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Victor Luo on Entrepreneurship Within the Tech Industry

Generation Slay

Victor is the Head of Growth at Wise Assistant, an AI-powered digital assistant that helps users juggle their life so they can do more of what matters. Previously, Victor was the co-founder and CEO of Bound, an AI platform that optimizes meetings for companies by making real-time suggestions based on your past meeting practices.You can follow Gen Slay @generationslay on IG or Twitter, and we highly suggest following our wonderful host, Emma Havighorst, @emmahavi across all the socials. Especially on Clubhouse -- we're doing some cool things over there, including convos with our guests and other amazing Gen Z-ers! Music, editing, production, and mastering by Jessica Burchett (@jessburchett).


2 Mar 2021

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Ep 4. Victor Luo on non-profit fundraising, leading older employees as a 20 year old, and reframing failures

21st Century Visionary

"When you're a younger founder, you should really own it... I can tell you that there are certain things that don't come into play with age like your work ethic, your determination, your grit, or will to not give up. I think that (those traits) definitely contribute to a startup's success far more than experience." Today's guest is Victor Luo. Victor started his first company NEAT at the age of 15, to provide educational opportunities to impoverished rural children in China. Neat provides scholarships to students facing financial hardships so they can finish high school. He went on to found the tech company Bound which creates software to help companies run smooth and punctual meetings. At the age of 20, Victor took a gap year to join Bound full time as the co-CEO, leading a time of 8 employees. We talk about his story, guerrilla marketing tactics, managing a team, his favorite reading hack, learning from failure, and much much more!


13 May 2020

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Season 2, Episode 8: Victor Luo, Amazon Smart Home

The UX STRAT Podcast

In this episode, Paul talks with Victor Luo, Principal Product Manager for Amazon's Smart Home suite of products. Victor talks with me about the complex task of guiding the design strategy of a globally recognized ecosystem of innovative products. 


15 Apr 2020

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NASA Explores Space via AR & VR, with JPL Ops Lab Lead Victor Luo

MIND & MACHINE: Science & Tech of Maximizing Human Capability

This week we look at how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is using emerging media technology such as AR and VR to facilitate research and space exploration.   Our guest is Victor Luo, NASA's Operations Lab Lead at JPL. Victor has been with NASA for nine years, developing cutting edge technology to facilitates the space organization's wide-ranging missions.   Victor shares with us how NASA is using immersive media on missions today, and how he sees this technology further enhancing operations in the future. JPL is in active R&D development with all immersive media hardware platforms both publicly available (HoloLens, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Sony Playstation VR) and unreleased development devices (Magic Leap, Meta and many more).   More on NASA at: NASA: https://www.nasa.gov JPL: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov Ops Lab: https://opslab.jpl.nasa.gov Ops Lab Youtube: http://yt.vu/+nasa_opslab Twitter: https://twitter.com/NASA   More on Victor: http://www.vicluo.com http://linkedin.com/in/victorocks____   MIND & MACHINE features interviews by August Bradley with leaders in transformational technologies.   More at: https://www.MindAndMachine.io


28 Aug 2017

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July 5, 2017 Entrepreneur Photography John DeMato, DreamFunded Manny Fernandez & Bound Victor Luo

School for Startups Radio

July 5, 2017 Entrepreneur Photography John DeMato, DreamFunded Manny Fernandez & Bound Victor Luo

4 Jul 2017

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Virtual reality in space exploration with Victor Luo from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Hello listeners! On today's show I speak with Victor Luo is leading development on the human interface aspects of tele-robotics at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Come along as we discuss using VR with astronauts in space, colonizing mars, finding life in Europa and much more!Here is a quick preview of some of the things we talked about:30 : Victor's Role at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory1:10 The human interfaces research group at Nasa2:21 Describing Victor's demo at the VR Hackathon.3:40 What role will human interfaces play in space exploration.4:50 How long has NASA been paying attention to VR and telepresence?6:40 What sorts of uses will the HMD be used for by NASA. Walking around Mars using an HMD. 9:39 How will telerobotics and vr influence space exploration?11:22 Putting a livestreaming 360 video camera on the International Space Station. 12:20 Experimenting with Virtual Reality in Microgravity.14:30 Using VR to combat some of the psychological impacts of deep space travel.18:40 What's next after mars? What will future NASA missions look like. 23:00 What would it mean for NASA if we discovered some form of sentient life on another celestial body. Is humanity ready for that discovery?25:00 What aspects of virtual reality will NASA find the most value in ?27:00 Will asteroid mining enable the creation of the word's first trillionaire?29:00 Pragmatic challenges of using VR and telerobotics.32:00 Impacts of prolonged use of VR on the human mind?32:40 Victor's personal motivations.34:00 The process of creating interfaces. 36:00 Increasing the efficacy of doing science by incorporating immersive environments.39:00 Landing on a Martian pole to harvest its water.41:00 What happened to the water on Mars?43:00 How to get people motivated and excited about space exploration. 45:00 Crowd sourcing space exploration to the hive mind. 46:00 What will it take for humans to have a permanent presence on Mars?49:45 Utilizing fear to motivate humans to expand our reach in space.53:00 Will VR be a victim of its success?57:31 Seeing the universe from the astronauts perspective using VR.59:30 Will we see the birth of the first human to not be born on earth in this century?1:02:30 Is NASA interested in exploring the deep sea or excavating to the earth's core?1:05:00 Nasa's funding challenges. What is the return on investment for colonizing Mars?http://vicluo.com/ https://twitter.com/victorocks http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/27/4154900/nasa-athlete-leap-motion-GDC

1hr 11mins

7 Nov 2014