host Paul McGregor A year into hosting this podcast, I realise that the process has taught me so much about being a better communicator, facilitator and consultant. Recently, it also led me to being interviewed for Episode 179 of the the First Time Facilitator Podcast with the energetic Leanne Hughes. If you are feeling tired or drained within your role at the moment, today's episode is going to provide you with a bit of inspiration, as well as some new ideas, tools and maybe even some perspective. This time, we are flipping the script and I'm the one being interviewed. Leanne Hughes gave us permission to share her interview with me on our own podcast… with a few edits for our audience! I open up about some of the challenges I've faced working in government, being a facilitator, and a consultant, and how it all brought me to where I am today. In today’s episode you’ll learn: Why facilitation doesn’t mean solving all the problems for your group. Some of my past facilitation failures and how those have shaped me Why it’s important to realise that the value we deliver is separate from our self-worth How trusting your curiosity and intuition can be great tools for facilitation in the moment. Resources mentioned in this episode Paul McGregor’s LinkedIn profile. The Business Lab website Leanne Hughes LinkedIn profile. The First Time Facilitator Podcast The Flipchart Facebook page. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondconsultation/message


28 Jul 2021

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Stop! Stop doing the work for your group with Paul McGregor (Episode 179)

First Time Facilitator

I’m excited to release today’s chat with a friend who I met through my private Show.Up community last year.  We haven’t spoken in 2021 until today’s conversation and I was just amazed and proud of the progress he (and his company) has made, it’s astonishing!Today’s guest is Paul McGregor from Business Lab. He’s based in NZ and is a Collaboration Broker (cool phrase!), helping to transform how organisations work with their community. If you think about it, this is a stunning business value proposition because every organisation has a community - whether that's a council and its residents; A government agency and its citizens; or a business association and its members. By harnessing the power of your community, your organisation can achieve more than if you simply go it alone.Paul is also the Host of the Beyond Consultation Podcast and in this chat, he shares how he started up a podcast 12 months ago, releasing episodes every 2 weeks, and he shares that having a podcast has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting work for his company - HOW GOOD!When I think of Paul, I think of progress, in today’s episode you’ll hear his candid story about his facilitation journey, both as someone exploring it as a career, and also how he navigates the business side of the work as well.We have similar backgrounds in how we discovered the work of a facilitator, by being in environments where strangers came together, and walked away as best of mates!He also shares his lessons learnt from being a first time facilitator, some of his facilitation failures, and shifting the expectations (being okay with giving his group the space to share, to listen, RATHER than having that urge to get in and solve, drive a solution right then and there).This conversation is brilliantly honest, and Im sure you’ll learn a lot from Paul’s progress as a facilitator and business partner!About today’s guest: Paul McGregorPeople describe Paul as an insightful guide through complex issues. Paul hosts the Beyond Consultation Podcast, is the creator of the Engagement Canvas and the author of Virtually Productive - your guide to facilitating virtual meetings that create change outside the meeting room.His career began in public policy with the Ministry of Justice before a life-changing role with Lifehack, a systems-level initiative for supporting the wellbeing of young New Zealanders.  He then co-managed the Nelson branch of Literacy Aoteroa before being drawn to the variety of Business Lab’s work.Resources mentioned in this episode:Visit Business LabConnect with Paul McGregor on LinkedInListen to the Beyond Consultation PodcastSupport the show (https://buymeacoffee.com/leannehughes)


20 Jun 2021

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Ep 16 - Virtually Productive, with Paul McGregor

Beyond Consultation

Re-Introducing Paul McGregor If you want to get Paul fired up, send him to a 3 hour online meeting where nobody says anything except for one or two presenters. Watch him squirm as the presenter reads from Powerpoint slides with size 10 font and clip-art illustrations. See him grit his teeth as everybody else pulls out their phones to find a distraction. As the presenter acts surprised at the lack of audience participation. As finally, a participant pipes up in frustration part-way through the presentation. Yes, Paul is passionate about groups achieving more together by drawing on everybody’s wisdom and energy. Paul is here to guide you to collaborate with your community - whether that’s online or offline. You can reach out and connect with Paul via LinkedIn. In today’s episode you’ll learn The simple mistake that dooms many virtual meetings right from the moment people login What evolutionary psychology can teach us about how to open virtual meetings Why we crave (and need) connection if we are to do good work together virtually The value of contrast in virtual meetings - to ensure people are awake and engaged What tools you can add into the mix to prevent your virtual meetings from lapsing into a lecture. Resources mentioned in this episode Virtually Productive, Paul’s e-book on how to facilitate virtual meetings that create change outside the meeting room The Firsttime Facilitator Podcast, Paul’s go-to-podcast for everything facilitation Truth and Lies: What People Are Really Thinking, by Mark Bowden - the book that applies evolutionary psychology to our everyday interactions with people. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondconsultation/message


6 Apr 2021

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Ep 11 - Embedding Engagement in Your Organisation's DNA, with Paul McGregor

Beyond Consultation

Introducing Paul McGregor and a New Model Beyond Consultation’s very own host, Paul McGregor, is leading us into 2021 with a new transformational model being developed at Business Lab (currently at the prototype stage). When he's not delving deep into going beyond consultation with incredible guests, Paul is bringing energy through his facilitation and leading exciting projects, establishing models and working with diverse organisations and community. Paul is an action taker. He sees something that doesn’t work well. Gathers data. Learns. Makes transformation happen. Through his consulting work he recognised this continuous pattern of community engagement being treated as an afterthought. Driven by his passion to see organisations having engagement embedded into their DNA, the prototype was born. Bursting to share feedback on the model? Connect with Paul via Related pinned post on LinkedIn LinkedIn (Direct Message) Email In today’s episode you’ll learn: What this new model is all about and how to implement it into your organisation, in easy-bite size chunks Why building community capability is essential to the success of future projects. Stopping at training isn’t enough to build trusting relationships and engagement with your community. The four core pillars that will enable your organisation to do good community engagement . The essence of what builds trust… and it isn’t bribing with chocolate. A real-life, recent, example of what this model looks like when it’s in action. Resources mentioned in this episode Prototype of the model on Paul’s LinkedIn Article: Is low trust hamstringing your organisation? This article builds on the work by Rachel Botsman, author of “Who can you Trust” Rachel Botman’s talk on The Currency of Trust Article: Community engagement: Council Partnership Charters by Ruth LePla in NZ Local Government Magazine Episode 10 - Matthew Crozier (Co-founder of Bang the Table) on Online Community Engagement and using systems Beginner’s Guide to collaboration and engagement software tools --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondconsultation/message


13 Jan 2021

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Paul McGregor - Episode 002

Brett Finch Uncensored

Episode Two of Brett Finch Uncensored. Proudly bought to you by PointsBet. Check out PointsBet’s great odds and offers. Download the PointsBet app today. https://pointsbet.com.au/appBrett Finch sits down with St George former player & coach going back through his career, grand finals, retirement and what went on with St George Dragons the past few seasons. Follow Brett on Instagram @brettfinch_ and YKTR Sports @yktr.sports. Hope you enjoy! https://www.yktr.com.au 

1hr 13mins

7 Oct 2020

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Paul Mcgregor SACKED

The Daily Telegraph NRL Podcast

Who is going to replace Mary? Mobbsy, Buzz and Mick talk through the big NRL headlines of the day....a shock withdrawal for the West Tigers, are the Sharks and the Tigers comparable? (Buzz is not happy with this chat) predictions for the round ahead, and what are the boys eating tonight?  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Aug 2020