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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kornel Szrejber. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kornel Szrejber, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kornel Szrejber. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kornel Szrejber, often where they are interviewed.

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Individual ETFs, Asset Allocation ETFs, or Robos: Which Is Right for You? with Kornel Szrejber

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I talk a lot about ETF investing here at MapleMoney, but did you know that there’s more than one way to invest in an ETF?

Kornel Szrejber is the host of the Build Wealth Canada Show, and has been featured for paying off his mortgage in only 6 years while still in his 20s, and becoming one of Canada's youngest retirees at the age of 32. He joins us this week to explain the three types of ETF investing, and how to know which one is right for you.

You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/111

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Aug 12 2020 · 33mins
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FIRE: Freedom at 33 Featuring Kornel Szrejber

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The roof, the roof, the roof is on FIRE! We don't want no war...we want financial freedom instead! Do you have aspirations of retiring under 35? The F.I.R.E. movement is real and is catching some heat! If you've never heard of this concept then you're going to want get in on our conversation with our special guest Kornel Szrejber, a Finance Whiz and Host of one the top Canadian finance podcasts, Build Wealth Canada, who is living the dream. FULLY RETIRED and MORTGAGE FREE at 32 he is doing the dang thing and he's going to share with you how he got there. Pod'up good people! It's going to be FIYAH!!

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Apr 11 2020 · 54mins

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Kornel Szrejber's Mission to Improve Financial Literacy

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Great to be able to interview Kornel Szrejber, the host of the popular Build Wealth Canada Podcast and the latest coordinator of the Canadian Financial Summit.

We spoke about his podcast, his investment course, his new life as a creative entrepreneur, his mission to improve the financial literacy of Canadians, the financial independence movement, his history as a Polish immigrant raised in Canada and his appreciation for our country's diversity. For the show notes, visit https://traceyarial.com/blog/kornel-szrejber.

Apr 03 2020 · 50mins
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234 How to Reach FI at 32 & Why Not to Pay Your Mortgage Early - Kornel Szrejber, Host of the Build Wealth Canada Show

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I finally have Kornel Szrejber from Build Wealth Canada on the show! 

As a Canadian, I’m always considering what the right financial advice is so I can, in turn, curate the best personal finance content for you guys. Kornel’s mission is very similar to mine, only he’s FI and paid off his mortgage by 32, which is of course incredible! 

On the podcast today we’re talking about how to become financially independent (FI) and learning a little more about what the path is toward FI. Kornel and his wife lived together in their twenties and focused their dual-income household toward paying off any debts and their mortgage. In achieving his goals he is now focused on his early retirement and navigating life as a young retiree. 

Toss the headphones on and tune it for this energetic interview with Kornel and learn a few ways on how you can create a financially independent life for yourself!

For full episode show notes visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/234

Mar 25 2020 · 52mins

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Kornel Szrejber – Paying off a Low-Cost Mortgage Can Increase Your Opportunity Cost

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Kornel Szrejber is the host of the Build Wealth Canada Show. He has been featured for paying off his mortgage in only six years while still in his 20s and becoming one of Canada's youngest retirees at the age of 32. He now runs his popular personal finance and investing podcast created specifically for Canadians.

Kornel interviews top personal finance experts to share their best practices, tips, and tactics when it comes to investing and personal financial planning in Canada. He also runs Canada's largest personal finance and investing conference.

“We sort of just, got scared, let fear take control, buried our heads in the sand, and said, let's just pretty much ignore the stock market and go for this short thing of paying off a mortgage.”

Kornel Szrejber

Worst investment ever

Ready to be financially independent

Kornel and his wife set out to be financially independent straight out of university. They were smart about their money right off the bat.

While other young couples were enjoying the benefits of having well-paying jobs straight from college, Kornel and his wife decided to live off one of their salaries and use the other one to pay off their mortgage quicker.

Fear got the best of them

They were also considering to save for retirement, but before they could make a decision the 2008 financial crisis hit. Investors were freaking out because they were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in their investment accounts.

As young graduates, they didn't know much about investing in public markets or opportunity costs. And so they got completely scared off from the markets and decided to go for the sure thing, which was paying off their mortgage.

When one good decision leads to a missed opportunity

They did manage to impressively fully pay off their mortgage within six years, something that is rare in Canada. They even got featured in both of the major personal finance magazines in Canada, some large blogs and podcasts, and in a book. But despite this nice milestone, they missed out on an important investment opportunity.

At the time they were getting the mortgage, interest rates were at historic lows, and therefore, they had a guaranteed rate of return. On the other hand, the markets went incredibly up after recovering from the 2008 financial crisis.

Getting rid of their mortgage debt gave them good peace of mind. But by ignoring other investment opportunities, they increased their opportunity cost. Had they put some of the money they used to pay off their mortgage in the stock market, it would have far exceeded the interest payments that they were paying.

Lessons learned

The best time to invest is when the market is at the bottom

When the 2008 financial crisis hit and the markets were really low, that was a really good time to invest and make profits as the markets recovered.

Diversify your investments

While paying off a mortgage fast has its benefits, reducing the payments and investing some of the money in stock markets instead, could get you a much higher return while still enjoying the appreciation of your house.

Don’t let fear drive your decisions

Don’t let fear make you run for what seems safe. Instead, learn more about the risk you’re afraid of taking. After that, you’ll be less afraid and more confident to make a decision.

Andrew’s takeaways

Low levels of debt can be good for you

Generally, debt is bad, but super low levels of debt could be beneficial. For instance, instead of buying a house with cash, you can take a low-cost mortgage and use that cash to invest in other investments with higher returns.

Sometimes our biggest strength becomes our weakness

Even the smartest investors make poor judgment calls, and being a rookie investor doesn’t mean that you can’t win big. Kornel’s worst investment also opened up all sorts of opportunities for him.

Actionable advice

Don’t take the fear or ignorance is bliss approach. Instead, at least learn about DIY (do-it-yourself) investing, especially the division of index investing, see if maybe that is something that you can do.

No. 1 goal for the next 12 months

Kornel’s number one goal is to continue getting top-notch guests for his podcast because he wants to remain at the top of the rankings and continue to be a good personal financial management resource for Canadians to use. He also intends to make the Canadian Financial Summit even bigger next year.

Parting words

“Start using maybe a fee-for-service financial advisor, or at least look into how your current advisor or a financial planner is compensated because that's another very common trap.”

Kornel Szrejber

What Kornel is emphasizing is that you need to know how your financial advisor is benefitting from working with you. This is because they could be getting a hefty commission for recommending certain products to you. This could cause a conflict of interest, and they may recommend what's not right for you, but what's right for them because they're going to get a promotion or a bonus commission.

 Andrew’s books

Andrew’s online programs

Connect with Kornel Szrejber

Connect with Andrew Stotz

Nov 27 2019 · 24mins
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How to Be Mortgage-Free in Your 20’s and Financially Independent in Your 30’s with Kornel Szrejber

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Kornel Szrejber is a contributing editor for Canadian MoneySaver Magazine, and is the host of the Build Wealth Canada Show, a top personal finance and investing podcast created specifically for Canadians. There he interviews the top personal finance experts to share their best strategies, tips and tactics when it comes to investing and financial planning in Canada.

Kornel’s mortgage burning story is similar to my own. He managed to pay off his mortgage in only 6 years while still in his 20s, and become financially independent at the age of 32.

In my interview with Kornel, we discuss how he managed to pay off his mortgage super quick on a modest salary, creating your own source of passive income, and being a successful landlord.

Oct 08 2018 · 33mins
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Investing in Stocks or Mutual Funds? Here's Why You Need to Change to ETFs, with Kornel Szrejber

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Kornel Szrejber, of the Build Wealth Canada Podcast, tells us why he's index investing with ETFs.

Kornel shares how to get started with ETF investing and what makes up his portfolio.

You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/kornelszrejber

Our sponsor for this episode is Borrowell. Borrowell will provide you with a free credit report, so you can verify the information to help protect yourself against identity theft. Visit https://maplemoney.com/borrowell

Jul 18 2018 · 24mins
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029 Kornel Szrejber, helping Canadians build wealth

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Kornel first became well known for paying his mortgage in his 20s.

In a society where people are making mortgage payments way into their 50s, Kornel decided he didn't want any of that, he didn't want to be a slave to his bank.

Once his mortgage was paid off, once he and his wife have learned the virtues of frugality, by saving 50% of their income, they focused all their energy into pilling money in their retirement accounts. By age 32 Kornel was Financially Independent.

Kornel prefers freedom to work the 9 to 5

In a society, where people live from paycheck to paycheck, in a society where we are manipulated by advertising companies, and where we are persuaded to continue buying the latest this or that, Kornel decided to ignore the noise and focus on what's really important,  freedom to spend time with his family, freedom to build his days as he wants to instead of obeying the whims of an employer.

If Kornel can do it, anyone can do it

Kornel had a middle-class salary, nothing spectacular. But his priorities were different. Instead of spending, he opted for saving, and by age 32 he had accumulated enough wealth to stop working if he wanted to. This is a testament, that we can all do the same. We need to increase the gap between what we earn and what we save, and we too, we can have the opportunity to retire early.

Why did Kornel create his podcast?

In his search to educate himself about personal finance, Kornel decided to create the Build Wealth Canada Show, one of the best personal finance podcasts in Canada.

Kornel found that there is a lot of good information out there, but there is a lot of bad information as well. And sometimes, it's hard to tell good information from bad information. What makes things more difficult is that there are a lot of soft pitches to sell something to the person who's consuming the information.

How can you tell which information is good? Which information is mediocre? Which information has a hidden agenda?

To find out the answer to those questions, Kornel started interviewing experts in different phases of the personal finance arena, he recorded those interviews and made them available to the rest of us.

Most actively managed mutual funds underperform the index

We spoke about the Spiva report, a report which shows that in the U.S. 84% of active mutual fund managers don't beat the S&P 500 and in Canada 81% of active mutual fund managers don't beat the Canadian index.

In spite of this evidence, most Canadian, own high fee mutual funds, because that's what their commission-based financial advisers seld to them. Most Canadians haven't done the homework to know that there are better alternatives out there.

There is a growing trend of some Canadians switching from commission-based financial adviser to fee for service financial advisers. But most Canadian are unaware of the utility of fee for service financial advisors and continue overpaying hundreds of thousands of dollars for inferior services.

There is not enough $$$ in real estate to compensate for the stress

Kornel also dipped his hands into some real estate investment, but after 5 years, he figured out that the profits are not substantial enough to compensate for the increased level of responsibility that comes with investing in real estate.

The best podcast episode

Kornel’s most popular podcast episode is: How to Save Thousands at Your Bank – Secrets of an Ex-Banker. Go check it out.

About how to negotiate with a bank. Where are the banks flexible or not flexible, how to get the best rates? What are the conflicts of interests?

How does Kornel manages his investments?

Kornel’s portfolio is 100% in equities. 1/3 Canadian, 1/3 US, and 1/3 international. After, the sale of his real estate, he may consider adding some bonds to his portfolio.

Notice, that the consideration of divesting some money into bonds, has nothing to do with his age, as many finance book suggests. Kornel reached financial independence, he hit his number, now whatever extra money Kornel have he could use it to play more aggressive or to play it safe.

Kornel teaches you how to invest

Kornel has a course on how to do index investing for Canadian investors. The course is only $97. He shows people how to go into investing in a comprehensive manner. I think that this course is of great value for anyone who wants to know how to invest their own money. I have a friend who uses the service of a financial adviser. All his money is invested in high expense mutual funds. My friend is paying thousands of dollars for inferior service. He would be so much better by taking a few hours of his day and learning how to manage his own money. Here is Kornel's course. This is NOT an affiliate offer, I get no commision for endorsing this course.

Jul 08 2018 · 1hr 7mins